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MNN. 29 April 2015. “Baltimore is not a riot. It’s a revolution”. The US is still flogging the old “false flag” formula developed on ongwe’hon:weh to legalize their genocide against us. Every city is an Indian reservation surrounded by military-designed “police operational response teams”. They are prisons, like an Indian reservation. City corporations always have an army base nearby.

1773 Settlers dress as Mohawks to start American Revolution.

1773 Settlers dress as Mohawks to start American Revolution.

The CROWN/Vatican claims ownership of all our land and people because of some old Jewish story they believe in. They are involved in everything that happens in “reservation city”: FEMA camps, martial law, curfews, overt police brutality, culling of the population, killing of the people by their white overlords. FEMA camps are the concentration camps waiting to be filled, surrounded by fences and guards. Three years ago FEMA camps received a whole shipment of thousands of guillotines and millions of plastic coffins.

Mind control is delivered through television, their main dummying down device to hypnotize the masses. Media are an integral part of the military operation, whose main job is to protect the treasury. US, Israel, Canada, Austrealia and New Zealand are corporations masquerading as countries. All countries run by corporations of war that use a foreign tongue are colonies of the Vatican.

Baltimore shows who the real terrorists are, those who attack their own people. The soldiers take an oath to defend the constitution of the US against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Settler colonialists are benefitting from the pillage to this day, which makes them complicit in it.  The city is the reservation trap. Take a look at us because this is their plan for you.

Welcome to the reservation!

As Russell Means said, “Welcome to the reservation!”

When people take control of their mind, will, economy and politics, they become free of religion and superstitution. The better world is the real one. The here and now on this earth! With a strong mind and facing the realities of life, people will not need to believe in dreams and visions or a God that they’re afraid of. Instead they will use their minds and at last be free. Colonial settlers, Dekanawida advised that with a good mind, you will find the white roots.

Midnight Rider might have something to say about the curfew in Baltimore: “Well I’ve got to run to keep from hiding. And I’m bound to keep on riding. I’ve got one more silver dollar, but I’m not going to let him catch me. Not gonna let him catch the Midnight Rider. [Almond Brothers].

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Trail of Tears Genocide.

Baltimore poverty.

Messy Baltimore revolution.

Russia horrified sonic wave weapons used in Baltimore.


MNN. Dec. 8, 2013. Riots break out in Porgera, Papua New Guinea, after Toronto-based Barrick Gold’s security kills several local Indigenous people. Activist Jethro Tulin, of the Porgera Alliance and the Akali Tange Association, a local human rights organization, has visited Canada many times to advocate for the victims of mine-related violence. This violence is the corporate mindset of Canada worldwide. new guineaAnother local was shot many times in the head when angry people marched towards Paiam town. Police blocked the marching crowd on the bridge. The people turned around and walked back towards the mine. Police took control. Nightshift workers of Barricks were sent home to wait until the “job” was completed.
End of the trail for mighty buffalo.

End of the trail for the mighty buffalo to kill off the Indians’ food source! 

At the same time US President Obama will let multinational energy companies kill or injure bald and golden eagles with impunity for the next 30 years. “All energy has costs!”, he said about the windmill development. It is like the genocide of the Indian people and the extinction of the buffalo. The Department of the Interior which controls the Bureau of Indian Affairs, is in charge of the program to annihilate the eagles. Historically General Sherman, on behalf of the warmongers, declared war on the Sioux and all plains Indians. From 1865 to 1903 over 60 million buffalo were killed to starve and murder Indigenous people. They killed their food source with no regard to the effect on the natural world. Now the Prairies suffer from the lack of the buffalo. They can no longer grow anything without thousands of tons of chemical [pollutant] fertilizers.   General Sherman kills buffalo.

The Eagle and other living spirits wait for us to remember how to listen to them.

The Eagle and other living spirits wait for us to remember how to listen to them.

Now the corporate shareholders will try to eliminate the eagle, the spiritual symbol for the constitution of peace. They intend to continue the non-stop Constitution of War [51%], to keep the people from coming to one mind.  According to Tijs Pietersen, corporatism is going to die! And he says, “Help, I’m steppin’ into the twilight zone/Place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned/My beacon’s been moved under moon and star/Where am I to go now that I’ve gone too far?”Tijs Pietersen. “Twilight Zone!”

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