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MNN. Nov. 10, 2014. War is the bankers’ favorite theatre. November 11th is a celebration of war. The bankers and government get the day off. Everyone else works. Commemorations are televised of the past and present bloodletting. The bagpipes blare. Why do Scottish clad men marching with bagpipes symbolize Canada in national or state memorials? People buy poppies from kids, to keep war going. Recent alleged killing of two soldiers and the gunfight on Parliament Hill were timed for effect. War is sold by the warmongers by honoring those who have been murdered. Remembrance Day is the biggest propaganda campaign for the continuance of World War I. The killing fields in Europe ended but war continued.

Warmonger Stephen Harper: "Weeee! We just wiped out some Iraqi villages!"

Warmonger Stephen Harper: Canadian Forces Harper.

There never has been a reason for Canada to be in any war. The Queens Privy Council and her appointed actors run the show in the colony of Canada disguised as a democracy. Their corporate entities, such as the band councils, run all business.

Red poppies symbolize blood. European bloodlines want your blood. Wearing these means you support war and bloodletting. All wars are banker wars. They send our young people and sacrifice them without even asking their mothers. The “tomb of the unknown soldier” is getting old. It’s always been a bad act. After 100 years we’re still falling for nineteen/twenty year olds being sacrificed by their Zionist money gods.

Poppies show visible public support for and celebration of war. Since World War I has been honored and celebrated on November 11, there have been 212 wars since.

Kids. This where your poppy money goes!

Kids. This is where your poppy money goes!

The first world peace agreement was signed in Montreal by us and France in 1701. In 1710 the Iroquois Confederacy sent four chiefs to the first world peace conference in London. Then we tried again in 1923. The Iroquois Confederacy sent Deskahe to the League of Nations to teach the Great Peace to stop all war. He was sponsored by eight sovereign nations, including Iran. Britain blocked every attempt for a year and a half every time it was his turn to speak. He was blocked from entering Canada by bloodline agent, Duncan Campbell Scott. He was subsequently murdered by agents of the crown and never allowed to return to his home at Six Nations.

Peace begins with the women of the world.

Peace begins with the women of the world.

It’s time for us to talk to about world peace again and to hold the THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ABOUT WORLD PEACE. We have the formula. This time, don’t kill the messenger!

John Wesley Harding gets it right: “The messenger came with bad news from the front/Said “the soldiers are starving and their swords are all blunt/They need a show of support or some futile sign/That’s what they told me to tell you, not even the words are mine...” Don’t kill the messenger.

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Hitler did not die in Germany.

Hitler survived.

Memorials to continue war.

Remembrance day in Canada. remembrance day in canada






MNN. Apr. 13, 2014. In 1710 the four chiefs from the [Iroquois Confederacy] Rotino’shonni:onwe went to the Court of Queen Anne in London to make peace treaties with the 13 European monarchical families. It was the first International Conference on World Peace called by our people to make the same kind of peace treaties we had with each of our nations on Great Turtle Island. Our chiefs represented all our friends and allies. They gave each monarch a Guswentha/Two Row Wampum Belt. Peter the Great of Russia accepted it. This treaty belt was recently found in a museum  in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Nicholas II of Romanovs set up Permanent Court of Arbitration 1899.

Nicholas II of Romanovs set up Permanent Court of Arbitration 1899 for world peace and to stop war.

Background: Rotino’shonni:onwe were asked to spread the peace. When the original United Nations was formed, they uprooted the biggest white pine tree, buried their weapons underneath for all time, never to be used against each other. Then it was replanted.  

The Roman Empire [the Vatican] has never set foot in Russia. The Vatican sent the Jesuits to set up the genocide of all Indigenous in the 1500s, murdering over 150 million. They went west into Europe but not east.

Rotino'shonni:onwe chiefs on world trade mission.

Rotino’shonni:onwe chiefs of Great Turtle Island on world peace mission, London 1710.

Russia never breached the treaty as they were never part of the Vatican. They opposed the genocide of our people that was carried out by the Jesuits on behalf of the Vatican. In 1776 the Vatican carried out the first “false flag”, the American Revolutionary War, to stop world peace, which already existed on Great Turtle Island and was starting to spread to  Europe.

Gaucho Jesuit Francis ready to leads his troops to annihilation.

Gaucho Jesuit Francis leads his  child raping followers to annihilation.

In 1899 Nicholas II of Russia set up the Permanent Court of Arbitration for world peace and to end war. In 1917 the Romanov family was murdered by the machinations of the banking families of Europe [World War I].

Your visits are in our communal memory.

“Black Robe, your genocide is in our communal memory”.


The Mohawks are going to nuke the Vatican and all their corporate banking structures. We will take them down for good by putting them on trial for genocide, before the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Jesuits and their top general, the Pope, the military arm of the Vatican that keeps the world under military rule, will be dissolved. It is time to repolish the covenant chain between the Rotino’shonni:onwe and Russia that this belt represents.

As our Cherokee brother, Elvis, warns the people at the Vatican, “Your walls are starting to crumble”.  Elvis Presley. “Joshua Fought the Battle”. skull w arrow

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“US Orwellian tool VOA finished in Russia”.                                                                       “Karl Marx and the Iroquois Constitution”.                                                                           US Continental Congress meet Iroquois Confederacy. The American Revolutionary  War was to chop down the 3,300 year old tree of peace at Onondaga.  ‘Continental Congress meet Iroquois Confederacy.’