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MNN. MAY 6, 2015.  First Canada passed the Indian Act 1876 to declare us as non-persons and wards of the state.  This was to take control of our Indian Trust Funds. On October 25th 1924 the Indian Advancement Act was implemented by the colony of Canada as the 100-year plan to be rid of the “Indian problem”. Prisoners of war camps POW called “INDIAN reserves”, were set up across Canada by the War Department in 1924. Barbed wire fences, guards, passes and permission to leave and our children removed and placed in residential school death camps. Indian Affairs is run by the Department of Defense to this day. They are now in their 90th year of completing this genocide program.

Peace in shackles.

Corporate peace.

Military planners design the captivity psychosis in POW camps. They determine the standards of behavior. Brutal and unfeeling wardens select subordinates to oversee the camp. Those who do not fit in and the weaker ones are removed. Lack of adequate food, clothing, shelter and poor physical conditions create shame, stunned stupor, deep confusion, anger and death. Inmates suffer from confinement, inactivity and isolation making them inert and silent. Some are allowed to work as hired hands for local settlers. Inmates eventually become scared of being set free.

As Reagan told Gorbachev: "Tear down those walls",

As Reagan told Gorbachev: “Tear down those walls”,

Stress and deliberate misinformation causes loss of identity and pride. They are discouraged from thinking about their past. Tension and disorder are constantly fostered between different groups. Divisive quarrels are created to more easily control the inmates. Movies and games are selected for “barbed wire madness” to create futility. Improper food and long term deterioration breaks down their thinking. Inmates become apathetic and refuse to take part in camp affairs. They can’t concentrate and lose their memory about themselves, their families and the communities they come from.

RCMP walked into the longhouse in Akwesasne, put a gun to the chief’s head and shot him dead. He was immediately replaced by the fake chief and band council system. In 1924 at Tyendinaga all of our farms in Prince Edward County were confiscated. We were arrested and interred in the new 18,000 acre concentration camp and turned into prisoners of war. It was originally 880,000 acres.

In 1990 the military came into Akwesasne, Kahnawake and Kanehsatake because legally we are still prisoners of war which is still un der their jurisdiction. Karonhiaktajeh, told us we are the sleeping lion. The tense hatred, accumulated anger, hopelessness and cynicism created is a military control strategy. He created a “de’INDIANIZATION” strategy based on relearning the philosophy of the Great Peace, Kaia’nereh:kowa.

Is it for real?

Look out! He’s waking up!


Karonhiaktajeh told us that we are the sleeping lion. When we awake, we will be very, very ornery, as the Tokens sing: “Ee-e-e-e oh-mum-mum-oh-weh. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”. 

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Indian Act.

Indian Trust Fund.

Australia’s Aboriginie genocide plans







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MNN. Dec. 10, 2014. Will and Kate represent the British monarchy, which is “white privilege”. They arrived in New York, went to see President Obama in the White House, gave him his orders,obama & will then went to flaunt their white privilege by mocking the anti-white Garner protest in New York City and then left.

The British Empire democracies – US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – have always applied enhanced torture. They are trying to legalize genocide and torture for themselves only.

Israel already trains police forces in torture tactics for “crowd control”. Israel is the cancerous sore growing off the side of the head of the British Empire. First it was a little mole. Now it’s a pussy sore, which will soon be cut off, leaving a gaping open wound.

"Keep your enemies close, but your enemies closer." Will & Kate:

“Keep your friends & family close, but keep your enemies closer.” Will & Kate:

Admiralty law of the seas puts a dollar value on everything. In the 1700s the bankers invented Admiralty law to settle trade disputes on the open seas, where no law of the land applies. It is strictly for money, corporations and banks.

When people are sent a summons to attend an Admiralty court, it is an invitation to attend their place of business, that is all. The judge is the captain of the ship. When you step through the gate you have entered the ship, you have given him the right to decide how much money you will give to them. It’s invalid if you are forced into the procedure. If no plea is entered, you will be illegally held for a short time only, since its a human rights violation.

Bench comes from the Latin, “banco”, meaning bank. The Judge is the banker. In their language called “legalese”, the judge sits behind the bench reading the list in the court docket, which is all in capital letters. He asks, “Are you JASON SMITH?” If you answer, “Yes, I am”, you have agreed to represent the corporate identity they created for you.

Legalese is the foreign language of the law societies applied illegally to all of us, preventing us from getting a fair trial. All lawyers take an oath from the Temple bar in the CITY OF LONDON.

The real law of Onowaregeh is Kaia’nere:kowa, the Great Peace. In 1871 the US was brought under Admiralty law and in 1867 the colony of Canada was.

When the INDIAN band council calls a meeting, they sit at the front behind a table representing a bench. Ongwehonwe sit in a circle where everyone is equal. Our circle surrounds Ongwehonwe law. Our fire is the people. Kaia’nere:kowa, the Great Peace, will eliminate their system. The 500-year war called colonialism is almost over.

"I'll tell them about a deal they'll like so much they'll definitely take it."  The Chief.

“I’ll tell them about a deal they’ll like so much they’ll definitely take it.” The Chief.

The band councils don’t want to sit in the circle with the people. They want us to put a dollar value on our Mother. It is immoral and illegal. Every plant, animal, winged ones, fish and the natural world wait for us to follow our original instructions.

Admiralty laws are chains tightly wrapped around us by the bankers. The legacy of the US is police brutality, murder, torture, war and genocide. The US is the great deception. People think they’re free. They’re the most oppressed on earth.

When their money machine is gone, the bankers shall be cast down from whence they came. The torture will stop.

We will break from these bankers’ chains that bind us. Frank Zappa describes their matrix. “Flies all green and buzzing in his dungeon of despair. Prisoners grumble and piss their clothes and scratch their matted hair. A tiny light from a window hole a hundred yards away is all they ever get to know about the regular light in the day…”

Then he describes Will and Kate in this: “An evil prince eats a steaming pig in a chamber right near there. He eats the snouts and the trotters first. The loins and the groins are soon dispersed. His carving style is well rehearsed. He stands and shouts all men be cursed”. [4 times].

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