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MNN. AUG. 7, 2015. Quebec is once again trying to force their colonial jurisdiction over the kanion’ke:haka [Mohawk] tobacco industry. They are trying to eliminate the Mohawks as competition in the tobacco trade. The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. MCK pretend to resist while trying to regulate us on behalf of the CROWN. We are not to participate in the tobacco business, which the government want to totally control so they can charge $10 a pack. Tobacco is the most important medicine on ono’ware:geh.Quebec tries to ban cigaret sales Kahnawake.

smoke issue heating up.

The CROWN tells their incorporated INDIANS they have to replace the funding from Indian Affairs who stole our Indian Trust Funds. They want the council to regulate us and then collect taxes from our businesses and then from everything else, to totally assimilate us.

The MCK gives a false impression that they are protecting our rights to do business. They have been told to take control like Haudenosaunee Development Institute Inc. HDI is attempting at Six Nations. In 1997 the Onondaga council of chiefs tried and failed to work out the same deal with New York State to control businesses in all our communities. Our resistance lead to the military operation known as the “Indian Detail”, which is now proceeding in NYS court.

Canada is not a legal country as defined by the 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States. There’s no language called “Canadian”. They use England and France’s languages and continue to occupy our land. They masquerade Canada as a real country to the world. US and Canada know we will never submit to anyone.

We want 2 bags of cigarets with the blue rings.

We want 10 bags of cigarettes  cause we can’t afford the government’s $10 a pack. We have to feed our kids, you know!

Joe Norton and the other chiefs were created in 1924 by uber evil colonialist, Duncan Campbell Scott. These chiefs of the Mohawks at Kahnawake, should look at what they serve. Fascist Queenie. The CROWN to whom they swear allegiance is the poison which creates deceptions, lies and residential school [death camps]. The council is the tool that makes the evil possible among us. They copy the Vatican male hierarchical system so they can run our communities with one person telling everyone else what to do based on the European control models. Admiralty rules and military trained police protect them.

Kahnawake is supposed to become a replica of the slave state white society. MCK swears allegiance to the CROWN. They and their followers are carrying out the final solution to the “INDIAN problem”. A Mohawk businessman said: “Any INDIAN who falls for this crap can go f—k themselves!” paddling canoe

As the late Johnny Winter and his brother, Edgar, sing about growing up in the tobacco business: “I was born in a trunk. Momma died and daddy got drunk. Left me here to die alone, in the middle of Tobacco Road. Grew up in a rusty shack. All I owned was hanging on my back. Only you know how I loathe this place called Tobacco Road.”

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Sovereign Smoke Up.

Trouble at the smoke shack.



Alberta oil spill bigger than Kalanazoo.






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MNN. APR. 24, 2014. Our representation is based on the law of the land, the constitution of the Rotino’shonni:onwe, known as the Great Law of Peace. On May 18, 1997 over 100 of us were peacefully having a traditional tobacco burning ceremony in Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy. At 3.00 pm almost 200 specially trained New York State Troopers viciously attacked us. Many of us were severely injured, hospitalized and others were jailed.

New York State Troopers attack women, children, babies, men at Onondaga on May 18, 1997.

New York State Troopers attack women, children, babies, men at Onondaga on May 18, 1997.

Lawyers saw this unprovoked attack on the news. They came running to represent us pro bono, among them Terrance Hoffman of Syracuse and Morvillo Abramowitz of New York City. No agreement was ever made to pay Hoffman who offered to represent 52 plaintiffs. They all thought it was a “slam dunk”. 17 years have passed. Some of the plaintiffs accepted New York State’s offer to take money and not pursue a trial. Others refused and want the criminals tried. It must now proceed.

Terrance Hoffmann is dropping some of us for having an “unabashed political agenda”!! NYS exercised its political agenda by trying to beat us into submission and getting away with it. He is asking for an order for payment of his fees for the last 16 years!

Judge Lowe: "Now kids, if the trial proceeds, you might get $1."

Judge Lowe: “Now kids, if the trial proceeds, you might get $1.”

In April 2008 Judge George Lowe at a closed hearing found compelling evidence that the police should be found guilty and we would win if it went to trial. He advised New York State to push for a settlement. Our ambulance chasing lawyer is filing a motion to drop some of us. He wants a divorce for “irreconcilable differences” and an “utter breakdown of our relationship”! Undue pressure is being put on us to settle so the lawyers can profit from the settlement at our expense. The cops and NYS will try to get away with criminality. We have until May 19 2014 to file our side with Magistrate Therese Wiley Dancks at US District Court.

Hoffman’s legalese wants his reasons to be kept secret. He’s still our lawyer and advises us to find someone else or represent ourselves [pro se].

Maj. Wiley Dancks: "Too bad some of those Onondagas won't listen to anyon!"

Mag. Wiley Dancks: “Too bad some of those Onondagas won’t listen to anyone!”

At the October 16, 2013 meeting in Syracuse attended by almost 100 of our people, Dancks, Hoffman and Lowe directed threats at us if we turn down the settlement. Lowe talked at us disrespectfully, like kindergarten children. He represents the best interests of parties that were not there whose reputation and authority were at stake. Throughout Hoffman rarely gave us information. We want the criminals to be accountable. Hoffman never discussed trial strategies. The lawyers ran the show and wanted us to agree with them. All these years our people were never allowed to sit together to talk about our case. This motion confirms our suspicion. The conflict of interest was on their part, looking out for their own interests, not ours. We were made to think we had no right to refuse the NYS offer or change our mind. We have not abandoned our claim.

Hoffman & Hoffman Inc.

Hoffman & Hoffman Inc.

Hoffman is what we call “Te’hari’wa’kwen:ton”, meaning his thinking is flat, on the ground, dead, without life. Lawyers are not supposed to turn against their clients. There is no way we can get a fair trial in the Admiralty [Vatican] court. Presently the Wampum Belts found in Russia opens the way for a fair and impartial hearing in the International Court of Arbitration.

To find out what’s going on contact: Terrance J. Hoffman, 4629 Onondaga Boulevard, Syracuse NY 13219-3390, [315] 471-4107 Fax [305] 471-6701; and Magistrate Therese Wiley Dancks at US District Court, 100 South Clinton St., P.O. Box 7367, Syracuse N 13261-7367; Judge George H. Lowe, Of Counsel,, Syracuse, NY, (315) 218-8540, (315) 218-8100 fax.

Case Re: U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York, Civil Action No.: 98-CV – 374 [FJS][MWD]. Andrew Jones, et al vs. Parmley, et al.

Interview on Voice of Russia on NYS Court Case, Part 1.  Tekarontake: “We will never get justice in US Courts”.   Part 2.

See Youtube: NYS Troopers beating at Onondaga.

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MNN. Sept. 9, 2013. The Indian Trust Fund was set up in 1704. In 1867 and 1876 the Corporations of Canada and US were set up under Admiralty Law of the Seas and illegally placed on our land. Canada made itself the illegal trustee of our funds and calls giving us a few cents of our own money “sharing revenue from Indigenous resources”. Canada covers its debt from the ever growing $390 trillion Indian Trust Fund. 

Scrooge: "Hey, Indians! You ain't never gettin' it back!

Scrooge: “Hey, Indians! You ain’t never gettin’ it back!” [He thinks.]

A meeting took place in 2004 between Indigenous lawyer Art Manual and Naomi Klein and Wall Street’s Standard and Poors.  Poors is the credit agent that issues Canada’s top notch AAA rating to assure investors that the country can pay its debt. Indigenous people, land,  resources and funds are Canada’s economy. Poors agreed. “Sure, the entire debt is owed to you, but what army will enforce it? How are you going to get it from us?” 

Canada's credit getting flushed.

Canada’s credit getting flushed.

Instead of paying it, Canada has developed plans to “eliminate” the Indigenous obstacle, with the help of their incorporated band/tribal council and national “Injun” sell-outs.  

Bankers don’t want to come out of their high rise boardrooms to meet with us in the bush to talk about paying their full debt to us. 

In 2005 we objected to various mega projects like the Northern New York power grid and St. Lawrence Seaway expansion on our land. We sent copies of the objections to the stock exchanges of the world telling them that we are the natural people who never ceded our land and resources anytime anywhere on Great Turtle Island. Thus anyone raising money by putting up our land and resources as collateral for investment is committing fraud. Stock exchanges are bound to protect their investors. The NYS energy grid and Seaway expansion have not taken place. 

Obama: "We gotta get this war going!"

Obama: “We gotta get this war going!”

US has to start a war to “save” its economy! The world is onto this scam. 

$50 Cent tells it like it is with those gangsta’s on Wall Street: “I got a lot of living to do before I die
And/I ain’t got time to waste”. 50 Cent. “Wangsta”. 

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