mnnlogo1MNN. Oct. 7, 2013. President Obama  wants war to preserve his and US credibility, which is based on keeping the US dollar as the world currency.

In 1944 during WW2 the Bretton-Woods agreement made all global trade and banking base its value on the US dollar. It was backed by our Indigenous resources and funds, which was used to rebuild war-torn Europe, the Marshall Plan. The US was paid in US-backed dollars. None came to us.CURRENCY WARS

Under the privately owned Federal Reserve System, money is a loan at interest. The owners get a “piece of the action”, the accruing interest, of every transaction worldwide that uses the US dollar as the base currency. All buying power is based on its value.

International bankers own and control all corporations worldwide. Americans don’t really have to work as long as they can collect their “cut of the action”.

The private central banking scam is designed to create more debt than money. The debt can never be paid off. Some nations are not paying the interest to the US. They’re always finding ways to keep collecting money from us. At least we are the only people who can truthfully say we own the land.

US: "We're taking the money & runnin!"

US: “Hurry bankers! Take the money & run!”

All borrowed money gives the bankers  a “piece of every action”, like the Mafia gets from every business operating inside their territories, or else their business or country will be demolished.

War is made against those nations who refuse to use the US dollar or the US based global banking system. The Mafia [Federal Reserve] collects their “piece of the action” by sending out their enforcers, the US military.

The US dollar is losing its real value due to banker created inflation. Prices rise but wages don’t! The US is trying to borrow from other nations to run their country. Syria does not owe any money to the IMF or the World Bank, which circulates the US dollar and coerces all countries to use it.

In Iraq in 2002 Saddam Hussein got UN permission to sell Iraq’s oil for Euros. One year later the US invaded, lynched Saddam, and put Iraq’s oil back on the world market, for US dollars. Gaddafi set up a new state central bank in Libya with a local value-based currency using the Gold Dinar. Oil was sold only for the Gold Dinar. The US invaded, killed Gaddafi, destroyed the state central bank and the Gold Dinar and imposed their private central bank.

China deals with 8 nations that do not go through the US dollar. Many South American nations fund their own BRICS controlled central bank for trade and investment, without using the US dollar.

If President Obama can’t get his war with Syria or Iran, many nations will drop the US dollar. The party will be over for Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Many countries know that the debt is really owed to the Indigenous people here.

We Indigenous can break the will of those Americans and others who are eyeing our ever-growing $405 trillion Indian Trust Fund, the biggest in the world. We will stop these warlike people by questioning their right to live on our land while violating the Great Law of Peace of Great Turtle Island.

Indians: "Go back to the Fatherland with what you came with, nothing!"

Indians: “Go back to the Fatherland with what you came with, nothing!”

During the war Roy Rogers sang that many would rather go “Along the Navajo Trail” than go to war: “When it’s night and crickets are callin’/And coyotes are makin’ a wail/I dream by a smoldering fire/Along the Navajo Trail”. Roy Rogers. “Along the Navajo Trail”.

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MNN. Apr. 24, 2013. Canada is not a constitutional democracy. They follow their corporate by-laws, not the rule of law. Like every corporation their duty is to provide ever-growing dividends to the shareholders. In the case of Thahoketoteh of Kanekota, the Federal Court of Canada refused to answer the constitutional question about Section 109 of the BNA Act 1867 and the Constitution Act 1982. Now the Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear the Athabaska Chipewyan appeal of the Jack Pine Mine expansion project on their land.  mining

In the 1920’s Canada shut all Indigenous people out of international organizations and human rights protection. We were all placed on the path to genocide and extinction.  

As independent allies of Britain, the Iroquois Confederacy never agreed to be part of Canada. In 1920 we petitioned the Supreme Court of Canada to rule on the illegality of the Indian Act and interference by the Department of Indian Affairs. Canada refused to let the court hear our case on the advice of Duncan Campbell Scott of Indian Affairs. We petitioned the Governor General, who sent it to Duncan Campbell Scott! 


British and Iroquois meet as Allies


Britain illegally mismanaged our ever-growing $70.5 trillion Indian Trust Fund, allotted our lands without our consent and started giving self-government to European settlers. They wanted to assimilate us and force their laws on us. 

In 1923 we applied for membership in the League of Nations, a corporation set up by the bankers. Confederacy Chief Deskaheh sent a petition to the Queen of The Netherlands, who submitted it to the League of Nations. Britain pressured The Netherlands to bury our case.   

Deskaheh went to Geneva with the support of Estonia, Persia, Ireland and Panama for the Permanent Court of International Justice to confirm we are a state. They refused to hear our case. The British Empire leaned on all our supporters. We then tried arbitration at The Hague. An illegal Canadian Order-in-Council, declared our Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy government was replaced by an Indian Act council passed by the Corporation of Canada.  

In October 25, 1924, the RCMP brutally threw out the Confederacy Chiefs from the Council House to install the Indian Act Council and implement the illegal Indian Land Acts throughout the country. A resolution was quickly passed that Deskaheh no longer represented the Six Nations. He was murdered shortly after by agents of Duncan Campbell Scott. DC Scott

Our right to neutral adjudication to allow us to represent ourselves was closed. Nations throughout the world adopted this same position, decreeing all Indigenous as “domestic concerns”. We were all excluded from equal membership of the international society of Nations. Throughout we have maintained our nationhood. 

In 1948 the Canadian delegation lead by Lester B. Pearson abstained from voting for the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Canadian politicians did not want international human rights bodies to question and oversee their violations of our human rights. A “human rights culture” has never existed in Canada. 

Bankers set up United Nations Corporation.

Bankers are the shareholders of the United Nations Corporation.

Today the UN is a corporation with an international Department of Indian Affairs that tries to enforce colonization, backed by the lethal power of the state, with guns and threats of those who resist. This genocide at the national and international levels will soon come to an end, as many nations break away from the corporate control grid called United Nations,( eg. BRICS alliance of 180 nations). As Bob Marley sings: “Babylon system. we refuse to be what you wanted us to be. we are what we are and that’s the way its going to be”

William A. Schabas. “Canada and the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. 1998

Supreme Court refuses Athabasca/Chipewyan Constitutional challenge

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