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MNN. Apr. 11, 2015. Quebecoise refuse to be victims of hard fascism. The students are resisting the corporate elite’s oppressive laws, austerity measures and high cost of living. Quebec’s P6 bylaw requires protesters to give their itinerary, or pay $640 ticket or jail time. They will be driven out of Quebec in buses and put in forced labor camps. Eventually others will be recruited into combat for Canada’s coming wars.

"Here's a one-way ticket for Vancouver!"

“Here’s a one-way ticket for Vancouver!”


CANSOFCOM is a private mercenary army, the former Blackwater. Department of National Defense says Canada hires them to save money. JTF2 is Canada’s version of “Delta Force”. While the Canadian special operations regiment CSOR is the “Green Berets” of the Canadian air force. Both fall under the command of CANSOFCOM.

SQ: "Support our strike or else!!"

SQ: “Support our strike or else!!”


Harper’s brainwashing program is targeting 10 to 18 year olds, just like the Hitler Youth Program. Boys trained for military service and girls for motherhood for the fatherland. They learn to follow all orders and never question any orders. Also, marching, bayonet drills, grenade throwing, trench digging, map reading, how to get under barbed wire fencing and other military tactics. All for the bankers who want war.

Harper's compulsory youth programming.

Harper’s compulsory youth programming.

“Violent Aboriginal extremists” defenders of the people and the land are targeted. The language of Harper’s anti-terror C51 could lump the entire community that takes direct action against oil companies as extremists. For example, the defenders of Burnaby Mountain went against Kinder Morgan. The entire community of Burnaby could be put under Martial law.

Since the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal the Quebecois agreed to live peacefully and sustainably, with the ongwe’hon:weh, based on the teio’ha:the, [Two Row Wampum]. They committed themselves to help us spread the peace to the world. Finally the students are doing this.

The solution to the settler colonial problem. After removal of the Indian act, there will be a one state solution. Everything reverts to ongwe’hon:weh, under our law. Everyone can live here according to the natural law, sustainably, forever. Dekanawida said, “It is everyone’s business to stop the shedding of blood among human beings”.

Alice Cooper could be one of the students as he sings: “Lines form on my face and hands. Lines form from the ups and downs. I’m in the middle without any plans. I’m a boy and I’m a man. I’m 18 and I don’t know what I want. 18, I gotta get away. I gotta get out of this place”. 


Corporate threats.

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Hitler Youth visits Wales.

Kostowi clad youth under arrest.

TwoRow & Venezuela Venezuelan ambassador visits Mohawks.


mnnlogo1MNN. Sept. 15, 2013. The settlers are restless! Corporation of Quebec Premier, Pauline Marois, has issued her “Charter of Values” that her people must follow and how her political opponents will be eliminated. The rest of Canada has already put this program in motion. The state sets the values to which everyone is subordinated. Labor unions, monopolies, industrialists, party bureaucrats and civil servants are placed under state authoritarian control. The corporate hierarchy of war is strengthened.  The masses support the regime in exchange for jobs. Between 1925 and 1938 Italian fascist leader, Benito Mousselini, tried this. He failed. turban

A colonial war of conquest among the settlers is being declared. Society is anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Immigrant. The corporation’s greatest fear is that the land and resources are owned by the Indigenous. It is the only economic base for Quebec’s and Canada’s existence. War is declared to eliminate us, our ties to our land and resources, funds and rights.

We did not see these values 20,000 years ago.

These national values weren’t on Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island 20,000 years ago!

The state is in the midst of social, economic and political decay. Everyone exists for the state, which is going to provide everything for a price. Canada is in the final stage of full-blown fascism as defined by artificial political scientists and pseudo historians. People are being prepared to conduct an imperial war to annihilate all Indigenous nations, with force, murder, terrorism and coercion. Of course, their corporate band council/tribal and national Injuns will give them a helping hand.

pauline & usBig business is defended. The masses must give up their right to strike, lock-outs and protests. Nationalistic slogans and images bombard their media. In 1936, a Hitler Youth anthem summed up Nazism’s fatal view, that, “The Swastika brings salvation on Earth.”

Mohawks and Six Nations had no crosses on top of Mount Royal before the arrival of these Euro-centric fascist settlers!

People power works, then and now. Don’t be fooled. Pauline Marois sure has a bleak future for us women: “And wheel the wheel by day/So by night I feel so weary that I never get out to play”.Betty Hutton: Sewing Machine Song.

Read about Italian Fascism. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v04/v04p–5_Whisker.html

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Read about Italian Fascism. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v04/v04p–5_Whisker.html