– A TragiComedy of Deadly Errors in Five Acts set in Haudenosaunee Territory, early 21st Century: THE BORDER ATTACK IN CONTEXT

MNN. July 1, 2008. Sharbot Lake of Haudenosaunee Territory is a huge land claims fraud orchestrated by Ontario, Canada and the corporations that want the minerals lying under the bushes of the region. The goal is to develop the area for purposes that have yet to be revealed, or perhaps for the great and celestial aim of development for development’s sake.Uranium is the official front. The script writers have been busy. The area they want is south of the Ottawa River watershed, between Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron. Nine fake Algonquin communities comprised mostly of non-native settlers have been groomed to “negotiate” and “sign away” the land.

The Cast:
”Ambulance Chasers”: Chris Reid, Steve Reynolds, Robert Potts, Brian Crane, Neil Smitheman, Alan Pratt; “Handlers”: Michael Bryant, et al.; “Willing Assets”: Randy Cota, Bob Lovelace, Harold Perry, Doreen Davis, Earl Badour, Cathie Duchene; “The Complicit”: CCAMU (The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium) Frontenac News, Green Party; Chumps” the cast of thousands who follow along and don’t ask real questions. Directed by Rem “Roman Polansky” Westland; the Chorus: the Christian Peacemakers [Pacifiers] Team; Producer: the Government of Canada; Writer: the USA.

The Sharbot Lake of Haudensaunee Territory puppet show is staged to fool us into thinking that they can make us relinquish our land and make it look like uranium mining will be stopped at Robertsville. All the players in this magic display are scurrying around like rats. Lawyers, handlers and their assets parade across their makeshift stage. They’ve all been assigned roles but are still fighting to be the leading ham in this dark tragedy. The one who seals the deal gets the most$.

In May and June it’s a 5-act festival scripted by the greedy puppet masters in Ottawa, Washington, London, Europe and the Vatican.

In Act I the Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs strolls into Sharbot Lake to talk to the pretend “Algonquins”. Act II takes us into the courtroom where Indigenous are brought to colonial justice, patently recognizable as injustice. Act III is a flurry of mind boggling announcements. Act IV is the vicious attack on 2 Mohawk women at the Cornwall border crossing. They’ve been exposing their crimes? Their dogged expose of ‘Algonquin Gate’. Act V is the showdown. See who panics! See how they run!

Act I – Stirring up Confusion

Scene 1: April 2008. The Mohawk people at Tyendinaga are recovering from an OPP/SWAT assault. May 8. Big Chief Doreen Davis of the newly created Shabot Obaadjiwans band of Algonquins is hosting the Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Michael “Brylcreme and Lipless” Bryant.

The Minister was invited a year ago to meet the “NoGonquins” to discuss a uranium mine. Last July 2007 a phony protest was staged at Robertsville mine site, 42 miles north of Kingston, Ontario, by two groups of pretend “No’Gonquins and their settler supporters”.

At that time “B & L” B. was in the Attorney General’s office lobbying to get 12 years in jail on 6 counts of “mischief” for Mohawk Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga. B & L proved his hostility to Indigenous people and promptly got promoted to Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

In Sharbot Lake, B & L was slick enough to speak privately with Big Doreen and her Warchiefs, Luanda “Miss Who?” and Earl “Green Eggs and Ham” Badour. He also spoke to the “Shabot Obaadjiwan Justice Circle”. He was fascinated to see the wampum of a real Algonquin, William Commanda of Maniwaki, brought there to try to legitimize the Shabot’s phony Algonquin land claim.

Big Doreen says she “pressed the minister for a negotiated resolution”. Though she sat on him to pressure Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Minister of Natural Resources Donna Cansfield and Minister of Northern Development and Mines Michael Gravelle, no “particular action” was promised. In return she guaranteed the Shabots “will respect [her] rule of law”.

She grumbled about needing some of “these lands for our food, medicine and peace of mind”, forgetting to mention her main feed bag source is either Wendy’s or McDonalds in Perth.

Scene 2: In mid May, 2008, Frontenac Ventures Corp. had an Ontario Mining Act permit to conduct an extensive radiometric survey over their so-called 30,000 acres claim of unceded Haudenosaunee territory. FVC is in the midst of a 40-week drilling exploration schedule that started last October under Judge Cunningham’s ruling. There are 4 weeks of drilling left. FVC plans to dig over 100 test holes which could release harmful radon into the watershed and air. George “Dried-Up-Old-Prune” White, President and CEO of FVC, is coy about whether or not they have begun drilling. The Ontario Provincial Police provides round-the-clock security at taxpayers’ expense.

Scene 3: Elections were held in March 2008 for the ANR (Algonquin Negotiation Representatives) and the Pikwakinagan Council at Golden Lake. Most were selected and then acclaimed for 25 or 30 years. Robert “Who-Looks-a-lot-like-that-self-proclaimed-expert-on-Indigenous repression-Jim” Potts, is now senior negotiator for the Algonquins. He bosses everybody and sets out membership and dress codes.

Shortly before the ANR’s meeting, May 14-16, 2008, Robert Potts of Blaney McMurtry LLP, issued a directive that meetings with Crown representatives and ambulance chasers are not open to their clients, the “Algonquins”. This is such a bizarre interpretation of Indigenous and international law that it looks like a breach. Whatever happened to the idea of prior informed consent? But then these are pretend Algonquins! So maybe they only have pretend rights?

Potts hopes for an Agreement-in-Principal (AIP) by 2010. The No’Gonquins can try to find out what went on from their ANR. If they don’t like it, they can just “hit the road, Jack!” And sign up some new “No’Gonquins”. Compliance is a must. Unlike other nationalities, Algonquin memberships expire after 5 years.

Potts yells at anyone who asks uncomfortable questions. This made the Ardoch “All-Chiefs-No-Indians” split from the Ontario Algonquins. Randy Cota, who is an OPP and the chief, has the job of silencing the questioners. Potts directs People to the Algonquins web site run by Patrick Howe of CoreshellGroup in Toronto. MNN exposed this ring
of crooks in a March 13, 2008 article, “VIRTUAL ALGONQUINS” – MADE IN “CANADA”.

Two days of the ANR’s meeting were spent setting up more meetings, deciding where to have lunch and looking busy to justify their $50,000 a year salary plus expenses.

When the Ontario and Canada negotiators arrived on May 16, the ANRs bowed, scraped, jumped up and down with glee and clapped. They were then told that Parliamentarians need their long summer vacations. Nothing could proceed until “late fall”. The ANR’s were left to think about membership criteria, to compose a constitution and an anthem. Big Doreen is flying the Mohawk Unity Flag and the Confederacy Hiawatha Flag. She’s got no right to as a phony Algonquin. She’s supposed to give $1 to the Confederacy for every pack of cigs she sells. But we hear her pockets are getting real heavy!

Act II – The Courtroom Theatre of the Absurd

Scene 1: “FVC’s lawsuit against the Shabot Obaadjiwan for $77 million” was on the marquis. The Shabots filed a “merry-go-round” counter claim against Ontario and Canada on May 25, 2008. Money is taken from the taxpayers, put through the “Indians” and then placed into the pockets of the corporations and their helpers. On June 2nd 2008, Little Stevie “Raised-on-Wonder-Bread” Reynolds, the ambulance chaser for the Shabots, lead the mock charge against the Government.

Scene 2: The Christian Pacifiers Team has a gig at the mine site from May 25 to June 8. They have two weeks to influence people into inaction and complacency.

Scene 3: Robert “Hisses-like-a-Flat-Can-of-Pop” Lovelace is released from jail on May 28, 2008. He spent 100 days in Lindsay Correctional Facility. His groupies flock around him for the photo ops. The public relations spin him as a “hero/martyr”, if you will. Simpering Lovelace’s meandering comments and love letters are published widely by the mainstream Press and posted on the internet by his followers, the complicit CCAMU (The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium) and Frontenac News. The real martyrs are the KI6 (Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug).

Scene 4: On June 2, 2008, the show moves into the Kingston courtroom. George “Dried-up-Old-Bones” White of FVC gets a chance to feign power. His attorney, Neil “Who-Advocates-the-Earth-should-be-Plundered” Smitheman huffs and puffs. He’s also counsel for Platinex, the destroyer and plunderer of KI territory and its people.

FVC drops the 2nd set of contempt charges filed in February 2008 against Lovelace and six non-natives. However, the “Jane and John Doe” warrant continues against anyone who might stroll by the mine gates. “Protesters” have to stay 200 metres away from the gates and FVC employees. As for the FVC’s $77 million lawsuit against the Algonquins, taxpayers will have to dig deep to pay this off. Actually it’s our money from the theft of our lands and exploitation of our resources.

Act III – Bla, Bla, Bla, Spin, Spin, Spin

Scene 1: On June 8th 2008 the Ardoch “All Chiefs, No Indians” No-gonquins hold a meeting at the local Maberly Hall. More non-native settlers attend than Algonquins. Cathie “Lost-in-the-Woods” Duchene makes her confusing pitch. She came from British Columbia to set things straight that she’s the title holder to this vast Haudenosaunee tract south of the Ottawa River. Both Cathie and Big Doreen claim to be descendents of Mohawk Francis Sharbot of Kanehsatake. She wants the government to deal with her, not the No’Gonquins. Then she aligns herself with the Ardochs, Lovelace and OPP Randy Cota!! She appears determined to replace Big Chief “DD” at the negotiation table. Documents and maps are flying all over the place. These could be forged or changed, as the colonists have always done from the beginning.

Scene 2: On June 11, 2008 The Shabots issue a press release to pacify detractors into a stupor, “Fighting uranium is what this is all about.” Big Doreen refers to Lovelace as “our colleague” and the Ardochs as “our sister community”. The Shabots and the Ardochs barely speak to each other. She says that, “understanding and trust are built up” when they “sit down around the fire and talk things through”.

Last summer, those who challenged the protest organizers were reminded about the colonial “chain of command” and told to “shut up”. Many good sincere supporters were driven away. Mohawks were told they were not welcome [on their own land]. Iakoha’ko:wa, a nearby resident, received a threatening phone call from OPP Brandy Wynters of ART [Aboriginal Response Team], “You are not welcome at the protest camp”. Randy Cota told people not to talk to Iakoha’ko:wa.

The Shabots want to stay in the “legal arena somehow”. [probably the colonial] and to “ensure full discussion within the Shabot community”. OPP Chief Randy Cota demands specific I.D. from those who want to attend meetings. Otherwise they are thrown out. Doreen posts “Algonquins only” signs.

“Because of the delicate nature of the discussions, we need to keep details confidential.” We’ll let ya know sometime [after we made the deal and get our cut!] This sounds like “war strategy” on how to make “behind-closed-doors” secret deal that benefit the greedy few and rob the rest of the “pretenders”. Big Doreen and “Warchief” Earl “The-Only-One-who-Looks-Native” Badour sign on. CCAMU and Frontenac News, the local propaganda rag, dutifully post the carefully contrived “news”. The Mohawks stay in the bush, watch and wait. They know the land isn’t going anywhere though the criminal scam artists might end up in jail, if any honest Canadians ever wake up.

The non-native residents “don’t want to tell the Natives what to do”. They are beginning to see that the whole scenario is being orchestrated by some filthy rich white men, some living in cottages in the area.

Scene 3: On Friday June 13, 2008, The Shabot Obaadjiwans release another “blowhard” [press statement]. Big Doreen says they’ve “won a key concession from Ontario”. Ontario, the fake Algonquins of Ontario and Frontenac Ventures Corp. “are developing a consultation process” on how they are going to pull off their scam. While rolling their eyes at each other, they sing, “We intend this to be a true dialogue”.

How will Doreen “address” FVC’s goal to cut open a swath of earth some 5 miles long to get at some low grade uranium? Mine or no mine?? That is the question. Big Doreen promises to keep sitting on the bureaucrats and politicians who shower her with new gas pumps at her cig shack at Silver Lake.

Scene 4: Still on Friday, June 13th, Cathie “Who’s-Now-Hanging-around-Sharbot-Lake” Duchene emails her own “blowhard” to a number of the “bottom feeders” involved in this scam, including Brian Crane (negotiator for Ontario) and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Frontenac News publishes it on June 19. Cathie “Who-May-Not-be-a-Bear-at-All” Duchene arrived like a locomotive to stake her claim to Sharbot Lake. She is staying under the protection of the Sharbot Lake OPP detachment.

Her letter squeals about her alleged “Mohawk-ness” and being a “title holder under the Great Law”. There’s no evidence she ever listened to it when it was read. She also declares, “I fully support the Ardoch Algonquins, under their wise respected Honorary Elder, Harold Perry, who I have known for most of my life and remember when he visited us as a young girl.” Cathie previously said she had “never met the man”. Does she have a double personality?

Cathie thanks Randy and Harold and commends them for “practicing and living [their] traditions”!! Cathie invites all to call her so they can get more confused.

Scene 5: Still on Friday, June 13, Frontenac Ventures and Gemmill Sand & Gravel, a local outfit, are charged with “breach of environmental regulation” by the Ardochs. Road construction to the drill sites damaged “sensitive wetlands” when they “dumped fill into the waterways severing the natural flow of water”. MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) “appears” to be making FVC tow the line on their way to complete devastation of the area and watershed which reaches urban centers like Ottawa and Montreal.

Act IV – Trying to Silence MNN

Scene 1: Less than 24 hours later MNN’s editor and manager are attacked at the Cornwall border on Saturday, June 14. The brutal attack at Akwesasne that afternoon is well documented. They were beaten by Canadian Border Service Agency “goons”. Kahentinetha was hospitalized and Katenies was held incommunicado for 2 days.

Scene 2: That same Saturday night in Kingston, 1,000 people packed a hall for a Bruce Cockburn concert honoring Bob Lovelace and raising $20,000 for him. They are trying to help legitimize his part in the big land claims with the Ardochs, Big Doreen, the Shabots and all the criminal operatives of the Crown.

Scene 3: The next day, a few Shabots hold a rally 210 meters from the Robertsville mine site gates.

Scene 4: Monday morning, June 16 Katenies is in a Cornwall courtroom facing hokey charges of “running the border”. She carefully recounted the recent sequence of events and clarifies her position in a June 29 MNN article, “Katenies questions border at Cornwall Ontario court 9:00 am July 14 2008”. The mainstream media continues to boycott the entire history making event.

Scene 5: The Shabot cabal meet with bureaucrats in Toronto. After being wined and dined, they emerge full of s**t.

Scene 6: On June 21, 2008, after Lovelace has a few days of rest and gets his new instructions from his “handlers”, the Ardochs issue another blowhard. It’s Ambulance chaser Chris Reid drivel supposedly coming from Harold Perry, honorary chief. Chief Paula “Professor of Fake Algonquin History” Sherman, Chief Mireille “Affidavit Indian” LaPointe and Chris Reid are the contacts. They coin it the “four prongs of protest, education, legal action and political pressure” which has been playing out since last summer. Lovelace plays the “political prisoner” who has suffered trauma and can’t say too much at this time.

The Ardochs apparently got their pow wow site at Malcom Lake (approved by Ontario but NOT the municipality). They are in secret talks to get unknown acreage at Crotch Lake. There is the usual reference to the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and their opposition to uranium mining.

The fifth prong to their strategy is “healing”. The CPT act is being brought in to help kill any critical thinking that might still be floating around. Uncomfortable questions are labeled as “harmful” because it stops people from feeling the pain. Everyone is encouraged to put up and shut up in the name of peace.

Act V The End is Just the Beginning

Scene 1: Bright and early Monday morning, while out fishing, Big Doreen tells Jeff Green of Frontenac News that “a pilot consultation framework is slated to be announced by the end of this week” on June 27. It will involve lots of public meetings and “free food”! Two settlers might be picked to go into the bush with Big Doreen as “observers” of alleged uranium mining activity. If Jeff, a slight man with a mop top, gets picked, he’ll get sat on to give Big Doreen some credibility in his newspaper. Jeff ignores all the well-researched Mohawk articles, complaints and documents, even maps that prove this is Haudenosaunee territory and that the “Algonquin” claim is a fraud.

Frontenac News dutifully publishes on June 26th that Frontenac Ventures will start drilling on July 21. The ANR’s hold a “nation” meeting in Kanata on the same day.

Scene 2: Today people desire peace and security at any price. They are being convinced to give up their liberty and to abandon critical thinking. ANY criticism is denounced as “trouble making” or confrontational. People are threatened if they question or look into the deeper realities. They are side tracked that it is a “conspiracy theory”. Religion and other dogma are used to pacify people into inaction and to dull their minds.

The eagle at the top of the Great Tree of Peace has the sight to see for miles around and can answer a call from 20 miles or more away. Eagles remind us to connect the dots, to be vigilant over our freedoms and to protect the people we Love.


This play is based on real life events. Many choose to go along with the script that has been written for us trying to guide us to our doom. We can get creative and resist the corruption and plunder by opening our eyes and using all our gifts.

Katenies will be in the Cornwall courthouse July 14 to ask the question, “How and when did the Crown gain jurisdiction over us?”

Iakoha’ko:wa kittoh@storm.ca
Sharbot Lake
The legal challenge on the border issue will cost money. MNN has none. Canada has unlimited funds from exploiting indigenous resources. We need counsel that will not be intimidated by this display of power. Canada is apparently hiring top law firms to fight the Mohawks. Your financial help is needed. If you could send donations, it would be greatly appreciated: Checks and money orders to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Thank you very much.

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Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2008 – 12:15pm EDT

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