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MNN. April 30, 2018. Carolyn Bennett, our great white auntie, is at the Hull casino feeding her spring chickens for the attempted onslaught of neo-colonial missiles against the natives. 



Carolyn Bennett and AFN Associates,
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
10 Wellington North Tower.
Gatineau QC K1A 0HA
1-819-997-0002. (toll-free): 1-800-567-9604.


Sa-te-hon-sios onen eso kwa-ro-ri ne ia te-ta-sa-nen-se-ra-ien ne ese on-ta-sa-non-ton ne-ni-onkwa-riwa-son-ha. Ia-te-skwenies ne ne ese tsi-ni-te-wase-rate-weh ne skennen. 

I am Kahentinetha, bear clan, kanionkehaka [Mohawk]. I live in kahnawake.

Since I was born I have been tewatatawi, sovereign, as creation intended. No one can have authority over me or deny me human rights, speak for me or represent me. kaianerekowa is the only way of great turtle island, based on being equal with everything in creation. My covenant is with the natural world. I follow the original instructions and live and survive by my instincts and knowledge.

You have no right to interfere with the lives of our people. In all your time here you have continuously tried to dispose of us. Policies such as the S-3 Indian Act Amendment and Private Members Bill 262, negotiated between the Corporation of Canada and their Indian Act puppets, are genocidal by design.

Canada may have convinced some foolish Indians to sell us out and extinguish our inherent rights, but we as sovereign people are not on the market. You and your AFN are illegitimate and do not hold jurisdiction as negotiators of our rights. In trying to establish any other way than the kaianerekowa, you Indians have forfeited your native name, land and birthright.

The Two Row wampum is an agreement with creation that mandates mutual respect for our inherent sovereignty. Canada is violating this agreement of co-existence and has no power or authority over us and our lands. Those that violate this agreement must leave turtle island. Yours and their voice are meaningless. You cannot set boundaries or punish me for expressing my life.

Our land and all that is upon it is ours by creation. Like the natural world, only the people are sovereign. My clan and family membership of the tekentiokwanhoxta, the 49 original families, are the basis of rotin’shonni sovereignty. I speak the language of my ancestors who gave the instructions by which I relate to all my relations. I am the sovereign. You, Carolyn, and your associates must explain to me how you will live according to the kaianerekowa to my satisfaction.

You can’t stand in the way of justice for a sovereign human being who is exercising a natural right to exist. Our mother, animals, trees, fish, birds and any other living things are not subject to your artificial cruel laws. The world is naturally free. The original people worldwide are naturally free. Everything on earth is naturally free. That’s creation’s design so that all life can live in freedom and peace. 

Those of you who sold yourselves out, my message to you is no matter how much the invaders have paid you or promised you, we will always teach our children who they are and to watch out for people like you.

The signatures of the agents of the Corporation of Canada are fraudulent. Co-signers to our ongoing genocide left the canoe and have joined the invaders on their ship.   

Your Corporation of Canada is breaching our birthright. Necessary measures shall be taken. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Kanion’ke:haka of the rotino’shonni:onwe:

People of the past, present and future:






AFN is the government assembled playground of the warped. Assembly of First Nations, 55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1600, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5, Telephone: 613-241-6789, Toll-Free: 1-866-869-6789, Fax:  613-241-5808, Website:

For $50 anyone can attend the conference at the Hilton Lac Leamy CASINO and ask questions about these Indian Affairs/AFN genocide plans for us. SIGN UP:  WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? 



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MNN. April 29, 2018. Great White Auntie Carolyn Bennett, who runs the INDIAN day care called Indian Affairs, has called for a secret meeting of her female death squad for Monday, April 30, at the Hull casino. She will be distributing the weapons of war to the Assembly of First Nations AFN, national, provincial, territorial and band/tribal goon squads. She gives the order for the massacre to shoot and shut the native people up once and for all. Most of these sadists will do it without hesitation to prove to their serial killer masters they are just like them.


Auntie Carolyn wants to lure the religious Handsome Lake longhouses to join the butchery. They aren’t saying anything against it. They’re on the fence waiting to see what happens.


Hitler had many Jewish collaborators, soldiers, SS officers, designers of the concentration camps and hangers on to carry out the holocaust. He executed many of them: “If you can do that to your own people, then what can I expect from you?” Hitler marvelled at how well the Americans got rid of their “Indian problem” [Wasichu].

Hey, Injuns, you’ve been got! You are always running to your house of cards [casinos] which is blowing away.


Auntie’s password is, “Money-is-the-kiss-of-death. You shall dig a big hole into which native bodies will be dropped after the execution”. We know who the slimy cutthroats are.

We have a mighty breath and a great memory. After they’re gone, and peace and freedom reigns, Barry Manilow will be singing our song: “Oh my music makes you dance. And gives you spirit to take a chance. And I wrote some rock ‘n’ roll so you can move. Music fills your heart. Well, that’s a real fine place to start. It’s from me it’s for you. It’s from you, it’s for me. It’s a worldwide symphony. I write the songs that make the whole world sing. I write the songs of love and special things. I write the songs that make the young girls cry. I write the songs, I write the songs.”

Listen to Ma Takes On The Toronto Telegram from Coffee With My Ma in Podcasts. 

Iroquois Nations hold summit to talk about who, and who shouldn’t belong MOHAWK SELL-OUTS TO MEET WITH GREAT WHITE AUNTIE CAROLYN BENNETT

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AFN is the government assembled playground of the warped. Assembly of First Nations, 55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1600, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5, Telephone: 613-241-6789, Toll-Free: 1-866-869-6789, Fax:  613-241-5808, Website:

For $50 anyone can attend the conference at the Hilton Lac Leamy CASINO and ask questions about these Indian Affairs/AFN genocide plans for us. SIGN UP:  WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? 

AUNTIE CAROLYN: Email: mi******@aa*********.ca. Mail: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. 10 Wellington North Tower. Gatineau QC K1A 0H4. Phone: 1-819-997-0002. Phone (toll-free): 1-800-567-9604.




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MNN. July 4, 2015. The Great Peace showed that we are not independent unless we understand how we are dependent and how we can come to one mind. July 4th is a religious day to show how to worship the Golden Calf, the falsest god, and to celebrate being owned by the corporation of the United States of America.

The endless hunger.

The endless hunger.


Our land was invaded by people trying to repeat the same success and use the same means as the billionaires of their original country. They arrived sick and diseased. The Great Peace had us pity them. We took care of them, clothed and fed them and healed their bodies but not their minds. They exploited our kindness. Some got rich. US society and laws worked for the rich but not for the poor. Their dependence will continue until Americans face up to the truth of their origins: war, genocide, theft, destruction of our land, imposition of the false party system to replace the clan system, the monetization of everything to create big banks to control all the money. Independence can only come from justice. They have to face us!

Ability to reason has been kept from these people. July 4th is a party to mask the poverty of their illusion. No wonder it is the biggest drunk of the year. The slaves get a day off. Eat hot dogs at the baseball game amid drunken hysteria, millions will be spent on fireworks while the homeless and a quarter of the children in the US go hungry. There will be arguing, fighting and killings. No one is safe. People will be wallowing in the muck of this lie, trying desperately to forget the illusion they live in.

True US believer!

True US believer!

The Americans think you can build a healthy society without being responsible to anyone but themselves. They love tyranny which they will turn to their own use. To change the system we must cut out the heart, which are the City of London and Wall Street. 13,000 men came and chopped down the tree of peace at Onondaga to break the Great Peace and to break the spirit of our people. They failed. They think in things and we think in ideas which can’t be killed. Their Aristotle knew this. Last year his tree, which was preserved, was cut down for firewood because of their corporatism.

Canada is the preferred system for the new world because the slaves believe they are free even while they know they are not. In the US everyone has guns to free themselves, but they too are not free.

The corrupt Congress does not have to pretend to take care of the people anymore. The economy that benefits the !% is put above societal needs. They get the profit. The people pay off their debts.

Party til the end.

Party at the end of the world.

The Romans had theatres to divert the minds of the people, where the poor were entertained and could eat even while they had to starve at home. This is July 4th!

When kasatstensera kowa sa oiera [the great natural power] came, there was a true independence day. Common sense showed how we would share and understand our dependence as creatures upon all living things. We then could be truly independent.

Chris Chistopherson [Me and Bobby McGree] sang that: “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose, And nothin’ left was all she left to me, Feelin’ good was easy, Lord, when Bobby sang the blues, And buddy, that was good enough for me. Good enough for me and Bobby McGee”. Of course, he’s an American who understands that their system is broken.

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US built on ongwe’hon:weh graveyard.

Chilling Pentagon war manual.

Great Law in Syria.