MNN. JUNE 8, 2013. More than 370,000 international corporations of the bloodline bankers and 31 off-shore banks are registered in Panama. Dirty or stolen money, like the ever-growing Indian Trust Fund, can be deposited, cleaned and redistributed from here.

Close confidante of Canadian Prime Minister Harper, Dr. Arthur Porter, is wanted in Canada on charges of fraud, breach of trust, accepting bribes, money laundering and selling insider information on the bids to build the $1.3 billion McGill University Super Hospital in Montreal. He is fighting extradition to Canada. His wife is not. art porter

Mr. and Mrs. Porter were arrested in Panama on their way to Trinidad and Tobago, money laundering havens. Money can be stashed and transferred to off-shore accounts without authorities finding out. FINTRAC of Canada keeps track of international transactions, where the money is, where it’s going and who is moving it. 

Porter diagnosed himself with stage 4 lung cancer. His partner in his Bahamian health clinic, Dr. Karol Sikora, misdiagnosed the Libyan bomber of the PanAm jet in 1988. He reported that the Libyan prisoner in Scotland had stage 4 cancer and a few months to live so he could return to Libya to die. He lived for years thereafter. Sikora will be diagnosing Porter so he can’t travel to Canada. 

Dr. Sikora: "Arthur, you can't travel. You're 8 months pregnant".

Dr. Sikora: “Arthur, you can’t travel. You’re 8 months pregnant”.

SNC Lavalin won the contract to build the Montreal mega hospital. A Panama lawyer sets up a dummy corporation with owners that can’t be traced. The corporation opens a Panamanian bank account in another country like Trinidad or Tobago. SNC Lavalin deposited $22.5 million into Porter’s Canadian and Bahamian bank accounts. The money is deemed to come from a corporation that’s made to appear legitimate. It can now be moved around the world. Most launderers move it electronically to United Arab Emirates, to the Caribbean and then to Canada or elsewhere. 

The worldwide debt-based currency system is running off the biggest debt owed to the Indigenous people. Since 1704 40% of all monies garnered from natural resources was to be placed in trust. Since their money system is based on debt, it means their whole system is running off this debt to us. For example, if $100 is deposited into their bank account, they can lend out ten times that amount. We, as the biggest debtor, demand full payment on all our debt since 1704, with accrued daily interest. Their banking system will collapse upon itself. We will take all our money to clean up their mess. They will return to the Fatherland. goebbels

The solution is for everyone in the world to go to their Indigenous people and follow the laws of the land, not Admiralty Law, the laws of the seas. 

The exact total of the wealth in “off-the-ledger” accounts is not known. It could be thousands of trillions of dollars in gold, plantinum, gems and federal reserve notes and other currencies. 

The central bankers set up a system that allows the Bank of Canada to block anyone but the banking elite from using the account. The actual owners – the Indigenous depositors – are prohibited from utilizing their assets for humanitarian programs as originally intended. As Joan Baez reminds us, “We shall overcome”. Joan Baez

Global banking report. Keenan.
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MNN. Apr. 5, 2013. Hundreds of international journalists sifted through millions of leaked records and thousands of names to produce International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ’s findings into offshore banking secrecy. 2.5 million files exposed more than 120,000 offshore companies and trusts. Hidden deals of politicians, con men and the super-rich the world over have been uncovered. Concealed companies and private trusts have been set up in the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands and other offshore hideaways.offshore acct

Doctors, dentists, rich sell-out villagers, Canadian civil rights lawyer, families and accomplices of despots and government officials, Wall Street swindlers, billionaires, Russian corporate executives, international arms dealers, politicians and their spouses and corporate Indian tribal and band councils have set up secret bank accounts on these islands. Hiding assets, cash transfers, incorporation dates, links between companies and individuals, sham directors and secret offshore financial swindles from 170 countries are on file.

Tony Merchant, lawyer for residential school victims.

Tony Merchant, lawyer for residential school victims, hid millions off-shore.

The monetary system is based on debt to control the world. Every dollar the bank has on deposit 1000 times more is loaned in interest bearing loans. Secret off shore money pays the bribes, covers up fraud, tax dodging, political corruption, war and setting up governments to loot the people’s money.

The ever-growing $60 trillion Indian Trust Fund was stolen from us by the Corporation of Canada that illegally declared themselves as our self-appointed trustees. These criminals are all going to jail in the “Fatherland”. Desperately wanting and taking is the cause of the “owistah disease”. The bribery system is the basis for setting up the new world order.  

briberyA corporation is registered through Washington DC and the United Nations. Then a government is set up or taken over. Corporate laws are made to steal the money and resources. The swindled money is put into off-shore accounts. Canada is the furthest ‘nation’ from democracy, of any in the world. The reporter in Jordan recently called Canada an “autocracy”.

Mark Carney, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is now working for the City of London. In July 2013 he is becoming the Governor of the Bank of England. He comes from the Canadian model where the bank owns everything outright. This system is the model being established throughout the world.

The leak of off-shore accounts is going to clean up and may even destroy this immoral predatory banking system. The names and account numbers are being exposed. We will get our Indian Trust Fund back. We want it in gold. As the Beatles lamented: “The best things in life are free. But you can keep them for the birds and bees. Just give me money. That’s what I want.” Money, that’s what I wantpredators

ICIJ offshore accounts leak

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MNN.  Feb. 8, 2013. We Onkwehonwe are the keepers of the law of peace here on Great Turtle Island. Any valid treaty must have have the principles of the Two Row for all North and South America. The law of the land is Kaianereh’ko:wa. 

1701 Great Peace of Montreal, only valid treaty, rooted in law of the land.

1701 Great Peace of Montreal, only valid treaty, rooted in law of the land.

The Indigenous have treaty-making powers.  The Iroquois call the Two Row Wampum the “Guswentha, which means “Two Roads”, defining the relationship between two sovereigns. It is recorded on a belt made of wampums. 

Two Row. Root of international treaty on Great Turtle Island.

Two Row. Root of international treaty on Great Turtle Island.

The First Iroquois Treaty with a European nation was in 1606 with the Dutch. They called it a “Peace and Friendship” and “Trade and Commerce” treaty, to allow them to trade in our Territory. Similar treaties were made with Great Britain, France, the Thirteen Colonies, and eventually the United States.  These are the “Covenant Chain” treaties. Treaties on behalf of the settlers were made with the Crown. 

The Two Row concept is the basis of the principle of non-interference in international law. Valid international treaties are rooted in the natural law of the land. If not so rooted, they  apply only on the seas. 

Never shall the 2 vessels cross paths.

Never shall the 2 vessels cross paths on the river of life.

The canoe of the Indigenous and sailing vessel of the Europeans travel side by side on the river of life. Each boat symbolically contains their people, language, forms of government, laws, culture, traditions and ceremonies. In the Indigenous canoe are all the lands and resources that the Great Natural Power vested in the Ongwehonwe. The parties agree to not interfere or make war with the other, forever. 

No one can legally put “one foot in the canoe and the other in the Vessel”.  We would be stranded or perish should a storm suddenly arise and the vessels separate. We can only follow one jurisdiction, one law. Otherwise our people will be in  great peril. 

The Two Row is embodied in the Great Peace in the following articles: 

Wampum #78: Whenever a foreign nation enters the League or accepts the Great Peace, the Rotinonshonni’onwe [Iroquois] and the foreign nation enter into an agreement by which the foreign nation persuades other nations to accept the Great Peace. 

Wampum #83: When peace is established by the termination of the war, then the Great Peace comes. 

Wampum #84: Whenever a foreign nation has been conquered or has accepted the Great Peace, their own system of internal government may continue in the territories we have provided for them. They must cease all warfare against other nations. Ceremonies are protected.  

Wampum #87: When the war of the Rotinonshonni’onwe on a foreign nation is ended, peace is restored to that nation.  When all terms of peace have been agreed upon, a state of friendship is established. 

Wampum #97: Before the Great Peace, each nation had its own Council Fire. The Fires  continue as before and they are not quenched. 

Wampum #99: The rites and festivals of each nation remain undisturbed and continue as before. The people of old times retained them as useful and necessary for the good of the people. 

As Morpheus said when talking to Neo the first time in the Matrix: “… most people are not ready to be unplugged and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependant on the system, that they will fight to protect it”. Anyone still plugged into the system can become an agent of the system at anytime. Use your own mind. Follow the natural law of the land. 

"I will return to you in stone".

“I will return to you in stone”.

As John Trudell sang: “We hear what you say. One Earth, one Mother. One does not sell the earth the people walk upon. We are the land. How do we sell our mother? How do we sell the stars? How do we sell the air? Crazy Horse, we hear what you say.”John Trudell: Crazy Horse we hear you

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MNN.  Feb.5, 2013. No more bawling for a handout from the corporate thieves. We demand payment forthright of all our money.

Run on Indian Trust Fund at Indian Affairs.

Run on Indian Trust Fund at Indian Affairs.


We Indigenous are not responsible for the massive failures of the banks that are now going bust. They’ve been bailed out with our Indian Trust Funds, without our knowledge or permission, which is illegal. We never gave permission to Mark Carney and Canada to move our ever-growing Indian Trust Fund to England to continue their debt fraud. 

Looks like Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney's hands!!!

Look, another banker!!!

The “executive branch” of the European superstate, of which Canada and the US are affiliated, do not rule us or our funds. Look at Iceland. They proved that the bankers did not have a legitimate debt from the people. It was all bogus. The criminal bankers went to jail. 

The oligarchs’ debt to us can be verified quickly. it’s real! We do not have to obey their directives. We Indigenous people of Great Turtle Island are sovereign and not members of any corporate “artificial” system. Each Indigenous person who is a legal titleholder of the Indian Trust Fund can demand full payment immediately.  We will say where our money goes.  

Along with Al Qaeda, Taliban and Iceland, and anyone who goes against the economic royalists of Europe and their accomplices [banks], we Mohawks have been placed on a terrorist list. This means nothing to the people of the world who know the truth. The law enforcement officers have been tricked to illegally detain us.  

We demand full payment asap. It won’t be going to any corporate entity [Canada,] The band and tribal councils won’t be entitled to anything because they willingly stepped out of the canoe and jumped onto their boat. They have forfeited their rights to the money. 

The emperor has no clothes!

The emperor has no clothes!

We will deal directly with the bankers. No corporate entity can have anything to do this Indigenous bank run. This run will bust the bank.  

As Pink Floyd sang: ”Money, it’s a crime.  Share it fairly, but don’t take a slice of my pie.  Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today”.Pink Floyd; Money

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Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank.  Give a man a bank, he can rob the world.

Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, he can rob the world.


MNN: Everyone knows Canada owes … how much?

mnnlogo1CANADA OWES US [Section 109] 

MNN.  Feb.2, 2013.  Everyone knows Canada owes… how much?  The legal origins of Canada’s debt to us is Section 109 of the British North America Act 1867. The daily increase in the $4.5 trillion in our Indian Trust Fund is substantial:  

“… and all Sums then due or payable for such Lands, Mines, Minerals, or Royalties, shall belong to the several Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick in which the same are situate or arise, subject to any “Trusts” existing in respect thereof, and to any Interest other than that of the Province in the same”.  

The 1867 “Privy Council” opinion on Section 109 stated that “subject to” means the order of rank in interest. In any conflict the Indian interest is ahead of Canada, the provinces and all other interests, unless the Indigenous people give their fully informed consent to make a treaty to sell their interest to the Crown. This has never validly happened. 

"Do we have the $4.5 trillion, honey???"

“Do we have the $4.5 trillion, honey???”


The legal land regime is Indigenous. The settlers are tenants to treaties. In 1875 the colony of Canada enacted a “Minute in Council”.  According to Section 132, Canada is under a constitutional duty to not allow provincial law on land that has not been validly purchased from the Indians through a treaty.  In 1876, Cabinet got Parliament to unconstitutionally pass a federal law called the “Indian Act”, without a constitutional amendment. Indian jurisdiction was illegally invaded. We were forced UNDER THEIR fraudulent federal law. 

Canada is still “subject” to the Indian interest. The Indian Act completely violates the “rule of law”. Criminally breaching Section 109 of its own constitution is TREASON. Also breached are international genocide and apartheid laws.  Colonization has been illegal since 1961. 

The “International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”, 1948, prohibits Canada from allowing provincial land legislation that does not respect the “paramouncy” of the Indian interest. The consequence is “serious bodily and mental harm”.  

Canada ratified the genocide convention through “The Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act” with a catch. Section 9 VETOES any prosecutions of Canadians unless the Attorney General of Canada gives his permission. They commit genocide and think they can’t be punished.  

Indian Affairs: "Let's make them an offer they can't refuse".

Indian Affairs: “Let’s make them an offer they can’t refuse”.

Canada set up puppet governments called “band and tribal councils” to make illegal deals with them on our behalf. These crime syndicates and so-called “Aboriginal” governments divvy up the loot in back rooms.  

The bi-polar system in place is causing mass illness.

"Heeeeere's Johnny!!!"

“Heeeeere’s Johnny!!!”


As Jimi sang:  “Manic depression, touching my soul.  I know what I want, but I just don’t know. … Music, sweet music. I wish I could caress.  Manic depression’s a frustrating mess.  Well, I think I’ll go turn myself off and go on down”. Jimi: Manic Depression   

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MNN.  Jan. 31, 2013.  The corporate chiefs have always been part of the white serpent’s tail. Duct tape won’t fix the big crack in the Harper-AFN unity ship. Captain Shawn Atleo of the S.S. Traitor, keeps trying to push the illusion that we are all united behind him. It’s a big lie.

Captain Atleo, are you going down with your ship?

Captain Atleo, are you going down with your ship?


The corporate Indians are doing their own version of the Idle Nor More public round dance called the “I’m-not-with-him-anymore” jig. They’re trying to avoid their own filth as they dance privately to their master’s tune. This maneuver is probably going on all over Canada. “What-will-we-do” committees are springing up everywhere. With the illegal Indian Act, AFN and band and tribal councils dissolved, Harper can’t push through his agenda to steal everything and get rid of us for good.

The chiefs took the money, said nothing, are being caught with their hands in the cookie jar and trying to illegally sign away our possession so they and their children personally benefit. Is there a lot of document shredding going on at Indian Affairs right now to falsify the truth? They want to say there are no Indians and therefore no Indian Trust Funds to complete the theft of our $3 trillion.

The Indian accomplices think they’re fooling us by saying, “OMG. I didn’t know. I never took nothin’”.  Really, they’re saying, “I’m one of them sell-outs. Sure, I’m rich, have money in the bank, signed a few deals, my kids go to private school. I worked hard for it…”.

S.S. Traitor, you are going down!

S.S. Traitor, you are going down!

The S.S. Traitor, like a ship on the high seas with a full wind and no rudder, will end up on the rocks. Like the Rolling Stones sang in “Sweet Virginia”:  “Come on, come on down, sweet Virginia. Rolling Stones: Sweet Virginia 

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MNN: We are Women…


MNN:  Jan. 29, 2013.  More drone bases, more guns, more bombs, flying killer robots, more gas, more killing fields of women, men and kids, more hunger, malnutrition, starvation.  We Indigenous women are the “progenitors of the soil” on behalf of the coming children.  We are letting the war makers and profiteers hide in our territories, to steal our resources to make lethal weapons and to commit atrocities against everyone in the world. They and their accomplices live here in their high rises, dressed in fancy suits. Their highly paid band and tribal chiefs grovel at their feet crying, “Give me that paper.  I’ll sign it!”  They are always ready to push Harper’s fake laws to continue the bloodshed.

Please stop dropping bombs on us!

“Please stop dropping bombs on us!”

Our work must be supported and protected. Our duty is to stop the war problem forever, to bring peace on earth. To those profiteering and manipulating the war economy, get off our land! Take your band and tribal council pets with you. 

The council of the great peace needs the balance of the male and female energies within the consensus process. It is the basis of the interactions between all our communities. The men help the people to follow the law of the land.  

Council of Women.

Council of Women.

The Corporation of Canada is making a last ditch try to steal everything. Then they plan to flee with our $3 trillion Indian Trust Funds. Mark “Carnage” Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is on his way to England hoping to drop it at the feet of his royal economists. Indigenous have reported him to INTERPOL for investigation of the biggest heist in banking history.    

The lawyers, bureaucrats and developers show up for the sale. The bosses from Ottawa draw up the papers. The chiefs sign them and walk away with envelopes stuffed with money. National, provincial organizations and Band and tribal councils have been set up for no other purpose than to help with the theft and genocide. 

Assembly of First Nations and the band council’s job is to ignore our rightful requests for full consultation and consent. Municipal councils send a fax or email to the nearby band councils, who are not supposed to respond. Based on the non-response, contracts then proceed.    

If anyone doubts this corporate plan, ask your band council for their corporation number, corporate papers, minute book, shareholders list, business plan, chiefs’ and band bank accounts. 

We are not victims. We are the proud natural people of Great Turtle Island. Round dances are wonderful. Soon we will dance for joy when the blood suckers leave. Band councils, stand aside as you have alienated yourselves, according to our law. Canada, dissolve your illegal corporation because you aren’t going to steal any more of our resources nor our money. Mark Carney, drop that bag of Indian loot.    

Harper & his women.

Harper & his women.

Harper, did you ever meet a real woman who didn’t feel like slapping your face? 

As Helen Reddy sang:  “I am woman.  Hear me roar.  In numbers too big to ignore.  And I know too much to go back and pretend cause I’ve heard it all before.  And I’ve been down there on the floor, and no one’s ever gonna keep me down again”. Helen Reddy: I am woman

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mnnlogo1WAR IS A RACKET! 

MNN.  Jan. 28, 2013.  The cabal is meeting today in Ottawa.  It is between the cooperative Corporate Indians and the economic royalists. Chief Crazy Horse said this just before he was assassinated: “How many times must the white man break his word? How short are your memories that you can again accept their promises? Why is today’s promises any different from those of yesterday?”

One of our great Warriors.

One of our great Warriors.


Pressure is on to steal our resources needed for war. The bankers are directing their CEO of the Corporation of Canada, Stephen Harper, to ramp up the extraction of war materials that the Indigenous people are living on. We never gave up any of it. The economic royalists are planning to split the blood money.  The sub-corporations of Canada, known as band and tribal councils, are there to give the illusion of legality and to get a few crumbs for doing it.    

Mark “Carnage” Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is heading to England with our $3 trillion Indian Trust Fund in tow to give to the economic royalists [bankers]. 

One of many whistle blowers.

One of many whistle blowers

Nothing is new under the sun. US Major General Smedley Butler, in his famous 1933 speech, clearly laid out that “War Is a Racket”.  

Major Butler, one of the most decorated generals of World War I, outlined how WW11 was planned. One year later, Butler gave secret testimony to the McCormack-Dickstin Committee [later the House Committee on Un-American Activities]. He told of a plot headed by a group of wealthy American businessmen [American Liberty League] to set up a fascist dictatorship in the US, complete with concentration camps for Jews and other undesirables.[ Full article:  War is a Racket: Smedley Butler

Butler was approached by Gerald T. MacGuire of Wall Street’s Grayson M-P, Murphy and Co.  An army of 500,000 would be assembled of unemployed WW1 veterans to march on Washington DC to bring down the government. The plutocrats wanted Butler to lead the coup, promising $3 million to start and $300 million later. Butler went along with the plot to learn their identities.  None was ever called to testify or charged with treason.  Almost all were founding members of the Council on Foreign Relations CFR.  The League was headed up by DuPont and J.P. Morgan cartels.  Supporters were Andrew Mellon, Sun Oil, Rockefeller, E.F Hutton, US Steel, General Motors, Chase, Standard Oil and Goodyear Tires. Money was funneled through Senator Prescott Bush through his Union Banking Corporation and Brown Brothers Harriman.  To the plotters bragged about Bush’s connections with Hitler.  Germany had promised Bush they would provide weapons for the coup. 

Butler concluded war is the oldest, most profitable, most vicious racket.  It is international in scope.  Profits are reckoned in dollars and losses in lives. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the very many. In WWI a handful garnered all the profits.  At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the US. They admitted their blood games in their income taxes. Others falsified their tax returns. None shouldered a rifle, dug a trench, went hungry in a rat infested dugout, suffered sleepless, frightened nights, ducked shells, shrapnel, and machine gun bullets.  None parried a bayonet thrust of an enemy or were wounded or killed in battle. 

The public paid for grave stones, mangled bodies, shattered minds, broken hearts and homes, economic instability, depression and all its attendant miseries, and back breaking taxation for generations. 

Now I see international war clouds gathering. Sides are being chosen. France and Russia are standing together. Italy and Austria are side by side. Poland and Germany are working together, forgetting their dispute over the Polish corridor. The assassination of King Alexander of Yugoslavia complicated matters. Italy was ready to jump in. France and Czechoslavakia waited. They all looked forward to war. Not the people, who fight, pay and die. Those who foment wars stay home to profit.  40 million men are armed. Statesmen and diplomats lie that war is not in the making.  Hells, bells!  These men are not being trained to be dancers! 

In italy, Premier Benito Mousselini said in “international Conciliation”, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace publication:  “And above all, Fascism, the more it considers and observes the future and development of humanity, … believed neither in the possibility, nor the utility of perpetual peace… war alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the people who have the courage to meet it.” 

His well-trained army, fleet of planes and navy are ready for war. His stand at Hungary’s in its dispute with Yugoslavia showed that. Also troops were quickly mobilized on the Austrian border after the assassination of Dollfuss. Other Europeans rattled their sabers for war. 

Herr Hitler rearmed Germany and constantly demanded more arms. France recently increased military service from a year to 18 months. Nations are camping in their arms. The mad dogs of Europe are on the loose.  

In the Orient, in 1904 when Russia and Japan fought, we kicked out our old friends, the Russians, and backed Japan. Our generous international bankers were financing Japan.  Now we are being poisoned against Japan! 

What does the “open door” policy to China mean to us? Our trade with China is about $90 million a year. We have spent $600 million in the Philippines in 35 years. “Our bankers, industrialists and speculators” have private investments there of less than $200 million. To save the China trade and protect these private investments, we are being stirred up to hate Japan and go to war – a war that might well cost us tens of billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives of Americans and many more hundreds of thousands of physically maimed and mentally unbalanced men. Millions and billions of dollars would be piled up by a few munitions makers, bankers, ship builders, manufacturers, meat packers, speculators.   

Yes, war pays high dividends.  But what does it profit the men who are killed, their mothers and sisters, their wives and sweethearts, their children? Except for the very few to whom war means huge profits.    

Until 1898 we didn’t own a bit of territory outside the mainland of North America. Our national debt was a little more than $1 million.  Then we became “internationally minded”.  We forgot George Washington’s warning about “entangling alliances”.  We went to war. We acquired outside territory. Our national debt jumped to over $25 million. We ran a little behind year after year. It would have been cheaper to stay out of foreign entanglements.  

The lesson is don’t forget the failed 1934 coup attempt by the economic royalists on Wall Street, owned and run from the City of London. None were jailed. They have the same agenda today. We Indigenous can stop war by occupying the means of production to deny them the goods they need. 

Kay Kyser sang in her song, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”:  “Yes, the sky pilot said it, you gotta give him credit.  For a son-of-a-gun of a gunner was he, shoutin’ praise the Lord, we’re on a mighty mission. All aboard, we ain’t a goin’ fishin’.  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, and we’ll all stay free”.  Kay Kyser: Praise the lord and pass the ammunition  praise the lord 

Religion & war - historic partners!!

Religion & war – historic partners!!

Death of Crazy Horse

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MNN: INTERPOL to Investigate Trust Fund Fraud


MNN:  JUNE 25, 2013.  Following Iceland’s lead, we launched a INTERPOL investigation into the fraud and theft of our Indian Trust Fund. Iceland successfully jailed the bankers, eliminated their fake national debt and rewrote their constitution to protect themselves from the bankers.  Governmental officials involved are all stewing in jail.

Bankers beware!  Insp. Clouseau always gets his man.

Bankers beware! Insp. Clouseau always gets his man.


Jan. 25, 2013 

From:  THAHOKETOTEH & KAHENTINETHA, Mohawk Nation News, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada],;;

To:  Ms. Mireille Ballestrazzi,President, Deputy Central Director, and Mr. Ronald Noble, Secretary General, International Criminal Police Organization ICPO INTERPOL, 200 Quai Charles DeGaulle, 69006 Lyon, France.



We are Onkwehonwe [natural to North America].  There is $3 trillion in our Indian Trust Fund, located at the Department of Indian Affairs in Ottawa.  This money is used to run Canada without our knowledge or consent. It comes from the illegal extraction of all our resources for 150 years. 

As the international world police, you have the duty to investigate any breaches of international treaties.  We are asking for you to investigate one Mark Carney, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, and his role in transferring our Indian Trust Fund to the Central Banks. He will become the Governor of the Bank of England on July 2013. It is international fraud at its highest. 

Our title to our land, resources and trust funds are going to be illegally extinguished to complete their theft.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to enforce omnibus bills that will steal our trust funds through declaring us as a non-existent people.  

The Trust Fund Management System can be accessed at Indian trust fund  It is clear that any licenses, permits and other instruments to individuals and organizations that exploit our resources belongs to us.  Other accounts in the trust fund are:  Environmental Studies Research Fund Accounts; Special Accounts; Indian Estate Accounts; royalties for the exploration of all our natural resources. 

They justify their theft from the illegal [genocidal] legislation that turned over our lands and resources to the provinces and left us dying in little pockets of land in the midst of our own lands.  All resources belong to us.  They are supposedly held in trust for us by the Queen of England for our benefit.

This is the biggest banking crime in the history of the world which you need to investigate. It violates the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide that Canada signed in Paris on December 9, 1948.  

Nia:wen, Kahentinetha & Thahoketoteh”


Zombie bankers killing each other off.

Zombie bankers walking the walk.

Like the Rap artist, NAS, says:  “Walking, talking dead, think we’re living, “Black Zombies”.  We just copycat, following the system, “Black Zombies”.  “Walking, talking dead, think we’re living, “Black Zombies”.  We just copycat, following the system, “Black Zombies”NAS: Black Zombie

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MNN:  Jan. 24, 2013.  Mark Carney, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, shielded Canada from the effects of the recent financial crisis.  He used our Indian Trust Funds to bolster the Bank of Canada. This is the secret Indigenous Trust Fund that the Canada banking system and economy is built upon. In 2012 he was appointed Governor of the Bank of England, to begin on July 2013.

Queenie:  "$3 trillion for a BJ!!j [bank job].   Come on over."

Queenie: “$3 trillion for a BJ!!j [bank job]. Come on over, Mark. Let’s have tea.”


Carney went to Harvard and worked at Goldman Sachs. In 1998 he advised Russians and at the same time bet against their ability to pay back their debt. 

In 2004 Carney worked under the current Canada Finance Minister, Jim “Austerity Measure” Flaherty. He provided additional liquidity to the Canadian finance system using our Indian Trust Funds.  The Corporation of Canada is thriving in comparison to the other G8 countries.  

In 2009 Canada was capitalized with our money to take advantage of the US and European financial crisis. In 2010 Carney was chairman of the Bank for International Settlements, member of the Group of 30, World Economic Forum and Bilderberg Group [Rothschild entities]. 

Carney, on the road.

Carney, on the run with Indian Trust Fund.

Carney is now going to the UK with our $3 trillion. The Bank of England can’t steal this money without him. They need the banker who knows these secret bank deals.  Carney and the bankers are playing with the world’s economy. They invest worldwide using our money to extract Indigenous resources from our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. 

Britain is leaving the European Union in 2017 so that our money [natural resources] will finance their economy. The bankers need to turn the settlers here against us so they can be a party to the fraud without their knowledge. Their media constantly vilifies us.   

By design their corporate band councils mismanage our money, stash it away and keep us in dire living conditions. Indian Affairs sends in the bankers. Multinational corporations then have free reign over our natural resources, for example, Attawapiskat. If there are no longer any Indigenous, then they don’t have to pay into the Indian Trust Fund from the exploration of our resources. 100% will go to the bankers through Mark Carney.  

In the Iroquois consensus decision making process those issues that affect everyone goes into the Well for discussion and direction.  Everyone has a duty to add their thoughts to the solutions [Onigonra].  The Council is divided into three parties [Clans]. The Well Keeper of the Turtle Clan brings the issue out of the Well, explaining the question. He passes it over the Council Fire to the Wolf Clan, who deliberate. They pass their decision back to the Turtle Clan. They deliberate. If the decision is the same, the Bear Clan confirms the decision. In case of disagreement, deliberations start over, revealing new information.  If disagreement continues, the Bear Clan cast their ‘vote’, for a two-thirds vote. The minority then agrees with it, making it a unanimous decision.  The War Chief and his Men make sure proper protocol is followed. 

Issue for deliberation:  Should we stop the bankers from committing the biggest heist in banking history, the theft of $3 trillion from the proceeds of the Indigenous natural resources and from all future extraction. Send your comments. 

As Patsy Cline sang: “Oh, we ain’t got a barrel of money.  maybe we’re ragged and funny.  We’ll travel along, singing a song, side by side.”Patsy Cline: Side by Side

We're waiting for you, Mark.

We’re waiting for you, Mark.

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