mnnlogo1MNN. Nov. 30, 2013. Black Friday is “owistah” on steroids! Thanksgiving is not a day to be thankful. The real story is that every massacre of Indigenous people was followed by a celebration by the murderers.  [Please See:  Susan Bates. “Real Story of Thanksgiving”.

Financiers Jay Fiske and Stephen Gould first organized this kind of event in 1869. In 1951 it became “black Friday”. It is carried out with military precision. Wall street watches closely and gauges this for the bigger picture. 

After we kill them all then we can a thanksgiving celebration.

“Once we kill them, we will have a thanksgiving celebration”.

The truth is everyone eats a turkey dinner to celebrate genocide. They then rush out to forage for bargains at the chain stores full of “Made in China” wares.  

It’s professionally developed mind control technique to get mobs to carry out mindless violence. Provocateurs stir up the anxiety to turn it into frenzy. Each shopper imitates another with more intensity. If something goes wrong no one is to blame because it’s all done by the ‘swarm’. This conditioned group-think is how millions of us were murdered. black fridayThe invaders were whipped up and brought under the influence of their leaders to carry out guiltless killing with promised impunity. The bankers told them they could have everything for nothing. All they had to do was kill all the Indians who owned the land and resources. Nothing would happen to them. Some even became rich.  

The frenzy the consumers display at the malls, some even beating each other to death over a $79 television, is the mentality that killed us and took our scalps for cash.

"After dinner we'll head over to the mall for 'pig' friday!"

“After dinner we’ll head over to the mall for ‘pig’ friday!”


Robbie Robertson sings about the continuing Indigenous unification and survival Robbie Robertson. “Stomp Dance”: “Beating hearts, beating hearts/Come as one, come as one/This is Indian country/This is Indian country”.  

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MNN.  7 June 2012.  A young Canadian filmed himself murdering, mutilating and sending the victim’s body parts throughout Canada.  He proudly posted his gore on the internet. The public was horrified and worldwide attention was achieved.
When British Captain Benjamin Church murdered Metacomet in 1676, 
his body was quartered.  Parts were “left for the wolves.” The great Indian chief’s hands were cut off and sent to Boston.  His head went to Plymouth, where it was set upon a pole on the “day of public Thanksgiving as revenge upon the enemy.” Metacomet’s nine-year-old son was to be executed.  The son of the devil must pay for the sins of the father. The child was instead shipped to the Caribbean to spend his life in slavery.  
In 1637 seven hundred Pequot Indians, mostly women, children and elderly, near the mouth of the Mystic River, were attacked with fire, swords, blunderbuss and tomahawk.  They watched them frying, bleeding and smelling the horrible stench.  Their death was considered sweet.  []
We Indigenous have been the targets of calculated genocide for over five centuries.  Today over 500 young Indigenous women in Canada are missing without a trace and no police investigation.  55,000 children disappeared from Canadian government and church residential schools.  No charges were ever laid.   
Keep in mind the immigrants were the discards of Europe. 
Power hungry immoral people of an immoral society make it a moral duty to kill men, women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.  Entire cultures are exterminated without guilt, all hidden by propaganda, glamour and concocted mythology.  The killing of 125 million Indigenous is kept secret.
The murderer mailed body parts to political parties and schools in Canada.  He fled to Germany where gory murder has been scientifically perfected.  After WWII their designers were hired by Canada and the US, through “Project Paperclip”.      
At the internet café he proudly watched worldwide press fuss over him.  Just like the killer in Norway who glories in murdering 77, mostly children.   These maniacs reflect the ferocious blood lust and systematic genocide that are the life force of some.   
Western media glorifies bloody European history and culture.  Entertainment is Game of Thrones, the Borgias, murder, deviant behavior, perverted sex, child abuse and vampires drinking the blood of our children. Graphic displays of body parts, autopsies, chilling mutilations and destruction of the natural world are constantly depicted to satisfy their taste for the morbid.  Hollywood is busy churning out junk war movies. Their royal rulers indulged in cannibalism.
The elite rulers’ ultimate weapon is threatening to destroy everyone through bloody apocalyptic wars. 
Their figurehead is celebrated with the Diamond Jubilee in London.  As rocker Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols lamented: “God save the queen, the fascist regime…  When there’s no future, how can there be sin?  We’re the flowers in your dustbin.  We’re the poison in your human machine.  We’re the future, your future”.
No, Johnny.  The hierarchal lie is ending for the puppeteers and their slaves. Long Live the Great Law!
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