MNN. 8 July 2013. On Saturday morning, July 6th, a bomb wiped out the center of the town of Lac-Megantic [Quebec] on Mohawk Territory. Over 60 of the French settlers for whom we are responsible were murdered and ‘disappeared”.

War zone on Mohawk land.

Bomb blast on Indigenous land.


According to the Great Peace of Montreal 1701 is under the protection of the Constitution of the Council of the Great Peace. We have a duty to protect all living things. We demand a full investigation of this criminal act of the multinational corporations. Montreal, Mine & Atlantic Railway Ltd., was hauling 73 substandard tankers and locomotives carrying toxic crude to Irving Oil in Saint Johns New Brunswick for the US market. Every train that goes through our towns and villages is loaded with enough ammunition to create a “war zone”. 

The train was parked in Nantes. Nobody was in the locomotive. The engineer had locked up and gone to sleep at a nearby hotel. At 11:30 the brakes of one locomotive was mysteriously released. It caught fire and billowed smoke. The fire department was called to put it out. The remaining cars were not checked. At 1:00 am. the remaining cars started moving directly downhill into the Lac-Megantic town center, about 11 kilometers away. A a social gathering was taking place. The train sped toward them, careened off the track, came to a stop near the middle of town and blew up like an atom bomb. The people and town centre were incinerated. The poisons ran into the lake. 

This is war in Quebec!

War on Mother Earth in Quebec and elsewhere!

Canada ships $73 billion in oil to the US every year, passing them through our towns and villages. Environmental regulations are constantly being removed and/or sidestepped. More shipping of crude oil is planned for the east and west coasts. 

The railroad tankers used in US and Canada are old and dangerous. By deregulation they don’t have to be replaced. Even more unsafe pipelines are being planned. Someone would have a strong motive for releasing those brakes. We Indigenous people should oversee any investigation of such criminal acts on our land. 

Foreign corporations normally cover their criminality by paying off all the corrupt politicians and law makers. They look for perpetrators before picking their “patsy”. The victims are forgotten. We will stop the destruction of Mother Earth caused by their toxic economy. These railroads, pipelines, roads and waterways are creating ecological destruction on our land. We are all at risk.   

There must be an immediate ban on transporting all war materials across Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island. It violates the Council of the Great Peace, the law of the land. As Jimi sang in “House Burning Down”: “Look at the sky/turn a hellfire red. Somebody’s house in burning/down, down, down, down. I say, O, baby, why’d you burn your brother’s house down?” House burning down megantic map

Terrence Nelson on Warrior societies

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MNN. Apr. 26, 2013. In 1870 a school was set up in the Six Nations community targeting  Mohawk children from all Mohawk communities. They were incarcerated and exterminated. Forensic evidence substantiates that the Crown of England, Vatican, Canadian government and churches carried out the killings of 50,000 Indigenous children across Canada. 40% of the students were murdered.

Six Nations death camp established in 1870 to exterminate Mohawks.

Six Nations death camp established in 1870 to exterminate Mohawks.


Recently found in secret graves were bones, bits of school uniforms, arms, skeletons of children as young as 3 years of age and other material. They were covered with several feet of dirt, plants and trees. 

Children 3 years old were annihilated.

3 year old children were annihilated.


Which criminal acts is Canada guilty of in relation to the murder of Indigenous children at government residential school death camps? 

A serial killer kills 3 or more persons over a period of time for psychological gratification. Often a sexual element is involved. Other motives include anger, thrill, financial gain and attention getting. Victims may have something in common, occupation, race, appearance, sex or age. Killings could go on over a long period of time. 

Mass murder is killing a large number of people at the same time over a short period of time, in a single location. A number of victims are killed by an individual or an organization.  Some of the perpetrators die by suicide or are killed in shoot outs or go unfounded. 

Church & state genocide planners.

Church & state genocide planners.

In genocide mass murder is the intention of government agents to exterminate a large number of people, such as unarmed protesters, innocent people in cities, random or planned executions of civilians or children. Governments annihilating entire groups of people can be both genocide or crimes against humanity. Such crimes have no charges nor convictions. 

In 1948 the “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” Article 2 provides that genocide is deliberate and systematic murder in whole or in part of an ethnic, racial or national group; killing members of a group; causing serious bodily harm; deliberately inflicting death; preventing births; transferring children to another group; destroying political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion and economy; or destroying their personal security, health, dignity and lives. Canada signed this convention and is guilty of most of these crimes. 

The National Criminal Court was established in 2002 to try states that signed the treaty such as Canada. The UN determined it cannot interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. Genocide can only end when these powers no longer have a stake in the region where genocide is being carried out. Canada is not sovereign. It is a corporation without land. 

UN helps Canada cover up murders.

UN helps Canada cover up murders.

The surviving students are now telling us what they know. Attached is the report of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State ITCCS of the crimes carried out at the “Mush Hole” death camp at Six Nations. The genocide program in Canada is firmly in place and still on track. Duncan Campbell Scott, the colonial superintendent of Indian Affairs, plotted “the final solution of the Indian problem” in the Indian Advancement Act of 1924. The international community has no choice but to follow international law and charge Canada with the crime of genocide, and put a stop worldwide. Canada’s existence is built upon lies and will fail as Jimi sang: “Just like castle’s made of sand fall into the sea, eventually.”  Castles made of sand

ITCCS website

we will never forget the horror of the murders our children.

“The horror, the horror!”


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MNN. Apr. 13, 2013. Pacification is a stage of warfare, in Canada called “Healing circles”. The military conducts pacification to suppress negative criticisms and actions by Indigenous people. Knowledge and activism are controlled. Missionaries, social programs and law enforcement keep Indigenous people from complaining about our bad situations and abuse. Drugs are sent in to addict our young people. It is working since our communities are experiencing an increase in violent crimes, deaths, domestic violence and rape. pacify

Healing and born again programs pacify Indigenous from doing something about our dire situations. The goal is to bring the colonizers and Indigenous into a cozy relationship; to divert us from resolving our long standing conflicts over land and resource theft; and to cool down legitimate anger over poor housing, toxic water, unemployment, especially youth dissent. It’s a form of espionage to gain covert control over us. 

drug dealerGovernment, church, social and policing programs are designed to waste our time and confuse us. Government trained “visionaries” are sent in to divert our minds into fake spiritualism and healing. The Department of Indian Affairs set up the ‘Kumik Healing Lodge’ in their lobby right after the 1990 Oka Crisis to pacify the people who had plenty to complain about.  

They think they are winning the physical war and now our minds must be controlled. An extensive program was designed to fit all of us. The goal was to get us to put down our guard so we don’t strike back at them when the corporations remove us from our land and take our possessions. The plan is to make us agree to be moved from our land into urban “refugee” camps. 

Pacification tries to undermine the legitimacy of our issues. The pacifiers enter our communities, find out who are the obstacles and then set up their targets. It’s information-gathering which is reported to the guru in the Indian Affairs “war room”. When we spill our guts out about our family or personal problems, the Children’s Aid Society can take our children from us.  Or we’re trapped some other way. Or our 12 to 14 year old girls are targeted by someone and suddenly disappear. They found the toughest pacification venues were in the communities where the Indigenous language is spoken and they express strong ties to the land. 

It is healthy for Indigenous to speak out about the wrongs and abuses that have been committed against us. We need to express ourselves. Indigenous people need to directly face our reality and then do something about it. 

War Room guru: "Infiltrate everything!"

“Homer & Marge, go in unnoticed and infiltrate everything!”

Most of the multi-million dollar budget went to slick organizers and smooth talking hucksters foisted on us by the corporate band councils. The costly national pacification system was meant to get absolute control over our minds. It failed because we are tied closely to the earth and Her wiring could not be undone. As Jimi sang: “Manic depression touching my soul. I know what I want, but I just don’t know. Feeling, sweet feeling, drops from my finger. Manic depression’s captyured my soul”. 

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