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MNN. Oct. 25, 2020. 1492 Land Backers are standing their ground as good as any linebackers in pro football. The Ontario premier called the natives “bad apples” for doing what their grandfathers and ancestors instructed them to do – protect the land and follow the kaianerekowa, great peace. The band councils have always been the “applies’, red on the outside and white on the inside.

1492 Land Back Lane: The invaders want to steal the unceded Six Nations land, but they have to forcefully remove the native inhabitants who are resisting being kicked off their homeland. Hmmm. 

The traitorous government band council has told them to go home and let the invaders build their mansions next to their bungalos. They made a secret deal, took the money and hid it somewhere. The land is the birthright of the unborn babies and can’t be sold or conveyed to anyone ever.

In 2005, under the direction of the late Dick Hill, we stood firm on the great peace and two row.  Douglas Creek Estates did not get built on Six Nations land in “Caledonia”. The government usually sends its traitorous band council to the barricades to tell the resisters to go home. The band council complained to their corporate bosses, “They just won’t listen to us”. The barricades were taken down for a few days so the whites could get an illegal ‘permanent’ injunction against the owners of the land. Only we are permanent and own everything “forever” according to the great peace and two row since time immemorial. The temporaries have no right to tell us anything ever, except “goodbye” and we’ll tell them, “Don’t hit your ass on the door on your way out!” 

As our ancestors always said, “You can’t stand before the enemy and expect justice”. We are invoking our jurisdiction from pole to pole and ocean to ocean according to the great peace and the two row. The band council lackies are only  mouthpieces of the foreign capitalist bankers who have no right to be on turtle island in any way. 

Canada’s goal is to destroy us and steal all our territories. No law exists for them to lawfully do that. They must face facts, they don’t belong here and must leave. We will always stand up and defend our mother. Creation placed us here to do that.

All people who believe in what’s right are asked to stand with us without fear. The truth is our greatest weapon. Our enemies don’t know how to combat our lack of fear because they don’t know how to fight the truth except through lies. 



Canada is sending an army reservist, Mark Miller, the war monger, to help the government sell-outs knock some sense into them! “Remember”, he says, “I have my finger on the trigger”. With his weapon of fear in mind, he’s coming to remind us, “Hey, injuns. Might makes right! Stop telling us to get off your land or we’ll start massacring you again!” 

After the threat and intimation, the people returned and dug up the railroads and the roadway where highway 6 crosses the Grand River. Shortly after that the people marched on Planck Road. The Planck Road Agreement allows the invaders the  depth of a plow to feed themselves. That’s all. They violated that agreement and no longer have any right here whatsoever. The Ontario Provincial Police are waiting in the Caledonia Canadian Tire parking lot while some sit in the Tim Horton’s eating donuts. Same as 2005! Same old. Same old.

The natives never threaten or hurt anybody. Cooking facilities and shelters are being built to stay all winter to carry on the duty to protect the people and community. 

Tom Petty’ reminds the oppressors: “Well, I won’t back down. No I iwon’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell. But I won’t back down. I will stand my ground. I won’t be turned about. And I’ll keep this world from dragging me down. Gonna stand my ground. And i won’t back down”. 

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MNN. AUG. 15, 2013. The MacDonald-Laurier think tank has published a report on “Canada and the First Nations, Cooperation or Conflict”. The board consists of CEOs of energy corporations and other rulers. Discussed at length is how to start an Indigenous uprising in order to execute the Warriors! This report is their “Mein Kampf” for the total physical and mental extermination of Indigenous people. 

McDonald-Laurier troops marching into Roseau River: "Where is that Terrance Nelson?"

MacDonald-Laurier think tank troops marching into Roseau River: “Where is that Terrance Nelson?”

Indigenous men they call “Warrior Cohorts” are feared because of the colonial demonization program. Starvation and genocide failed. Our population increased by 45% between 1996 and 2006. By 2017, 42% of Indigenous People will be under 30 years of age. Canada exists on illegal extraction of our resources and selling/transporting them to far-off markets. Limited security forces makes Canada vulnerable. The anxiety is that “Indigenous can chose the challenges!” because resources and transportation lines are on Indigenous territories that were never surrendered. A conflict needs to be instigated to bring in military forces to protect corporate interests! Legitimate dialogue is to be avoided. 

The main resources are coal, grain, potash, nickel and lumber. Disruption could cause empty-handed producers, idle ships, closed mills, laid off workers and foreign customers looking elsewhere. 

Their strategies are based on a deep misunderstanding of the Mohawk Oka Crisis 1990 and Six Nations/Caledonia 2005 resistance. A unified Indigenous people is dreaded. They rely on the advice of their corporate band council and national Injuns, whose job is to distract, pacify, keep us ignorant and maintain 3rd world living conditions. 

The natural people are called “insurgents”. We live everywhere. Main concerns are rail, road, air, water, hydro electric lines, pipelines, poles, bridges, refineries, power plants, oil, ocean platforms, tunnels, airports, waterways, communication and control systems. Disruption would affect businesses, governments, resource and economic functions. Main border crossings under constant surveillance are Windsor, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Lacolle, Emerson Manitoba and Pacific Highway. 

The main transport hub is Winnipeg Manitoba. An 85,000 “Warrior Cadre” could easily overwhelm 52 small RCMP detachments. One disruption could lead to resistance in other places. Their figures are extremely low! 

The main strategies are to avoid respect for Indigenous sovereignty; criminalize the young “Warrior Cohorts” or “child soldiers” they call “young thugs”, who are all “violence prone”. Build more jails. Find the charismatic leader who will appear, unify and lead us! Heh! Heh! Heh! 

Rez cars are all we have!

Rez cars are all we have!

“Indians have no weapons”. Those elders, women and children sitting on tracks have to be subdued! Confrontations could be old cars burning on and warping railroads” [which all belong to us as everything was built with our funds!] 

Immigrants selling off our possessions is over! Can the rightful Indigenous challenge to the corporations be overcome? Disarm the Warrior Cohort [who have no weapons]. Threaten us to give up our claims to inherent sovereignty. Deathly force, if necessary, for short-term protests. Long term response is being developed. 

“Indigenous can use scarce resources efficiently and attract international attention”. Infrastructure on our land is a powerful tool of influence.  Indigenous are about stopping the destruction of our Mother Earth versus “The government will prevail”. We’d like an accounting of the Corporation of Canada’s spending of our ever-growing $365 trillion Indian Trust Fund which comes from the illegal sale of our resources. Canada cannot claim sovereignty when no documents exist that show we surrendered anything to anyone. 

All aboard!

All aboard!

The Kaianerekowa/Great Law of Peace prevents us from failure.  

Johnny Cash knows such Nazi MacDonald-Laurier gangsters are going to jail in the Fatherland: “I know I had it comin’,
I know I can’t be free…”Folsom Prison Blues


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