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MNN. 11 Sept. 2017. The private corporations known as Canada, Quebec and Barriere Lake Band Council Inc. continue to try to defraud the not gullible Anishinabe of the Ottawa River Water Shed. 


The land is over 10,000 sq. kilometres of unceded territory in the middle of Reserve Faunique Laverendrye Park, which is coveted by logging companies. Resolute Paper Products wants to clearcut 95% of the entire territory and leave 5% for outfitting camps for non-natives. The Anishinable true original people will be dispersed.

Information on the agreement has been withheld from them. Proper consultation will not take place because the natives cannot give up their land. In 1996 two-thirds of the Algonquins fled the violence of CEO Jean Maurice Matchewan of Barriere Lake, who pretends to represent the Anishinabe.

They refused to play along. So Indian Affairs placed the Anishinabe under third party management, Lemieux Nolet of Quebec City. They administer the funds for Algonquins of Barriere Lake ABL.

Anishinabe are living on their land without any assistance from anyone. They hunt, fish and look after each other.  


Russell “Potato Bug” Diabo, also known as “sahnanadah”, which mean “brown skin with white innards”, is the son of an ironworker from Kahnawake who was raised in Brooklyn New York. He has no clan.

He studied in Arizona. Was hired to assist in the North American Water Project where land is to be cleared of forests for the reservoirs being set up throughout Canada.

He and native lawyer, David Nahwegabo, were sent into Barriere Lake around 1982 to present this pilot project to get the elders to agree. The elder refused to sign the Trilateral Agreement to hand over their land and resources to the three corporations and getting out of the way. They face having Quebec laws and taxes being imposed. This is the model for turning all native communities into municipalities throughout Canada.

They warned the Anishinabe they were facing self-extinction because the clear cut and logging is going to be done anyway without their consent.


The people have gotten no information and understand very well the long term effects, which is scattering the people and the wildlife, destroying their language, culture and eco system in general. After much protesting Nahwegabo, Diabo and Matchewan were kicked out. They are all back. Treasonous INDIANS are hard to fire.

Dee Dee Sharp sings about dancing with the big boys: “It’s the latest, it’s the greatest. Mashed potato, ya, ya ,ya, ya . . . Now everybody is doin’ fine. They dance alone or in a big boss line. And they discovered it’s the most man. The day they did it to Please Mr. Postman”.

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GUESS WHO’S IN THE WAY OF THE NORTH AMERICAN WATER DIVERSION PROJECT? water capture and diversion into Lake Huron. Water would be pumped south from the newly formed James Lake into the Harricana River, crossing into the Great Lakes watershed near Amos, into Lake Timiskaming and the Ottawa River, crossing near Mattawa into Lake Nipissing and the French River to Lake Huron

Let’s help our Anishinabe family: Lemieux Nolet, 815 Boulevard Lebourgneuf, #401, Quebec City QC G2J 0C1, 418-659-7374. BACKGROUND OF INDIAN AFFAIRS CREATED CHAOS


RESOLUTE FOREST PRODUCTS, 111 Duke Street, Suite 5000, Montréal, Québec H3C 2M1 Canada, T 514 875-2160 or 1 800 361-2888






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MNN. Sept. 5, 2017. Our people talk about the time great turtle island was covered with “otsinonwa kowa, prehistoric mammals like the dinosaur. We roamed among these large creatures. So they could not kill us our grandfathers, the four winds, thunder, lightning and storms, destroyed them and put them in the earth.


Our ancestors knew that If they should ever come back to the surface they would cause great misery.

The white scientists theorized it was meteors, volanoes and earthquakes that extinguished them. Now they say it was a great electrical storm that put them beneath the earth.

Since the Europeans came to this land, these mammals which, formed into coal, oil, natural gases and minerals, are being disturbed from their resting places, exhumed onto the surface of the earth. Global warming, pollution of air, water and land are disintegrating the earth. Fossil fuel, which should stay in the earth, is creating havoc and killing everything natural.

In the ohenton kariwatekwen we remember and are thankful for what our grandfathers do for us to keep these mammals beneath the earth. They are supposed to stay there. The white man is totally disregarding violating nature. They are unleashing that which is supposed to remain undisturbed. The natural ores drove the white man crazy and made them rob, steal and murder each other and all life.

Mankind and all other life may become extinct. Plants, animals, birds and the natural world are in the process or have already disappeared.  

Nature will survive in some form. We onkwe-hon-weh have known of this for thousands of year. The white man is aware but allows greed to overcome any respect for all life.

When the white man arrived on great turtle island, they got permits to steal our land on the condition they murdered us, disposed of our bodies and built their towns and cities over the graves. They ground up our bodies and mixed it with the soil to start their gardens. They plowed our bones into the soil.


This is one of their many methods to hide the bodies of 150 million murdered onkwe-hon-weh.


We survivors are the voices of our long dead ancestors.

Mi’kmag honour song for all of our people and those unwillingly sacrificed by the invaders:

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Listen to ‘Criminal’ podcast on Effigy Mounds: Show Episode 72: Bears, Birds, and Bones Review of Ward Churchill, A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present A. Claire Brandabur Yarmouk University Article 5 

Gaspe against fracking by Junex





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MNN. 1 Sept. 2017. Over 118,000 people in Beaumont have no water safe to drink. The Houston finger pointing begins. great turtle island was great until the white man came to kill us and destroy our land. 

Texans are all transplants. They murdered the commanche to become Texans. They fought Mexicans over land belonging to the true natural people.

When the Army Corps of Engineers opened the dams in Houston, the people were not notified to evacuate. Water north of the dams are now flowing into reservoirs which have overflowed.

There are now 42,000 victims in Houston shelters. Evacuations are happening from Louisiana to Tennessee.

The hurricane goes inland and brings 4 to 5 feet of torrential rainfall into the east. Safe elevation is 50 miles inland. Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio are flooding and will flow southward too.

All sewage, garbage and toxins are flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, polluting the ocean.

Hurricane Irma is on its way over the Atlantic to the US. No one knows where it will land. The warmer the water, the bigger the hurricane gets, travelling at 125 mph. Others will come until November when hurricane season ends.

Background: Sahara was once all vegetation. It turned into desert, which is huge and hot. Wind blows from east to the west and heads towards the ocean. Turmoil is created when the heat hits the cold water. The water starts to churn. Hurricanes start to move westward toward turtle island.

When we onkwe-hon-weh had grand council long ago, we reminded ourselves of our history. Then the issue was taken from the well for discussion. The People thought and discussed all aspects before they come to a concensus. Today everyone waits for the command of the manipulative politicians who make decisions based on their own self-interests.

We need to slow down, get correct information and think before we speak. People are relying on fake news and lying politicians instead of thinking for themselves.

The real truth is that it doesn’t matter how many soldiers, national guards, aircraft carriers or warships they have. When those storms come, all their military might cannot stop nature from sending hurricanes, storms, floods, or tornadoes.


Fracking, stealing natural resources, mercenaries ready to murder us in South Dakota and elsewhere. Our mother is aware. Oligarchs are penalizing everybody for their theft and murder of the true natural people and all life. Countries that accept goods stolen from turtle island are just as guilty.


The hurricane does not discriminate between rich and poor. Some got the message. The majority did not. Everyone has the duty to learn and accept the real truth.

George Strait sings about the kind of Texas that was promoted, that never was and never will be: “I ain’t got a dime but what I got is mine. I ain’t rich but Lord I’m free. Amarillo by mornin’. Amarillo’s where I’ll be. Amarillo by mornin’. Amarillo’s where I’ll be”.

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Oil companies caused disaster







Bangladesh flood

Remember whisky trench 1990

Ordo ab chao Indian affairs HURRICANE STEERING MECHANISM







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MNN. August 28, 017. Listen to your mother! In Houston the onslaught will come after the rain stops and water recedes. Many have already lost everything – cars, home, no insurance, belongings. 50,000 refugee centers have been set up. Houston will be a polluted sinkhole.

Most don’t understand creation’s message. The Texas Governor discourages the victims from leaving Houston though they are relying on volunteers. Instead of fleeing north, the Governor asks them to wait in or on top of their rain soaked home for their orders from him.


Catastrophes always gravitate toward cities. Texan companies built pipelines in the Dakotas, heading for Illinois and going to Houston. Our stolen oil will be put on ships for export out of the country for profit of a few.

The hurricane is going to Louisiana and then turning north. This is an old slave trade route. The British ships picked up the slaves in Africa and sold them in towns along the south and eastern US seaboard from Galveston to New York City. The white slaves called “immigrants” were brought to Ellis Island off New York City.

Another storm is brewing along the Carolinas and Virginias. These hurricanes come from Africa, across the Atlantic, hit the islands where they ravaged our people and then headed toward great turtle island to sell their slaves. The storms follow the old slave route.


Our mother is fighting back. The corporate slaves who work in the chemical companies and refineries in Houston are taking the brunt of the storm. Katrina victims were relocated and never returned to New Orleans. Many went to Houston where they are getting the double whammy.


Stevie Ray Vaughan [Texas Flood] has seen it all: Well there’s floodin’ down in Texas. All of the telephone lines are down. Well there’s floodin’ down in Texas. All of the telephone lines are down…” 

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 WHAT HURRICANE KATRINA REFLECTED.MNN. September 20, 2005. Hurricane Katrina put up a mirror that exposed a hole within “democratic” society. She swept away the veil of delusion. She revealed a societal crisis. She showed our flaws. In a hierarchal system, only the man at the top can give the order. President George Bush delayed assistance to the victims for four days causing death, havoc and chaos. Now everybody is taking shots at George Bush. Bush says, “I take responsibility for what happened”. Does it really make sense to balance our lives on the narrow little shoulders of this man? What does he know of the struggle that the people are facing? Why should we turn to someone who has no experience in practical reality?.

The problem is deeper. Bush is a pawn in the system in which he exists. He is trying to play the hero. He has to look good. “I am responsible”, says he, while
saluting the flag. Who cares about a flag when babies are dying of starvation and dehydration in the middle of a cesspool?

Decaying structure. As Katrina showed, the Americans have a structure that’s supposed to take care of them. It’s rotted, crumbled and washed away by winds and tides, eroded by pollution and neglect. They aren’t sure how this happened. So they are trying to find some scapegoats, some sacrificial lambs that they can burn on the alter of convenience to feed their fear and confusion. The energy they waste would be better spent listening to the people.

Scapegoating takes American society off the hook. Nothing gets solved. Katrina showed us their system cannot cope. It is structurally fraudulent. How much can they build with delusional beams? They refuse to look at a system that is supposed to have a rule of law root. They think that all their hierarchical structures will stand every hurricane even though they’re crumbling.

Smoke and mirrors. Bush says he’s going to rebuild New Orleans. Their system produces contrived leadership. It tells people whatever they want to hear. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” It’s too busy asking silly questions to know how to roll up its sleeves and get to work rebuilding the structure and sorting out the rule of law.

The hierarchical system versus the true democratic system. The judiciary is supposed to uphold the basic principles of constitutional democracy and the rule of law. The judiciary has not permitted the power of the people to express itself, even though they have an inherent right to do so under the constitution. The judiciary is supposed to make sure a true democracy functions.

Our constitution. The Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace, is a true democracy that is not hierarchical. It is a tripartite system. Every citizen’s opinion is valuable. Every person is responsible. Individual responsibility goes along with individual empowerment.

The U.S. Constitution is based on the Kaianereh’ko:wa. Accordingly, each individual is responsible at the grassroots level. In our language we call the brain “oni kon ra” which means “it takes care of you”. We take care of ourselves with others by putting our minds together. Everybody has an opinion because humans are equal and everybody gets to have their say. The Longhouse government and court hears everyone, in the presence of everyone. This sets the truth free. By this means justice, as the application of truth to affairs, comes into existence.

The U.S. Founding Fathers have acknowledged the debt owed to the Kaianereh’ko:wa. They tried to copy our constitution. They got it almost right, but not totally. Now they’re busy covering up the mess they’ve created.

U.S. and Canada. The constitutions of the United States and Canada are both based on the rule of law. Neither the political leaders nor the people have given much thought lately to what this means. Their legislatures passed federal laws which violated their constitutions and undermined their nation-to-nation relationship with the Indigenous people. The newcomers turned their backs on caring for the people. Katrina left them with a lethal combination of chaos and despotism.

They have to go back to first principles. Any leader in any country at anytime is a product of the society. Bush did not create society or its rules. It is a tragedy to see so much responsibility placed on the non-existent shoulders of such an uninspired man. Under the Kaianereh’ko:wa he would still have his contribution to make. But it wouldn’t take precedence over the depth of human experience shared by fellow Americans.

Obligations. If they want to avoid chaos, they need to learn how to restructure their society in a way that respects their founding belief that all men and women are created equal. Everybody matters. Under the Kaianereh’ko:wa the relief effort in Southern United States would have been spontaneous. You have to help your brothers and sisters.

Symptom v. Cause. Bush made a deadly mistake when he delayed responding to the flood victims of New Orleans. What happened is deeper than any individual. He is a symptom, not the cause. The rule of law is not functioning as it should. To solve the problem you have to clean the wound and get the infection out of it.

Bush bashing is another way of avoiding responsibility. The man is not that important. The people are. We all have to join hands with our neighbors and learn how to work together again.

Everyone is responsible. The Kaianereh’ko:wa doesn’t scapegoat the guy at the top. There is no guy at the top. There isn’t a top. There isn’t a bottom. The people are all together with all else in the circle of interdependent life on Mother Earth. The Kaianereh’ko:wa is pure democracy where each individual, all the relatives and nature are respected. Everybody is entitled to speak and be listened to. You never know where a good idea might come from, or who will tell the truth when all others are lying.

What’s in store.? Katrina showed us what will happen if we don’t reform the structure. We must return to the fundamental principles of justice. If nothing is done about the structure, society will break down.

Root Cause. The rule of law will change society if they address the constitutional jurisdiction question. Our case in the U.S. Supreme Court, number 05-165, addresses the root cause of the breakdown of the system. The Kaianereh’ko:wa is the origin of civil government and society which is the rule of law. This is not working right now. The judiciary allowed the structure to be created that allows people to take advantage of other people, contrary to the rule of law. Bush is a competitor. He takes advantage of the system. Scapegoating him instead of correcting the system is merely treating the symptom, not the cause.

Restructuring. The Kanien’ke:haka/Mohawk have been trying to get the system to address itself structurally. Bush is operating competitively within the system as it has been set up to operate. Should we continue taking pot shots at him? Or can we listen to the Kaianereh’ko:wa and the Indian message? We are trying to stop the genocide of Indigenous people. When we help re-establish the rule of law then genocide of others will stop too.

The Kaianereh’ko:wa represents something good about humans. It expresses the justice that is inherent in the natural world when it is based on responsibility for “all my relations”. The people are the final decision makers. If Bush makes mistakes, it is the people’s response to correct it by insisting that their judiciary do its job of upholding the constitution. The rule of law is based on the power and responsibility of all the people.

We are getting conflicted messages. The Kaianereh’ko:wa message of taking care of each other, and the mainstream message to take care of number one. The structure out there is not working. It produces scapegoats instead of structural reform.

Conclusion. Can we save people from themselves by correcting the system that produces and rewards such people? Is it our fault that this happened? We do have the ultimate power. We are the people. Our system of constitutional law and the rule of law is the solution. This is implemented by weaning the judiciary away from opportunism about what it wants the law to be, into respecting the law as it is. There is no point in a people having the rule of law if the people’s judiciary makes up the law as it goes along instead of taking the law as given by the people.

Kahentinetha Horn
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