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MNN. Nov. 10, 2014. War is the bankers’ favorite theatre. November 11th is a celebration of war. The bankers and government get the day off. Everyone else works. Commemorations are televised of the past and present bloodletting. The bagpipes blare. Why do Scottish clad men marching with bagpipes symbolize Canada in national or state memorials? People buy poppies from kids, to keep war going. Recent alleged killing of two soldiers and the gunfight on Parliament Hill were timed for effect. War is sold by the warmongers by honoring those who have been murdered. Remembrance Day is the biggest propaganda campaign for the continuance of World War I. The killing fields in Europe ended but war continued.

Warmonger Stephen Harper: "Weeee! We just wiped out some Iraqi villages!"

Warmonger Stephen Harper: Canadian Forces Harper.

There never has been a reason for Canada to be in any war. The Queens Privy Council and her appointed actors run the show in the colony of Canada disguised as a democracy. Their corporate entities, such as the band councils, run all business.

Red poppies symbolize blood. European bloodlines want your blood. Wearing these means you support war and bloodletting. All wars are banker wars. They send our young people and sacrifice them without even asking their mothers. The “tomb of the unknown soldier” is getting old. It’s always been a bad act. After 100 years we’re still falling for nineteen/twenty year olds being sacrificed by their Zionist money gods.

Poppies show visible public support for and celebration of war. Since World War I has been honored and celebrated on November 11, there have been 212 wars since.

Kids. This where your poppy money goes!

Kids. This is where your poppy money goes!

The first world peace agreement was signed in Montreal by us and France in 1701. In 1710 the Iroquois Confederacy sent four chiefs to the first world peace conference in London. Then we tried again in 1923. The Iroquois Confederacy sent Deskahe to the League of Nations to teach the Great Peace to stop all war. He was sponsored by eight sovereign nations, including Iran. Britain blocked every attempt for a year and a half every time it was his turn to speak. He was blocked from entering Canada by bloodline agent, Duncan Campbell Scott. He was subsequently murdered by agents of the crown and never allowed to return to his home at Six Nations.

Peace begins with the women of the world.

Peace begins with the women of the world.

It’s time for us to talk to about world peace again and to hold the THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ABOUT WORLD PEACE. We have the formula. This time, don’t kill the messenger!

John Wesley Harding gets it right: “The messenger came with bad news from the front/Said “the soldiers are starving and their swords are all blunt/They need a show of support or some futile sign/That’s what they told me to tell you, not even the words are mine...” Don’t kill the messenger.

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Hitler did not die in Germany.

Hitler survived.

Memorials to continue war.

Remembrance day in Canada. remembrance day in canada






MNN. Mar. 24, 2014. Why did the bankers send Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, to Ukraine?. Were Canadians behind the sniper incident? He pledged to the National Socialist Canada’s support for the coup.  Leaked sniper conversation.

Harper does not represent the true Indigenous people. He’s the CEO who reports directly to the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada. They have many safeguards in place. One of the monarchical control grids is the “Queen’s Privy Council” QPC.

The set up for grand  theft. Where are the land & resource owners?

                                     MURDER INC.

The Prime Minister’s Office has as much power as the Fuhrer in the Third Reich in the pretend democracy called Canada. The Prime Minister’s Office PMO appoints the Queen’s Privy Council for life. They provide advice to the Crown [the royal banking families] to run the Corporation of Canada. Members are current and former ministers, chief justices of Canada, Commissioners of Security Intelligence Review Committee, former Governors General, Leader of the Opposition and others in the know. They keep secrets and clean up messes under the Security of Information Act. List of members of the Queen’s Privy Council.

Eight Canadian financial institutions,  Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Burgundy Asset Management, Griffin International Investment Corporation, Scotia Bank, Toronto Dominion Bank, Scotia Bond Company, Power Corporation of Canada and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board are Investing heavily in nuclear weaponry for absolute war worldwide. Canadian bankers investing in nuclear weapons. All the funds come from our stolen ever-growing $700 trillion Indian Trust Fund and our usurped natural resources. We absolutely do not want our natural resources to be turned into weapons of war. This violates the Kaianerehkowa, the Great Law of this land, and international law of the sea.

Queenie to her Privy: "Get my money or i"ll "mow you down!

Queenie to her subjects : “You dirty rotten yellow bellies. I’ll give it to you right through the door!”

Harper assures the National Socialist that the West is behind him, and that the nuclear arsenal he needs is being financed and built in Canada. Cameco Inc. has opened new uranium mines in Saskaschewan on our land, which we have totally resisted.

Anyone can research the geneology of these current Queen’s Privy Council members and publish their names. Everyone should know who these criminal families are so their progeny never enjoy the fruit of their crimes. None of their descendants will get away with genocide or ecocide.

The bankers have fomented a dastardly plan. It may be the bullet in their own back! As Paperlace sings: “In the heat of the summer night, in the land of the dollar bill. When the town of Chicago died, and they talk about it still.” “The Night Chicago Died”.

"Harper: Mr. Turchynov, let me assure you that all the Indians are cooperating."

Harper: “Mr. Turchynov, let me assure you that all our Indians are under control”

Further background:

Anonymous Ukraine Release.                     –Yulia Tymoshenko: “Russians must be killed by nuclear weapons!”                          –Australian & Canadian Duelling Puppets. Identical speeches by Australian and Canadian prime ministers, written by Trilateral Lateral Commission.

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