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MNN. Jan. 28, 2016. The Rotino’shonni [Iroquois] and Russia have a binding alliance that goes back to 1710. Five chiefs went to Queen Anne’s Court in London to meet with the 13 families. It was the world’s first international peace conference on the law of the land of Great Turtle Island Initiated by us. Wampums were presented to each family. Tsar Peter the Great of Russia took the wampums and our message back to Russia.

Sent by onkwe'hon:weh to Court of Queen Anne to teach 13 families about kaia'nere:kowa, Great Law of Peace.

Sent by onkwe’hon:weh to Court of Queen Anne in 1710 to teach 13 families about kaia’nere:kowa, Great Law of Peace.

Canada threatens ancient mohawk allies of Russia [MNN April 2014/04/18]. Belts are in the Peter the Great Museum of Archaeology in St. Petersburg. An alliance was established between rotino’shonni and the Russians. As our alliance provides, we always stand by our allies. In both World War I and World War II as sovereign non-Americans and non-Canadians, we declared war on Germany. onkwe’hon:weh declare war on Germany. 

1942 onkwe'hon:weh present to Russian ambassador for Stalin. In 1918 we declared war on Germany. Since we were not included in the 1919 Peace Treaty, we simply renewed our Declaration of War in 1942 and included Italy and Japan as our enemies. The Six Nations (Mohawks, Oneida, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Tuscarora) declared war on the Axis Powers. rotino’shonni went to war and risked their lives to fight imperialism and Nazism. They returned to ono’are:ekeh, Great Turtle Island, and the genocide continues.

Angus Horn of Kahnawake was a spokesperson on the occasion in 1942.

Angus Horn of Kahnawake was a spokesperson on the occasion in 1942.

In 1942 Joseph Stalin was presented with a present to remind him of our ancient alliance. It is in the Moscow State Museum of Contemporary Political history.



100 million onkwe’hon:weh were annihilated on orders of the Vatican. Russia never participated in the biggest holocaust in all humanity. They have announced that they are building an acknowledgement of the “North American Indian Holocaust”. It will stand next to the US Embassy in Moscow. Had they not stolen this they would not exist.

Confederacy flag should be flown as US is on onkwe'hon:weh land.

In this proposed acknowledgement by Russia, we want our view represented as those who continue to protect the kaia’nere:kowa, the Great Law of Peace, on this land. The Papal Bulls of the Vatican gave the impression that God gave them the right to get away with all crimes. The Jesuits worked with the British under the direction of the Vatican to carry out this holocaust, the biggest in all humanity. The corporations of US and Canada base their illegal existence on this act. The world has to acknowledge and act upon pressuring them to take full responsibility and right the wrongs they have committed. They must stop standing in the way of kaia’nereh:kowa flourishing throughout the world and establishing a true world peace.

The corporate INDIANS known as tribal and band councils do not represent us. For background read: “1492” by Charles C. Mann, “A little matter of genocide” by Ward Churchill and “Stolen Continents by Ronald Wright”.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington and Indian Affairs in Ottawa are the operation centers to continue the CROWN’s goal of 100% eradication of the onkwe’hon:weh population throughout the Western Hemisphere. Against all odds, we are still here protecting the peace, which is still the law of this land, no matter what the shareholders of the corporations, the banksters, say.

onkwe'hon:weh symbol for world peace.

onkwe’hon:weh symbol for world peace.


As the prophet, Jimi Hendrix, reminds us: ”Oh, remember the mockingbird who use to sing for his supper babe. He use to sing for his dinner babe. He use to sing so sweet. But since my baby left me he ain’t sang a tune all day. Remember, the blue birds and the honey bees …” [Remember] JIMI HENDRIX: “REMEMBER”.

Russia to honor onkwe’hon:weh victims of US holocaust.

Russia Today on onkwe’hon:weh memorial.

Food & medicine soon unobtainable.

Europeans experience their treatment of onkwe’hon:weh.

Video. Chris Hedges: Death of US cities.

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MNN. January 1, 2014.  The natural calendar was usurpt and replaced with a corporate artificial one! Our calendar tied us our mother earth in the natural cycles of 13 moons and 28 days. To perfect the “divide and conquer” strategy, the Vatican had to first separate the people from natural time. In 1634 the new world order began. Natural thinking and the earth had to be enslaved mentally and physically.

Pope Greg: "We can steal anything, even time!"

Pope Greg: “We can steal anything, even time!”

To take away people’s freedom Pope Gregory decreed the implementation of the Gregorian Calendar that we are all using to this day. This calendar was imposed upon every person in the world to take us off natural time. Artificial schedules were created for sleeping, eating, working, taking holidays, paying taxes, etc.   

In Latin sol is the sun and sistere is “to stand still”. The seasonal movement of the Sun’s path comes to a stop before reversing direction. In the North the summer solstice is when the sun appears at the highest point in the sky from June 17th to 24th. On the 25th it goes down one degree and continue down until it reaches it lowest point on December 17th.  summer-solsticeThe sun stands still for eight days [solstice]. On December 25th it rises one degree to signal the beginning of the new year in natural time. The solstice is a phenomenon that occurs twice per year when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky and will stay there for eight days before reversing direction.

We won’t be free until we return to natural time. The dissolution of “owistah”, a disease of the mind, will happen soon after the return to the natural calendar. The Christian calendar is the rope around our necks. It’s meant to rape and pillage our mother earth while we are so disconnected we don’t even notice.  

Good for the rest of the world that the Indigenous have maintained our ceremonies based on the natural timetable. May all of us have a good ride on this next spin of our Mother Earth.mayan calendar  

Jimi Hendrix is saying the time will come soon when we will hear all living plants and animals on earth again. “Oh, remember the blue-birds and the honey bees/They used to sing for the sunshine/Yes they used to sing for the honey, baby/They used to sing so sweet/But a since my baby left me they ain’t sang a tune all day” Jimi Hendrix. “Remember”.

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