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MNN. JULY 17, 2017. Seers roaming around us are misleading us. They call themselves shamans, medicine men, pipe carriers, camel toe advocates, fortune tellers, prophet, soothsayer, mind reader, clairvoyants, tarot card readers, to name a few. Some call them Democrats and Republicans.

They hook up with somebody in the community, a weak minded person or some gossipers. The seer gets info on almost everybody in the community. They usually let the client talk first. They listen to them and regurgitate everything they were told. The victim is so impressed, “My god, he knew everything”. Actually someone informed the seer ahead of time.

People have become programmed to be irresponsible. They wait for somebody to come along and tell them what to think.


Indian Affairs knows about this. After the 1990 Oka Mohawk Crisis, they set up an elder’s lodge in the lobby of Indian Affairs in Ottawa called the Kumik Lodge. People were selected and brought in from our communities to be trained to be elders.

They learned to reinforce what the church and government have done to us, like praying, sacrificing, believing in unprovable facts and burning tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass to various incantations while waving an eagle feather. They are desecrating the true natural medicines and ceremonies trying to render them obsolete because by taking money for it.

The government trained elders were placed into our communities to pacify us. They were sent in to capitalize on our misery. They reinforced the imbalance and state of dependency of our communities.


They do not reinstill self-respect, to respect others and to take responsibility. Those who continue to be dependent continue to complain about our rights. They don’t ask, “What is my responsibility?.” With our inherent rights comes responsibility. Their responsibility is to their government handlers, not to us.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show wrote a song that could have been the national anthem of these fake medicine men, because they would like to have their picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.”We’re big rock singers. We’ve got golden fingers. And we’re loved everywhere we go. We sing about beauty, and we sing about truth, at $10,000 per show. we take all kinds of pills to give us all kinds of thrills. But the thrill we’ve never known is the thrill that getch ya when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.”

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MNN. Apr. 13, 2013. Pacification is a stage of warfare, in Canada called “Healing circles”. The military conducts pacification to suppress negative criticisms and actions by Indigenous people. Knowledge and activism are controlled. Missionaries, social programs and law enforcement keep Indigenous people from complaining about our bad situations and abuse. Drugs are sent in to addict our young people. It is working since our communities are experiencing an increase in violent crimes, deaths, domestic violence and rape. pacify

Healing and born again programs pacify Indigenous from doing something about our dire situations. The goal is to bring the colonizers and Indigenous into a cozy relationship; to divert us from resolving our long standing conflicts over land and resource theft; and to cool down legitimate anger over poor housing, toxic water, unemployment, especially youth dissent. It’s a form of espionage to gain covert control over us. 

drug dealerGovernment, church, social and policing programs are designed to waste our time and confuse us. Government trained “visionaries” are sent in to divert our minds into fake spiritualism and healing. The Department of Indian Affairs set up the ‘Kumik Healing Lodge’ in their lobby right after the 1990 Oka Crisis to pacify the people who had plenty to complain about.  

They think they are winning the physical war and now our minds must be controlled. An extensive program was designed to fit all of us. The goal was to get us to put down our guard so we don’t strike back at them when the corporations remove us from our land and take our possessions. The plan is to make us agree to be moved from our land into urban “refugee” camps. 

Pacification tries to undermine the legitimacy of our issues. The pacifiers enter our communities, find out who are the obstacles and then set up their targets. It’s information-gathering which is reported to the guru in the Indian Affairs “war room”. When we spill our guts out about our family or personal problems, the Children’s Aid Society can take our children from us.  Or we’re trapped some other way. Or our 12 to 14 year old girls are targeted by someone and suddenly disappear. They found the toughest pacification venues were in the communities where the Indigenous language is spoken and they express strong ties to the land. 

It is healthy for Indigenous to speak out about the wrongs and abuses that have been committed against us. We need to express ourselves. Indigenous people need to directly face our reality and then do something about it. 

War Room guru: "Infiltrate everything!"

“Homer & Marge, go in unnoticed and infiltrate everything!”

Most of the multi-million dollar budget went to slick organizers and smooth talking hucksters foisted on us by the corporate band councils. The costly national pacification system was meant to get absolute control over our minds. It failed because we are tied closely to the earth and Her wiring could not be undone. As Jimi sang: “Manic depression touching my soul. I know what I want, but I just don’t know. Feeling, sweet feeling, drops from my finger. Manic depression’s captyured my soul”. 

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