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MNN. Dec. 18, 2015. The last war will be the people against the bankers. Bankers profit from war. The people lose. The people have to eliminate the shareholder liability clauses in the corporate laws which allow the bankers to get away with financing all wars. babylon falls

No more shareholders of corporations not being responsible for their debts and crimes. No more hiding behind a corporate mask anymore. Not a shot needs to be fired. It’ll be over in one day. There will be no more need for war. No more ordo ab chao or false flags anywhere. banksters laugh

War is like a heroin addiction. The bankers will have to go cold turkey and they’re gonna have the sweats like all junkies.

War is an economy. People are addicted to their economy, but are actually addicted to war. They have to learn about the peacetime economy. whitehouse burns

Of all addictions, war is the worst addiction. Unlike heroin addiction, there is no methadone program for war. The bankers have been dabbling in war since their beginning in the 1700s.

Another banker goes own, can't live without war!

Another banker goes down, can’t live without war!

One hit leads to 1000 more and they can’t get enough. Just like heroin users cannot dabble in heroin use,  people cannot dabble in war. The warmongers will have to go cold turkey.

The bankers should take note of George Thorogood’s song because they will be drinking alone in their war party: I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else. I drink alone with nobody else. When i drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.  Every morning just before breakfast, I don’t want no more coffee or tea. Just me and my good buddy, Wiser, that’s all I ever need, cause I drink alone with nobody else. Cause when I drink alone I  prefer to be by myself”.[I drink alone].


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Canada might send troops to Washington.

Bankers’ hired war boys.


TRC release and-reconciliation-commission

Canada’s oligarchs – parasites a’plenty!

biometric passports:

Russia is ready!

Prussia education system.







MNN. Mar. 23, 2013. CELAC is the “Community of the States of Latin America and the Caribbean”. It is a newly formed non-armed organization, established at a meeting in Caracas Venezuela on December 4, 2011. The late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is one of the founders. President Sebastien Pinera of Chile is co-chair. 33 sovereign states of the Western Hemisphere are members, representing 600 million people. bring democracy

Canada and US cannot join. CELAC wants to deepen integration in the Americas; and to reduce the adverse influence of the US on the politics and economics of Latin American and Caribbean states. It is a defense against imperialism, to counter the presence of the US military, to weaken foreign political policies that prevent social development of Indigenous people while siphoning their resources. 

CELAC is an alternative to the Organization of American States OAS organized by Washington DC in 1948, which tries to undermine and maintain control of these states. It does not meet the needs of the people.  

prohibitionOne approach being considered to stop the US enhanced “drug war” violence is to legalize drugs. There would then be no reason for the US to arm drug cartels nor remain in these countries. They would not be able to maintain an illegal state of war against their neighbors to the south. 

CELAC is seen as the road to peace. Another goal is to stop the Cuban embargo. Those Indigenous nations independent from Canada and US, can be considered for membership. Colonial band or tribal councils or any such entities would not be eligible. International law allows us the right to represent ourselves without permission from the colonial hierarchy. We have a right to pursue freedom and human rights. The power is with the people. The great law provides that we have a right to self-determination. As Carlos Santana sang:Changes “and we all know its better, yesterday has passed. Now lets all start the living for the one thats going to last”

"Where is the road north?"

Gringo go home!

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