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MNN. MAY 6, 2015.  First Canada passed the Indian Act 1876 to declare us as non-persons and wards of the state.  This was to take control of our Indian Trust Funds. On October 25th 1924 the Indian Advancement Act was implemented by the colony of Canada as the 100-year plan to be rid of the “Indian problem”. Prisoners of war camps POW called “INDIAN reserves”, were set up across Canada by the War Department in 1924. Barbed wire fences, guards, passes and permission to leave and our children removed and placed in residential school death camps. Indian Affairs is run by the Department of Defense to this day. They are now in their 90th year of completing this genocide program.

Peace in shackles.

Corporate peace.

Military planners design the captivity psychosis in POW camps. They determine the standards of behavior. Brutal and unfeeling wardens select subordinates to oversee the camp. Those who do not fit in and the weaker ones are removed. Lack of adequate food, clothing, shelter and poor physical conditions create shame, stunned stupor, deep confusion, anger and death. Inmates suffer from confinement, inactivity and isolation making them inert and silent. Some are allowed to work as hired hands for local settlers. Inmates eventually become scared of being set free.

As Reagan told Gorbachev: "Tear down those walls",

As Reagan told Gorbachev: “Tear down those walls”,

Stress and deliberate misinformation causes loss of identity and pride. They are discouraged from thinking about their past. Tension and disorder are constantly fostered between different groups. Divisive quarrels are created to more easily control the inmates. Movies and games are selected for “barbed wire madness” to create futility. Improper food and long term deterioration breaks down their thinking. Inmates become apathetic and refuse to take part in camp affairs. They can’t concentrate and lose their memory about themselves, their families and the communities they come from.

RCMP walked into the longhouse in Akwesasne, put a gun to the chief’s head and shot him dead. He was immediately replaced by the fake chief and band council system. In 1924 at Tyendinaga all of our farms in Prince Edward County were confiscated. We were arrested and interred in the new 18,000 acre concentration camp and turned into prisoners of war. It was originally 880,000 acres.

In 1990 the military came into Akwesasne, Kahnawake and Kanehsatake because legally we are still prisoners of war which is still un der their jurisdiction. Karonhiaktajeh, told us we are the sleeping lion. The tense hatred, accumulated anger, hopelessness and cynicism created is a military control strategy. He created a “de’INDIANIZATION” strategy based on relearning the philosophy of the Great Peace, Kaia’nereh:kowa.

Is it for real?

Look out! He’s waking up!


Karonhiaktajeh told us that we are the sleeping lion. When we awake, we will be very, very ornery, as the Tokens sing: “Ee-e-e-e oh-mum-mum-oh-weh. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”. 

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Indian Act.

Indian Trust Fund.

Australia’s Aboriginie genocide plans





mnnlogo1MNN. Jan. 18, 2014. Once upon a time everyone in the world lived by the Great Law of Peace. We were all equal, had a voice and lived as one with the natural world. Each person was a sovereign. Ka-sa-sten-sera kowa sa-oiera, our constitution, is the oldest constitution on earth. Anyone can follow the white roots to its source and sit under the shade of the tree of peace. As Dekanawida told us, the way to peace is through using our own minds.

The strongest lodge is the "P2" based in the Vatican!

The strongest lodge is the “P2” based in the Vatican!

Then some “founding fathers” set out to destroy the great law by putting us on a path of enslavement and destruction. To them the end justified the means. A secret government was created. Eventually a new world order was mapped out to strip us of personal rights and freedoms.  

Their plan called “America’s Secret Destiny” is laid out very well by the gentleman in this video. It is the basis for the dichotomy set up on Great Turtle Island. Killing over 100 million Indians was the basis.

Masonic ordered killings.

Masonic ordered killings.

The two videos outline this diabolical plan. Watch and decide for yourself. 

The Founding Free Masons, Americas Secret Destiny –I. “The Founding Free Masons, Americas Secret Destiny”.  2. “The Founding Free Masons, Americas Secret Destiny”. 

Dekanawida warned us about the coming of the different colored serpents. They would end up destroying Great Turtle Island. The white serpent, being Free Masonry, would have good relations with us at first. Seven generations after contact he would have us squeezed so tight against his chest that we could not breathe. Then a red serpent would come from the north. The white serpent would momentarily drop the onkwehonwe to the ground and we would crawl like babies to the hilly country to heal. 

Slimy & slithering underneath society.

Slimy & slithering underneath society.

As the late Mohawk visionary, Karonhiaktajeh, said, “Belief is accepting as true or real with or without certainty. To think, suppose or assume without really knowing. When one has evidence of the existence of something, it is not necessary to believe”. 

We Haudenosaunee were told how powerful was the mind. We gather for Festivals on nine occasions to give thanks to various favors of nature. We don’t pray for more as the natural world has provided everything we need to live a good healthful life. 

Thahoketoteh sings: ”For all you have done and what you will do; for the knowledge that I am forever with you; for revealing your soul, so bare and so kind; for the wisdom to know the path that is mine. I thank you.”  

Formation of the Knights Templar and international banking. Christopher Wright & Robert Lomas. “Second Messiah”. 

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