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MNN. Mar. 5, 2015. As the eagle sat on top of the tree of peace looking out for the people, a foul smell was coming from the direction of Washington DC. An eloquent foreigner from far away was visiting the big ‘outhouse’ on the hill. Some see it as one of the lowest places on earth.

A double double with some sugar.

All I want is a double-double with some sugar.


“I am the little big man who is trying to run everything on Earth for the benefit of my family”, he told them as they sat on their portholes. He announced that he has created a new religion that will put him in charge of every living thing in the world. He will own everything and everybody will listen to him. Then they jumped up, clapped and cheered.

He announced he will pass laws so he can never be punished. More clapping. Then he excused himself for a few minutes. The people waited. He returned and raised his hands. They jump off their portholes, screamed and clapped in rapture for several minutes.

He then went to the middle of the floor, turned around and lowered himself down. It was his new “wasako’ni’ta:ion” stance. He told them that from this day on every time he does this gesture, every person must bow down to him to show their loyalty.

The eagle realized something about this persuasive man, that there is nothing as eloquent as a rattlesnakes tail. [Navajo saying].

This is the nuclear bomb that Iran has.

Bibi: “This is the nuclear bomb that Iran has.”

Bibi addressing the US Congress reminds us of Alice Cooper as he sings: “You’re a cruel device, you’re blood like ice. One look could kill my pain, your thrill. Your poison running through my veins. Your poison, I don’t want to break these chains”. [Poison]


Alice Cooper - Poison


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Read: Jon Stewart on Netanyahu.

Listen: Vermont Radio interview on NYS attack of Haudenosaunee. http://wruvmoccasintracks.podomatic.com/entry/2015-03-04T11_42_44-08_00

Edward Snowden on Canada.


mnnlogo1MNN. Oct. 9, 2013. Promises! Promises! We Indigenous know about getting “bad medicine” from those “who speak with forked tongue”! On October 2 Department of Health and Human Services told Congress that anyone “lawfully present” inside the US would qualify for Obamacare even if they are not citizens, that includes students, travelers, registered Immigrants and most illegal aliens or non-citizens.bad medicine

The online application for Obamacare directs the applicant to register to vote. A lot of abuses can occur. Millions of secret outsiders can vote in US elections. 

None are legal citizens of Onowara:geh, Great Turtle Island. They are all illegal “Honey Boo Boos” who came from all over the world to squat and plunder. These thieves are now telling everybody who is or isn’t “legal’. It’s manipulation to steal more resources from us to create a dictatorship. 

A target of at least 21.3 million voters is at stake. They can give a block vote and control the presidency. If they don’t sign up, they will be punished, fined or jailed. 

Trick or TreatyCorporate rule of 51% will put more power in the hands of corporations and oligarchs to run the government and get total control of the treasury. Soon an emergency will be created. Today states are already run by EM Emergency Managers who answer to the corporations. The bankers dissolve the corporation charters of the cities and other entities, like Detroit, and buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar.

All US wealth is produced by theft and extraction of Indigenous resources, here and around the world.

good medicineObama has to fund his poverty-riddled supporters. The privately owned Federal Reserve System creates fake money, lends it out and charges an interest. When a country refuses to use the USDollar as the basis of their currency, the country is invaded and destroyed. Innocent men, women and children are murdered. 

Both political parties and the president are working together to set up this monopoly for the international bankers. Permanent full control of the purse strings is the goal worlwide. The indoctrinated people are conditioned to go along with this.   

Barack & IndiansPeople will have to say, “No”! Recently the Lakota women and our supporters stood up against the white supremacists in Leith, North Dakota. They chased them away because everyone knows that we are the legal titleholders of the land. 

Putting one above the other violates the basis of the Great Law. The Kasatstensera kowa so oiera, the great natural power, provides that everyone is equal and has a voice. http://bsnorrell.blogspot.ca/2013/09/american-indians-protect-treaty.html  

No, this is not Johnny Depp. It’s Al Jolson singing about how great everything is going to be: “Everything is lovely / When you start to roam; / The birds are singin’, the day that you stray, / But later, when you are further away, / Things won’t seem so lovely”Al Jolson: “Mammy”.

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