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MNN. Mar. 28, 2014. Hearings into sexual abuse and killings of our children in government death camps called residential schools are ending. The Ongwehonwe need the international community of sovereign nations to assist us in bringing to justice the ‘crown’ criminals exposed by the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” TRC. They and their progeny will never profit from the genocide of our people. The corporate crown will be held accountable for their crimes. 

We are rebuilding our "Otsira", our family, clans, nations, peoples.

We are rebuilding our “Otsira”, the fire of our family, clan, nation, people.

The crown is the international bankers coming from the 13 monarchial bloodlines headquartered in the Vatican. The crown sent their Jesuit murderers to commit the worse crime of genocide against our children. 

"Crown" watering hole at the Vatican.

“Crown” watering hole at the Vatican.

How can this be reconciled? By charging these criminals under the law of the land, Onowaregeh, for murder of our children and theft of our land and possessions. 

Everything these crown bloodline criminals stole from us will be returned. All land listed as “crown land” reverts to the real Ongwehonwe right now! All resource extractions stop right now! All corporate Indians shall stand down now or you will get the black beads! Natural law will balance out everything on Onowaregeh.  

Reconciliation will happen when we take our proper seat at the table of nations. They will not get away with genocide by saying they’re “sorry” or giving us a few dollars from our own ever growing $700 trillion Indian Trust Fund. We are part of every inch of this land.   

The TRC exposed the most heinous crime of the 20th century, the crown murdering our children and our culture. They tried to force their dollar culture on our spiritual culture. They failed. Under our law they and all of their progeny are guilty and will run the gauntlet. Those who leave will be tried under international law. 

is this harperThe crown will not get away with genocide. All agencies, division and corporate structures of the crown will answer to us. Canada failed to make TRC a “whitewash”.  

As Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sing: “Don’t ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry”. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. “Teach Your Children Well”.

Kevin Annett. “International Criminal Court trial”.  

World Bank whistle blower. 

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