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MNN. July, 7, 2016. Corporate band and tribal council systems are set up by Canada and US to bypass our inherent traditional peoples. These councils have to implement the theft regulated by the state, province and federal governments that created them. In rotino’shonni they deal with those councils that follow Christian religious doctrines, like the Handsome Lake Code.

What the hey! They're on our land!"

“What the hey! Get em off all our land!”

Regarding hydro, some corporate band councils make agreements to collect the bill from us and maybe even get a cut of it. Our natural resources are used to create power. Hydro poles are installed in our territory. Our fishing and use of our pure water is hindered to run their economy. Then we are forced to pay for the use of our own resources and power. knowledge

Prices are jacked up so we can’t pay. Smart meters are installed to cut off power at the flick of a switch. Hydro ‘scissorhand” agents are sent in to extort money from us or risk cutting off our power or not turning it back on. Then they attempt to charge us for hooking it back up!

Every onkwe’hon:weh is entitled to free power. We are guaranteed from our original agreements and teio’hateh to never be robbed on our own land.

The following are the kanion’ke:haka/Mohawks symbols of our original families of ono’ware:keh, the true natural people of the land placed here by our mother earth. This is who we are! No foreigner can come here and tell us anything! Canada signing of the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous people means, “Get off our territory. Take all your wires, poles and every other imposition. They are unlawful on rotino’shonni land!” mohawk family symbols canada

Bruce Springsteen sings about being cut off and put in the dark: “You can’t start a fire
You can’t start a fire without a spark. This gun’s for hire. Even if we’re just dancing in the dark.”


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Native Lives Matter Too

UPAC conducts nine raids in relation to Hydro-Québec contracts


murder by numbers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0geXR6qM7Enumbers


Michel Morin, Coor. Rel. Amerindiennes, HYDRO-QUEBEC, 2805 Boul. Mgr. Langlois, Valleyfield, Quebec. 1-866-268-9484 ext. 8512.

Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett, mi******@aa*********.ca

Hydro Quebec 1-800-290-2424

Mohawk Council of Kahnawake

Phone: (450) 632-7500
Fax: (450) 638-5958
Info-Line: (450) 632-9595
email: co************@mc*.ca

Sally Jewell, Secretary, Interior Department, 1849 C St., NY Washington DC 20240Bill Clinton, 1271 Ave. of the Americas, 42nd Fl., NY 10020 212-348-8882.

Minister of National Defence, su******@gc.ca">su******@gc.ca

US Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW Ste 7141, Washington +1 (202) 514-2000

All Media, Pope Benedictum XVI, St. Peter’s Sq., Vatican City, Rome Italy; Canadian Center for Foreign Policy Development,pr***@ro*************.uk/">pr***@ro*************.uk(National Forum on Africa);

Prime Minister Justin Trudeauj.*******@pa**.ca/"> j.*******@pa**.ca

UN Secretary General
Ban Ki-moon, 1st ave. and 46th street
NY 10017 1 (212) 963 1234






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MNN. June 1, 2015. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a white wash of the ongwe’hon:weh genocide. TRC is trying to help the perpetrators and those who benefited from genocide to reconcile with its victims! No, it’s going to be reconciliation according to us! We have the evidence. The truth has been found that the CROWN/Vatican is guilty of genocide in the residential school holocaust. First, we must charge the CROWN with genocide at the non-Admiralty International Court of Arbitration in The Hague. Then we can reconcile with the settler colonialists who benefitted the most from the genocide. Read: UN Genocide Act.

after charging & convicting.

TRC march in Ottawa May 31, 2015. 

The beginning of reconciliation is that the thieves and murderers will not decide the penalty for themselves. All of you on our land need to reconcile with us everywhere on Great Turtle Island for the murder of over 100 million of the natural people. We the surviving victims will dictate the terms for the reconciliation. Otherwise, your grandchildren will never know peace with our grandchildren on Great Turtle Island.

CROWN/Vatican must face the music.

CROWN/Vatican must face the music.

Everyone needs to learn the Kaianerehkowa, the law of the land. The brutality committed against us must be settled to our satisfaction. Our murdered ancestors invoke the universal law of karma that will come to balance this crime against humanity.

Colonial settlers, you must follow the white roots of peace to the source and reconcile with us where we are residing.








Agents of the CROWN pretending to represent the people [MPs, MPPs, bar lawyers and judges, municipal councilors], anyone who has taken an oath to the Queen is complicit in the continual cover-up, even in the face of overwhelming evidence against the CROWN whom they represent. They are all going to the gulag that was built for us.

We will not go lightly on those of you who continue the genocide and turn your backs on us. You will all pay. “If you can’t do the time, you shouldn’t have done the crime?”

As Alvin Lee tells us he doesn’t know what to do. We know what to do. “Tax the rich, feed the poor, so there are no rich no more. I’d love to change the world!” [I‘d love to change the world].


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Homeland Security bigger picture.

Galati challenging Bill C-51.






















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MNN. 29, 2015. Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51 outlaws radicalization of Islam, a religion. Rotinoshonni territory is being inundated by two opposite “longhouse” concepts, kaia’nereh:kowa and Handsome Lake.

As the faithkeepers says: "Stay peaceful & pray!"

As the faithkeepers says: “Stay peaceful & pray!”

kaia’nere:kowa, is the law of the land of Great Turtle Island, based on the basic thought and knowledge in how a people relate to the universe. The opening thanksgiving outlines an interdependent system of relations of all elements of nature, which are equal; women are powerful in social, political and economic life; and the people form the base of power. The Great Peace is not a religion. It is our system of consensual decision making.

"Soon, Oren, soon!"

“Soon, Oren, soon!”

The Code People describe Handsome Lake as a religion. It is based on a hierarchical order which goes against the Great Law, which is egalitarian. Their “creator” is a male hierarchical concept based on the Vatican model. Their longhouse where they “pray” is a church without a steeple. It was designed to create division amongst the Rotinoshonni to overtake the law of the land, the kaia’nere:kowa. They prove it by allowing an agent of the CROWN, Aaron Detlor, a bar lawyer, to incorporate them into the Admiralty matrix.

The corporation of Canada developed another way to try to destroy the Great Peace. Canada promotes and provides financing to the Handsome Lake religion in most of the Rotinoshonni communities by subsidizing the building of their longhouses and programs.

Bill C51 was passed to outlaw the radicalization of any religion. Aaron Detlor incorporated the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council of Chiefs at Six Nations. Canada’s real target is the Great Peace, our legal form of government. It looks to us like they are trying to class anyone following the Great Law as the radicalization of Handsome Lake.

The kaia’ereh:kowa is not affiliated with any building. It is our constitution and it resides in our minds, not in a house. Our source energy is all of creation, the common denominator of the universe. We give thanks to creation, talk to our mother, to our relatives and no one else. No mediator, priest or faithkeeper is needed.

You are welcome in our longhouse.

Oh! You follow the Code! You’re welcome in our longhouse, brother.

Any persons who submit to foreign laws are alienated and subject to death. [Wampum #58].

As REM laments: “That’s me in the corner. That’s me in the spotlight losing my religion. Trying to keep up with you. And I don’t know if I can do it.” [Losing my religion].

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Satanist bar lawyers.

Corn, beans and squash.



Manifest destiny hoax.







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MNN. May 20, 2015. It appears that The League of Nations, now known as the United Nations, is being seen for what it is. It’s the New World Order. It looks like the end is near for NATO and the bankers’ global fascist agenda.

All Aboard!

All Aboard!


Confederacy sent Deskaheh to spread the Great Peace.

Confederacy sent Deskaheh to spread the Peace.

In 1923 the League of Nations was convened in the Hague. They refused to hear our representative, Deskaheh. Instead the ongwe’hon:weh were placed on an accelerated path of genocide, particularly in Canada. Read the following link:

ongwe'hon:weh: "Who has the immigrant problem?"

133 Nations Vow to Destroy America.

The media is integrated with the military in concentration camp America.

Dekanawida explained to the people that if they are to find peace they must follow the laws of nature, because all of life is derived from these laws. He said they must respect each other, other nations and all creation in order to bring about peace and harmony among themselves and throughout the world.


These 133 nations are beginning a real revolution as thahoketoteh sings:



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Harper Hates Everyone:


NDP party swimming past Tories.

Possible Harper is worst PM in history!

https://www.facebook.com/senecaman/posts/10202626495862246?fref=nf CONFEDERACY ISSUES

We learnt the one mind from the wolf. With the one mind, we can never be defeated.

We learned the one mind from the wolf. With the one mind, we can never be defeated.

The Grand Council of Chiefs would like to take this time to remind its citizens of the Haudenosaunee position on imposed…

Posted by Nicholas Snow on Sunday, March 29, 2015

“Tribal councils are small pox blankets, inimical to indigenous peoples traditional means of self-determination”. Dr. Richard Boylan.