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MNN. June 24, 2013. Why did Kanienkehaka/Mohawk power break down? Our men were weakened by the deliberate social and political breakdown, alcoholism, war, poor physical and mental health, teachings of pacifism, movement restrictions, loss of lands and economic rights. Traditionally Haudenosaunee women speak out and question everything.  We are the inherent holders of the land for the coming generations. We create peace by regulating war. None can be called until the women try three times to achieve a peaceful solution. We appoint the warriors, define the conflict and negotiate peace. When the newcomers realized that Haudenosaunee chiefs acted on the recommendations of the women based on the consensus of the people, they set out to break these power bonds. A policy was developed to deal with men only on land, political and trade issues. 

Indigenous women face cultural & lifestyle changes. They dispense wisdom and reason.

Indigenous women face cultural & lifestyle changes. They still dispense wisdom and reason.

The tie to the earth is through the women. The men protect these connections. The strong female role as the foundation of Haudenosaunee society was uprooted. The male dominated hierarchical system took its toll on all the people. The invaders are educated to not hear or see us. Women as the progenitors of the soil were forced by policy to be subservient to the men. will not reform

European men felt uneasy about dealing with women, especially in relation to land and resource holdings. Indigenous female power bonds were a major obstacle. The matrilocal communal land holding system was targeted for destruction. A new regime of land held by a few foreign bankers and corporate entities was set in place to conform to the European hierarchical world view. 

To oppress our women is to oppress all of us. The “She No Speak” colonial system is rigid, punitive, demeaning and self-deprecating towards women. We are not supposed to question male authority. 

Europeans broke the women’ power through non-native religious influence and the Indian Act and Federal Indian Law passed by the colonists. These violations of the rule of law forced us in a subservient position to our men in our relations with the colonists. The major underpinnings of Kanienkehaka sovereignty were undermined.  

she no speakWe survived a holocaust. Our views, duties and responsibilities do not need to be validated by their foreign  tribal and band council Injun accomplices. The balance between men and women is the ultimate reason we are still here and an important people today. As Aretha Franklin points out: “I get tired [just a little bit], keep on trying [just a little bit]” even though everybody knows who we are! “Respect”

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MNN. May 13, 2013. Montreal’s South Shore mayors are reeling. Quebec’s Parti Québécois government returned 300 hectares of stolen land to the Kahnawake Mohawks. The mayor of Châteauguay said the land belongs to them as they  stole it twice and expect to be compensated! This is the first time since Confederation that land was returned to us. Coming soon is the 45,000 acre Seigneury of Sault St. Louis land. On it are some of the following cities: Chateauguay, St-Constant, St-Isidore, LaPrairie, Candiac, St-Remi, St. Catherine, Montreal, Lachine, LaSalle and the river bed of the Kaniatarowano/St. Lawrence. pawn shop

The Seigneury claim is based on a 1680 fraudulent land grant to the Jesuits by the French King, Louis XIV. It wasn’t his to give. The Jesuits were sent over to kill off all the Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere. The French moved onto the Seigneury because the ‘arrogant’ Mohawks wouldn’t work for foreigners plowing their own land. The Jesuits gave it away, leased or sold it, except for 13,000 acres where Kahnawake is located.

Jesuit Wolves: "Louis, those Mohawks just won't plow the land & work for us for nothing"!

Our Kanionkehaka/Mohawk territories includes the island of Montreal and extends south to the Mohawk River Valley, the Finger Lakes west to the Ohio, northerly to Lake Superior and back to Lake St. Louis. Our vast tract is accessible through a wide ring of rivers known as the great rivers of the Iroquois: Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Richeleiu, Lake Champlain, Hudson, Mohawk. We always occupied our territory and were always governed by our constitution, the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace. 

Louis XIV: "The Mohawks said there's nothing to negotiate. Just give it back!"

Louis XIV: “The Mohawks said there’s nothing to negotiate. Just give it back and get out!”

The Jesuit corporation, the storm troopers of the Catholic Church, was formed under the Papal Doctrine of Discovery. Fraudulent “Indian Title” was created that we have no sovereign title but a mere use of our land! This formed the basis of their illegal occupancy and theft of our land and resources and their campaign of genocide. 

The 1701 Great Peace of Montreal was not a land surrender. It was a peace treaty giving the French the right to live here as long as they lived by the principles of the Two Row Wampum. They agreed and then breached it, making them illegal occupiers of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island. In 1763 the Crown forbade colonial governors from making grants or purchases of Indian lands all over North America. 

The British North America Act 1867, sections 109 and 132 confirm our nation-to-nation relationship with the Crown; and that the Corporation of Canada and its provinces must respect our “prior interests” to our funds, land and resources. Violating international law, the Indian Act 1876 declared we were not “persons”, to steal our ever-growing $80.9 trillion Indian Trust Fund and our resources. The Corporation of Canada masquerades as a constitutional democracy. It is an “autocracy” that changes the rules to suit the business plan of the corporation. 

Seigneury is a small part of the vast unsurrender Kanionkehaka territory.

Seigneury is a small part of the vast unsurrendered Kanionkehaka territory.

The women are the title holders. To be legal all land transactions must be brought to the Mohawk Women’s Fire, not to the band council corporate Injun puppets. As Thin Lizzy sings: “Get out of here. Get out of here. Do I make myself clear. Pack up. Give in. Go home. Get out!”

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 The Seigneury

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