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MNN. Dec. 28, 2015. Red-X’s message on the state of the ono’ware:keh union. As the ultimate time walker from the 5th dimension he sees the future, present and past.

Cosmic equilibrium is not partisan.

Cosmic equilibrium is not partisan.

He was on his silver eagle flying over the Vatican when he heard the acting Pope [Jesuit] state, “This is the last Christmas”. Then he flew to Buckingham Palace and heard Queenie say, “Better enjoy your last Christmas!’.





Queenie: "Hey, Pope, the scam is over!"

Queenie: “Hey, Pope, it’s over!”

Red-X always comes back to us at certain times to give us any important message on the meaning behind what these kind of people are thinking. He sees the sky world will come back so people will have to figure out in their own minds what is happening. Like Dekanawida, he knows that until you figure it out in your own mind, you’ll never get it.


Red-X sees that the flock is starting to wake up and realize that Christmas is the great white lie. Queenie and the Pope don’t want to be hanging from the Christmas tree next year when people have no money and can’t buy any presents. They will know the whole fraud behind the CROWN ordeal.gun-control-2

The disaster is not going to be an asteroid hitting the ocean. It will be the return of the peace. When the earth starts spinning the other way, there will be no more need for religion which is only for mind control. Those programmed to obey will feel lost when they have no one ordering them on how to think.

It's only a matter of time!

It’s only a matter of time!

Black serpent will continue to try to make war everywhere, one country after another. He will be looking around to see who he will fight next. He will see only the onkwe’hon:weh healing in the hilly country and say, “I have no fight with them”. Then a bright light many times brighter than the sun shall come from the east. The black serpent will be fearful, swim south, never to be seen again by the onkwe’hon:weh.

Red-X said all the problems are because man keeps dabbling in war. It’s time to bury all the weapons of war under the tree of peace for all time. Red-X says there will be a clearing of the minds and everyone will remember everything from their first life here on earth.neil

MSM will announce the forthcoming anomaly the day before it is seen in the sky. Those who don’t evolve into becoming of one mind in peace with all creation will perish. Then we will go into a golden age of peace in our galaxy.

Red-X mounted his silver eagle and said, “So be it in our minds”. Then he flew toward the west where the sun never sleeps and disappeared into his celestial portal. Keith Richard blaring on his stereo. “Well I never kept a dollar past sunset. It always burned a hole in my pants. Never made a school mamma happy. Never blew a second chance. Oh, no, oh no. I need love to keep me happy. Baby, keep me happy”.

Pope last Christmas warning.

Queenie’s final Christmas message.

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Islamic state like multinational corporation.

RCMP charged sexual assault 12 year old.

Canadian pilot kills 9 iraqi soldiers.





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MNN. Dec. 18, 2015. The last war will be the people against the bankers. Bankers profit from war. The people lose. The people have to eliminate the shareholder liability clauses in the corporate laws which allow the bankers to get away with financing all wars. babylon falls

No more shareholders of corporations not being responsible for their debts and crimes. No more hiding behind a corporate mask anymore. Not a shot needs to be fired. It’ll be over in one day. There will be no more need for war. No more ordo ab chao or false flags anywhere. banksters laugh

War is like a heroin addiction. The bankers will have to go cold turkey and they’re gonna have the sweats like all junkies.

War is an economy. People are addicted to their economy, but are actually addicted to war. They have to learn about the peacetime economy. whitehouse burns

Of all addictions, war is the worst addiction. Unlike heroin addiction, there is no methadone program for war. The bankers have been dabbling in war since their beginning in the 1700s.

Another banker goes own, can't live without war!

Another banker goes down, can’t live without war!

One hit leads to 1000 more and they can’t get enough. Just like heroin users cannot dabble in heroin use,  people cannot dabble in war. The warmongers will have to go cold turkey.

The bankers should take note of George Thorogood’s song because they will be drinking alone in their war party: I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else. I drink alone with nobody else. When i drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.  Every morning just before breakfast, I don’t want no more coffee or tea. Just me and my good buddy, Wiser, that’s all I ever need, cause I drink alone with nobody else. Cause when I drink alone I  prefer to be by myself”.[I drink alone].


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Canada might send troops to Washington.

Bankers’ hired war boys.


TRC release and-reconciliation-commission

Canada’s oligarchs – parasites a’plenty!

biometric passports:

Russia is ready!

Prussia education system.






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MNN. 30 Mar. 2015. Prime Minister Harper wants to replace the genocidal Indian Act with tougher corporate rules to kill the natural people of this land. These colonial genocide laws do not legally apply to us, only to your corporate members who vote in your system.

Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia and Israel want to legalize genocide so the Vatican cannot be punished for carrying out the biggest genocide in all mankind. These serpents are in the Vatican, City of London and Washington DC. making war on everyone. The Minister of Immigration’s vile rhetoric about attacking Russia is how the murder of our people was discussed and planned in Parliament. Monday night Harper’s government voted to extend the Iraq mission indefinitely and to bomb Syria. UK and EU voted not to. Canada and US are bombing Syria.   superman

Canada is a corporation, a colony of the British Empire, not a legal country. Ia-te-ho-ne-se-ra-ien means they have no footprints on Great Turtle Island. Their ship can only make a small whirlpool. They cannot make a final assault on us with these new rules.

We Ongwe’hon:weh will write the rules after the collapse of Canada. With no Indian Act the Great Peace will apply to every part of Great Turtle Island. We will negotiate with all the colonial settlers so they can become of one mind with us, as we did in 1701. We are the land. They must follow our way or leave.

Canada must implement the 1960 UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial People.Decolonization Act. Once the Indian Act is gone, everything reverts to us. Over $900 trillion of our stolen funds will be returned from the bankers. All taxes and rent will be turned over to us.



When we told one of our men, the same age as Harper, about his plans for the final solution of the INDIAN problem, he said, “I challenge warrior chief Harper to a bare knuckle fist fight to the death in Parliament so everyone can witness it. Winner takes all!”

The Iroquois Confederacy think those who would try to destroy us cannot do so without bringing about the downfall of the whole earth. The dream is world union under the shade of universal law. Unless Canada sits down quietly under the Tree of Peace with us, they will destroy themselves.

Stephen Harper, Motorhead sings this directly to you: “If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man. You win some, lose some, all the same to me. The pleasure is to play. Makes no difference what your say. I don’t share your greed. The only card I need is the Ace of Spades”.

No. 1: 100 million Ongwe’hon:weh. 15 worst genocides in history.

Minister of Immigration war-mongering:

Canada & US going it alone.

Putin preparing for WW III.

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MNN. Sep. 13, 2014. “Roti’konsa’ni:ron” are those who commit evil without remorse. In Ferguson, Missouri, we saw the police and military were one in the same. The army/cops attack peaceful citizens in cities across America. Tanks, heavily armed SWAT teams assault unarmed protesters, raid their homes to stop free speech and to serve warrants for victimless and non-violent offenses. These look like preparations for martial law. The cops are armed with APC, Apache Helicopers, drones, etc. The people of Ferguson stood up without weapons to the cops, government, army and provocateurs and their powerful machines. Technology is meant to provoke fear. It failed in Ferguson. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Don’t have any fear. tianaman sq

The oligarchs’ strategy is to use anger as their ally and fear as their friend. We Indigenous are hated for questioning their path of brutality and fraud across our continent. We are still targeted for total elimination. We’re still here.

Let's get her. She was texting.

Ottawa police department. 

This Grizzly's for small communities.

This Grizzly’s for RCMP New Brunswick detachment. 

The cops have military vehicles hidden in warehouses throughout Great Turtle Island. Crews are trained in Israel to set up martial law and to murder innocent people. Armored vehicles, drones, tanks, jets, weapons of mass destruction are produced by Canada and the US, the largest arms dealers in the world. Foreign troops are brought in as “training missions” [911, Oklahoma City, etc.] They follow orders to kill just as the black Buffalo Soldiers did at Sand Creek, Wounded Knee and 147 other massacres. They unloaded gatling guns and buried our men, women, children and babies in mass graves. This viciousness appears to be ongoing.

In 1990 when we protested the destruction of our ceremonial site at Kanehsatake [Oka], the entire Canadian war machine surrounded three of our Mohawk communities. A few dozen Mohawks had blocked a dirt road to our ancient burial grounds. Canada responded by sending 5,000 heavily armed soldiers to put down the Indian defense of Great Turtle Island. They threatened to project flame-throwers on us. The men and women stood up to them. The soldiers refused to carry out their orders from Ottawa. Every nation and people have a right to defend ourselves by any means. When they knew we had guns and would protect ourselves, they decided to talk to us.

Their military tactics don’t change. They scientifically search for more lethal weapons and ways to murder people. Crazy Horse advised us, “Know your enemy”. They slaughtered his family. When he went into battle, he knew exactly what they were going to do. He watched them and then defeated them.

Their ultimate goal is to murder the Great Peace. Our every confrontation is to protect the Great Peace. When the women of the world take their proper place within the natural order, the world will finally know peace.

“Upon suffering beyond suffering; the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things, and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be as one.” ***This is a statement of Crazy Horse as he sat smoking the sacred pipe at Paha Sapa with Sitting Bull for the last time, four days before he was assassinated (Sept 1, 1877)

“Upon suffering beyond suffering; the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things, and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be as one.” Crazy Horse, Sept 1, 1877.

As Thahoketoteh sings: “Missionize, Christianize, socialize, minimize, legislate, assimilate, economize and genocide. We are still here.” We are still here.

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MNN.  Aug. 23, 2012.  US President Obama obeys his masters just like the Buffalo Soldiers.  So grand is the illusion of freedom that they don’t’ even know they’re still slaves.  According to the myth, the Buffalo Soldiers were freedom fighters.            

In 1865 the Civil War was over.  US President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.  [Emancipation Proclamation].  White soldiers were deserting because they were terrified of fighting Indians. In 1866 the 10th Cavalry Regiment of Black soldiers was set up at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.  Lincoln promised the Blacks their freedom, 40 acres of our land and a mule, which they never got.             

Over 150,000 joined, to prove they were just as blood-thirsty as their white masters in stealing from us and murdering us without mercy.  

As former victims of racism, the Buffalo Soldiers became the champions of rape, genocide, brutality and mass murder of innocent people.  They took pride in killing people who never did anything to them.  They forgot all about the help we gave them because slavery is a violation of our Great Law.  The Choctaw, Cherokee and Shawnee helped them escape from their slave masters to the north. 

We were called “non-reformable savages”.  They were told there is a time when it is okay to kill Indians and those who did so were a force for good.  With pride and fervor, they attacked us 127 times to try to exterminate us.      

Between 1866 to 1890 ten Buffalo Soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for slaughtering our men, women and children.  They were at the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890. 

General Colin Powell was inspired by these hired thugs.  He kept a statue of a Buffalo Solider in his office and called him the “wind beneath my wings”.

Obama is the Buffalo Soldier Commander-in-Chief who brags about murdering, torturing and butchering anyone he chooses.

As a Mohawk Rotiskenrakete said, should a civil war break out in the US, he felt that, “the Buffalo Soldiers would join their masters”.  They always do what they’re told.  The invaders and forced invaders will probably stand together. The mule and everything they were promised, they will not get!

Today websites are devoted to their exploits for protecting white settlers and starving and killing Indigenous.  Every year they celebrate at Fort Riley, Kansas, to remind their white masters, “Look!  We’re still here, ready to stand with you”.    

Bob Marley confirms this in his song, “Buffalo Soldiers”, 

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MNN Mar. 27, 2009. We are told the world is overpopulated and that it must be depopulated! We are finding out it is part of the old eugenics plan to create a “super race” and get rid of those who they deem to be “useless eaters”. It’s a code for systematic killing of us and people of color, in violation of international law and norms. The serial killers making these blatant plans to carry out “mass executions” must be stopped. The economic melt down is being used as their incentive to proceed. Outright killing and bio-terrorism strategies are being perfected and practiced on us. It’s a pet project of the elite. It’s common knowledge that Prince Phillip said that after he dies, he wants to come back as a deadly virus to reduce the earth’s population by 90%.Henry Kissinger set up the old ideas that President Obama is following. [Hey, isn’t he a person of color?] Kissinger was National Security Advisor NSA and Secretary of State for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford in the 1970’s.

Like King George VI and early elitist Thomas Malthus, Kissinger says that humans will eat and reproduce until there is standing room only on the planet. He thinks he should rebalance the natural world to his way. In his memoirs, “The Final Days”, control over life and death is a sexual high as “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”. We think that the megalomaniacs should not reproduce.

Kissinger helped write the classified memo dated December 10, 1974 for the U.S. National Security Council called “The National Security Study Memorandum 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200)”. President Gerald Ford adopted it as official U.S. policy in November 1975. Getting control of the world’s food was one way to gain control of the people. To get food and medicines, developing countries had to agree to tough birth control programs and to drastically reduce their population. People resisted, of course. Kissinger and his cohorts decided to resort to wars.

The myth of “overpopulation” is promoted, particularly against Indigenous people and people of color. We are standing in the way of their plunder of the Earth’s resources and destruction of life. As Kissinger said, “The fast growing populations are prone to civil unrest”. It’s because we are hungry for life! Young Indigenous people are their highest concern because they could drive away investors!

The UN adopted the “World Population Plan of Action” in 1974 to keep the global population below 8 billion. Recently it was lowered to 1.5 billion so they can enjoy the North American materialistic lifestyle of creature comforts, gross obesity and desensitization. They are unconcerned about natural cycles of life. They set a limit of two children per family. They saw that it would require “vigorous efforts” while pretending it’s voluntary.

Birth control devices did not slow down the birthrate of the 13 targeted countries: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Colombia. President Luis Lula of Brazil told a gathering attended by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that the global financial crisis was caused by “the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes” [].

Kissinger’s war crimes are well documented in “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” by Christopher Hitchens. Kissinger was involved in genocidal massacres of millions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh (Pakistan), East Timor (Indonesia), Burma (Myanmar) and Chile.

Fertility is a threat worse than nuclear war. Many personal care products are being made with toxic chemicals and endocrine disrupters which affect reproductive function and fertility. Subversive fertility control technologies have been around for a long time. Among others, “Ax Body Deodorant” for young men contains endocrine disrupters that bring down their sperm count. We may have to go back to natural products which we produce ourselves. Do we need to use these fragrances to mask the natural scent of healthy human bodies?

U.S. President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, James L. Jones, recently provoked his cronies and the world in Munich Germany that Kissinger is his boss. He said, “I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger”.

Jones is a retired 4-Star Marine Corp General with scads of medals, including the French Legion of Honor and the Canadian Meritorious Service Cross. He was a Vietnam vet and worked in the Department of Defense until 2006. He had been active in many businesses making money out of death and destruction such as Boeing, Cross Match Technologies, a privately held biometric solutions company and Chevron Corporation. On November 28, 2007 Condoleeza Rice appointed him as a special Middle East envoy to “strengthen security for both Israelis and Palestinians”. Well, the flames of violence have been heavily fanned since then.

Indigenous people are in the way everywhere in the world resisting the plunder of our territories, resources and the earth. Because of technology, we are not needed and are targeted for elimination.

The pirates want to keep the loot for themselves and to death with the rest of us. Resisters are being eliminated everywhere. In Iraq and Afghanistan depleted uranium is used to sicken and kill for generations. If bombs and bullets don’t do it, chemicals and diseases will be brought in.

In Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, we Ongwehonwe have been targeted from the beginning of the European invasion. We went through and are still going through death by killings, diseases, forced sterilization, birth control, residential school abuse and murders, theft of our children, deliberate poverty and third world living conditions to lower our birth rate and longevity. It didn’t work. So now state agents are going after our kids by rammings, jailings, assaults, “disappearing” and no economic and social opportunities for us. U.S. and Canada are joining forces to marginalize, demoralize, anger, create despair and give us no hope. Since we are marked for death, our way is to defend ourselves by surviving and until we win!

Iakoha’ko:wa & MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News

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Notes and Sources

Kissinger and Overpopulation
Excerpts from the Executive Summary of NSSM200
National Security Study Memorandum 200 NSSM200
Kissinger and company were paranoid that “the imbalance between growing numbers and development potential most seriously risks instability, unrest, and international tensions. This group of priority countries includes some with virtually no government interest in family planning and others with active government family planning programs which require and would welcome enlarged technical and financial assistance. These countries should be given the highest priority within AID’s population program in terms of resource allocations and/or leadership efforts to encourage action by other donors and organizations.”


“19. The political consequences of current population factors in the LDCs — rapid growth, internal migration, high percentages of young people, slow improvement in living standards, urban concentrations, and pressures for foreign migration — are damaging to the internal stability and international relations of countries in whose advancement the U.S. is interested, thus creating political or even national security problems for the U.S. In a broader sense, there is a major risk of severe damage to world economic, political, and ecological systems and, as these systems begin to fail, to our humanitarian values [emphasis added].”

“29. While specific goals in this area are difficult to state, [they’d be pretty offensive to most people!] our aim should be for the world to achieve a replacement level of fertility, (a two-child family on the average), by about the year 2000… Compared to the U.N medium projection, this goal would result in 500 million fewer people in 2000 and about 3 billion fewer in 2050. Attainment of this goal will require greatly intensified population programs. A basis for developing national population growth control targets to achieve this world target is contained in the World Population Plan of Action.

“30. The World Population Plan of Action (adopted by consensus by 137 nations at the August 1974 U.N. World Population Conference) is not self-enforcing and will require vigorous efforts by interested countries, U.N. agencies and other international bodies to make it effective. U.S. leadership is essential…”
“Initiate an international cooperative strategy of national research programs on human reproduction and fertility control covering biomedical and socio-economic factors, as proposed by the U.S. Delegation at Bucharest.”

“34. To help assure others of our intentions we should indicate our emphasis on the right of individuals and couples to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and to have information, education and means to do so, and our continued interest in improving the overall general welfare.” Hmm, when did Kissinger ever do that? He’s wanted for war crimes!

“37. There is an alternate view which holds that a growing number of experts believe that the population situation is already more serious and less amenable to solution through voluntary measures than is generally accepted. It holds that, to prevent even more widespread food shortage and other demographic catastrophes than are generally anticipated, even stronger measures are required and some fundamental, very difficult moral issues need to be addressed. These include, for example, our own consumption patterns, mandatory programs, tight control of our food resources. In view of the seriousness of these issues, explicit consideration of them should begin in the Executive Branch, the Congress and the U.N. soon. (See the end of Section I for this viewpoint.)”
“this new threat to U.S. and global security and the actions the many departments of our government felt were necessary in order to address this grave new threat — a threat greater than nuclear war.”
The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens

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