MNN  Dec. 16, 2011.  Can civilization based on the violent hierarchical system and the natural world exist side by side?  No! 

How do Indigenous minds, bodies and society continue to live in reality?   What keeps some humans in slavery? 

Hierarchical civilization is unhealthy unnatural crowded living, brought here by the invaders.  They gobble up resources.  People have to decide to either start sharing or stay on the take.   

Capitalist civilization depends on constant violence against people, land, water and wild life.   Today people have to pay to exist on the earth, or armed men will take them and everything they have away.    

Long ago Mohawk artist and writer, Karonhiaktajeh, painted the “Sleeping Lion” with an Ongwehonwe face.  He said we were forced to become invisible to avoid the jaws of the hungry masses.  One day these visitors will be fighting each other.  We would then begin to stir.  Resistance does not have to be violent.  Just make it inconvenient.  

Fascism has taken over the US.  Genocide continues through depriving people of water, shelter, food, medical care and poisoning of the environment.  

Hierarchical ownership is when some individuals have more than they need.  Their control system is like a pyramid with a few bosses sitting at the top.  Without gluttonous ownership hierarchy wouldn’t exist.     

The middle class impose pacifism.  The rulers give them power to make decisions on our behalf. Manufacturing, administration and labor have been moved to other countries.  Their money is in offshore accounts.  Now they are leaving.  Those left behind are losing their masters and destroy their civilization from the inside. 

The war against man and nature is becoming savage.   Humans are being controlled by technology and artificial global markets.    

Can we free ourselves from this Frankenstein culture?  

We Indigenous have web-like relationships of inter-connected independent communities, made up of individuals, like an array of invisible knots.  

Units are equal. Social, political, economic, education and so on are structured circularly.  

Indigenous energy is based on the individual surrounded by family, clans, community and nation.  Strength comes from home and family, the strongest force in the natural world.  

Communication with outsiders is voluntary.  Soon each community must provide its own food, energy and heating.  

Information is power.  

In hierarchy the bosses want all the information.  It flows up and down, controlled by bureaucratic paths.  Bosses are told what they want to hear.  Organization spies report to them.  Collecting information is expensive.  

Small Indigenous networks keep daily information in the hands of the many, with less distortion.    

Like the human brain, connections are nurtured with sister communities to process information and pathways.  

Though Indigenous social, political and economic life are invisible, tribal and band councils’ job is to report us to their colonial overseers.  Yet they know little about us. 

The almost bankrupt US enterprise must mobilize all its resources at great cost to control its people.  

The fast flowing river has its natural destination.  We have to let go of the shore, push off to the middle, keep our eyes open and heads above water.  Some will be afraid and try to hold onto the shore.  

Don’t look outside for leaders.  Be the person you think you are.  

The colonists have created great distress.  Their people are seeking help.  Their suicide phone lines are outsourced to India, where Mohammad listens to their problems. 

They think they can fight nature and live happily ever after.  

An elder advised us, “All we can do at this time is try to hit the all seeing eye on the pyramid with a cream pie!”  

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