MNN. Mar. 10, 2013. It’s an art! Canada has attacked us many times, Gustafssen Lake, Ipperwash, Six Nations, Oka, Burnt Church NS, etc. We’ve studied and learned their Modus operandi. For the 1990 crisis in 3 Mohawk communities, Canada brought in Col. Musgrave, Britain’s foremost expert on psychological war tactics. He was the brain behind the failed tactics against the Irish. He failed with us too. He arrogantly announced that in 3 weeks we would break down mentally and psychologically.

Musgrave's teacher.

Musgrave’s teacher.

Baby, It'll stop soon!

Baby, It’ll stop soon!

Helicopters were flown over our heads all night long. Blinding bright lights were shone through our windows to disturb our sleep. Fighter jets flew low over our heads, that were supposed to cause pregnant women to miscarry. Misleading news reports were televised, showing us with big bunkers, 50 caliber machine guns and weaponry we never knew we had. We were being provoked to take the first shot. Our communication with the outside world was cut off or interfered with. A doctor’s phone remained which could not be disconnected. Water and electricity were turned on and off. Food was not allowed in. Sometime old and rotten food was allowed in. Soldiers peed in the juice. We threw the rotten eggs back at them. Snipers were stationed to take out anyone they thought was a leader. The kids learned to put wet cloths on their face for tear gas bombs. Bayonets and other weapons were used against unarmed non-combatants and children. Criminal charges were laid against us for defending ourselves.

OPP took out Dudley George 1995.

OPP took out Dudley George 1995.


Some of our people were banished, separated from spouses, children, family for long periods of time. A lawyer showed up ready to help. 

The false media stories incited violent attacks against us by red necks and psychologically unstable. Quebec Police organized hooligans to attack a convoy of elders coming out of the community. The crowd stoned, beat the people and crushed the cars. One man died the next day. When we came out of the siege, we all got badly beaten. One 14 year old was stabbed in the chest. 

Col. Musgrave.

Col. Musgrave.

False alarms were constantly set off. Like the cry wolf tale, false alarms were sent out so many times that no one listened. Then the wolf moved in for the kill undisturbed. We asked the troops to withdraw, raise the white flag and talk to us. Canada will do anything to get out of respecting the law, their fiduciary and international law obligations. 

Settler behavior was silly and dangerous. We thought about our ancestors, continued our ceremonies and concentrated on the faces that were coming to us in the next generations. Everyone has a right to self-determination under international and natural law. 

JTF2 attacks Gustafsen Lake BC 1995.

JTF2 attacks Gustafsen Lake BC 1995.

Brothers, sisters, friends and allies, when we are under siege, we need your help to keep up the pressure to save our lives. Now and after, thank you. As Mick Jagger sang: “War children, it’s just a shot away. Rape , murder, it’s just a shot away. Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away. A kiss away. A kiss away”. Gimme Shelter

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Mohawk Nation Meeting set for Sun. Nov. 9

MNN. Nov. 5th, 2008. Today army helicopters and fighter jets are flying over Tyendinaga. Troops or supplies are being dropped in nearby fields. Who gave the command? This is a public disturbance and it’s trespassing on Mohawk air space. Canada has no jurisdiction over us, on the ground or in the air. What makes a command legitimate? According to international law, it has to be rooted in institutions that respect the principle of human equality. The Mohawks of Tyendinaga did not call in those war planes. To make a commander’s order legal, it has to be authorized according to democratic laws passed by the people concerned. We know none of this happened.

The Mohawks are objecting to illegal actions that are being taken by colonial government agents. It is not legal for a military commander to use force to circumvent the law or the will of the people. Using war planes to create a disturbance in a civilian community is clearly illegal. The military is pitting adolescent adrenaline against innocent unarmed children, elders, women and men who just want to live quietly and decently.

We’ve seen this kind of deliberate skuzzy “black ops” attempt to harm family life. It was used at Kanehsatake and Kahnawake in 1990, Gustafsen Lake in 1995 and Burnt Church in the Nova Scotia fishing dispute. Has war been declared against us? Is there any legal justification for this deliberate assault on civilian life? It is a total disregard for the safety and protection of children.

Sending in colonized cops who happen to be “aboriginal” just doesn’t cut it either. Who are they taking their orders from? It’s not the people of Tyendinaga!

Canada is targeting us for opposing the misuse of public funds to build an expensive mega police station. The colonial Band Council put up half of our money ($1 million) for the unwanted cop shop without our consent. The Ministry of Public Safety and Security put up the other half. These millions are desperately needed to provide safe water, to address the toxic housing conditions and to stop the dangerous quarry operations. Inadequate construction caused houses to be abandoned because of mold. The water is undrinkable. It’s shocking to find these conditions in southern Ontario where settler communities enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. International standards on clean water, adequate housing, health care and safe communities is a fundamental right we are being deliberately deprived of.

“Build-All Contractors” quarry operations lacks rigorous environmental study and safety assessments that are standard features elsewhere. Nearby houses are having water problems and collapsed wells for the first time ever. 80 per cent of the community’s wells are contaminated. The nearby Quinte Mohawk School has to provide bottled water for students because the tap water is toxic. The kids can’t even wash their hands because they could get sick if they put their hands in their mouth. Build-All Quarry is owned by Police Chief Maracle’s brother, who is also trying to construct the new mega high tech jail.

Why is a second jail being build in the middle of Tyendinaga for jailing “outsiders”, as the chief said? It’s supposed to have a chopper pad on the roof! Who is this for?

On September 24th, 2008, the prefab mega jail was stopped after community members blocked it from its intended site. The people stopped another delivery attempt on Oct. 29th.

It appears that Tyendinaga Police Chief Ron Maracle is charging 30 men, women and youth who demonstrated against his super “police station” and his brother’s second dangerous quarry operation. He’s targeted Longhouse people who watch over corrupt Band Council operations and spending. Canada is trying to take out or neutralize anyone who defends the rights of the people.

Invitation wampums have been sent to every Mohawk community to come to Tyendinaga to take part in a council meeting on Sunday, November 9th at 10:00 am. Mediation strategies will be discussed to sit down with Canada peacefully, if possible.

As George Manual said, “I would rather leave my children with the legitimacy of the struggle than to leave them with a settlement they cannot live with”.

Karakwine & MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News

To help, please contact the Rotiskenrakete: 613-391-4055, 613-813-4053, 613-827-4991, 613-391-5132, 613-848-6968, 613-813-1017, email Friends, allies and supporters: witnesses bring cameras, camcorders, food, cells, phone cards and warm clothes, especially gloves. Directions: Trans Canada Highway 401 to “Marysville” exit, south on #49 to #2 then turn right into the community.

CONTACT: Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety, Ottawa 613-944-4875 or 1-800-830-3118 fax: 613-954-5186;
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, 403-253-7990 fax: 613-941-6900; Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness cabal includes: Chantal “Dirty-Hands” Bernier, ADM, 613- 993-4325; J. Scott “Mouthpiece” Broughton, Sr. ADM, 613- 991-2820; Diane “Clean-Blouse-and-Polished-Shoes” MacLaren, ADM, Policing, 613-990-2703; and Kristina “Who’s-Got-Her-Dirty-Finger-On-the-Button” Namiesniowski, ADM, 613-949-6435. These bureaucrats tell the Minister what to do and say and make all the plans; GG Michaelle Jean; Prime Minister Stephen Harper Fax 613-941-6900 ; Chuckie Strahl, Indian Affairs Minister, 819-997-0002, Fax 819-953-4941; band council Mohawks of Bay of Quinte 613-396-3424 reception@mbq-tmt-org Fax 613-396-3627; OPP Eastern Regional Headquarters 613-284-4500 fax 613-284-4597 L.G. Beechey, Smiths Falls Detachment; Band Council Chief Chief R. Don Maracle, 613-396-3089, Cell 613-391-9249 RDONM@MBQ-TMT.ORG 613-396-3424 ext. 106

Some Ontario politicians.
Rick Bartolucci Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services; Dave Levac Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services; Garfield Dunlop Critic, Community Safety and Correctional Services; Peter Kormos Critic, Community Safety and Correctional Services; Brad Duguid Minister of Aboriginal Affairs; Jeff Leal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs; Norm Miller Critic, Aboriginal Affairs; Gilles Bisson Critic, Aboriginal Affairs;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We need to tell Canada and their agents to: (1) immediately stop their attacks, police brutality and trying to impose a prison on the Mohawks; (2) honor Indigenous rights and jurisdictions; (3) support the Mohawks struggle for self-determination; and (4) to get Canada and Indian Affairs out of Haudenosaunee Territory.

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THE VAMPIRES STRIKE BACK: “ONE DEAD INDIAN” BLOOD AND GORE TO CONDITION THE MASSESMNN. Sept. 7, 2006. Why are CTV and APTN showing the film, “One Dead Indian” over and over again? This film is about the Ontario Provincial Police OPP attack on the Stoney Point people who were defending their land, known as “Ipperwash”. Dudley George was shot and killed in cold blood.

When they sit and watch this, who are the Canadians identifying with? Many would be with the Indigenous People, some would be neutral and a few would see the viewpoint of the cops. Then there is the lunatic fringe and some of the ordinary people who had no previous interest in Indigenous issues. These two groups would be drawn in subconsciously. They are the ones the establishment wants to reach and influence. These people who might end up watching this because they’re looking for a good action flick.

When people watch the bull fights, after seeing a few bulls ritually executed with blood flying all over the place and the matadors taking bows for the murders, the crowd screams for more blood. There is no therapeutic value in any of this.

Why aren’t they trying to stop the arousing of anti-Indian feelings? Reasonable and rational thinking about constructive ways to deal with Indigenous people and our grievances should get equal time on television, in the movies and on the media.

Canadians have been conditioned all along to see Indigenous People as the lowest rung on their hierarchical ladder. To this day they’re being taught that people who live in the natural world are “primitive”. We have been “spun” as someone they can look down and trample on to make them feel superior.

Look at the 500 Indian women who have disappeared. The police won’t do an investigation. Was this because they think they’re primitive? What about the Indigenous boys who were left out in the snow to freeze to death? The cops put them there. Only when the Indigenous People made an outcry was something done. The cops shot J.J. Harper on the streets of Winnipeg. The subsequent film gives a sympathetic view of the police officer who killed him. There were discussions about how to cover this up right in the film. After it was shown nationally, no Parliamentarians were outraged nor did they condemn such a depiction. During the Oka Mohawk Crisis of 1990 two old men were stoned to death which was shown over and over again on national news to get people used to how to treat “Indians”.

“One Dead Indian” depicts us as a problem. The viewers are being conditioned to think that the solution is to kill off all of us. They want to see us suffer and bleed. They’re being conditioned to see us as natural targets. For their fulfillment and to set us up for the corporate/government agenda, movie makers are being given millions of dollars of government funds to make gory bloody films about Indians. Never are they shown how we can sit together as equals and discuss our legitimate relationship.

During the 1920’s and 30’s Germany put out propaganda depicting Jews in caricature. German people were conditioned to accept the “final solution” which was to exterminate a race.

When people see Indians being shot, abused, beaten up and killed often enough, it makes them want to see more Indian blood. This is the old Cowboys and Indians movies paradigm.

About six months ago the New York Times did a scathing article on the Mohawks of Akwesasne, which was publicized all over the world. Their main message was that we are criminals and deserve the bad treatment we are getting and going to get more of. Akwesasne, they say, is a haven for criminals and that Mohawks are part of “organized crime”. The U.S. is trying to get people to think that our warriors are “terrorists”. Who planted the story? It’s part of the continual assault against us. It’s meant to justify whatever they do to us in their genocidal quest.

A lot of the initiatives against us seem to be coming from the United States. Why are they doing this? It’s because Indigenous People stand in the way of their exploitation of our resources. Don’t forget, most of the companies operating in Canada today are U.S. owned and controlled. They’re the same corporate giants that control the U.S. government. They’ve obviously taken control of some parts of the Canadian government.

The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) came to Canada to work with the OPP. How long have they been here? Maybe for 20 years! Our people catching them was hardly mentioned in the corporate media. It would have been a scandal to Canada a few decades ago. This has got to be one of the biggest outcomes of the Six Nations land reclamation issue. We found out who our enemies are, that Canadian institutions are just puppets for corporate America. Who has been organizing the attacks on us? Is it a U.S. procedure that has been put in place by people in Canada who’ve been bought off or manipulated?

Could this be similar to what happened back in 1812? This is when Tecumseh and General Brock beat back the American general who declared they were taking over Canada, “Your choice is to join with us or enslavement!” This was the first time the U.S. ever invaded foreign soil. Invasions of this kind are a continuing theme in Canada-US relations. It’s obviously happening again? This time what’s shockingly different is that Canadians seem to neither notice nor care. It’s being done through control of the economy and by infiltrating the police and governmental institutions. This is how the U.S. has already marched into Canada and no one even knows. The ruthlessness of the U.S. towards Indigenous People will frighten Canadians so they will be too scared to resist the takeover.

What are the politicians and their corporate bosses getting the Canadian public ready for? They have invaded Iraq and Afganistan. They appear to be getting ready to invade Iran. The new “passport control” is probably going to end up as a “bait and switch” operation. People will get so upset about the passports, they’ll accept the “smart cards” that allow control without even noticing how much freedom they’re losing.

The U.S. is the only nation in the history of the world that dropped nuclear bombs against another nation. They are blood thirsty and brag about it when they teach history, especially their ruthless takeover of Turtle Island from the Indigenous People.

In the recent covert operations against the Six Nations land reclamation, nothing goes back onto the police forces, even though they’re behind it. Their tactic is using (un)ordinary people to do their dirty work, such as the skinheads, fascists, KKK, the Brown Shirts and the heavily state funded Caledonia Citizens Alliance to attack the Indigenous people. These groups might all have died out had they not been called back into service and funded by the state. Just what is the justification in using tax money to finance hate groups like these?

“One Dead Indian” satiates the appetite for Indian blood for this portion of the public. It’s part of their indoctrination. This is similar to the frenzy of sharks when blood is thrown among them, called “chumming the water”. The sharks can smell the blood from miles away. They speed towards it. It drives them crazy. They eat everything except each other. Then they need more and more blood. They’re driven to attack again and again.

The ancestors of the non-natives on Turtle Island did kill off 99% of the Indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere. These people today are their descendants. They’re being indoctrinated to release their self-control through video games and violent films where multitudes of people are violently killed.

The police and army are trained to shoot at targets that are replicas of their enemies. In Saskatchewan the police were caught shooting at a replica of an Indigenous woman. It’s meant to stir up their hatred for the targeted people.

How do we protect ourselves? Making people realize they have been set up as tools to eliminate the descent within their society of totalitarianism.

This is how the U.S. prepares their society for war against helpless people around the world. They use their military hardware to shoot innocent people as practice to exercise their dominance over other human beings.

At first some of the soldiers say they do not like what they are ordered to do. However, these young soldiers are trained to be sadists and are trigger happy. They go to war as nonchalantly as kids go to video arcades at the mall. To them going to Iraq is like going to a local garbage dump and shooting rats. They begin to enjoy menacing and killing defenseless people. After a while they can’t control themselves. Don’t forget, they’ve been given carte blanche to kill people without impunity. Remember the public inquiry on the Mai Lai massacre during the Vietnam War when the soldiers went on a murderous rampage killing countless innocent women and children?

Today on Turtle Island we are being used as their guinea pigs. The so-called super master race (billionaires of the world) feels they can abuse and kill those of other skin colors and languages whom they have determined to be inferior to them.

During the Oka Crisis of 1990, Canada brought over Col. Musgrave who had developed the strategies for the British in their conflict against the Irish. In a newspaper article, he bragged that he could break down the Mohawks in three weeks. They started flying jets and choppers over us all night long so we could not sleep, shot and detonated concussion bombs and flares, held back food and then gave it to us, spread fear among the public by showing threatening videos on television about all the warheads we had, spread lies and propaganda and shut lights and water off and on. It didn’t work. In fact, it backfired! Some of the soldiers involved had nervous breakdowns.

Their masters are experimenting on those they consider to be inferior and whose life isn’t worth anything to them. In fact, getting rid of us would be very beneficial to them. Then they would complete their illegal theft of our land.

“One Dead Indian” shows us hundreds of menacing cops “goose stepping” into Ipperwash, banging in unison on their shields. This reminds us of the Gestapo in movies about Nazi Germany where they marched into the Jewish areas of the cities. They must be getting the public ready for a total police state. A few former OPP officers are absolutely disgusted with the direction their force has gone.

Martial Law already exists in Indian country. As long as we behave according to their dictates, we don’t see the cops. As soon as we step out of line we see the armed forces showing up in droves. Why can Canada and other colonial nations that are squatting on Indigenous territory defend their so-called “sovereignty”? If we try to defend our human rights and our sovereignty against their brutality, we are called “terrorists” and criminalized.

Like the vampires, once they start drinking blood, they can only stay alive by drinking more blood. These corporate and government vampires are trying to suck the blood out of the people who are preaching peace to the world.

Canadians, you’re next!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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