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MNN. Oct. 18, 2016. The US genocide of our people is not over until the kaia’nere:kowa wins! We will not retreat or surrender. The colonial settlers who do not stand with us are complicit. Corporate rules are created to make them unaccountable for their attempted annihilation of us and creation. The I-81 INDIAN Detail soldiers were tried and found not guilty of a millitary attack of unarmed onkwe’hon:weh on private land during a ceremony. They wore war helmets and carried war equipment. We rotino’shonni are going to hold them accountable. We will continue until they are charged with genocide in the international court.

The moose horn always works!

The moose horn always works!

Just like Oka in 1990, it was a surprise attack on May 18, 1997, of the unarmed men, women, children and elders, by the heavily armed NYS INDIAN Detail. When the attack started everyone yelled to grab the kids and run for our lives. The INDIAN Detail viciously attacked us with their steel tipped bats, boots, arms, pepper spray and every war equipment they had. Our people faced them and were beaten, legs and ribs broken, heads bashed and then arrested. The military did not open fire with gatling guns, though they might have had them ready nearby.

Those onkwe'hon:weh just won't surrender!

Those onkwe’hon:weh just won’t surrender!

The women, kids and elderly made up 75% of the people. The “weak ones” were the target to decimate our community and families.

The onondaga tribal chiefs do not do their own fighting. They want everyone to submit to their corporate rule. Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson helped send in the NYS INDIAN Detail to beat up and threaten their own people. They made up the “hit list”.

Those who pray to some outside entity to save them are giving their power to the enemy. Speak to our ancestors. Otherwise the enemy wins.

New York State Police George Beach, Dennis Blythe, James Parmley, Robert Haumann and James D. Moynihan planned, supervised and carried out this unprovoked attack. George Beach ordered the soldiers to remove their name tags, that there be, ‘no negotiation, and just take them anyway you can’. The people were circled and everyone was assaulted. No one was supposed to escape. The videos shows no one was on the road. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s decision in 2006 confirmed that the attack was illegal and The INDIAN Detail had no defence and could not plead qualified immunity.

George Beach orders to INDIAN Detail: "Remember to get the right guy!"

George Beach orders INDIAN Detail: “Remember to get the right guy!”

Protocol has now been established to let the army attack anybody with impunity. We could not identify the disguised force. They could have been any mercenary unit brought in to take us out.

The press was at the biggest ceremonial gathering of the rotinono’shonni/Iroquois Confederacy. They made up the story that it was a “protest”.

This attack was a false flag. NYS made up lies that we were trespassing on our own property, that we were on the highway, that we might have a gun and so on. The military and the Indian Ring were in charge of this

If this case stands unchallenged, they would allow, reward and condone unlawful attacks by the military.  The onondaga15 are filing a notice of appeal.

Bruce Springsteen made the same kind of vow about not retreating: “We made a promise… proud brothers, in the stormy night, with a vow to defend. No retreat, baby. No surrender”.

Standing Rock.



Adam L. Pollock

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The jury found the INDIAN Detail innocent of this assault and beating:

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