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MNN. June 2, 2016. What is the ambulance chase scam? When a large group of people are attacked by the cops and have their human rights violated, they are sure to win the court case against the state. That’s when the lawyers acting like ambulance chasers show up. “We’ll represent you” for free. They get a list of names and add more to increase their list of clients to get a bigger settlement.

onkwe'hon:weh chase INDIAN Ring ambulance.

onkwe’hon:weh chase INDIAN Ring ambulance.

We are used as the front for the INDIAN Ring system that scams their own system. They always enrich themselves at our expense.

The INDIAN Ring is the ring of power in US and Canada. They are in firm control of the corporate governments which are illegally hanging onto our land and resources and trying to annihilate us. They know we know it. They are here and so are we. The Ring is running this Onondaga attack and subsequent court case.

This case is a sure win for us victims of the beating by the NYS Troopers on May 18, 1997. The lawyers don’t want to win the case. They want a settlement to give themselves and their list of victims some money.

INDIAN Ring will soon be shooting blanks!

INDIAN Ring will soon be shooting blanks!

The insurance companies will pay the settlement. So everybody in the Ring is going to get something out of this.

Most of us plaintiffs can prove we were at the incident. Some were not there. Somebody signed them up. They could be charged with a felony. Is that why there’s panic! All the plaintiffs could be subpoenaed to appear at the September 20 trial to testify on their experiences at the hands of the brutal cops.

On the other hand, the 17 non-cooperative plaintiffs were dropped by the “ambulance chasers”.

No fair! They're not supposed to shoot back!

No fair! They’re not supposed to shoot back!

It seem the chasers have an in with the judges and court from whom they are able to get motions and court claptrap to drop clients they don’t like and to issue unprecedented motions for payouts before the trial? As they say, follow the money. The lawyers seem desperate to get all their clients paid off so they won’t have to appear at the trial and be questioned. The INDIAN Ring judicial system is terrified of a trial. The truth will come out.

The last days of the Indian Ring of power are almost upon us as Motorhead sings in their song “Eat the Rich”: “Get a sweet thing on the side. Home cooking, homocide. Side order could be your daughter. Finger licking good. Come on, baby, eat the rich. Put the bite on that son of a bitch”.


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Oren Lyon & Life in Onondaga.




Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett,

Sally Jewell, Secretary, Interior Department, 1849 C St., NY Washington DC 20240Bill Clinton, 1271 Ave. of the Americas, 42nd Fl., NY 10020 212-348-8882. “As Commander in hif, does he have the responsibility to carry out General George Washington’s order of 1779 for total extermination of the Iroquois?”

Oren Lyons, 3951 Route 11, Onondaga Nation Inc., Nedrow NY 13120, 315-492-1922

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All Media, Pope Benedictum XVI, St. Peter’s Sq., Vatican City, Rome Italy; Canadian Center for Foreign Policy Development, Forum on Africa);

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Ban Ki-moon, 1st ave. and 46th street
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