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MNN. Dec. 8, 2018. To those of us under colonial oppression, the French yellow vest revolution is the beginning of decolonizaton of the world. 

To all Canadian civil servants, to decolonize is simple. Revoke your pledge of allegiance to the Queen. You will be fired immediately. It would be good if you all did it on the same day to hasten the process. 

All civil servants or anyone who has ever taken an oath to the Queen of England should refute their oath. Then we can dismantle the Privy Council Office, Governor General’s Office and every step of their shadow government. They are no longer needed to protect the shareholders of the colony of Canada.

You will have to agree to pledge allegiance to the kaianenere’kowa, the great peace of turtle island, or leave.

The Canadian version of law is illegal because it is based on genocide such as the Indian Act and the blood quantum legislation.

When the Europeans migrated to turtle island, they agreed to live under the great peace. They were welcomed through the tekeni teiohateh, two row wampum, and agreed to live under the kaianerekowa, great peace. They reneged and remained ever since as illegal immigrants. To remain they have to reaffirm their acceptance of the great peace. Then the kaianere’kowa will emerge to build a society of peace that the world will look upon as a great model.     

Land, resources, waters, all forms of  life on great turtle island is part of the great peace. 

The police state will end. All of the colonial systems of control, banking, legal, police, government and military will be dissolved and come under the kaianere’kowa, the people. 

The people will be free to decide whether to pledge allegiance to the kaianere’kowa and the tekeni teiohateh, two row wampum.    

The homelands of the European inventors of colonialism are crumbling right before our eyes. Their brutal colonial control structures are being dismantled by their own people who don the yellow vest. 

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are still colonies of Britain. The United States never did gain independence from England. They are still controlled to this day by the London bankers through Wall Street. 

The Brits can kick the Queen out of Buckingham Palace and let her go. This house is a property she stole from them while they licked her boots. The mafia and monarchy are the same. The monarchy is the sickest system of control.

The Beatles sang: “You say you want a revolution. Well, you know we all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution. Well, you know we all want to change the world …” ka***********@ya***.com Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.      

ANTIFA violence breaks out at Ottawa protest against Global Compact for Migration

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MNN. Dec. 8, 2018. The disease that caused this yellow vest revolution is the “40-40-40 SYNDROME” where the people work 40 hours a week, at a job they hate, for 40 years of their life, in hopes they will make 40% of what they could not afford to live on in the first place.


Pyramidal system of control is coming to an end in Paris. The people’s yellow vest revolution in Paris has affected the workers of the world. This is the revolution of the European colonists so that colonialism/corporatism will end! The European immigrants on turtle island need to don the yellow vest like their brethren in the old country for the exact same reason. They all suffer from the 40-40-40 syndrome. This is a worldwide movement. Thank you, Paris.   

We have been watching live video for a few hours while writing this story. THE SUN LIVE STREAM:


The scared look on the cops’ faces reminds us of the 1917 revolution in St. Petersburg Russia. Tsar Nicholas sent his police to quash the rebellion and force the people back to the factory. After a while the police joined the protesters. The Tsar sent in the army and pitted them against the people. Then the army joined the people and the cops. The Romanovs’s end came shortly after in Yekaterinburg in July 1918. The people’s revolution started and is still going on today in France. The Macron family will find a similar ending in Paris. 

51% majority rules is corporatism and the root of colonialism. It ends now!

Jim Morrison is turning in his grave now in Paris and singing: “Riders on the storm. Riders on the storm. There’s a killer on the road. His brain is squirming like a toad. Take a long holiday. Let your children play. If you give this man a ride, your sweet family will die. Killer on the road”. ka***********@ya***.com Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.