MNN. Mar. 19, 2014. The Kaianerekowa is clear on the rights of the people. The “Keepers of the Eastern Door” to Great Turtle Island, the Mohawks, have a duty to guard the entrance to our land from the East. On June 25, 1701 [Great Peace of Montreal], we allowed our European visitors to live here if they adhered to the laws of this land. They disrespected the ways of this land, making them “illegal occupiers” that we must deal with.

Unsettled disputes between oppressors and oppressed can lead to 1970 FLQ Crisis in Quebec.

Unsettled disputes between oligarchs and oppressed lead to 1970 FLQ Crisis in Quebec.

“Should you stray from the path, you must strive to return to your row of the Guswentha. Quebecois, you cannot live in uncertain waters between the two vessels. We offer our hand to prevent you from drowning”. It’s been breached repeatedly.

Guswentha was officially breached by the colonial Indian Advancement Act on October 25,1924. We were placed in fenced-in POW camps now called “Indian reservations”. The remainder of our land and possessions were expropriated by thieves in the night.

As the caretakers of this land, we are giving every Quebecois a chance to gain your freedom. Onowaregeh is a land of laws. Settlers have turned our paradise into a land of voracious criminality and war profiteering. Canada is celebrating a multi-million arms deal with Saudi Arabia to convert our resources into war materials. This violates Guswentha and Kaianerekowa and is illegal!

The bankers sent Charles de Gaulle over to scream  "Vive le Quebec livre!"

Watch for the next banker controlled talking head like Charles de Gaulle in 1970. 

All communities of settlers can follow the white roots to us. We will help you have a referendum to break free from the Canadian corporation and its police state apparatus. If you decide to stay here you have to follow the law of this land. If you wish to continue following the Law of the Sea [Admiralty], you must buy your passage from the bankers who created this law, get on their boat and return to the sea.

The illegal Corporate structure of Canada has been exposed to the world for what it is, illegal! The oligarchical control grid is fleeing en masse, trying to take everything they can get their hands on. Their CEO Stephen Harper is trying to bring war to our land by threatening Russia.

Russia is the enemy of the bankers. They showed us how to use international law to legally separate from your oppressors, the bankers. The corporate Injuns too can become free and follow the law of the land.

We can solve this by concensus, everyone has a voice and all are equal.

“We can solve this by concensus where everyone has a voice and all are equal”.

The referendum shall be: [1] we want to follow the white roots to the law of this land; or [2] we want to continue following the Admiralty Law of the Seas and leave on their boat with the bankers.

Our system is the only legal agreement you have to be on Great Turtle Island. Once declaring your freedom from your oppressors, we Mohawks will protect the Quebecois who seek shelter under the shade of the tree of peace. In Quebec, the choice is living in fear of the unknown or living in peace with the Mohawks.

As Tammy Wynette points out: “I spell out all the hurtin’ words and turn my head when I speak, cause i can’t spell away this hurt that’s drippin’ down my cheek. Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today”.  “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”.

Mohawks block Montreal-Toronto rail line.

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MNN. FEB. 22, 2014. US President Obama thinks he can beat President Putin of Russia at diplomacy, war, intelligence and propaganda. It’s so complex. They’re both powerful. Let’s try and simplify it as we did in the Great Law using tewa’ara:ton. We want to know who the toughest guy on earth is!putin obama

We’ll put Obama and Putin in a UFC cage. They have to leave all their weapons of war at home. They must show up and let the world watch them fight it out for free on Youtube! UFC Ultimate Fight welterweight Champ, George St. Pierre, just retired. He can be the referee of the greatest UFC battle yet, OBAMA V. PUTIN. Georges St. Pierre Retires from UFC.

The ancient Haudenosaunee sport of “tewa’ara:ton” [lacrosse] is a medicine game of healing, to struggle against the forces that try to unbalance the world. There was no class or medal system. It was not a nationalistic contest to see who is better than another. Today sport is part of the class system where a bunch of rich people play against each other. The mostly out-of-shape audience pay to watch billionaires, mainly grown men, play a boy’s game. Their job is to entertain and mesmerize the masses. The Olympics promotes nationalism, a symptom of corporatism. 

Pussy Riot: "Madonna never told us our Cossacks would show up!"

Pussy Riot: “Aagh! Madonna never told us our Cossacks would show up!”

It looks to us like Obama has never had a real fight in his life. It appears to us he just does what the oligarchs have told him in his whole life. Since medieval times the oligarchs only job is to create fights through their different factions behind the scenes to continue war worldwide.

The US is envious of the great Olympics Opening Ceremony that the Russians put on, showing off their beautiful culture and vast contributions to human kind. In contrast US and Canada history has no contribution to human kind, only to war and genocide. Our contribution to human kind is the Kaianerekowa, the Council of the Great Peace to the people of the world. 

Ready, set, go!

Coming soon to a UFC Channel OBAMA V. PUTIN.

Muddy Waters tells us like it is. We would like to know who is the real hoochie coochie man: “Well you know I’m the, Hoochie Coochie Man/Everybody knows I’m him/I got a black cat bone/I got a mojo too/I got the Johnny Conkeroo”. Muddy Waters – “Hoochie Koochie Man”.

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“CIA agent captured in Ukraine Protest”.