October 29, 2008. Who brought in the Aboriginal goons to do Canada’s dirty work in Tyendinaga? Does the fact that they’re “aboriginal” from Walpole Island and Moraviantown make them legitimate? No. Some of the goons on the “aboriginal” police force are non-native! Who are they? JTF2 and RCMP in disguise?

The pre-fab, state-of-the-art, high tech prison has arrived. Canada wants to plant it in the middle of our community. The Mohawks are at the site to stop the multi-million dollar prison from going up. The people were asked if they wanted it. The majority said “no”. But here it is anyway. Going against the wishes of the people violates both democratic and Indigenous principles. It is not legal.

Band council chief R. Don Maracle said the community wanted this and that the building is needed specially for “outsiders” with “criminal records” and “the jail will be built today”! This goes beyond arrogance.

Normally the RCMP is not invited into a settler community unless the elected representatives invite them. This can only happen in an Indigeous community with the full and informed consent of the people who live there.

As in Kahnawake, Six Nations, Akwesasne and Kanehsatake, the band council is a creature of the Indian act which was imposed under foreign colonial laws. Until 1951 the Indian act defined a person as an ‘individual other than an Indian’. Nothing set up under those terms is legal – unless “might makes right” is the law, which is not.

We saw the same situation at Kanehsatake in 2004. The police commission was charged with running the security. Canada gave James Gabriel almost $1 million to do an end run around this arrangement and to set up and impose a different police force under his personal command. He brought in outside aboriginal goons to impose his will. This was illegal. Just because the guys he brought in were aboriginal did not make it legal. It violated the laws of Kanehsatake that had appointed their own Commission.

The Ontario Provincial Police OPP are waiting for the “aboriginal” goons to say they can’t handle the situation and then they will swoop down on Tyendinaga.

What questions does this situation raise?

First of all, does this mean that Canada is following through on Madame Mireille Tabib’s Order from the Federal Court of Canada, dated October 23, 2008 in “Kahentinetha & Katenies v. THE QUEEN”? Has Canada decided to stop living a lie and recognize that it has no jurisdiction over any indigenous people, our communities or our territories? Is this why the OPP didn’t accompany the prison? Or has colonial society recruited a lot of “hang around the fort Indians” to do their dirty work for them?

Colonization is not legal even when it is in aboriginal dress. The only position we can take is to stick to the truth, remain calm and peaceful and don’t get provoked. But we must stand our ground.

We smell some rats here. Do they work in Ottawa? Do some of them have names like “Chuck Strahl” and “Stockwell Day”?

It looks like this whole macabre fantasy has been engineered by the “Halloween Cabal” in Ottawa. They are a law onto themselves. They treat democracy as a joke and give a sweet s**t about treaties, indigenous rights or the Canadian obligations to respect us. They all work together to plan these attacks on us. Here they are, unmasked.

– High up – Chantal “Who-Has-a-Dirty-Hand-in-Everything” Bernier;
– Margaret “Trying-to-Suck-Every-Last-Drop-of-Indian-Blood-Now-Wants-Her-Fangs-in-Tyendinaga-Mohawks” Bloodworth, “National Security Advisor” to Prime Minister,, 613-957-5466;
Indian Affairs sewer rats
– Walter “Whose-Billy-Club-Has-Been-Taken-Away” Walling,; Christian “Anti-Christ” Rouleau,;
– Andre “Turn” Cote,;
– Stuart “Swan-Song” Swanson,;
– Paul ”The-White-Man” Leblanc,;
– Zuwena “Squeal” Robidas, Indian Affairs mouthpiece, 613-993-2596;
– Helene “Parrot” Philippe, another Indian Affairs mouthpiece,;
– David “Economic-Hit-Man” Hillman, DG Econ. Dev. 819-953-0517;
More Emergency Preparedness creeps
– Jean “Lapse-of-Selected-Memory” Chartrand, 613-990-8470;
– Denise “Who-was-in-there-like-a-dirty-shirt” Charron, 613-991-1694;
Other excreta agents of the crown
– Yvan “Who-Maintains-Toilet-Supplies” Dery, for the Privy Council Office;
– Gilles “Pig-Shop-Keeper” Rochon, Aboriginal Policing, 613-990-2666;
– Emanuel “Little-Lamb” Chabot, 613-990-4353;
– “Slippery” Jim Beaver;
– Peter “Flat-Foot” Fisher, Police Services PSEPC fax 613-991-0961;
– Louise “Who-Doesn’t-Know-the-Half-of-It” Savage;
– Sylvia “Ambulance Chaser” McKenzie, Justice Canada 613-998-3952;
– Annik “The-Squeak” Pelletier, Justice Canada;
– Louis-Alexandre “Who-Sits-on-a-Very-High-Chair” Guay, Justice,;
– Phil Fontaine AFN;
– Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister Aboriginal Affairs;
– Angus Toulouse AFN Ontario Region 807-626-9339 Fax 807-626-9404
Help! Give a piece of your mind to: GG Michaelle jean; Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Fax 613-941-6900; Chuckie “Baby” Strahl, Indian Affairs Minister, 819-997-0002, Fax 819-953-4941; Prothonotary Mireille Tabib, Federal Court of Canada 613-992-4238 Fax 613-952-3653; band council Mohawks of Bay of Quinte Band TELEPHONE: 613-396-3424 Email: reception@mbq-tmt-org Fax 613-396-3627; OPP Eastern Regional Headquarters 613-284-4500 fax 613-284-4597 L.G. “Who-Wants-to-Help-Set-Up-a-Feeder-of-Young-Offenders-into-the-Big-Pens-for-the-Old-Long-Termers” Beechey, Chief Superintendent & Commander, Smiths Falls; MBQ R. Chief Don “The-Warden-Wanna-Be” Maracle, 613-396-3089, CELL 613-391-9249 RDONM@MBQ-TMT.ORG 613-396-3424 ext. 106

We need to tell Canada and their agents to: (1) immediately stop their attacks, police brutality and trying to impose a prison on the Mohawks; (2) to honor Indigenous rights and jurisdictions; (3) to support the Mohawks struggle for self-determination; and (4) to get Canada and Indian Affairs out of Haudenosaunee Territory.

To help, please contact the Rotiskenekete: 613-391-4055, 613-813-4053,
Friends, allies and supporters: come immediately to be witnesses; bring cameras, camcorders, food, cells, phone cards and warm clothes, especially gloves. Directions: take the Trans Canada Highway 401 to the “Marysville” exit, head south on #49 all the way to #2 then turn right into the community. Call 613-813-1017, email

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