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MNN. Feb. 11, 2018. Black’s Law Dictionary would describe the Saskatchewan decision [on murder of Colten Boushie] as “a sham legal proceeding in which a person’s rights are totally disregarded, where the result is a foregone conclusion because of the bias of the court”.  


The great peace points out that when we are afraid victory will always escape us. Everybody has a weakness in some situations. Despite the high powered weapons that have been created to kill us and all life, they have not caught up with the power of the minds of the natural people. Human intuition and intelligence will always be protected by nature. The kaia-nere-kowa, great peace, is based on respect and protecting human survival.

The man made machine is designed to exterminate all life. It is not the equal of creation and minds designed by nature. We constantly think about our survival. We constantly experience the weakness in the enemy that always tries to eliminate us, greed. The kaia-nere-kowa guides us to explore the true path. We have to keep thinking about our responsibility to all life and the burden to fulfill it.

People may be weak and fragile in some ways. Those makers of weapons of war are disappointed when humans outthink their machines and the deranged minds behind them. The button pushers keep their fingers on the trigger all the time to make us feel helpless and afraid. This is their weakness and shows they don’t respect or can’t fight a true equal foe. Creation, mother earth and life have the last word on respect for our lives.

They think they won because they murdered large numbers of us or had a higher score, that they brag about. We can still find what is real out of what seems like nothing. Their machines can’t function without the aid of highly trained unconscionable predators.

Creation has always helped us find the right moves so that all life continues. Sometimes it is only one move. The enemy gets exposed as they play bad moves. These psychopathic thinkers depend on the strength of artificial machines and false information. Winning and losing is put on a scoreboard, which is not natural. Their world is designed so they think they can control everything. 

Wanting to always win has caused them to make erratic moves based in false information they have fed themselves. They don’t see the overall understanding of the issue, only their satisfaction at making more confuson and gaining more control.   

At the 2018 Soeul Olympics when the dignitaries entered the meeting room, everybody stood up, shook hands with the North and South Koreans and each other. US VP Pence refused to stand and respect their customs. He sat silently, turned his back on the proceedings and would not shakes hands with the Koreans. Then he got up and walked out saying nothing. 

We don’t win or lose. We continue to try to live the perfect reality that’s been programmed in us by creation. No one has ever seen what is inside of us.  

In 1990 when the Canadian Army landed on Kahnawake Island to ransack the village, guns were fired, choppers flooded the skies. The people did not hide. Thousands ran to the island to defend the village. Nobody really understands us.          


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