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MNN. May 9, 2014. While imperialists push for war, let us learn about peace. MNN posts a 7-hour video and accompanying book on peace, in Mohawk and English, free for everyone! In 1993 Karonhiaktajeh, Kahentinetha and Ganyetahawi filmed all 117 wampums of the Great Peace, Kaianerekowa. You can watch or read or download them and circulate the philosophy for worldwide peace!  MNN Free “Great Law” Video. 

Kaianerekowa/Great Peace is for everyone.

Kaianerekowa/Great Peace is for everyone.

The book, “Gayanerekowa, the Great Law of Peace” as brought to the Confederacy of the Iroquois by Deganawida, the Peacemaker is available to follow the video word-for-word. MNN Free “Great Law Book” accompanying video.

Also Free is “The Confusion between the Great Law and the Handsome Lake Code”. The Masters Thesis of Kahentinetha explains the natural philosophy of the Great Law and the Christian religious basis of the Code. 

Womens Councils asserted in every community will bring peace.

Womens Councils asserted in every community is the basis of peace and an end to war.

The following are interviews of Mohawk Elders:

TEKARONTAKE: “We will never get justice in US courts” -Apr. 12, 2014. Part 1: Voice of Russia Radio interview.  Part 2: “Monsanto is stealing and patenting Indian products”. Part 2.

MARK MARACLE: “Americans owe Native Indian People over $700 trillion” Voice of Russia: Who owes who?

KAHENTINETHA: “Indians seeking Russia’s 1700 peace treaty belt”. Voice of Russia: “Mohawks seeking 1700 peace belt.” 

“Obama resources claim ridiculous”. Voice of Russia: “Obama Claim Ridiculous.” 

Banksters: "Everybody knows. There's no place for us to hide!"

Banksters: “Our action will reveal who we are and no one will give us shelter!”

Aretha Franklin and Tom Jones tell the oligarchs: “It’s time you wind up this masquerade. Just make your mind up, the piper must be paid. Yes, the party’s over…” “The party’s over”. Yes, it is!

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT/CHILD MOLESTATION STRATEGY OF CHOICE TO ATTACK ONKWEHONWE MENMNN. Jan. 25, 2007. There is a tried and true strategy being used by Indian Affairs, corporate governments and their agents to get rid of our men who question their corruption and whom they want to “get under their control”. It?s called the ?Let?s-get-him-charged-with-sexual-harassment-or-child-abuse? strategy.

Back in 1990 a band council out west received multi millions of dollars on behalf of their people. It was a settlement for a claim. Indian affairs parachuted in a blond long legged woman to become the auditor. Her salary was $1.4 million a year. She didn?t audit the money. She audited the men. Before long, fights were going on among them. One man eventually committed suicide. This auditor approached one dissenter that the Indian Affairs was particularly anxious to shut up. She tried to get him into a compromising situation so she could charge him with sexual harassment. When he confronted her about what she was trying to do, she said, ?Nobody will believe you?. He knew that too. He reported her attempts to the RCMP.

In the 1980?s there was a young warrior who was speaking out about the corruption of Indian Affairs against his people and how Onkwehonwe can assert our rights. Suddenly a woman and her daughter made charges of sexual harassment against him. He eventually won his case at the Supreme Court of Canada level. It was too late. His reputation had been destroyed. He moved away and started again somewhere else.

In the early 1990?s a warrior, who could not be faulted, was asking the corporate government too many questions they did not want to answer. He adopted children. Next thing the local social services in the community falsely charged him with child molestation. Again it was almost impossible for him to defend himself. The child accusers were protected and nothing could be revealed about them and their family background. Social Services had created the situation. Eventually the RCMP told him if he didn?t move out of the country, he would spend many years in jail.

Then recently a former ironworker turned lawyer got a job in the band council to clean up the office and get the employees working. He was charged with sexual harassment by four women. They were protected by a publication ban and could say anything they wanted. With hard work and a deft lawyer, he was able to prove that these charges were false. But his reputation and his professional practice had already been almost destroyed.

There have been many other similar instances. A common threat runs through these cases? They all threatened the powers that be. The charges were almost impossible to defend. The accusers could remain anonymous. The aim was to defame the victim for the rest of his life and to destroy their credibility with their people.

Another covert Indian Affairs operation that victimizes Onkwehonwe men is the ?Let?s-get-them-crying-at-the-healing-circles? tactic?. The courts play along by ordering our men to attend them. There they have to confess everything while being assured that whatever they say is privileged. This is not so. Sometimes when a Onkwehonwe comes forward and spills the beans on something he did 40 years ago, the next thing he knows he is charged, arrested and thrown into jail. Or he could be blackmailed into silence about the goings on that Indian Affairs wants to keep quiet or even made to do something illegal.

These circles get the information and the goods on people that can destroy them. It would seem that Indian Affairs set up these circles to get control over our people. They even train and certify those who run them. It started in 1990 after the Oka Crisis as the ?Kumik Lodge? program in the lobby of Indian Affairs? ?Tower of Terror? in Hull. They selected ?healers?, brought them in for three weeks for ?training? and then sent them out to the Onkwehonwe communities to do their ?stuff?.

Some ended up in far worse condition than when they started. The circle has no confidentiality agreement such as one would have with a lawyer or psychologist, which is on a one-to-one basis. The healers are not in positions of trust. What a setup! The Canadian government has put $350 million into the ?historical-molestation-in-residential-schools? strategy. We?ve been told by more than one person that some are offered $20,000 to say they were molested even if they weren?t. Then they have to go for ?healing?. Suddenly social services arrives on the scene and grabs their children to get them ?out of danger?.

Does this story sound familiar. This is a new version of the old genocidal scheme to get our guys and break up our families in order to weaken our society. They want to keep us so busy that we can?t ask the obvious question of why they are here and why they won?t go home to the land of their own ancestors.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News
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MNN, June 1, 2006 Have you consulted your legal counsel on the latest Supreme Court rulings? It is crucial that you do so. The Supreme Court of Canada has clearly stated that Aboriginal issues must be resolved by negotiation. You have no legal authority for making an armed attack on the Six Nations who are on our territory. We have selected a few of the recent decisions that support the Six Nations position and set out the format that is to be followed for the “consultation” and “accommodation” that is supposed to take place when Indigenous land title is at issue. Why don’t you send this to your legal department and they can confirm to you that your plan to attack Six Nations people is illegal.

Haida Nation of British Columbia (Minister of Forestry) [2004] 3 S.C.R. 511. “There is a legal duty to consult and accommodate when there is a dispute over title to land”. It is a government-to-government negotiation.

R. v. Badger [1996] 1 S.C.R. 771 at paragraph 41 at 2 S.C. Judgments. “It is always assumed that the Crown intends to fulfill its promises”. The OPP stance is violating this. There is a buildup of cops. It looks like someone acting on behalf of Canada is planning to violate the law that land issues are supposed to be conducted on a government-to-government basis.

Justice McLaughlin says, “Injunctions are not the best way to go in a land title dispute. There is a duty to negotiate and to accommodate”. The Six Nations has been “talking”. We have been accommodating. We opened a road. There is traffic flowing through our land. Now Ontario and Canada have decided not to keep their promises.

Canada and Ontario may have forgotten that the court is moving into a “decolonization” direction. Is only the top level of the court aware of this? The lessons have not sunk in yet at the lower levels. They should go back to law school.

The Haldimand Proclamation is part of Britain’s fulfillment of their obligation to their allies, the Six Nations. There was an oral treaty between Six Nations and our British allies which cemented our alliance based on oral agreements. Haldimand is part of this agreement.

P. 26, Haida Nation. “Honorable” negotiations implies a legal duty to consult with Aboriginal claimants and concluding an honorable agreement reflecting the claimants’ inherent rights”.

“The Crown, acting honorable, cannot cavalierly run rough shod over Aboriginal interests where claims affecting those interests are being seriously violated in the process of treaty negotiation and proof”. It must respect that there is potential but yet unproven interests.

Where is the right coming from to attack us? It is old fashioned, archaic, colonial, violates domestic and international law. The Crown wants to pretend that our interests are unproven. They are very well proven. They cannot pretend they don’t have the legal duty to respect our interests. They have a legal duty to consult and accommodate us. Do the cops know what they are doing? Are you aware that if you violate us by running and trampling onto our territory, you will be violating recent Supreme Court decisions?

Haida paragraph 35: “But, when precisely, does the duty to consult arise? The foundation of the duty on the Crown’s honor and the goal of reconciliation suggests that the duty arises when the Crown has knowledge, real or constructive, of the potential existence of the Aboriginal right or title and contemplates the title that might adversely affect it”. There’s no doubt that the Crown knows very well that we have rights and title and they have to respect it.

Perhaps some things were unclear in the past, but now there is no doubt. The proper way to solve Indigenous land claims is not to ignore us and not to use force. You are required to enter into meaningful negotiations. Our inherent rights are protected. If you try to invade us again like you did on April 20th 2006, you will eventually get yourself into a legal mess.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh