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MNN. 29, 2015. Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51 outlaws radicalization of Islam, a religion. Rotinoshonni territory is being inundated by two opposite “longhouse” concepts, kaia’nereh:kowa and Handsome Lake.

As the faithkeepers says: "Stay peaceful & pray!"

As the faithkeepers says: “Stay peaceful & pray!”

kaia’nere:kowa, is the law of the land of Great Turtle Island, based on the basic thought and knowledge in how a people relate to the universe. The opening thanksgiving outlines an interdependent system of relations of all elements of nature, which are equal; women are powerful in social, political and economic life; and the people form the base of power. The Great Peace is not a religion. It is our system of consensual decision making.

"Soon, Oren, soon!"

“Soon, Oren, soon!”

The Code People describe Handsome Lake as a religion. It is based on a hierarchical order which goes against the Great Law, which is egalitarian. Their “creator” is a male hierarchical concept based on the Vatican model. Their longhouse where they “pray” is a church without a steeple. It was designed to create division amongst the Rotinoshonni to overtake the law of the land, the kaia’nere:kowa. They prove it by allowing an agent of the CROWN, Aaron Detlor, a bar lawyer, to incorporate them into the Admiralty matrix.

The corporation of Canada developed another way to try to destroy the Great Peace. Canada promotes and provides financing to the Handsome Lake religion in most of the Rotinoshonni communities by subsidizing the building of their longhouses and programs.

Bill C51 was passed to outlaw the radicalization of any religion. Aaron Detlor incorporated the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council of Chiefs at Six Nations. Canada’s real target is the Great Peace, our legal form of government. It looks to us like they are trying to class anyone following the Great Law as the radicalization of Handsome Lake.

The kaia’ereh:kowa is not affiliated with any building. It is our constitution and it resides in our minds, not in a house. Our source energy is all of creation, the common denominator of the universe. We give thanks to creation, talk to our mother, to our relatives and no one else. No mediator, priest or faithkeeper is needed.

You are welcome in our longhouse.

Oh! You follow the Code! You’re welcome in our longhouse, brother.

Any persons who submit to foreign laws are alienated and subject to death. [Wampum #58].

As REM laments: “That’s me in the corner. That’s me in the spotlight losing my religion. Trying to keep up with you. And I don’t know if I can do it.” [Losing my religion].

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Satanist bar lawyers.

Corn, beans and squash.


Manifest destiny hoax.






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MNN. June 5, 2014. We have a law. The Great Peace, which is the true direction. We should have no fear from anybody to use it. People attending band council meetings are a minority who in effect sanction the fraudulent corporate system. The band/tribal council writes whatever the corporate agenda directs. In fact it is easy for any community to dissolve their corporate entity and reclaim their sovereignty because it is our true destiny.

Sign this corporation dissolution paper so we can file it it with the Registrar General.

The People to the Council: “Sign this dissolution paper so we can file it it with the Registrar General and be done with you once and for all”.

It’s easy. Call a final meeting. Chiefs sign the dissolution paper with everyone present. The people take them to the Registrar General and file them. They close the bank account and withdraw the money. An invoice is sent to the Corporation of Canada for their portion of the ever growing $960 trillion Indian Trust Fund payable in gold bullion only. When the papers are filed, the Registrar General will note it in the public record.  “One More Winter”.

One week later, the corporation pretending to represent the sovereign on our land can’t hold a gun to our heads.

kanionkehakaWhen the corporate band/tribal council entities are dissolved, Canada can no longer masquerade as the representative of the sovereign. They cannot have legal access to our land, resources and funds. People who continue to do business with the illegal entity, Canada, on our land will be charged in a non-Admiralty international format. All decisions are in the hands of Ongwehonwe, the only sovereigns of Great Turtle Island.

Like Canada and the US, all corporations posing as countries have the same shareholders. The plutocrats own 51% of any and all publicly traded companies. That way they can dictate to the 49%. This system ensures the continuation of war by dividing the people’s minds. 51% dictate to 49% perpetually.

Kahnawake belongs to the Kanionkehaka/Mohawk people. We are the sovereign and will not follow the Corporation of Canada rules. We will never sit in those useless corporate meetings waiting for the foreign axe to come down on us because we fight to live, survive and make a future for our children. The community of Wahta could be the first to initiate the snowball affect that will happen when they dissolve their corporate council. Wahta Mohawks. “We should not hold out our hands for crumbs when we own the whole loaf”, as one elder reminds us.

Queen put it right: We are the champions, my friends, And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end. We are the champions. We are the champions. No time for losers ‘Cause we are the champions of the world.  We are t he champions.

Dancing for joy for the world!

Free of corporate genocide. Dancing for our destiny!

Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin explaining sovereignty.

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MNN. May 29, 2014. The crown corporation called Canada has been found guilty of genocide by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. TRC has no mandate in Admiralty Court to prosecute the crown [Vatican]. Any multinational corporations that do business with the criminal entity known as Canada are co-conspirators in fraud, theft and make themselves complicit in the continuing genocide. For those partnered with Canada in the resource extractive industries, we put your corporations and all of their shareholders on notice. You will be tried in a non-Admiralty court. So govern yourselves accordingly.The Queen of England is one of the shareholders of the crown and Canada is a crown corporation masquerading as the sovereign.

Every agreement we made was for ourselves and all our friends and allies.

Two Row Agreement was made for ourselves and all our Indigenous brothers and sisters. 

The true Sovereigns of Great Turtle Island will stop the illegal extraction. You have extracted our resources without dealing with us, the Sovereign. That constitutes fraud and theft. Every deal is in breach of trust and invalid. You are liable for the theft of our resources. Each shareholder of every company will be charged personally with complicity in genocide when we charge the crown in an international forum.

Unity plus strength of Ongwehonwe of all Great Turtle Island.

Unity plus strength equals peace for the  Ongwehonwe [Indigenous] of all Great Turtle Island.

The Vatican is the Crown. All corporations worldwide get their ISO [International Organization Standardization] numbers through the Vatican. Every country or state is given an ISO number to do business. Admiralty courts are also corporations for profit. Admiralty law is only for banks and corporations. Any Vatican corporation that is making deals with Canada will be charged with complicity in genocide.

We, the true sovereigns of this land, will not be going to Admiralty court. We will be charging the shareholders individually through a non-admiralty court.

Tarsands list of corporations.

Genocide includes the destruction of our natural world under the law of the land,the Great Peace. The only legal business transaction on Great Turtle Island is with the Sovereign. The 500-year war called “colonialism” against Indigenous people worldwide is over. We will sue you for what you owe us. In the meantime, we are ready to plant more crops and face a hard winter, but a bountiful harvest is coming. Ignorance of the Great Peace will be no excuse. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. 

Rotikstenha remember everything!

Rotikstenha; remember everything!

As Ted Nugent acknowledges, when the Council of Women assume their natural role as ‘mother nature’; “She’s got the power to turn out the light. She’s got the power over day and night. She’s the queen of the forest”. Ted Nugent. “Queen of the Forest”.

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