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MNN. Sept. 22, 2017. The following notice is served on the violators of the kaia-nere-kowa by Registered Mail on September 22, 2017. 



TO: The Township of Southgate , 185667 Grey Cty Rd 9
RR 1 Dundalk On N0C 1B0, 519-923-3483, Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation PO Box 15   Orangeville, Ontario, Canada L9W 2Z5 416-209-7351 mbell@petawawacorp.com, Corporation of Canada and Corporation of Ontario
Regarding Bio-Fuel Proposal in Dundalk Ontario within kanekota, a territory in kanienkeh, also known as rotino-shonni-onwe 

FROM: The kohtihon-tia-kwenio of the kanion-keh-haka/Mohawk of the of the rotino-shonni-onwe [Iroquois].

OBJECTION: To the encroachment by the corporate entities on a portion of our territory known by the occupiers as the “Haldimand tract” and by the onkwe-hon-weh as kanekota. It is located on the northern part of the British protectorate for the kanion-ke-haka. The corporate encroachers are trying to illegally install a biomass development on kanekota without our knowledge or permission. This imposition violates the kaia-nere-kowa, the original instructions of creation, and the order made by Captain General Haldimand in 1784.  

BASIS OF ACTION: WAMPUM 44 OF THE kaia-nereh-kowa, the great peace.

WHEREAS the original instructions designates the kohtihon-tia-kwenio – the women – are the natural caretakers of the land, water and air of “onowarekeh” [Turtle Island] since the beginning, to preserve and protect the land for the future generations.

WHEREAS the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People affirms that the all corporate entities must seek our permission and consent to encroach on our land.

WHEREAS states must fully explain their intentions for and violations of all life on turtle island; we hereby notify the above noted corporations and the Chief of the General Staff in London, of this current violation of the kaia-nere-kowa.

WHEREAS According to the original instructions between us and creation, the kohtihon-tia-kwenio, speaking for all life, order these corporations to protect all life on ono-ware-keh or leave turtle island.

WE, THE kohti-hon-tia-kwennio OF THE rotino-shonni-onwe, MAKE NOTICE OF THIS OBJECTION AS FULL AND FAIR NOTICE THAT:

These corporations will not violate our authority as true natural caretakers of the land since the beginning of the original instructions to survive and coexist with all nature as brothers and sisters on mother earth; that no foreign sovereign will pass laws and legislation violating this; and that these entities must deal with the kohtihon-tia-kwenio as required under our original instructions; that all individual or foreign entities shall not invade our human, spiritual and political rights on ono-ware-keh; and that they shall come to us through proper diplomatic channels to explain how they will fully adhere to the original instructions on all issues affecting land, water, air and all life on ono-ware-keh. turtle island.


1)The women do not tolerate violations of the original instructions, ancient customs, traditions, inherent rights and agreements by the corporations of Canada and its entities. The women and the waters from the ground have a duty to sustain all life without interference.

2)These corporations are ordered to inform the women as the inherent authority on these lands and waters on behalf of our mother earth on how they will carry out the original instructions.

3)Should these corporations breach the original instructions of creation, necessary measures shall be taken. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Kanion’ke:haka of the rotino’shonni:onwe:

kohtihon’tia:kwennio rotiskarewake /s/________________

Contact: 519-925-9695. thahoketoteh, rotiskarewake aserakowa 4-325 Robert Street, Shelburne, [inside kanekota] ON L9V 3B8.

To: Prime Minister Hon. Justin Trudeau, 80 Wellington St. Ottawa ON K1A 0A2 justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Premier of Ontario Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Legislature, Toronto 416-42-6777, kwynnempp.co@liberal.ola.org; Gen. Sir Nicholas Carter, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB”

Tekentiokwenhuksten are the 49 families that make up the rotino-shonni-onwe/Iroquois confederacy. They form the circle that exercises the power of the people that comes from the original instructions.  

Notice published on Sept. 22, 2017.

The Skillet sing about resistance: “I am a nation, I am a million faces. Formed together, made for elevation. I am a soldier, I won’t surrender. Faith is like a fire that never burns to embers. (Who’s gonna stand up, who’s gonna fight?) The voice of the unheard (Who’s gonna break these chains and lies?) Love is the answer. I gotta speak it, believe it, that’s how I feel inside. can’t, can’t sit here quiet.”

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trumps embarrassing UN speech https://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2017/09/20/1015574-trumps-embarrassing-un-speech/


NEW/OLD INDIAN ACT SCAM http://policyoptions.irpp.org/magazines/september-2017/when-moving-past-the-indian-act-means-something-worse/ 

water theft https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nestl-makes-billions-bottling-water-090016218.html




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MNN. 20 SEPT. 2017. Western culture and economy is based on looting. Every immigrant comes to turtle island to loot. They are freeloaders and racists who think they are entitled to everything they steal from us. Their rewards are tinsel and shiny opulence displayed everywhere. 


The media shows blacks as the main looters. The white man known as the “oligarch” loots and promotes the looting philosophy.

Their biggest crooks and liars are put in charge, from the highest political office down to the lowest municipality. They that have the most money make the rules. 


Americans scream they are “owed” because they murder, steal and commit atrocities for their bosses.


The rulers are selected by the bankers, while looking as if they are elected by the people. 

White collars get positions through nepotism. Yuppies are born into families of rich looters. This lifestyle is glorified in the movies and mainstream that show the “winners” to be low life scavengers with a quick draw.


Their military budget is spent on accumulating and protect the stolen property. Corporate rules and laws are their hunting and killing licenses.  

We onkwe-hon-weh, the true natural people, belong to our land and environment. We try to lead people into reality, to help spread peace throughout the world.

America, the hypocrite society, is the Republic of War that takes pride in bullying.


Violations of our people are increasing. Their message is, “We are going to keep everything we steal!” That is unacceptable!

Aftermath of hurricanes is misery and loss as they have no insurance, no homes, nothing. Just have to start looting all over again? The Caribbean islands were populated by millions of our people who were totally eliminated. Creation and the onkwe-hon-weh are here for eternity.

The Pipkins are singing and dancing about the plunder [Gimme dat ding] “That’s right, That’s right. I’m sad and blue, ‘Cause I can’t do the Boogaloo. I’m lost, I’m lost. Can’t do my thing. That’s why I sing, Gimme, Gimme Dat Ding Ah..”

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Censored News www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com 

looting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlrocKthJ2A 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgM3b4fni9Y keepers of the wampum






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MNN. 16 SEPT. 2017. We have a right to defend ourselves and our homeland. There is no justification for mowing down, clear cutting our trees, flooding our lands and removing us and all our relations. It is slaughter of people and all life. We refuse to move from land coveted by the greedy, evil, deadly corporation. The ravaging occupiers will leave.


Right wing Canada is sending its politicians out to justify removing us and turning turtle island into a grave. They are challenging the onkwe-hon-weh, the true natural people, with a media glut of lies.

They don’t want anyone to question the illegal occupation, that we have a right to our land, resources and to protect all natural life on turtle island. 


The world is being deceived about the reality of the injuries and deaths to us and our mother by the illegal corporate occupation.

We are presented as mindless people and they are the good guys. Hey, they mass murdered most of us and raped and pillaged our mother. Canada refuses to investigate and charge these criminals.


The graves and mounds of our bones are under the towns and cities and beneath or behind residential schools. Canada has to explain why there are dead, missing and murdered children and people.

The real answer is they admit murdering us and our children but they will not charge themselves. They admit their atrocities. They believe they are immune from the universal karma, they are not.

Our true languages tell the real stories. Forced English is the control set by the corporation. Our tie to our mother is through our languages and frequency. We are forced to think about ourselves and the world in global patois, an artificial jargon, invented by the controllers. Our minds are being colonized through repetitive lies in the state run education and communication system.

Scripted lies rain down on us constantly.


Ted Nugent expresses the feelings of many: “The road I cruise is a bitch now, baby. But you can’t turn me around. If a house gets in my way, baby, you know I’ll burn it down. You ran the night that you left me. You put me in my place. But I got you in a stranglehold, baby. And I’m gonna crush your face”.

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$100 billion project to rape canada  https://www.francopresse.ca/2017 


$100 billion project to rape turtle island Canada.

Weather modifiction http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cbs-weather-modification-scientist/

Decolonizing strategy http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/1102/decolonizing-law-methods-tactics-strategies


dumping us dollar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i1qk0tJ4pE 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NfH1c9Msos venezuela dumping us dollar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDoQAhMpFJc OCCUPATION OF THE AMERICAN MIND [BY ISRAEL]


band tribal councilsCanadaColonialismSouth AmericaUnited States Of America and tagged Algonquin Anishinabe of Ottawa River Water ShedAmerican Holocaustanishnabe of ottawa river water shedBomb Trains Lac MeganticBureau of Indian Affairscanada quebec barriere lake trilateral bilateral agreementsCanada/US militaryCaucasian low sperm countCease & desist energy east pipelineChief Jean Maurice MatchewanCN CP RailCOLUMBUSCORPORATION OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICACSIS-RCMP-Homeland SecurityDavid NahwegaboDepartment of InteriorDepartment of JusticeEconomics/trade/ commerceEnergy East Pipeline Ltd. [EEPL]frontal lobotomyHidden Power – Secret of the Indian RingHouston pipeline companiesHURRIANE IRMAHURRICANES Irma and JoseimmigrationIndian ActIndian Act/Federal Indian LawIndian Affairs war roomIndian PoliceJimi Hendrix “Freedom”Jody Wilson Raybould Justice inisterKeystone XL pipelineKinder Morgan pipelineland/environmentLemieux Nolet Quebec City 3rd party managersMarshall Plan on Caribbean IslandsMining WatchMissing & Murdered Womenmissing & murdered women commissionNative honour songsNorth American Indian HolocaustOff shore banksOrganization of American StatesPM Justin TrudeauPrehistoric animalsReserve Faunique Laverendrye Park QCResolute Forest ProductsRussell ‘potato bug’ diabo of kahnawakeRussell DiaboSenator Judge Murray SinclairSQ-OPP-RCMP-CSIS-Standing Rocksterilization of nativesTarsands AlbertaTiger Swan MercenariesToronto/Mississauga land claimUNUN WHOUS Army Corps of EngineersUS Indian Termination Policy of 1945 to 1965.




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MNN. Sept. 15, 2017. The Caucasian race does experiments to eliminate or deny any trace of the diverse Indigenous peoples’ existence, history, identity and rights. To get out of their debt to us the on-kwe-hon-weh, the British, French and Dutch want a Marshall Plan style remodelling of the Caribbean islands that were destroyed by Hurricane Irma. All these islands were inhabited by onkwe-hon-weh, the true natural people, who were annihilated by the Europeans. 


The Europeans planned total extermination of the natives of the Western Hemisphere. Over 100 million were murdered. Americans celebrate the top genocidal maniac, Columbus, every year. [Charles Mann “1491”, Ward Churchill, ”A little matter of genocide”, David E. Stannard’s “American Holocaust” ].


Established DNA evidence destroys the fables they designed to cover up mass murder. Low fertility of the white race is leading to desperation.

The Caucasians conducted selective breeding for thousands of years by taking away memories and implanting illusions in their own people. The eminent death of our ancestors was hard to face. A small percentage of us persevered and remember. 


Jody Wilson Raybould, Minister of Justice [jody.wilson-raybould@parl.gc.ca 613-992-1416] is busy countering the real truth about the mass murder and apartheid program. In effect she says, “There was no apartheid and Canada was virtually uninhabited”. They openly admitted to the world their atrocities in residential schools! She says in time the whites outnumbered the natives! Yes, After the killings they became the dominant criminal society. The military continues to run the corporations of Canada and US. The war on the onkwe-hon-weh is not over yet. 

The sperm count of the white race has gone down by 60% worldwide, dwindling their reproduction rate to nothing after three generations? The UN Agenda 23 and 30 depopulation program can eventually eliminate the white race. Caucasians are going by the way of the dynosaurs.  

The demented settlers were given a permit to kill us, to steal our property and dispose of the bodies of the inhabitants as they saw fit.

We are still being experimented on by the churches, doctors, pharmaceuticals, eugenics madmen, supervised by the army. They want to learn how we created the only pure race in the world and how to eliminate us.

They arrogantly write reports about this and their sterility programs. [Film: The Gene Hunters].

We have the memory. We see the murders continue with the help of our sell-outs. They want to portray us as a lost ancient race. They set up the Hollywood international illusion factory to carry out the “shot-to-the-lobes” procedure to lobotomize the unsuspecting public. 

They know we will never willingly accept being part of the corporate hierarchical matrix. Nature resists their efforts to control creation. Efforts were made to put to sleep those of us that survived and now we are asserting our true sovereignty.

Jimi Hendrix sings about what we want, freedom: “You don’t have to Say that you love me If you don’t mean it. You better believe If you need me, Or you just want to bleed me [you’re] Better sticking your dagger in someone else So I can leave. Set me free!” WATCH JIMI HENDRIX: https://www.vevo.com/watch/jimi-hendrix/freedom/USQX91502874

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Senator Judge Murray Sinclair who took an oath to the Queen http://aptnnews.ca/2017/04/04/sen-murray-sinclair-blasts-globe-and-mail-for-propagating-racist-fallacy/#.WblvxU1TsZg.facebook

https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/culture/social-issues/goodbye-crown-meddling-hello-maori-decolonizing-development/ Walk with US 

Army’s Indigenous Depopulation Program https://news.vice.com/story/more-than-half-of-first-nations-communities-in-canada-are-affected-by-industrial-pollution

https://news.vice.com/story/more-than-half-of-first-nations-communities-in-canada-are-affected-by-industrial-pollutionhttps://intercontinentalcry.org/indigenous-land-canadas-toxic-storehouse/ OUR LAND IS CANADA’S TOXIC DUMP


://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/09/14/sen-lynn-beyak-doubles-down-on-latest-comments-about-indigenous-people_a_2320960 SENATOR WANTS NATIVES TO BECOME CORPORATE CANADIANS



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MNN. Sept. 14, 2017. Our family is the plants, earth, all animals, waters and everything in the air. We the people cannot kill or even hurt any of them. We must avoid and try to stop everything that kills all true natural life.


In the beginning we tried to adopt the invaders to live like us. They could not as they brought nets, traps and poisons to kill all life on turtle island. 

To the colonists we are like the dust. Our spirit can’t be camouflaged or captured. We appear out of the dust and they watch us but they don’t see us. Then we disappear and go back to our family. 

Creation placed us within our own territory. The invaders have made up false stories about us and turned them into fairy tales.

The people, animals and landscape are inseparable. All follow the rolling clouds. We carry our real stories within us.

To survive we send out our children. They go back and forth in a frequency that no one can hear but us.

The immigrants who occupy their cells watch us through their bars, constantly trying to lure us into their prisons. We go close to them, watch them and go back to our world. Our natural power is creation itself.


We send messages to the unnatural to help them remove the bars from around their pen. We tug at their ropes.

To survive and avoid the wrath of the unnatural occupiers, we melt away and reappear. They put up cement and marble statues to remind themselves of their lies about them and us. 



We assess situations constantly to see they adhere to the natural power. Some of us mimic them. Most are not poisoned. We question everything. Our minds will never have the minds of the unnatural which is akin to the mind of a sheep.

We will survive as part of our true natural family. The modern artificial world continues to try to kill our ancient ways. They make wilful strikes against us. We live on our territories. We roam it. Our relations, the winged ones, four legged, the trees, the plants, all depend on us to follow our original instruction. We are to survive and coexist on mother earth as brothers and sisters.

We keep coming back to remind ourselves that we want no part of their greed and viciousness.

Johnny Cash sings: “What have I become? My sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away in the end. And you could have it all. My empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you hurt. If I could start again a million miles away, I would keep myself. I would find a way.”


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLXq_ALR9Fk CHICANO COLLECTION








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MNN. 11 Sept. 2017. The private corporations known as Canada, Quebec and Barriere Lake Band Council Inc. continue to try to defraud the not gullible Anishinabe of the Ottawa River Water Shed. 


The land is over 10,000 sq. kilometres of unceded territory in the middle of Reserve Faunique Laverendrye Park, which is coveted by logging companies. Resolute Paper Products wants to clearcut 95% of the entire territory and leave 5% for outfitting camps for non-natives. The Anishinable true original people will be dispersed.

Information on the agreement has been withheld from them. Proper consultation will not take place because the natives cannot give up their land. In 1996 two-thirds of the Algonquins fled the violence of CEO Jean Maurice Matchewan of Barriere Lake, who pretends to represent the Anishinabe.

They refused to play along. So Indian Affairs placed the Anishinabe under third party management, Lemieux Nolet of Quebec City. They administer the funds for Algonquins of Barriere Lake ABL.

Anishinabe are living on their land without any assistance from anyone. They hunt, fish and look after each other.  


Russell “Potato Bug” Diabo, also known as “sahnanadah”, which mean “brown skin with white innards”, is the son of an ironworker from Kahnawake who was raised in Brooklyn New York. He has no clan.

He studied in Arizona. Was hired to assist in the North American Water Project where land is to be cleared of forests for the reservoirs being set up throughout Canada.

He and native lawyer, David Nahwegabo, were sent into Barriere Lake around 1982 to present this pilot project to get the elders to agree. The elder refused to sign the Trilateral Agreement to hand over their land and resources to the three corporations and getting out of the way. They face having Quebec laws and taxes being imposed. This is the model for turning all native communities into municipalities throughout Canada.

They warned the Anishinabe they were facing self-extinction because the clear cut and logging is going to be done anyway without their consent.


The people have gotten no information and understand very well the long term effects, which is scattering the people and the wildlife, destroying their language, culture and eco system in general. After much protesting Nahwegabo, Diabo and Matchewan were kicked out. They are all back. Treasonous INDIANS are hard to fire.

Dee Dee Sharp sings about dancing with the big boys: “It’s the latest, it’s the greatest. Mashed potato, ya, ya ,ya, ya . . . Now everybody is doin’ fine. They dance alone or in a big boss line. And they discovered it’s the most man. The day they did it to Please Mr. Postman”. 


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http://www.schaarschmidt.it/cms/images/stories/Mohawk/Mohawk_News_%20Dec08.pdf REAL ALGONQUINS EXIST AT BARRIERE LAKE:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Recycling_and_Northern_Development_CanalInitial water capture and diversion into Lake Huron. Water would be pumped south from the newly formed James Lake into the Harricana River, crossing into the Great Lakes watershed near Amos, into Lake Timiskaming and the Ottawa River, crossing near Mattawa into Lake Nipissing and the French River to Lake Huron

Let’s help our Anishinabe family: Lemieux Nolet, 815 Boulevard Lebourgneuf, #401, Quebec City QC G2J 0C1, 418-659-7374. https://lemieuxnolet.ca/ 

https://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2010/10/29/the_algonquins_of_barriere_lake_and_their_battle_with_indian_affairs.html BACKGROUND OF INDIAN AFFAIRS CREATED CHAOS


RESOLUTE FOREST PRODUCTS, 111 Duke Street, Suite 5000, Montréal, Québec H3C 2M1 Canada, T 514 875-2160 or 1 800 361-2888








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MNN. Oct. 2, 2016. In the Syracuse Federal Court the “onondaga15” threw in the towel on the “its-no-use” trial. They closed the case before DA Mulvey started his defense of the NYS “I-81 INDIAN Detail”. Judge Frederick Scullin wouldn’t allow most of the evidence against them into the case. The plaintiffs/victims decided to bring this absurdity to an end and to let the jury decide. Sumnations and jury deliberations start on October. 4, 2016.dr_ryan_ocad_news_photo

The pro se plaintiffs found themselves in enemy territory. It was time to touch the enemy and pull back. No one was killed. The judge, jury, cops and District Attorney saw bravery and skill without being physically harmed.

Counting coup is winning prestige against an enemy. A blow struck against the enemy, touching them with the hand, bow, or coup stick, escaping unharmed and stealing an enemy’s weapons are coups. Risk of injury or death is counted as a coup.

There more of them INDIAN Detail marching up the road.

Get ready! There are more of them INDIAN Detail marching up the road.

They will be touched again. onkwe’hon:weh, the original people of the land, have a memory of the attack against their men, women, children and babies on May 18, 1997 at the ceremonial gathering in onondaga. Reminding them is better then killing them.

New York State protected its onondaga traitors that collaborated with the INDIAN Detail. The plaintiffs do not fear them. They will never give in, the war is not over until kaia’nere:kowa wins!.


Three-for-one bargain coup. 

The onondaga15 entered the Admiralty court and found it is not about truth, honor, justice or human rights. It’s about the corporation and money. The Judge shows that onkwe’hon:weh can’t get a fair trial in the US court system. It opens the road to the world court in The Hague at the Peace Palace. Thahohoketoteh

We have endured 500 years of the owista disease brought to us through colonialism:  “missionize, Christianize, socialize, minimize, legislate, assimilate, economize, genocide … we’re glad to say, we say loud and clear, through all the sadness. We are still here.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKyFX9vQ56w


We thank those who have come to the court, sat in, and stood outside to show their support and for following this story online. nia:wen kowa. [Room 6, 12th Floor, 100 South Clinton St. Syracuse, 9.30 am.] 


Adam L. Pollock adam.pollock@ag.ny.gov,

Angela C. Winfield awinfield@barclaydamon.com,

Brittany E. Aungier baungier@barclaydamon.com,

Carol. Rhinehart crhinehart@ongov.net,

  1. Karle,dkarle@ongove.net.

Devin M. Cain dcain@maglaw.com,

lkan Abramowitz EAbranowitz@maglaw.com,

Gabriel M. Nugent gnugent@barclaydamon.com, Joanna Gozzi joannagozzi@ongov.net,

Jodi M. Meikin Jpeikin@maglaw.com

CSeel CSeel@maglaw.com


Robert J. Anello ranello@magislaw.com

Terrance J. Hoffman tjhoffman@cnymail.com

TimothY P. Mulvey timothy.mulvey@ag.ny.gov

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The NYS INDIAN Detail didn’t remember this attack!!! The judge struck videos like this were striken from the record.


Bribery: An old Indian trick we learned from a white man:

Is this American hand-to-hand fighting?

Quick Draw McGraw at Standing Rock!















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MNN. Sept. 29, 2019. A subpoena was served on Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson of the Onondaga chiefs, to appear in the trial of the “Onondaga15” in Syracuse on September 28, 2016. They sent their traditional anglo lawyer, Joe Heath, bedraggled, in a burlap sack suit, and no tie.

Onondaga chief: "You mean I'm not the Lone Ranger?"

Onondaga chief: “What do you mean I’m not the Lone Ranger?”

Heath said the corpo chiefs have sovereign immunity. They cannot answer for their part in the violent attack on the onkwe’hon:weh. He cannot be sued or come to court because Oren is a clergyman, a religious faithkeeper of the Handsome Lake Code. He heads a corporation. He can be made to answer to the people of the Iroquois Confederacy.

One plaintiff said: “They are hiding behind sovereign immunity. The Onondaga Tribal Council of New York Inc. is under the US Constituion. kaia’nere:kowa, our constituion provides that anyone trying to establish anything else would lose their native name, land and birthright”. Oren cannot escape immunity for his crimes under the kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace. He incorporated himself and his followers under the Bureau of Indian Affairs for recognition by corporate entities. They accepted all laws, rules and regulations of the USA. Only the people are sovereign according to the kaia’nere:kowa, the law of the land. The council pretends to be the rotino’shonni, Iroquois Confederacy. tekentiokwanhoxta, the 49 original families, are the basis of rotin’shonni sovereignty. The two row wampum is our agreement with creation.

“Royaner must follow a path and cannot stray. Should he stray, he will be removed. Oren tries to impose his will on the people. He is a Seneca and must follow his mother’s lineage. He can never claim to be an onondaga titleholder.

Oren is not onondaga. He and Ollie have brought in outside police forces to terrorize the people. In 1996 the chiefs bulldozed businesses on Route 11 while the NYS Police stood by. Atotharho Leon Shenandoah said the businesses belong to the women on behalf of the people.

The two row is the oldest agreement between the onkwe’hon:we, US and Europe. To maintain the peace we would travel as equals and help each other.

The onondaga tribal chiefs are informants to New York State. They tried to enter into secret taxing compacts to share the taxes and control the people. Many resisters have no rights, benefits, jobs, running water or hydo. These are treasonous actions.

“Warriors and their families were coming to the May 18, 1997 ceremonial event. I went there as a rotiskenrakete that was on the “Dialogue Team” to inform the media and American public about what was going on. We ended up getting billy clubs and arrests.

Scullin admitted the comments were eloquent. “You may be right. I have to apply the [white] law that exists. This council is recognized by the state. They do enjoy immunity. I cannot enforce the subpoenas and quash them.”

According to Dennis Blythe’s interrogatory, i appears the chiefs provided false intel and allowed the police to attack us. How do we face our accusers?

On September 28th The ‘Onondaga15’ rested their case. Final submissions will begin on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. 12th floor, room 6, 100 South Clinton St., Syracuse. 9.30 am. Come and stand with us. The jury begins deliberations after that. thahoketoteh.


14449945_10157591708135571_8752493981282670335_nTHE ONONDAGA 15 ARE:

Andrew Jones, Robert E. Bucktooth Jr., Cheryl Bucktooth, Robert Bucktooth III, Ronald Jones Jr., Debby Jones, Karen Jones, Nikki Jones, Sean Jones, kahentinetha, dyhyneyyks, tekarontakeh, Ross John, Nadine ganonhweih Bucktooth.



New York State Troopers, Major James J. PARMLEY; Captain George Beach; Inv. Pamela Morris; Inv. Dennis J. Blythe; Inv. John F. Ahern; Sgt. Joseph W. Smith; Trp. Jeffrey Sergott; Trp. Michael S. Slade; Trp. James D. Moynihan; Trp. James K. Jecko; Sgt. Robert Huamann; Trp. Mark E. Chaffee; Trp. Christopher J. Clark; Trp. Paul K. Kunzwiler; Trp. Douglas W. Shetler; Trp. Patrick M. Dipirro; Trp. Gregory Eberl; Sgt. Gary A. Barlow; Trp. Mark E. Lepczyk; Trp. Martin Zubrzycko; Trp. Glenn Miner, Trp. Gary Darstein; Trp. Kevin Buttenschon; Sgt. Chris A. Smith; Sgt. Norman Mattice; Capt. John E. Wood; Lt. Thomas P. Connelly; Inv. Jerry Brown; Sgt. Harry Schleiser; Inv. Norman Ashbarry; Trp. Peter S. Leadley; Trp. Martin J. Williams; Trp. Gloria L. Wood; Trp. David G. Bonner; Trp. Dennis J. Burgos; Trp. John P. Dougherty; Trp. David V. Dye; Trp. Darryl O. Free; Sgt. James J. Greenwood; Trp. Andrew Halinski; Trp. Robert B. Heath; Trp. Robert H. Hovey, Jr.; Trp. Robert A. Jureller; Trp. Stephen P. Kealy; Trp. Troy D. Little; Trp. Edward J. Marecek; Trp. Ronald G. Morse; Trp. Paul M. Murray; Trp. Anthony Randazzo; Trp. Allen Riley; Sgt. Chris A. Smith; Trp. Federick A. Smith; and Sgt. Steven B. Kruth, Defendants-Appellants-Cross-Appellees, Superintendent of New York State Police James W. McMahon, in his personal capacity; County of Onondaga; Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department; Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh, in his official and personal capacity; Mark Bender, in his personal capacity as a New York State Trooper; and Peter Obrist, in his personal capacity as a New York State Trooper, Defendants-Cross-Appellees, Town of Onondaga, and the following persons in their personal and official capacities as New York State Troopers, Allen V. Svitak, Jr., Michael L. Delorenzo, James A. Armstrong, Mark Williams, Clifford A. Heaslip, Edward C. Fillingham, Kimberly A. Fillingham, Jeffrey D. Raub, Eric D. Parsons, Robin Palmer, Michael Grandy, Thomas Irwin, George Mercado, Frank Jerome, James Rogers, Art Brocolli, William A. Agan, William M. Ambler, Donald W. Barker, Mark A. Caporuscio, Michael G. Conroy, Peter A. Kalin, Matthew J. Navin, William J. Armstrong, George M. Atanasoff, David R. Barry, Peter J. Beratta, Steven M. Bourgeois, George W. Brownsell, Robert M. Burney, Rodney W. Campbell, Mary A. Clark, Mark Dembrow, Gerald J. Deruby Jr., Michael L. Downey, Gary W. Duncan, John Evans, John J. Fitzgerald, Robert Gardner, John E. Giddings, Douglas R. Gilmore, Gary L. Greene, Andrew A. Lucey, James Martin, James W. O’Brien, Gary Oelkers, Derrick A. O’Meara, Richard J. Sauer, Michael H. Scheibel, Gary S. Schultz, Timothy J. Siddall, Robert J. Simpson, Katherine Smith, Jay Strait, Michael R. Tinkler, Michael J. White, Donald M. Dattler, Thomas E. Elthorp, Harrison Greeney, Matthew A. Turrie, Dennis J. Cimbal, Kenneth Kotwas, John Doe 1-100, and Jane Doe 1-100, Defendants. 



Adam L. Pollock adam.pollock@ag.ny.gov,

Angela C. Winfield awinfield@barclaydamon.com,

Brittany E. Aungier baungier@barclaydamon.com,

Carol. Rhinehart crhinehart@ongov.net,

  1. Karle, dkarle@ongove.net.

Devin M. Cain dcain@maglaw.com,

lkan Abramowitz EAbranowitz@maglaw.com,

Gabriel M. Nugent gnugent@barclaydamon.com, Joanna Gozzi joannagozzi@ongov.net,

Jodi M. Meikin Jpeikin@maglaw.com

CSeel CSeel@maglaw.com


Robert J. Anello ranello@magislaw.com

Terrance J. Hoffman tjhoffman@cnymail.com

Rimoth P. Mulvey timothy.mulvey@ag.ny.gov

Vern Gosdin has some advice for the New York State state of mind: “You think by now you would have Used up all your lies. Who are you gonna blame it on this time?”

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MNN. Sept. 29, 2016. Judge Frederick Scullin [Bones] of the New York Federal Court tried to throw out so far 8 of the “Onondaga15” pro se plaintiffs/victims of the I-81 NYS INDIAN Detail attack on May 18, 1997. Five were a few minutes late because the guards kept them outside the courtroom. After argument they were reinstated.

Scullin does not allow evidence like a video showing women, children and elders standing around the ceremonial fire on the Jones property and being viciously attacked and arrested. Any evidence contrary to the interests of the NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail, especially their contradictory statements are being kept out. One was not allowed to cross-examine the cop in case of false arrest.

'Henh! Stop Police Brutality!'

‘Henh! We told you to stop resisting police brutality!’

Scullin ordered the plaintiff to give him his questions to decide if they can be asked by someone else. The plaintiff insisted on asking them himself, which by law he’s allowed to. The fix is in!

Behind New York State royalty!!

NYS ‘royalty’: “You tell ’em, judge!!”

Scullin glanced for a second at the questions and then denied all questions, without explanation. An argument ensued. Scullin ordered him out of the courtroom. The plaintiff asked, “What does that mean?” Scullin demanded the plaintiff leave. The man asked, “What does that mean?” Scullin did not answer. The man asked, “Judge, can you clarify what you mean? Are you throwing me out of the case?”

Scullin yelled, “I want you out of my courtroom for the rest of the day!”

The plaintiff said, “I don’t believe you have ever experienced a case like this. Throw me out of the case so I can start my appeal!” Scullin wouldn’t.

Scullin ordered the jury out so they could not see his continued abuse. The plaintiff’s loud voice could be heard through the walls.

Freddie Scullin [Bones]: "You can appeal my disgusting rulings".

Freddie Scullin [Bones]: “You can appeal my disgusting rulings”.

Two plaintiffs left the courtroom with the boisterous man to protect him. During the chaos, one guard at the door pushed the plaintiff in the back. The plaintiff asked, “What are you doing?” One guard said, “At least I’m not a savage”, No, he’s a racist! Fifteen cops arrived as a show of force and escorted the three of the “Onondagas 15” out of the courthouse. Shuddering Scullin ran to his chamber where he could have a good cry.

It appears the court is trying to sabotage the case, hoping the jury will give a decision that supports the Troopers for their crimes.

One woman supporter walked out shaking her fist at the judge, “I’m a warrior!”

The INDIAN Detail that viciously beat the plaintiffs on May 18, 1997 sit and watch. The warriors were falsely accused of being at the gathering and putting the women and children on the front lines and running away!

Scullin continues to try to derail the pro se plaintiffs’ case. [Stand with the Onondaga15, 100 South Clinton in Syracuse]. thahoketoteh. 

As the Onondaga15 are being railroaded by Judge Scullin [Bones], we are reminded of the Grateful Dead song “Casey Jones”: “Driving that train, high on cocaine. Casey Jones, you better watch your speed. Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind.”




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PERSONS CONCERNED ABOUT JUSTICE FOR THE “ONONDAGA 15” CAN HELP. Call these parties and ask them for their position: District Court Fax 315-234-8501, Angela C. Winfieldawinfield@barclaydamon.com; Brittany E. Aungier baungier@barclaydamon.com; Carol L. Rhinehart crhinehart@ongov.netdkarle@ongov.net; Devin M. Cain dcain@maglaw.com; Elkan Abramowitz EAbramowitz@maglaw.com; Gabriel M. Nugent gnugent@barclaydamon.com 315-425-2836 Fax 1-315-425-2836; Joanna Gozzi Joannagozzi@ongov.netdenisekarle@ongov.net; Jodi M. Peikin JPeikin@Maglaw.comCSeel@Maglaw.comRAnello@Maglaw.com; Robert J. Anello ranello@magislaw.com; Terrance J. Hoffman tjhoffman@cnymail.com 315-471-4107; Timothy P. Mulvey timothy.mulvey@ag.ny.gov 315-448-4800 Fax 1-315-448-4800; Judge Scullon’s assistant Nicole Eallonardo Nicole_eallonardo@nynd.uscourts.gov Fax 1-315-234-8501. Ask Syracuse Post Standard to cover this rial 315-470-0011. amygoodman@democracynow.com, New York Times executive-editor@nytimes.com 




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MNN. Sept. 26, 2016. The Syracuse court has not been friendly to us. Judge Frederick J. Scullin [bones] decided to speed up the trial by violating the individual rights of the pro se plaintiffs. He forced them to choose one spokesperson, violating the rights of the other Onondaga 15 plaintiffs/victims. They can’t cross-examine the NYS Police defendants. This an unprecedent 20 year case. The court matrix is bizarre. american-cops

Scullin started to limit the questions . Then he began asking the questions himself, often answering them himself.

'Judging by those smoke signals, they know we're here and they're not afraid of us!'

When the questions are in the plaintiff’s favor, Scullin interrupts. Rules are changed from one moment to the next. Then he demanded a list of questions be submitted to him for approval, repeatedly saying, “If you don’t like my ruling, you can appeal”.

NYS Trooper: "For trespassing on your land doing a ceremony & having a picnic".

NYS Trooper: “For trespassing on your land doing a ceremony & having a picnic”.

Then Scullin threw out almost all the questions without looking at them. The evidence is almost nothing. He does not want the jury to see videos of the horrific beating and false arrest for trespassing on private land on May 18, 1997. He won’t let the jury go out to see the Jones land to view the fog line, billboards, wood pallets, Route I-81, the house and site of the ceremonial fire.

When we object and ask for explanation, he says he doesn’t have to explain. The DA is granted most objections. We are seeing the panorama of the destructive power of the Indian Ring.

One plaintiff had enough. He stood up and demanded justice from Scullin and said he wanted to be dismissed from the case so he could start an appeal. He was thrown out of the courtroom for the rest of the day. Scullin’s voice broke, sounding much like he wanted to cry and then he ran out of the courtroom.

This case belongs in the International Criminal Court where we might get a fair trial. thahoketoteh.

Don Fogerty sings about the elite Americans where judge Scullin {Bones] comes from: Some folks are born made to wave the flag. Ooh, that red, white and blue. When the band plays ‘Hail to the Chief”, Ooh, they point the cannon at you. It ain’t me, It ain’t me. I ain’t no senator’s son. It ain’t me. it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one…. some folks inherit star spangled eyes. Ooh, they send you down to war. And when you ask them ‘How much should we give?”, they only answer “More, more, more”.  


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PERSONS CONCERNED ABOUT JUSTICE FOR THE “ONONDAGA 15” CAN HELP. Call these parties and ask them for their position: District Court Fax 315-234-8501, Angela C. Winfieldawinfield@barclaydamon.com; Brittany E. Aungier baungier@barclaydamon.com; Carol L. Rhinehart crhinehart@ongov.netdkarle@ongov.net; Devin M. Cain dcain@maglaw.com; Elkan Abramowitz EAbramowitz@maglaw.com; Gabriel M. Nugent gnugent@barclaydamon.com 315-425-2836 Fax 1-315-425-2836; Joanna Gozzi Joannagozzi@ongov.netdenisekarle@ongov.net; Jodi M. Peikin JPeikin@Maglaw.comCSeel@Maglaw.comRAnello@Maglaw.com; Robert J. Anello ranello@magislaw.com; Terrance J. Hoffman tjhoffman@cnymail.com 315-471-4107; Timothy P. Mulvey timothy.mulvey@ag.ny.gov 315-448-4800 Fax 1-315-448-4800; Judge Scullon’s assistant Nicole Eallonardo Nicole_eallonardo@nynd.uscourts.gov Fax 1-315-234-8501. Ask Syracuse Post Standard to cover this rial 315-470-0011. amygoodman@democracynow.com, New York Times executive-editor@nytimes.com 

Scullin has disallowed this evidence so the  jury cannot make an informed decision.