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MNN. Jan. 10, 2019. The enemy within  are the Indian Act chiefs in our communities, bought and paid for by the corporation of Canada. On October 25, 1924 the true original people of turtle island were illegally dispossessed of their governmental structures and all their lands, at gunpoint.  The Indian Lands Acts unlawfully seized our lands and gave it to the provinces for resource extraction.   


For P.R. purposes native sell-out actors were put into the role of chiefs. The Indian Act, the bankers and the church put an invisible line around us, calling the prisoner of war death camps “reserves” where we were forced to live until we no longer exist as the true native people of turtle island. The one hundred year business plan implemented in October 1924 is slated for completion in October 2024. With the natives penned, and not allowed to farm or hunt, they could starve us into submission, and they did. 

An RCMP Indian agent was installed at the gate. We were herded like cattle into the POW camps all across Canada on that day. Those who ran away were deemed to be non-Indians by Indian Affairs, their properties illegally confiscated. The settlers immediately moved onto our lands, which we never ceded. 


Bounties were put on the heads of any native man, woman or child. Our bones were buried in the middle of our communities where we were murdered. The settlers built their towns over top of the bones of our ancestors.   

The fences were removed in the 1960s. The traitors took on the dual role of pretend chief and Indian agent. The band council’s script continues to be to help the settler colonialists to finish the business plan and be rid of us. Trudeau is pushing RIGHT NOW new legislation to achieve this end. Their act is to missionize, christianize, socialize, minimize; legislate, assimilate; economize, genocide. 


Only christians were on the councils. The churches sent in the Jesuits who brought in the army of settlers to remove and kill the natives and settle on our lands. The churches with the help of the “chiefs” carried out the murders of our children in residential schools and to kidnap our babies and children in the 1960s scoop. The band councillors are on the front line of the war against us. 

The traitors carry out the genocide program. All the Indians participating in the 51% majority rules Indian Act band elections have the mind disease called “owistah’, which causes the priority thought to go from “we” to “me”. 


Today the traitors mock their counterparts in Ottawa by lying and deceiving us constantly. The time has come to return to one day before October 25th 1924 and abolish the illegal Indian Lands Acts. They have to deal with us as a people directly. Now they deal with corruptible individuals appointed by them.    

The women are the life givers who continue to carry out their duties. The men’s responsibility is to care for the water, land, air, animals, birds, insects, and protect the women and children in the communities and all our relations everywhere on turtle island. 

Protection of our mother is in our subconscious put in our minds by our ancestors.  The band councillors sold their birthright and are no longer onkwehonweh. 

We have always had the right to exercise the free use and enjoyment of this land and all that is upon it, as was designed by creation. The invaders and their puppet Indian Act band councils are trying to convince everybody that our rights are within the artificial borders that were created by the foreigners and guarded by the military. More force is being used on us because of our opposition to the raping and pillaging of our mother and all that is natural upon her.

The corporate system is organized crime that starts from the Vatican, British Crown, Canada, provinces and the band councils. 

Yes, band council and all the helpers of the invaders are otsinonwaksen, bad creatures in every way.  We will not betray our ancestors and future people. We were not brought here on a ship. Creation placed us on our mother. 

Judas Priest talks about solutions for social problems: “You can look to left, and look to the right. But you will live in danger tonight. When the enemy comes, he will never be heard. He’ll blow your mind and not say a word. Blinding lights. Flashing colors. Sleepless nights. If the man with the power can’t keep it under control, some heads are gonna roll”. 


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