Bankers Bamboozle


MNN. Mar. 5, 2013. International law provides that we are to be fully informed and consulted on anything that happens to our sovereignty, land, resources and funds. Canada has our ever growing Indian Trust Funds. These funds come from leases, rents and royalties from our land and resources. Canada put it into the Consolidated Revenue Fund for the benefit of all Canadians, without our permission. Our money was and continues to be used to build Canada.

Carney, where are the Indian funds?

Carney, where are the Indian funds?


Trustees [our sell-outs] will be illegally appointed for us to hold our land and money and make all the decisions for us. Our land will be put into “trust” companies run by the banks. Our money will be used for the benefit of the bankers and a few of their corporate Indian trustees and band and tribal council operatives. We will have to buy services we are legally entitled to, like health, education and safe drinking water. ** 

Red on the outside, white on the inside.

I’m your government appointed trustee!

Canada’s corporate Indians are their fronts. Amendments to the trust agreements can be made behind our backs between their appointed trustees and their corporate band councils and the banks. 

Trustees will be appointed to buy lands on a willing seller-willing buyer basis. Some of our stolen money will be used to buy back some of our own stolen land! This sounds like win-win for them and lose-lose for us. We can’t buy our own land! 

Fee simple is the imperial land tenure system. It’s a foreign rip off  put all of the land into the hands of a few bankers to do with as they please. They can sell the land without our consent or any benefit to us. We will have to pay taxes to the bankers for the land we retain and anything built on it. 

jailtimeAccording to the natural law of Great Turtle Island, Kaianerehkowa, lands are held communally where everyone has an equal voice. Haudenosaunee law, like international law, requires consensus. In true democracy, we need two-thirds or the support of two out of three clans. Their tainted vision of democracy is a quorum of 50% plus 1 so they can buy the majority.  

It is crime masked as law. The perpetrators are a bunch of bankers.   As the Austerity All-Stars sang “and if you’re one of them bugger you” in Bugger the Bankers        

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MNN. Mar. 3, 2013. Today Queen Elizabeth is being served with documents finding her, the Pope and Canada guilty of genocide [International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State]. She cancelled a trip to Rome and has gone into the hospital.

Quick! Bring the barf bag.

Quick! Bring the barf bag.


She is vomiting and has diarrhea. Looks like big movements are going on in the highest levels of international corporate power. Both she and the Pope are in the advanced stage of the “Owistah” disease.

Owistah can be very painful.

The beginning stages of “Owistah”


One of the biggest prizes is slipping through their grasp, Great Turtle Island. Our territory has more fresh water than any country in the world. The US Midwest will soon be a desert because of the misuse of our land and water. They want to drain our Great Lakes, connecting Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. We have not been consulted nor asked to give our consent. 

The European oligarchy and monarchies have not been able to take over the roots of Onowaregeh Great Turtle Island. We are resisting. They realize they have to kill us one way or another. Their entities running their corporations in Canada and their trained puppets are falling apart. The Queen just could not take it, especially losing her grip on our ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. It has been paying the Queen, Pope, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the banking families in Europe for centuries who have been able to live without working ever and to pay for the continuation of war. 

We Indigenous are all naturally placed in various parts of our mother for a reason, to guard Great Turtle Island from these serpents. Mohawks are on major water ways and lands these powers need to carry out their agenda. We look east, to watch the enemy coming from that direction. Our people in the west, north and south look out for the serpents coming towards them.   

Stop knocking. We're not letting you in!

We’re slamming the door shut. No more corporatism.

At the beginning they agreed to abide by the treaties that were signed between them and ourselves, our friends and allies throughout Great Turtle Island. They are still binding, to live with us and not take our land and resources. Instead they tried to eliminate us and their legitimate obligations. They want to get rid of this lien [the Indian problem] that we have on all our land and resources. As long as we stand firm, they can’t complete the rape and control of the world. We are closing the door to these foreign usurpers and they know it.  We could be witnessing the last Queen and the last Pope, the end of hierarchy. 

As Blood, Sweat and Tears sang in Spinning Wheel “What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheel got to go round. talking ’bout your troubles, it’s a crying sin. ride a painted pony. let the spinning wheel spin.”

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MNN. Mar. 1, 2013. A letter has been sent to the Corporation of Canada for full payment to Indigenous shareholder, kahentinetha, of her share of the ever-growing Indian Trust Fund, also known as the First Nations Trust Accounts.

Not for long!

Not for long!

FROM: Kahentinetha of Rotino’shonni:onwe                                                                      P.O. Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada]J0L 1B0 

Mar. 1, 2013 


TO: Government of Canada                                                                                                House of Commons                                                                                                       Ottawa, Ontario Canada 

Attention: Prime Minister Stephen Harper 



The Government of Canada is the trustee of First Nations Trust Accounts which today contain many trillions of dollars. From that is many billions of dollars a year interest. For 150 years Canada has been receiving, holding and spending it without our knowledge or consent. This money comes from the exploitation of our land and resources which we never surrendered. The 1907 law declaring us as non-persons is no longer in effect. You do not have the power of attorney to do as you wish without our permission. The government has no legal choice but to turn our trusts over to us, the Indigenous beneficiaries. 

As a beneficiary to the trust, I demand full payment of my share of the Indian Trust Funds, also called First Nations Trust Accounts. Also, as a shareholder, I am informing you that Canada does not have my permission to take my trust funds by declaring me as a “Canadian” citizen against my will. Furthermore, Canada cannot move or spend any of my trust funds without my permission. 

...and don't tell me what to do with it!

…and don’t tell me what to do with it!

So that Indian Affairs doesn’t administer my funds, I demand that my share of the trust funds be placed with a trustee that I have appointed. If possible, I prefer to have my portion of the Indian Trust Fund delivered in gold bars because it comes from Mother Earth, Onowaregeh.  

As Ry Cooder sang: “My telephone rang one evening. My buddy called for me. Said the bankers are all leaving. You’d better come round and see. It started revelation, they robbed the nation blind. They’re all down at the station. No banker left behind.”Ry Cooder : No banker




We want it all back!

We want it “all” back!

cc: Hon. Gail Shea, National Revenue Canada, 7th Floor, 555 McKenzie Avenue, Ottawa Canada K1A 0L5; Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace, London England UK;Ms. Mireille Ballestrazzi, President, Deputy Director, and Mrs. Ronald Noble, Secretary International Criminal Police Organization, INTERPOL, 200 Quai Charles DeGaulle, 69006 Lyon, France; Pope, 00120 Via de Pellgrino Citta del Vatican City, Italy; Jim Yong Kim, Madelyn Antoncic, The World Bank, 1818 H Street NW, Washington DC 20433 USA;Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, 700 – 19th Street NW, Washington DC 20431; Sir Mervyn King, Governor, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London EC2R8AH UK; Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of Canada, 234 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada K1A G90.;                                       Manual for the Administration of Band Moneys,                                                           Chapter 8 – Preservation of First Nations Capital Trust Funds;            ;                                                                                Appendix B – Rates of Interest on Capital and Revenue Accounts.

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