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MNN. 1 Sept. 2017. Over 118,000 people in Beaumont have no water safe to drink. The Houston finger pointing begins. great turtle island was great until the white man came to kill us and destroy our land. 

Texans are all transplants. They murdered the commanche to become Texans. They fought Mexicans over land belonging to the true natural people.

When the Army Corps of Engineers opened the dams in Houston, the people were not notified to evacuate. Water north of the dams are now flowing into reservoirs which have overflowed.

There are now 42,000 victims in Houston shelters. Evacuations are happening from Louisiana to Tennessee.

The hurricane goes inland and brings 4 to 5 feet of torrential rainfall into the east. Safe elevation is 50 miles inland. Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio are flooding and will flow southward too.

All sewage, garbage and toxins are flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, polluting the ocean.

Hurricane Irma is on its way over the Atlantic to the US. No one knows where it will land. The warmer the water, the bigger the hurricane gets, travelling at 125 mph. Others will come until November when hurricane season ends.

Background: Sahara was once all vegetation. It turned into desert, which is huge and hot. Wind blows from east to the west and heads towards the ocean. Turmoil is created when the heat hits the cold water. The water starts to churn. Hurricanes start to move westward toward turtle island.

When we onkwe-hon-weh had grand council long ago, we reminded ourselves of our history. Then the issue was taken from the well for discussion. The People thought and discussed all aspects before they come to a concensus. Today everyone waits for the command of the manipulative politicians who make decisions based on their own self-interests.

We need to slow down, get correct information and think before we speak. People are relying on fake news and lying politicians instead of thinking for themselves.

The real truth is that it doesn’t matter how many soldiers, national guards, aircraft carriers or warships they have. When those storms come, all their military might cannot stop nature from sending hurricanes, storms, floods, or tornadoes.


Fracking, stealing natural resources, mercenaries ready to murder us in South Dakota and elsewhere. Our mother is aware. Oligarchs are penalizing everybody for their theft and murder of the true natural people and all life. Countries that accept goods stolen from turtle island are just as guilty.


The hurricane does not discriminate between rich and poor. Some got the message. The majority did not. Everyone has the duty to learn and accept the real truth.

George Strait sings about the kind of Texas that was promoted, that never was and never will be: “I ain’t got a dime but what I got is mine. I ain’t rich but Lord I’m free. Amarillo by mornin’. Amarillo’s where I’ll be. Amarillo by mornin’. Amarillo’s where I’ll be”.

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