MNN. Mar. 22, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated the deft and legal repossession of Crimea. Mohawk head hunters are offering him a very attractive commission on an assignment. He could help us reclaim our ever growing $690 trillion Indian Trust Fund.  repo man

The invaders to Great Turtle Island never paid the Indigenous for anything ever, not for a piece of wood or a strawberry. They stole everything. Corporate squatters, it’s time to pay your debt to us. We are offering the job to repossess our goods to the best repo man we can see from the top of the tree of peace, “Vlad the Impaler”. Somebody’s gotta do this thankless job.

Repo man is returning everything to its rightful owner!

Repo man is returning everything to its rightful owner!

Until our debts are clear, you will live in fear. REEEEEPOOOO MAAAAAAN. These criminals that are pretending to be the authority on Great Turtle Island can’t run or  hide from the repo man. No one will give you shelter. Everybody knows you’ve stolen everything you can and carried out the biggest holocaust in all mankind.


We want everything that was taken from us from the time you landed on our shores. We will notify the world what he is doing for us as it is legal. Like any repo job we offer a commission for all possessions returned.

Vlad knows this job is dangerous. The thieves will be angry and violent. Repo man will will have the authority to reclaim all stolen property on our behalf. it’s a dangerous job. That’s why we pay high commissions. Like bounty hunters, repo man will work anywhere in the world. These criminal banksters have tentacles everywhere.

US and Canada are illegal entities under international law. At the same time, Vlad should be helping us plan a referendum to remove all the invaders who refuse live by the law of the land, Kaianerehkowa. manhattan

When Vladimir Putin returns our stolen property, all details will be worked out by the people according to the law of the land.

As Krystal Shawana sings and the bankers beware. Krystal Shawana. “Not without a fight”.

“Defenders of the Land”.

Morningstar Mercredi. “Sacred Spirit of Water”.

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mnnlogo1MNN. Mar. 20, 2014. Watch Quebec’s ‘pure laine’ leader Jacques Parizeau ruminate on the “final solution to the Mohawk problem”. Parizeau, is from the corporate version of the oligarchical matrix. He thinks Mohawks should be done away with! Parizeau’s final solution!

 The FLQ Crisis of 1970 was a continuation of the bankers’ assault on us in 1609 through their agent Champlain.

Army marches into Montreal 1970.

Martial law declared! Army marches into Montreal Sunday, October 18, 1970.

The Jesuit trained Pierre Trudeau, his buddies Jean Marchand, Gerard Pelletier, Rene Levesque, advisors from Europe and other politicians were key players. The Canadian military, the compliant media and populace were put in place.

Marchand, Trudeau & Pelletier plotting FLQ Crisis!

Marchand, Trudeau & Pelletier: “Oui! Phase 2. We have to move this operation from Quebec to Ottawa!” 

The Mohawks were advised to stay out of it. We are their greatest fear and they wanted to get rid of us. We used the “honey trap” to get intelligence from them.    

In the 1960s young French-speaking Europeans started arriving in Quebec, posing as teachers, army vets, skilled labor and other professionals. They socialized with young Quebecois who were getting ready for the Worlds Fair called “Expo 1967”. Fascist radicalization began, setting the stage for the 1970 false flag.  

Since 1963 the separatists, called the FLQ [Front de Liberation du Quebec] were involved in over 200 bombings in Quebec, demanding independence and sovereignty.

In the early 1960’s Trudeau and his crew stirred up Quebecois and then left and moved onto the Ottawa stage. 

MNN Editor: "Mr. Trudeau, who do you think you're "fooling?

Mr. Trudeau, hey, isn’t that a guy standing behind the curtains, pulling the strings?

In 1970 the British Trade Commissioner was kidnapped, they demanded release of 23 “political” prisoners and for their manifesto to be read on the CBC. The Quebec Minister of Labor was kidnapped and accidentally killed.


Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act and declared martial law. The army took to the streets. Huge public meetings were held to rouse up the FLQ supporters. Even Charles de Gaulle made a guest appearance, shouting, “Viva, Quebec livre!”  

Over 400 people were selected and arrested, most without charge or warrants. Outspoken opponents were imprisoned with no right to see a lawyer and kept behind bars for 21 days or more.

Warrior: "Can you say that in Mohawk?"

Warrior: “Can you say that in Mohawk?”

Today the two candidates for leadership, Pauline Marois and Pierre Karl Peladeau, are from the same oligarhical “poulet” camp. Maximum chaos [ordo ab chao] is being created between French, English and immigrants using old divide and conquer tactics. No English will be spoken or Muslim headscarves worn at work, faschists are already in key government positions. Peladeau is a multi-billionaire from selling Indigenous newsprint worldwide. He wants to make the rules because he has the most ill gotten gains! It will be illegal for anyone but them to make money, especially the Mohawks.

As Jimi Hendrix said: “I’m gonna spin and spread around peace of mind and a whole lot of love to you and you. Would you like to come along?” Jimi Hendrix. “Hey Baby”.

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MNN. Mar. 19, 2014. The Kaianerekowa is clear on the rights of the people. The “Keepers of the Eastern Door” to Great Turtle Island, the Mohawks, have a duty to guard the entrance to our land from the East. On June 25, 1701 [Great Peace of Montreal], we allowed our European visitors to live here if they adhered to the laws of this land. They disrespected the ways of this land, making them “illegal occupiers” that we must deal with.

Unsettled disputes between oppressors and oppressed can lead to 1970 FLQ Crisis in Quebec.

Unsettled disputes between oligarchs and oppressed lead to 1970 FLQ Crisis in Quebec.

“Should you stray from the path, you must strive to return to your row of the Guswentha. Quebecois, you cannot live in uncertain waters between the two vessels. We offer our hand to prevent you from drowning”. It’s been breached repeatedly.

Guswentha was officially breached by the colonial Indian Advancement Act on October 25,1924. We were placed in fenced-in POW camps now called “Indian reservations”. The remainder of our land and possessions were expropriated by thieves in the night.

As the caretakers of this land, we are giving every Quebecois a chance to gain your freedom. Onowaregeh is a land of laws. Settlers have turned our paradise into a land of voracious criminality and war profiteering. Canada is celebrating a multi-million arms deal with Saudi Arabia to convert our resources into war materials. This violates Guswentha and Kaianerekowa and is illegal!

The bankers sent Charles de Gaulle over to scream  "Vive le Quebec livre!"

Watch for the next banker controlled talking head like Charles de Gaulle in 1970. 

All communities of settlers can follow the white roots to us. We will help you have a referendum to break free from the Canadian corporation and its police state apparatus. If you decide to stay here you have to follow the law of this land. If you wish to continue following the Law of the Sea [Admiralty], you must buy your passage from the bankers who created this law, get on their boat and return to the sea.

The illegal Corporate structure of Canada has been exposed to the world for what it is, illegal! The oligarchical control grid is fleeing en masse, trying to take everything they can get their hands on. Their CEO Stephen Harper is trying to bring war to our land by threatening Russia.

Russia is the enemy of the bankers. They showed us how to use international law to legally separate from your oppressors, the bankers. The corporate Injuns too can become free and follow the law of the land.

We can solve this by concensus, everyone has a voice and all are equal.

“We can solve this by concensus where everyone has a voice and all are equal”.

The referendum shall be: [1] we want to follow the white roots to the law of this land; or [2] we want to continue following the Admiralty Law of the Seas and leave on their boat with the bankers.

Our system is the only legal agreement you have to be on Great Turtle Island. Once declaring your freedom from your oppressors, we Mohawks will protect the Quebecois who seek shelter under the shade of the tree of peace. In Quebec, the choice is living in fear of the unknown or living in peace with the Mohawks.

As Tammy Wynette points out: “I spell out all the hurtin’ words and turn my head when I speak, cause i can’t spell away this hurt that’s drippin’ down my cheek. Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today”.  “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”.

Mohawks block Montreal-Toronto rail line.

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