1. DOC024 MNN. APRIL 21, 2021.  Somebody is making money on this class action suit and it isn’t us. Gowling WLG and Deloitte are taking $55 million and $44 million respectively off the top of the settlement and giving as little as possible to the native victims. It is all our funds. Their windfall is based on the torture and debasement of indigenous children by the agents of the corporation of the government of Canada. 


 Because each of us indigenous persons is sovereign, we all suffer equally from the genocidal injuries that Canada admits to causing, whether we went to Indian Day School or not. So every indigenous person alive today is entitled to compensation.  

Every victim is entitled to at least $200,000. Canada’s only financial backing is our Indian Trust Fund, stolen land and natural resources. Our enemies came to turtle island with nothing. They are not legally or morally a nation as the have no land, no native language and no indigenous culture. They are trespassers and squatters. Listen to the revised Anthem of Canada “O Cana’jon”

 Don’t forget about the interest Canada is earning on this revenue and its infrastructure, which we own and every person in Canada is being paid out of our funds.  

Canada put a price tag on physically and mentally murdering the onkwehonwe.  Canada admitted guilt to their inhuman crimes against the children. No trial or attorney fees were needed. Just a payout. Our lawyer, Gowling WLG, is also the lawyer for Canada, our opponents. They negotiated the fee for each other and Deloitte to cut the cheques, before the case was settled. It all comes out of the Indian Trust Funds which they stole and continue to steal from us. In effect they are paying us from our own money.  

Canada has no money. They exist from using our money and are entirely in debt to us. In 1700 the Indian Trust Fund was set up. Canada illegally appointed itself as our trustees. They stole the funds and criminally violated their fiduciary role in keeping those funds for the sovereign onkwehonwe. So everything must be returned to the sovereign caretakers of turtle island for the genocidal injuries that Canada admits to causing.

Many indigenous know that these class action payouts for their atrocities is a ‘smoke screen’ to steal all remaining turtle island. Sitting Bull warned us, “Money is soon gone but land is forever”. 

Sovereignty means tewatatawi, “self-sufficient”. Our enemies came here with nothing. Canada, the Crown, United States and Mexico own nothing. With all they stole they never become self-sufficient nor sovereign. The world knows of the horrors of the murder of 150 million natives throughout the Western Hemisphere. We suffered collectively because of the genocide of us and our culture.

The Rolling Stones sing for you, the cana’jon. You can’t always get what you want: “I saw her today at the reception. A glass of wine in her hand. I knew she would meet her connection. At her feet was her footloose man” In fact, your aren’t gonna get what you want!

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MNN. 1 Oct. 2015.  The pope is a fading rock star. He promised to have over a million people flock to his concert/mass in Philadelphia. CNN says only thousands showed up. His handlers kept moving him around to make it look like he had a lot of followers. He did not tour the ghettoes or see the poor in Appalacia. The Pope could get huge crowds by giving away all that money he stole from us.

Francis needs heavy duty prayers.

“Francis, you need heavy duty prayers”.

Obama is a pop star getting ready to fade. His handlers are starting to promote the next popstar Prez. Nobody wants him on their campaign or to even have their picture taken with them.

Putin appears to be the genuine rock star. On his world tour, he does not speak with a forked tongue. He told Obama, “It’s easy to get rid of ISIS. They always go to the highest bidder. Knowing that, we can form a true coalition to defeat the terrorists!”

Obama was speechless as he doesn’t want to kill his military cash cow. On his world tour Putin told Netanyahu he can’t support his desire to help him  deal with Israel’s enemies, saying, “You can’t make money if all your customers are dead!”putin forgives pope

We are sending a request to Putin’s  booking agent for him to stop in Kahnawake in his current world tour. We rotino’shonni:onwe [Iroquois Confederacy] would like to continue the discussion we started in 1710 with Peter the Great. The belts recording this treaty between us and Russia are in the St. Petersburg Museum of Archaeology. We would like to remind him that the kaia’nere:kowa, our great law, is the formula for world peace. Putin on Obama 2013. Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board, and then struts around like it won the game. #1ab

The current intercourse between Putin and Obama on mainstream media reminds us of the guitar battle in “Crossroads”. Steve Vai is Obama and represents Luciferians. Ralph Macchio represents Putin working for the true Christians. Putin takes Netanyahu to the wood shed.


Putin. We know for sure US helped overthrow Yanukovych.

Putin-Obama, etc.

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MNN. 15, 2015. The government wants to pass laws to take control of the internet and of us. What better way than to inundate the net with porn, bullies, racism, gore and everything that upsets us, to make us demand government control! It’s like those people who call us trying to sell us vacations, or to take part in a survey, or give us $20 million dollars. We don’t have to look at any of it. We just have to hang up or delete email. They won’t stop. Just keep hanging up or delete it every time.

McGill Team rescues corporate matrix.

McGill Team’s rescue attempt of the  corporate matrix in Kahnawake.

Corporate controlled mass media is now trying to control the internet. The Great Peace Kaia’nere:kowa is based on an informed society. The corporation of McGill University is setting up a “Define the Line” forum on the ‘legal risks of social media use’ in Kahnawake, on Tuesday, April 21. The cyber agents coming to Kahnawake are Alyssa Wiseman “on cyber-bullying as it relates to our children’s ‘moral’ development?” Arzina Zaver will guide us on the “implications of bullying, social media” and on how to obey the governments “educational and legal” edicts. Nima Naimi is the supposed expert on “civil and criminal implications” around the world. They’re here to tell us how to monitor ourselves and keep our mouths shut, especially about criticizing the government, our real problem.

Who at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. was behind setting up this forum? This is the announcement of yet another proposed genocidal by-law to be imposed on us. They don’t want us to criticize or question them about their corporate agenda or are its directors.

The canoe will never sink!

The canoe will never sink!

Like Canada, Nazi Germany was a fascist, totalitarian state. A model of complete control over politics, society and culture was imposed on their citizens. The public could not speak freely. They had to submit totally to the corporate matrix. Private paramilitary organizations stifled dissent and terrorized the opposition. Media, television, radio, press, and education at all levels controlled all information and ideas.

How different is that from the work of Alyssa, Arzina and Naimi? They are here to help us conform to Canada’s corporate guidelines. Technology (especially the Internet) is used to harass, intimidate and frighten us. Our phones and Internet are monitored. Our computers are crashed or interfered with. We are targeted if the government decides it threatens their control grid, makes threats, falsely accuses us of anti-terrorism for standing in the way of corporatism, steals our personal and financial information and destroys our data or equipment. If we’ve left anything out, please add it here in your own mind.

Old Ongwe'hon:weh software works just fine!

Stop it! Our old Ongwe’hon:weh software works just fine!


A free internet is needed to attain the one mind, the basis of the Great Peace. The corporation wants to take over the internet to be in charge of our minds and keep us asleep. Creation gives us a mind to know what is real and not to be caught by fake reality. Satenakonnirahs, means strengthening our mind. Based on gathering relevant information, it’s our warning system.

Five Man Electrical Band sings about watching for signs: “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs? Sign says you got tohave a membership card to get inside!” 

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Canada bombs Syria.

Ontario pushes Agenda 21.

Venezuela ambassador visits 6 Nations.

Mystery US diplomatic mail flight.








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MNN. Mar. 3, 2015. The incident in Moscow that killed Boris Nemstov reminds us of the events of one hundred years ago. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Hapsburg Dynasty was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. They occupied Serbia which had always been a part of the Russian Federation. On June 28, 1914 Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were on their way to visit a hospital in Sarajevo. A young Serb shot and killed them. One month later Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The Serbs called Mother Russia for help. Tsar Nicholas arrived, killed 300,000 Austro-Hungarians and World War I began.   Russian_bear
Events were set in motion that led to a war between Germany and her allies and Russia and its Western allies.

Throughout history, Russia, as the mother of Christianity, has constantly been attacked by the same Vatican Khazarian forces. She is continually being called upon to defend her offspring from the forces of the West that are anxious to exploit every inch of the lands they occupy.

"Hey! We only wanted one cub [at first]!"

“Hey! We only wanted one cub [at first]!”

On February 28, 2015, Nazi Opposition critic in Russia, Boris Nemtsov, was killed. The West instantly blamed his death on Russian President Putin. Like the many current “suicided” bankers, dead men don’t tell lies. Nazi corporatist, Nemtsov, signed up for such an eventuality of being sacrificed on the alter to the gods of corporate war. Those who know the history have always seen the Russians defend themselves and their families.

The Warmongering Harper government pretends to represent the people of Canada. Canadians only want peace. The Ongwe’hon:weh great law of peace is being breeched. Canada has joined the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan in economic sanctions and expulsions of Russian diplomats. Fighter jets, a naval frigate and military officers have been deployed to train Eastern Europe NATO allies to intimidate and eventually attack Russia.

We Ongwe’hon:weh continue to offer the key to replacing corporatism and war with peace, Teiohateh/Two Row. Get rid of the 51% corporate matrix dictating to 49% so war never ends. When the colonial settlers invaded Ono’ware:geh/Great Turtle Island, we did not take sides. Their greed has no part in the Peace here.

We're to lay low while they fight it out!

We’re to lay low while they fight it out!

The good people of Russia remind us of Howlin Wolf’s “Little Red Rooster”: “Oh, the dogs begin to bark now. The hounds begin to howl. Watch out, stray cat people, Little Red Rooster’s on the prowl”.

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Read: Russia won’t beg Canada.

Read: Harper pushing Ongwe’hon:weh.










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MNN. Dec. 20, 2014. We Ongwe’ho:ne, the true sovereigns of Ono’ware:geh, thoroughly object to Canada’s sanctions against our wampum carrying Russian allies. They, like us, are being targeted for genocide. Canada is going after Russia’s banking, energy and defense sectors. The Nazi faction within the corporation known as CANADA is the Harper Government. The CROWN corporation is trying to help export the genocide committed here, to the rest of the world, starting with Russia. The Government of Canada’s main goals are: [1] continue the illusion of freedom to the people; [2] provide ever growing dividends for the shareholders; and [3] extinguish the Ongwe’hon:we title to Ono’ware:geh. All other orders of business are subservient to this.  Canada’s settler colonialism model has been adopted by Israel. Whatever Palestinian territories that the Israeli settlers want, take it, our army will back you up and it will be called a “new Jewish settlement”. The Palestinian land theft accelerates through the barrel of a gun.vlad cool

Our message to the Corporation of Canada is to cease and desist any provocations, sanctions or threats against our ancient ally, Russia.

1710 Wampum, Peter the Great Museum of Archaeology.

1710 Wampum, Peter the Great Museum of Archaeology.

Stephen Harper is trying to do to Putin and the Russians what he is already doing to us. He is forcing sanctions on Ongwe’hon:we since their first Indian Act in 1867, to steal all our land and to get away with total genocide. If we don’t submit voluntarily, we will be murdered. We will be forced to assimilate into the colonial quagmire. All protections and internationally recognized rights will now be put firmly under Nazi control. Our preexisting sovereignty will be ended, with no regard to international law. We are desperately trying to petition the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague to hear our case.

Come one over.

They think that with the stroke of a pen they will write us out of history. Mainly to make us identify with their artificial corporate classification “INDIAN”. We, the true natural sovereigns will not allow this to occur on our territory. We welcome the Russian bear to Kanion’ke:haka to polish the wampum that exists between us. Back off, Harper.

Harper: "I didn't mean it, Vlad".

Harper: “I didn’t mean it, Vlad”.

As Johnny Cash advises Harper, “Don’t take your guns to town, son. Leave your guns at home, Steve.”


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Our ancient allies.

Final solution to “Indian problem” 100-year plan.