MNN. May 18, 2013. We all have the duty as the eagle on the top of the tree of peace, to watch for impending danger and to report back to the people. A false flag delivers a false look. It gives us the kind of picture the enemy wants to scare and control us. Fear and anger are created to gauge a reaction from the people. When the people demand a solution to the problem that was created, the solution will always be to our detriment and to take away the little freedom we have left, until we have none. The skeptics, dissenters and those who don’t follow the program will be jailed or assassinated. Hence the 50 FEMA camps, one in each state. Harper plans to build similar “private prisons” or concentration camps in Canada.

Lost falsies. Looks are deceiving!

Lost falsies. Looks are deceiving!

Falsies are theater with actors, costumes and scripts, produced by the corporations. The Sandy Hook Show is the most blatant. The same actors showed up at the Boston Marathon Incident. 

The end goal of all “falsies” is designed to create the authoritarian police state with the power to murder 80% of all the people. They will decide who lives or dies. Then the hierarchical lies continue into the next sun with the power elites still in charge.   

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In Canada “Project Blue Beam” has been in the development stage for a while. A 3D movie will broadcast in the skies a religious rapture or alien invasion event. The movie in the sky is their biggest falsie yet. It is the 21st century version of the 1930’s radio psy-op, “War of the Worlds”, using a different medium. They think the people will demand the army come in and fight the aliens for them. Then martial will be declared! war of worlds 



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Look at reality. It’s a holographic image! Enjoy this Hollywood extravaganza! Then remember David Bowie’s song “Ground Control to Major Tom. Commencing count down, engines on. Check ignition and may God’s love be with you!”Space oddity

Actors in terror drills

Project Bluebeam

FEMA concentration camps

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