MNN. May 1, 2013. Theft of our Indigenous resources is the cause of war. Some of us are standing up to it. All of us resisting together will end war. A big danger for the bankers is that the people will come to the Indigenous way and support the protection of natural resources. In the bankers’ pursuit of world domination the military strategy is failing on all fronts. A system of military blocks and alliances provides the framework for military bases throughout the world. No one is being fooled by the dying bankers’ terror machine anymore.careless word

The Indigenous struggle is worldwide, since warfare is wherever the enemy operates. A network of over 2,000 bases and a million troops stands in readiness for war. 

US goals for conquest of the world are to control the world economy and its financial market; and taking over all natural resources, particularly primary resources and nonrenewable sources of energy.  

After the 911 “false flag” in 2001, US President Bush made a quick tour to Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico “to promote democracy and trade” and to curb dissent to the US war plans. US bases in South America are related to control and access to the extensive natural biological mineral and water resources of the Amazon Basin. They are especially concerned with the International Network for the Abolition of US Military Bases which pursues disarmament and demilitarization. 

In April 2002 US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld unilaterally announced the takeover of Canada, following secret negotiations in Colorado. At the moment Canada is technically under martial law. NORTHCOM [United States Northern Command] can enter Canada anytime, by treaty that Prime Ministers Paul Martin and Stephen Harper personally singed. northcom

Because of the extensive resources on Indigenous land, Canada is the “center of the US empire”. Parliament’s job is theater, to continue the illusion of freedom to the people. Canada is part of the war agenda in Asia, Middle East, massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture of POWs, establishment of concentration camps, US preemptive military doctrine, including using nuclear warheads. Canada, like the US, is owned by the same banker families. Being a dictatorship, Canada must follow the business plan of its shareholders and implement the police state, racist policies, ethnic profiling and arbitrary arrests. 

People have to start using “onigonra”, the good mind. It is time to bury the weapons of war under the tree of peace for all time. As Bob Dylan sings in his classic Master of War, “You fasten all the triggers, for the other to fire. Then you sit back and watch while the death count gets higher. You hide in your mansions as the young people’s blood flows out of their bodies and gets buried in the mud.”goering

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Harper’s benign dictatorship

worldwide military deployment

 U.S. takeover of Canada

Worldwide strategy






MNN.  JAN. 17, 2013.  US & CANADA corporations merged on February 4, 2011.  They have the same shareholders, owners and business plans for illegal resource extraction. Canadians and Americans have not been informed. The EU Times in Europe made the announcement on January 17, 2013. In effect, this is Hitler’s 1938 “Anschluss”, the takeover of Austria by Germany.  Canada is now a substate of the US.North American Union in E.U. Times

Merging of corporate thievery.

Merging of corporate thievery.

In 2004 President Bush and Prime Minister Martin signed the “911’ Agreement allowing the US military to invade Canada anytime the US deems it necessary to eliminate “terrorist threats”.  Essentially, Canada is under martial law.  

Our Indian Trust Fund is over $3 trillion, coming from monies set aside from the exploitation of our resources. It is set aside according to international law treaty requirements. The oligarchs who run the world are stealing it. The banks, Vatican, Queen, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the families in charge have been dividing it amongst themselves.  The fake bankers’ world economy is based totally on continual war.   

Canada is the third biggest country in the world. The oligarchs cannot make war without our resources.  The shareholders of the country corporations illegally sell our raw materials to each other.    

The corporate merger of 2011 benefits big business, banks, big oil, drug companies and their war-making machine. Our materials are needed to attack anybody who stands in the way of resource extraction. The military tell Congress, Senate and Parliament who will be bombed, or their economy will fail. 

Our materials make weapons to kill our brothers and sisters in all parts of the world. We can stop the war by stopping the resource extraction from our homeland. It violates our laws. 

Since WWII the US military has invaded 60 countries to continue imperial war.  To make guns, bombs, tanks and weapons of mass destruction, the raw materials come from Canada, such as coal, oil, gas, food, wood, aluminum, steel and compites. 

Tanks need iron, aluminum, oil and saltpeter.  Guns need zinc, iron, steel, magnesium, brass, polymer, ceramis, wood and fiber glass. Bombs need plutonium, radio active elements, explosives, isogn, mega cyte, mexallon, nocxium, pyerite, titanium, zydrine and tailings from nuclear power plants.  Gunpowder needs sulphur and charcoal. Computers need copper, lead, aluminum, platinum, tin, gold, silver, bromine and mercury.  Electronics need nickel and chromium. 

Except for rubber, all these materials are available in Canada.  

War-mongers spread lies through deception, disinformation and finally false flag wars. They scream, “Get rid of the Indian Act.  Bring in Bill C-45 to expedite resource extraction”.  The genocidal Indian Act is illegal and will be eliminated. Control of Great Turtle Island will return to us, as Creation intended.  

We will stop war the world over by stopping the illegal extraction. We will never support any war. Kaianerekowa directs us to support peace everywhere on earth through mutual consensus.   

United to stop war.

United to stop war.

As Edwin Starr sang: “War means tears to thousands of mothers’ eyes.  When their sons go to fight and lose their lives.  I said, WAR, huh, good God.  Y’all, what is it good for.  Absolutely nothing.  Say it again.” Edwin Starr: War

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MNN. Nov. 19, 2008. If Canada is such a peace loving country, why is it saber rattling and playing war games like “Vigilant Shield 09”? Huge military exercises are taking place on Turtle Island this month. These are being run by “NorthCom” and “NORAD” [North American AeroDefence Command]. NorthCom works with “ Canada Command” and coordinates civil incidents through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS. This has nothing to do with Afghanistan. It has to do with “civil” control, not democracy. The Canadian part is called “Determined Dragon, Trillium Response”. [What bunch of jerks made this one up? Sounds like some kind of teenage fantasy video? These guys are scary!]

In the U.S. during a “disaster or emergency” JTF-CS operates within a Department of Defense chain of command that begins and ends with the President of the U.S. Canada is on this dog chain. In other words, it gave up its independence. Civilian agencies, including “State, local, territorial, and tribal [band] governments, and private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure,” would be controlled by the military. They define the “disaster” that will lead to world domination.

What’s going on here? Details are scarce, especially on the Trenton Air Force Base aspect which is near the Mohawk community of Tyendinaga. Another exercise is going on in Hamilton, near Six Nations. Another in Thunder Bay. Are there others? Is it a coincidence that these are mostly next to Ongwehonwe communities?

The main focus is “Communications Interoperability” to coordinate various agencies: the military, Joint Task Force JTF, army, navy and air force; all police agencies, RCMP, OPP, CBSA, “Aboriginal” police, municipal police; emergency responders, ambulances, fire trucks, rail security and select government bureaucrats; and the effected private sector such as nuclear reactors. “Interoperability” means coordinating all their goons and thugs to have “Joint War Games”.

It looks more like an exercise designed to set up the infra structure needed to impose “martial law”. Communications and radio frequencies will come under one command. The new device called the “Incident Commanders” Radio Interface looks like a cigar box, about 5″ x 8″ x 2”. It can be held by one wired-up adolescent to receive and send messages to all these agencies during an emergency, natural or man-made disaster, including a “terrorist attack”. But who and where are the terrorists? The only scary guys in the neighborhood is them!

NORAD is the North American AeroDefense Command, a U.S.-Canada control center based in Colorado, that is supposed to warn of an attack by aircraft or missiles. Project HAARP is the Pentagon-run “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program” with plans to heat the earth’s ionosphere, using high frequency radio waves. How do we know they haven’t already been doing this? The military can send signals to nuclear subs and spy deeply underground [ ]. This is based near Anchorage Alaska where military exercises are going on too. E Systems which is owned by Raytheon has the defense contract to run this. [They’re the biggest arms makers and dealers in the world.]

It’s all scripted. The U.S. has a “Hollywood Style” National Training Center NTC in California and Joint Readiness Training Center JRTC in Louisiana. They’re not teaching peace. They’re teaching warfare against Iraq and Afghanistan and whoever else gets in their way. Hi fi simulations are created, complete with mock towns and actors portraying natives and insurgents. One actor even dresses like a “tribal sheik”. Bombs are exploded and rockets stream in from the countryside. Civilians scream and scatter. The victims wear gory make up to simulate bloody wounds and morbid deaths. Injured civilians are left behind by the soldiers. The soldiers secure the town before going in to meet with the “regional governor”, supposedly “to win over the locals” but actually to get information from him in exchange for money. The young natives are taken away to Abu Graib for questioning. [It has already been established that the methods used there include torture and death]. Observers judge and grade each performance. Our question is who are the “traitors” who help them set up these scenarios? [ ] Are these same guys writing the script for Bin Laden and Al Qaida too? Meanwhile the Taliban will just have to keep on improvising!

In Canada in the 1990s, after the Mohawk-Oka Crisis, a mockup of the Mohawk community of Kahnawake was created at a New Brunswick army base to help soldiers practice warfare on us. Who played the Mohawks? Who played the cowardly treasonous band council? It gets worse! In Saskatchewan the target at the police shooting range was a stereotypical Indigenous woman.

Doing so many exercises in our communities is meant to desensitize us to the presence of armed soldiers over, around us and in our back yards. We forget the danger. We’ll be close targets when the guns are turned on us.

Even more sinister is that these exercises can act as a cover for “real”/pretext events such as 911, the London bombings and the Oklahoma City bombing. It was hard to sort out what was real and what was an exercise. Cities where exercises have taken place such as Seattle are considered as being “prepped” for martial law.

These exercises involve hundreds of people, dozens of vehicles, boats, UAVs, helicopters and planes. Thunder Bay is the furthest inland port where large ships can load and unload and where rail and truck lines meet. Right now nuclear reactors are arriving here on their way to the Alberta oil sands. Rumors abound that these exercises will involve a simulated nuclear attack. At the same time US exercises are taking place in Alaska near the HAARP weather modification installation and in California where wild fires are now raging.

The Thunder Bay exercise will combine a severe weather event and emergency situations to create various scenarios. The first part will be an incident with a container ship along the federal port. Simulated will be collapsed buildings, human casualties, and toxic spills. The second will involve a rail incident. Simulated will be a response to a train fire/explosion and resulting toxic spill. Of course, they’re trying to recruit Ongwehonwe for the military because they want “expendable” people to do their dangerous work.

For this, National “Defense” [offense?] will transport the Toronto Heavy Urban Search and Rescue group to Thunder Bay on a Globemaster aircraft: between 400 and 550 military personnel from the Immediate Response Unit (IRU) and 63 Domestic Response Company to arrive on 22 Nov. 2008 and leave by 25 Nov. 2008.

Involved may be the local civilian authorities such as “primary responders”, provincial authorities, imbedded media, the Coast Guard (to provide fire fighting and power generation), the RCMP and Navel Reserve divers. Included are “personal development activities”! [Steve Carroll, National Defence, 416-633-6200 ext. 5808, Fax: 613-631-5349 refer to CEAR 08-01-39685]

Our Haudenosaunee territory includes many “strategic infrastructures” such as nuclear reactors, nuclear waste stockpiles, chemical factories, rail hubs and harbors. The Great-Lakes St. Lawrence is a major industrial area. The military needs the nuclear stockpile. By the way, whatever happened to the 500 tons of yellowcake that was dumped off in Montreal harbor last July 2008? It was in the papers. Then we never heard about it again.

Government agencies and actors roped into this “war movie” include Public Safety, Health Canada and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Guess what? Indian Affairs is in there like a dirty shirt? Why? This is coming right out of our budget for desperately needed clean water, housing, education and medical care. The “chain of command” starts at the Pentagon. Peter “Flat-Foot” Fisher of the Aboriginal Policing Directorate at Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada is the link to the “aboriginal police” involved in the exercise [613- 990-2666 fax: 613-991-0691].

The recent horrific crash that killed three non-natives at the Cornwall Ontario border checkpoint in Akwesasne last week was a similar multi-“service” operation, by the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA, the Ontario Provincial Police OPP, the RCMP and the Akwesasne Mohawk Police. The guys on steroids with guns and fast cars are obviously trying to take control.

The Mohawk Police were chasing and ramming the van driven by the 21 year old non-native youth that ended in a dramatic fiery fatal crash. The cops created the kind of catastrophe they say they are protecting the public from. Two days later, while military exercises were going on in Hamilton, there was another strangely similar high speed chase of a non-native into the 6 Nations community which ended up in a crash and shoot out. Is this coincidence or was it planned?

We’re still waiting for answers at Akwesasne. Why didn’t ambulances and nearby fire trucks take action immediately? Why did the Mohawk cops go straight for the load of cigarettes and not help the victims? Why were witnesses told to stop talking to the media about anything they saw? Was this staged to make an excuse to bring in the outside colonial agencies that don’t have jurisdiction but we can’t seem to get rid of? Watch out! They might be installing surveillance devices everywhere, like they did in Kanehsatake, or planting weapons to come in and raid us.

What’s going on? Are these lunatics trying to bring martial law into our communities because the colonists are saying we can’t handle the bedlam they’re creating? The fascist method is to isolate and eliminate the source of greatest resistance to their plans. Let’s face it, folks, right now one of the main resisters is the freedom loving Ongwehoneh. The military interest in us could have something to do with the fact that all the land and resources of Turtle Island belong to us. In the US militant groups are getting more scared and more armed. Frightened people with guns is a dangerous scenario! Nobody wants that.

Iako’ha:kowa & MNN Staff – Mohawk Nation News

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THE OTTAWA CABAL. Public Safety [Danger]: Minister Peter “Pumpkin-Eater-and-Trough-Licker” Van Loan; Suzanne “Hurts-to-be-Herself” Hurtubise DM 613- 991-2895; Myles “Away-from-Reality” Kirvan ADM 613- 990-2633, 613-949-0322; Chantal “Dirty-Fingers-in-Every-Pie” Bernier ADM Community Safety [Endangerment] and Partnerships (613) 993-4325; Scott “ODB” Broughton Sr ADM Emergency [Mis]Management and National [In]Security (613) 991-2820; Lynda “Useless-Forked-Tongued-Drone” Clairmont ADM, same as “ODB” (613) 990-4976; Daniel “Pepsi-and-May-West” Lavoie DG Communications (613) 990-2743; Elisabeth “Botox-from-Head-to-Toe” Nadeau ADM, Corporate Theft (613) 990-2615; Kristina “Fingers-Getting-Itchier-and-Itchier-to-push-the-Trigger” Namiesniowski ADM Strategic Policy (613) 949-6435; Eva “Nosey-Nit-Picker” Plunkett Inspector Field “General” of CSIS (613) 949-0675; Richard “Diarrhea-Mouth” Wex ADM Policing, Law Enforcement & Interoperability (613) 990-2703. The biggest safety risk for us Ongwehonwe is this ADM cabal of agents;
Health Canada, partners with the US through the Canada-US Joint Radiological Response Plan, under the Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan; Foreign Affairs Lawrence “Chinese-Food-Glutton-at-Taxpyers-Expense” Cannon 613-992-5516 Fax 613-992-6802; 819-441-2510 Fax: (819) 441-2680; (819) 281-2626 Fax: (819) 281-2755; Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day.

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Monday, November 10, 2008, US NORTHCOM Exercise Vigilant Shield 09
CAP (Civil Assistance Plan) at
Joint Task Force-Civil Support (JTF-CS)
Exercise Trillium Response 08
The Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers
US Military Exercises: The Mindset: The more you sweat in peace time, the less you bleed in combat.
National Response Plan; Civil Assistance Plan; Canada-U.S. Combined Defense Plan (CDP); C-AT’s “Incident Commanders’ Radio Interface” Equipment; Communication interoperability, IACP State and Provincial Police Division (S&P); Canada Command Direction for Domestic Operations;

ASK THE POLITICIAN ABOUT: rerouting 401 traffic in Toronto; evacuations; Lake Ontario ships, subs and planes, UAVs; dangers of fires and smoke; how many soldiers? how many US?; how many cops and others?; telecommunications: controlling the airwaves, radio “Incident Commanders”; Radio Interface from a “cigar box”; are the Mohawks a “trial run” or something bigger like martial law?; what are the “terrorist” scenarios?; are they part of the weather, hurricane or earthquake scenario?; what are “Critical Infrastructure Protection”, like nuclear reactors, oil refineries, etc.; What do drugs & cigarette busts have to do with it?; do exercises demonstrate US flexing, resolve and capability to protect U.S. military power & national interests?; how do they feel about complaints to try to prevent a “false flag” or “pretext” event like 911 or the London bombings?; “Exposure to live ammo so that the participants handle it with a fear and reverence…”

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