MNN. FEB. 10, 2014. The hierarchal charade is ending. Looks like Canada is joining the US and UN control grid [Agenda 21]. Lawyers for the Corporation of Canada are fleeing and saying in effect, “Let’s get out now while the going is good. We’ll join Piper, the international law firm, run out of the UN. We can help make laws for the bankers worldwide. We already have our stolen money in off-shore accounts so no one can touch it”. 

Dream on!

Dream on!

The first law firm to fold was home to prime ministers, supreme court justices and federal and local politicians. Their job was to take the heat off the bankers. Now they’re jumping ship and going back to the “Fatherland” to their mansions. harper slave shipThese criminals should be going to jail. They don’t want to go back on the slave ships they came in. It’s first class on their own terms, they think. They’re trying to dictate the terms of their surrender. 

There is no reconciliation with those they leave behind. The corporation of Canada is bringing in new immigrants with loads of money who won’t be told they are on Indigenous land. They will set up businesses and steal everything that their predecessors left behind. Their job is to continue the genocide.  

Canada has no constitution in place that overrides the by-laws of the Corporation of Canada. it’s a pretend democracy based on theft and abuse of our land. Prime Minister Harper is strengthening the corporate rules and enforcement system. 50,000 new prisoners can be warehoused in the new private prisons.  

We Indigenous are to remain fenced in by Indian Affairs and the Indian Act. Indian Affairs and RCMP are both divisions of the Canadian army.  

The corporation is dissolving. The shareholders are trying to steer the dissolution in their favor. We demand the list of the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada. We will charge them with genocide and theft of our ever growing $650 trillion Indian Trust Fund. The world wants to see this.

Banksters & their minions: "Our greatest fear that we will be sent back from whence we came!"

Banksters & their minions: “Our greatest fear that we will be sent back from whence we came for all eternity!”


Canada and US need to take a lesson from Iceland who put all their crooked bankers and politicians in jail, rewrote their constitution and took away their money machine. They have to pay back everything they stole.  

They think they are going to take the money and run. Like Billy Joe and Bobby Sue, you can’t run forever. “Take the Money & Run!”

“Jumping Heenan Ship”.

“Coming Fall of House of Windsor”

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MNN. Jan. 31, 2014. It was May 1979 when a silver limousine pulled up beside my daughters and I on Wellington Street in, Ottawa, by the Parliament Buildings. A man in the back seat motioned me to roll down my window. It was Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He told me he would call me the next day. I thought nothing more of it. 

I went to work at Indian Affairs and got a call. “Hi, this is Pierre”. “Who?” I said. He wanted me to bring my kids over to the Prime Mnisterial residence at 24 Sussex Drive, so his boys, the same age as my daughters, could have a swim together. We decided to go a few days later.  JUSTIN FAM

He greeted us and the kids had a great time in the pool. His eldest, Justin, got along very well with my eldest daughter. Then they all went into this playhouse building full of fantastic toys. Pierre and I had a snack at a table in front of the window overlooking the Ottawa River.  

He told me his family came from St. Remi, the town next to Kahnawake, where I come from. I told him I saw a picture in MacLean’s Magazine of his cousin who sells eggs in my village. We talked for a while on th principles of the Great Law and the Guswentha. He said he had relatives in my community. He laughed when I said that I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some Mohawk ancestry. He was very interested in Mohawk culture, expecially about our origins on Montreal Island.  

His kids had baked a cake for him, which we all shared. They were then sent to bed. And we went home.  

A few days ago Justin made a very important decision to address the broken governmental systems in Ottawa. He is removing all Liberal Senators from his Parliamentary caucus. He sees that the party system of politics is the breeding ground of greed and corruption. 

We hope he will address the real constituional issues, which is the autocratic power of the prime minister’s office. He appoints the judges, senators and the Governor General who prorogues Parliament whenever he tells him to. There are no check and balances for the power of the PMO in the Canadian constitution. He has absolute dictatorial powers in this country.  

Justin’s family for many generations were born on Mohawk land. His father now resides next to us permanently in St. Remi. His father never got the constitution ratified by the people. He faltered on his duty to protect the Canadian people from the international bankers. Justin will right these wrongs.  

As Neil Young sings in his new Canadian National Anthem: “Mother Earth and her giving ways, or trade away our children’s days”.  Neil Young. “Mother Earth”.

“Justin Trudeau Senate Surprise.”

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MNN. Apr. 24, 2013. Canada is not a constitutional democracy. They follow their corporate by-laws, not the rule of law. Like every corporation their duty is to provide ever-growing dividends to the shareholders. In the case of Thahoketoteh of Kanekota, the Federal Court of Canada refused to answer the constitutional question about Section 109 of the BNA Act 1867 and the Constitution Act 1982. Now the Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear the Athabaska Chipewyan appeal of the Jack Pine Mine expansion project on their land.  mining

In the 1920’s Canada shut all Indigenous people out of international organizations and human rights protection. We were all placed on the path to genocide and extinction.  

As independent allies of Britain, the Iroquois Confederacy never agreed to be part of Canada. In 1920 we petitioned the Supreme Court of Canada to rule on the illegality of the Indian Act and interference by the Department of Indian Affairs. Canada refused to let the court hear our case on the advice of Duncan Campbell Scott of Indian Affairs. We petitioned the Governor General, who sent it to Duncan Campbell Scott! 


British and Iroquois meet as Allies


Britain illegally mismanaged our ever-growing $70.5 trillion Indian Trust Fund, allotted our lands without our consent and started giving self-government to European settlers. They wanted to assimilate us and force their laws on us. 

In 1923 we applied for membership in the League of Nations, a corporation set up by the bankers. Confederacy Chief Deskaheh sent a petition to the Queen of The Netherlands, who submitted it to the League of Nations. Britain pressured The Netherlands to bury our case.   

Deskaheh went to Geneva with the support of Estonia, Persia, Ireland and Panama for the Permanent Court of International Justice to confirm we are a state. They refused to hear our case. The British Empire leaned on all our supporters. We then tried arbitration at The Hague. An illegal Canadian Order-in-Council, declared our Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy government was replaced by an Indian Act council passed by the Corporation of Canada.  

In October 25, 1924, the RCMP brutally threw out the Confederacy Chiefs from the Council House to install the Indian Act Council and implement the illegal Indian Land Acts throughout the country. A resolution was quickly passed that Deskaheh no longer represented the Six Nations. He was murdered shortly after by agents of Duncan Campbell Scott. DC Scott

Our right to neutral adjudication to allow us to represent ourselves was closed. Nations throughout the world adopted this same position, decreeing all Indigenous as “domestic concerns”. We were all excluded from equal membership of the international society of Nations. Throughout we have maintained our nationhood. 

In 1948 the Canadian delegation lead by Lester B. Pearson abstained from voting for the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Canadian politicians did not want international human rights bodies to question and oversee their violations of our human rights. A “human rights culture” has never existed in Canada. 

Bankers set up United Nations Corporation.

Bankers are the shareholders of the United Nations Corporation.

Today the UN is a corporation with an international Department of Indian Affairs that tries to enforce colonization, backed by the lethal power of the state, with guns and threats of those who resist. This genocide at the national and international levels will soon come to an end, as many nations break away from the corporate control grid called United Nations,( eg. BRICS alliance of 180 nations). As Bob Marley sings: “Babylon system. we refuse to be what you wanted us to be. we are what we are and that’s the way its going to be”

William A. Schabas. “Canada and the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. 1998

Supreme Court refuses Athabasca/Chipewyan Constitutional challenge

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