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MNN. July 21, 2014. When we screamed and cried while 150 million of us were massacred, no country stood up for us. Were they all in on it? To stop us from bringing the Great Peace to the world; chemicals, diseases, weapons of mass destruction, starvation, every means was used to exterminate us. Genocide is genocide, then and now.

A "Smoke Dancing" Iroquois woman!

A “Smoke Dancing” Iroquois woman!

In February 2003 the Mohawk Women of Kahnawake told the world about women’s power to maintain peace:

Moccasin Makers and War Breakers.

Moccasin Makers and War Breakers: A call to action by the women of the world. We have the power to stop the war!” Before the men can go to war, the women must make their moccasins.” 

Women of the world can be moccasin makers an war breakers!

Women of the world can be moccasin makers and war breakers!


The corporatists need constant war, murder and death to exist. They are trying to annihilate the natural sovereigns of the land, especially those who strive to stop war and genocide. The corporate control grid of 51% dictating to the other 49% is in contrast to the 100% consensus on all issues, must be maintained or the war will be over and the corporations will go broke.

Canada is a military corporation. The British royalty planned the creation of Israel in Palestine in 1917 [Balfour Declaration]. We Indigenous are naturally connected to our part of the earth magnetically and electrically. Those who are not easily violate the natural laws of our Mother. Every child in Gaza is crying. Who hears them? The Mohawk women of Kahnawake do! We do not sit on lawn chairs and cheer as the military murder the children, as though it’s a game at the ball park.

Dekanawida came to put an end to war. He said, “Love a stranger like a friend, and love a friend like family”.

The Palestinians are being genocided by Israel for defending themselves on their own inherent land. We Ongwehonwe are seeing how the perpetrators committed genocide on us. Iran is standing up for Palestinians, just as they stood up for us in 1923 when we wanted to join the League of Nations to bring the Great Peace to the world. This was the second time we tried after our 1710 International Peace Conference in London.

Canada and Israel, as colonies of Britain, cannot hear the children crying. Only the women of the world can and have to!

Brave Palestine children and their mothers!

Brave Palestine children and their mothers!

As Michael Jackson sings: “There comes a time when we heed a certain call, when the world must come together as one. There are people dying and it’s time to lend a hand to life, the greatest gift of all.” “We are the world!”

Forgotten arguments of Deskaheh.

PM Harper’s statement on Gaza.

Balfour Declaration.

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MNN. July 17, 2014. The Templars/Zionists invaded Jerusalem during the Christian crusades in 1099. For 88 years, as illegal money changers, they took over the Temple of Solomon and committed debauchery and brutality against the Palestinian Indigenous people. Saladin, a general of the Muslim army, drove them out. In 1192 they landed in Crete. In 1307, they were supposedly outlawed permanently by the Pope and King of France. They sought refuge in Switzerland. The Swiss flag still bears the Templar cross.saladin

One thousand years later the Templars through their English partners went back to Jerusalem and created Israel. As history teachers say, “If you do not know your history, you are bound to repeat it”. They are killing Palestinians as they have done every thousand years since killing Jesus. Today the Israelis bring their lawn chairs and watch the slaughter, cheering and clapping when Palestianian children, women and men are blasted to pieces. Like the slaughters of Ongwehonwe at Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Black Hawk, Buffalo Creek, Trail of Tears, Washington’s Ohio Valley Massacre and hundreds of others, Israelis confine the Indians to small areas and turn their gatling guns on them.

"Remember, after mow down the people, we're suppose to hide these gatling guns!"

“Remember, after we mow the People down, we’re suppose to hide these guns!”


United States legalized serial killing by bringing this mindset to Great Turtle Island. They planned to exterminate all Indigenous people. No countries stood up for us. History seems to be repeating in Palestine. Israelis are openly carrying out genocide on mainstream media. They are trying to make genocide legal with the backing of Prime Minister Harper and President Obama. Canada and the United States are both corporations based on the legalization of genocide.


Some Israelis have the same passion for murder of Indigenous women. The strategy was, “Kill the women as they have the Indian babies!” Ayelet Shaked, of the Israeli government, calls the Palestinians “terrorists”, that they should all be killed. She calls for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes”. They have to die and their houses demolished so they cannot bear any more terrorists. She call for the genocide of anyone they decide is an “enemy” of the corporate agenda. Gaza has been set back to the Middle ages.

History repeats. Who will be the next Saladin to kick the Templars out of Jerusalem again? The humming, screeching and blasting of Mother Earth are clues to her coming frequency changes. She will balance everything.

Custer's last stand, 1876.

Custer’s last stand, 1876.


As Shirley Bassey reminds us: “The word is about, there’s something evolving, whatever may come, the world keeps revolving. They say the next big thing is here, that the revolution is near, but to me it seems quite clear that it’s all just a little bit of history repeating”. Shirley Bassett. “History Repeats”.


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Read: Iroquoian Women, the Gantowisas. B. Mann. Peter Lang. NY. 2000.

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Video: Knights Templar.

Knights Templar documentary.

Iran to stand with Palestinians.

Canada’s surveillance of Indigenous.