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MNN:  Jan. 29, 2013.  More drone bases, more guns, more bombs, flying killer robots, more gas, more killing fields of women, men and kids, more hunger, malnutrition, starvation.  We Indigenous women are the “progenitors of the soil” on behalf of the coming children.  We are letting the war makers and profiteers hide in our territories, to steal our resources to make lethal weapons and to commit atrocities against everyone in the world. They and their accomplices live here in their high rises, dressed in fancy suits. Their highly paid band and tribal chiefs grovel at their feet crying, “Give me that paper.  I’ll sign it!”  They are always ready to push Harper’s fake laws to continue the bloodshed.

Please stop dropping bombs on us!

“Please stop dropping bombs on us!”

Our work must be supported and protected. Our duty is to stop the war problem forever, to bring peace on earth. To those profiteering and manipulating the war economy, get off our land! Take your band and tribal council pets with you. 

The council of the great peace needs the balance of the male and female energies within the consensus process. It is the basis of the interactions between all our communities. The men help the people to follow the law of the land.  

Council of Women.

Council of Women.

The Corporation of Canada is making a last ditch try to steal everything. Then they plan to flee with our $3 trillion Indian Trust Funds. Mark “Carnage” Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is on his way to England hoping to drop it at the feet of his royal economists. Indigenous have reported him to INTERPOL for investigation of the biggest heist in banking history.    

The lawyers, bureaucrats and developers show up for the sale. The bosses from Ottawa draw up the papers. The chiefs sign them and walk away with envelopes stuffed with money. National, provincial organizations and Band and tribal councils have been set up for no other purpose than to help with the theft and genocide. 

Assembly of First Nations and the band council’s job is to ignore our rightful requests for full consultation and consent. Municipal councils send a fax or email to the nearby band councils, who are not supposed to respond. Based on the non-response, contracts then proceed.    

If anyone doubts this corporate plan, ask your band council for their corporation number, corporate papers, minute book, shareholders list, business plan, chiefs’ and band bank accounts. 

We are not victims. We are the proud natural people of Great Turtle Island. Round dances are wonderful. Soon we will dance for joy when the blood suckers leave. Band councils, stand aside as you have alienated yourselves, according to our law. Canada, dissolve your illegal corporation because you aren’t going to steal any more of our resources nor our money. Mark Carney, drop that bag of Indian loot.    

Harper & his women.

Harper & his women.

Harper, did you ever meet a real woman who didn’t feel like slapping your face? 

As Helen Reddy sang:  “I am woman.  Hear me roar.  In numbers too big to ignore.  And I know too much to go back and pretend cause I’ve heard it all before.  And I’ve been down there on the floor, and no one’s ever gonna keep me down again”. Helen Reddy: I am woman

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MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  During the 1970s pipeline protests, the Department of Defense set up a secret “war room” on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs in Ottawa. The windows were blacked out, a large map of Canada sat on a table in the middle, with red-yellow-green flags on all our communities. Rooms with computers were at the side.

Indian Affairs war room

Indian Affairs war room

In 1990 the Quebec Police, RCMP and Canadian army invaded 3 of our communities, an act of war. Daily strategy meetings were held in the “War Room” attended by Indian Affairs, Defense, Canadian Intelligence Services, RCMP, Quebec government, Quebec Police, Ontario Government and police, New York State Police and National Guard and other Canada and US agencies, media, band/tribal councils and other sell-outs. State repression used our own people to carry out the aggression against us. 

The public joined us against capitalist exploitation. They were threatened and arrested.  Politicians yelled provocative rhetoric. Right wing forces were whipped up.  Ethnic tensions were ignited.  People screamed demands to attack and bring us into line.

Surveillance was constant.  Agent provocateurs were sent in to provoke trouble so as to bring in crowd control and violence against us.  ATMs in our community shut down so no money was available. The siege lasted for 78 days. 

Today Prime Minister Harper wants to bring down the “Idle No More” movement. We are demanding the immediate repeal of illegal law C-45 to steal everything from us.  Their banker bosses want this resistance under control now!  The predators need tactics to take us out.  

Promises to Idle No More will be made which they don’t intend to keep; laws may be passed to ban protests; media will be flooded with anti-Indian rhetoric to minimize our support; disinformation and nasty reports published to create fear and cause divisions.   

To prepare ourselves, every family should maintain our own security. Our healthy members are being listed to be rounded up when they come in for the final solution.  Newcomers should be scrutinized.

207 check point

207 check point

Indian agents may make us use passes to go in and out of our designated areas.  In 1990 military checkpoints were placed everywhere, even on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers.

Quebec coast guard ready to chase Mohawks

Quebec coast guard ready to chase Mohawks


The state is asking, “What motivates those Indians.  We need to predict their moves. Do they have kids? Let’s stop the food, medical aid and other necessities of life. Do the old people need special care? What can we get away with?”

Our unpredictability is impossible for them to deal with. We use guerilla tactics.  They are bred to lie, misinform and use counter-intelligence. 

They know we have total unconditional sovereignty.  Mother Earth cannot be ruled. Their war room is cranked up. They watch us with drones, agents and infiltrators. They can’t put out our fire. Our young arrows are standing up for us.  We will do anything to defend our children.  When we dance, all our ancestors and future generations join us. 

As Seattle said:  “Tribe follows tribe.  Nation follows nation.  Like the waves of the sea.  It is the order of nature and regret is useless.  Your time of decay may be distant.  But it will surely come.  For even the white man cannot be exempt from the destiny.”  He too will get a dirt blanket.   

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