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MNN. MAY 6, 2015.  First Canada passed the Indian Act 1876 to declare us as non-persons and wards of the state.  This was to take control of our Indian Trust Funds. On October 25th 1924 the Indian Advancement Act was implemented by the colony of Canada as the 100-year plan to be rid of the “Indian problem”. Prisoners of war camps POW called “INDIAN reserves”, were set up across Canada by the War Department in 1924. Barbed wire fences, guards, passes and permission to leave and our children removed and placed in residential school death camps. Indian Affairs is run by the Department of Defense to this day. They are now in their 90th year of completing this genocide program.

Peace in shackles.

Corporate peace.

Military planners design the captivity psychosis in POW camps. They determine the standards of behavior. Brutal and unfeeling wardens select subordinates to oversee the camp. Those who do not fit in and the weaker ones are removed. Lack of adequate food, clothing, shelter and poor physical conditions create shame, stunned stupor, deep confusion, anger and death. Inmates suffer from confinement, inactivity and isolation making them inert and silent. Some are allowed to work as hired hands for local settlers. Inmates eventually become scared of being set free.

As Reagan told Gorbachev: "Tear down those walls",

As Reagan told Gorbachev: “Tear down those walls”,

Stress and deliberate misinformation causes loss of identity and pride. They are discouraged from thinking about their past. Tension and disorder are constantly fostered between different groups. Divisive quarrels are created to more easily control the inmates. Movies and games are selected for “barbed wire madness” to create futility. Improper food and long term deterioration breaks down their thinking. Inmates become apathetic and refuse to take part in camp affairs. They can’t concentrate and lose their memory about themselves, their families and the communities they come from.

RCMP walked into the longhouse in Akwesasne, put a gun to the chief’s head and shot him dead. He was immediately replaced by the fake chief and band council system. In 1924 at Tyendinaga all of our farms in Prince Edward County were confiscated. We were arrested and interred in the new 18,000 acre concentration camp and turned into prisoners of war. It was originally 880,000 acres.

In 1990 the military came into Akwesasne, Kahnawake and Kanehsatake because legally we are still prisoners of war which is still un der their jurisdiction. Karonhiaktajeh, told us we are the sleeping lion. The tense hatred, accumulated anger, hopelessness and cynicism created is a military control strategy. He created a “de’INDIANIZATION” strategy based on relearning the philosophy of the Great Peace, Kaia’nereh:kowa.

Is it for real?

Look out! He’s waking up!


Karonhiaktajeh told us that we are the sleeping lion. When we awake, we will be very, very ornery, as the Tokens sing: “Ee-e-e-e oh-mum-mum-oh-weh. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”. 

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Indian Act.

Indian Trust Fund.

Australia’s Aboriginie genocide plans







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MNN. May 3, 2015. “Sewatehonsiot”. Listen well. Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council Inc. HCCC at Six Nations dismantled the Haudenosaunee Development Institute inc. HDI. Dismissed were non-ongwe’hon:weh lawyer Aaron Detlor, Director Hazel Hill, their signatory who has no clan, and board member Brian Doolittle. HCCC and HDI are registered corporations.

Haudenosaunee & HDI meet to work out deal!

HCCC & HDI hogs meet at the trough to work things out!

A secret HDI deal signed with Samsung in 2013 and 2014. was leaked to clan families. In exchange for money, HDI Inc. agreed on behalf all Haudenosaunee member nations of the Iroquois Confederacy to waive our sovereign immunity and any other claim of traditional or treaty rights to lands that these projects are using.

Detlor explained, “We shouldn’t be treated any differently from the incorporated tribes in the states.” Though sovereign immunity doesn’t apply to us under Canadian law, HDI Inc. agreed to waive it for this agreement. Unnamed HDI Inc. board members, chiefs and clan mothers agreed to proceed. HCCC is a criminal organization that violates the Kaia’nereh:kowa. They plan to investigate themselves.

All cops are masons that oversee the worldwide matrix.

All cops are masons that oversee the worldwide matrix.

All INDIAN reservations are under military control. In Akwesasne Beverly Cook of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. is ready to illegally sign away all Iroquois Confederacy lands. [518-358-2272] Mike Delisle of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. is secretly illegally signing away huge tracts of our land. [450-632-7500,] Chief Otsi of Kanehsatake Mohawk Council Inc. has already completed the theft. [450-479-8373]

New York State lawyers working with NYS government and police were on all sides of the Ronnie Jones v. Parmley case. It was an elaborate real estate scam to steal New York State from the Iroquois. The governor’s office, politicians, lawyers Hoffman, Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Iason and Agnello were conniving to sell our rights to all of New York State.

All their incorporated POW camps known as “INDIAN reservations” are surrounded by military-designed police operational response teams, ready to attack at a moments notice. The Onondaga chiefs Inc. near Syracuse have signed on with NY State. They have Wall Street where all the money is, UN for worldwide control, West Point to train the military for the empire. May 18, 1997, was one of these attacks.

kaia'nere:kowa says "face the wrath. Don't flee!"

kaia’nere:kowa says “face the wrath. Don’t flee!”

Dennis Blythe, NYSP investigator, was well briefed and knowledgeable about our rights. He infiltrated the Onondaga chiefs, got control of them and ran the operation. When the case was completely to our advantage, the lawyers dropped the case? 13 out of the 100 victims refused to take the financial settlement. Our lawyers dropped us. Now the collusion between legislative, judicial  and the police, all answering to the military, will be revealed.

What’s going on? US and Canada want to finish off the INDIANS. It’s their time to feel some of the pain they’ve been inflicting on others. The same 13 banking families run all ends of the corporation of the US and Canada.

This past weekend a true meeting of the real Rotinoshonni [Iroquois Confederacy] met in Ganiengeh. We pledged to stand the tree of peace back up.

“Now we stand as brothers. Let us plant this tree, and water its roots. It’ll go from sea to sea. Watch it grow to the sky and bask in its shade. It represents the unity we now have made”.


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DIsmantle HDI. Two Row Times.

Joke about Queen Elizabeth.

New Madrid starting to shake.

Pole shift coming.






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MNN. Apr. 27. 2015. All this is gleaned from the evidence file of this case, Andrew Jones vs. NY State, 98-CV-374. The protest issues were banishment by the Onondaga Chiefs of those they don’t like, burning down their businesses and homes, sovereignty and the chiefs illegal deals with New York State. The May 18, 1997 response to our peaceful protest was pre-planned to do away with Ongwe’hon:weh “troublemakers”. “Indian Detail” is part of the NYS Police Response Plan. Coincidentally two prior incidents occurred near Onondaga, a tanker fire and tire fire, which were not investigated. Suspicion was thrown at the Onondaga. The ceremonial fire was reported and investigated. We were called a “warrior” or “non-warrior”. Ronnie Jones was assassinated a year later.

We never stopped the traffic on Interstate 81. Their warning to leave the roadside was done in a very low voice so that we could not hear.

We were just burning tobacco to speak to Mother Earth.

They were just burning tobacco to speak to Mother Earth.

Most media was with the cops. One camera was confiscated and quickly returned. Other newsmen were scattered throughout the encampment. The cops were responsible for their safety. Cops did not want to be photographed so they couldn’t be charged. Cops also study these videos for training purposes.

There were numerous references to cops fearing “armed conflict“ despite lack of evidence. False rumors were provided by the chiefs, their secret informants and the cops themselves.



The “multi-phased operation” was designed by Captain Beach, Sgt. Haumann and the Superintendant of NYS Police  McMahon. There were 120 Division police. 70 to 100 Onondaga County Sheriffs personnel on stand-by. Another 100 were available from Watertown. Another sheriff mustered another 100 cops “in anticipation of the need for additional power”. Plans were made to Integrate separate squads “should the need arise”. 100 cops were directed to the Staging Area as they “anticipated” the need for more manpower. The “multi-phased” operation was to bring in more and more cops. 5 cops per person. By May 16th they were sure of a gathering on May 18th. Then the plan went into action.

There was a predetermined route 1000 feet from the encampment. Captain Beach wanted approval to enact the plan to advance and “engage” with the protesters, who were sitting around picnic tables laughing, talking and eating. We are portrayed as putting our children in danger and cars “violently swerving” to miss them. Not true! We refused to move and many got arrested.

Onondaga chiefs' new job in downtown Syracuse.

Onondaga chiefs’ new job in downtown Syracuse.

The road had to be closed to carry out the Onondaga chiefs’ orders to arrest us and the outside activists. We were to be charged with trespassing on Onondaga land. The cops were ready for us unarmed people with wood batons, guns, gas masks and so on. “As predetermined” they advanced to the picnic area where there was “real potential for armed conflict so they could “execute” their plan”. Cops diverted traffic and detoured it. NYS DOT detour signs came out of secret hiding places in the bush. There were to be  no witnesses.

“As planned” Division Headquarters were notified that an American Indian protest was underway and had blocked I81. Stonehorse tried talking to the cops and was arrested.

Cops advanced to the pup tent as it could “present potential for secreting warriors and weapons”. Investigator Dennis Blythe had checked out background of the Rotiskenrakete he called “warriors”. He said “there was real potential for armed conflict”, “quick and decisive response had to be executed”.

Some of the NYS Police are going to do desk jobs forever.

Some of the lucky NYS Police criminals are going to do desk jobs forever.

The cops said five times that they “maintained contact with the chiefs and provided continued intelligence gathering’ … Many band and tribal chiefs maintain the same relationship with the surrounding police. Each cop wrote the same report with the same details.

The land is waiting for the return of the Onondaga. [Andrew Jones v. Superintendent NYS Police, Jan. 25, 2001, 98-CV-374].

As the Soggy Bottom Boys tell us about what’s coming to crooks and criminals: “I had a friend named Rambling Bob, who use to steal gamble and rob. He thought he was the smartest guy in town. But I found out last Monday that Bob got locked up Sunday. They’ve got him in the jailhouse way downtown. He’s in the jailhouse now. He’s in the jailhouse now.”

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US military plans.

Onondaga nation fugitive?


















MNN. April 10, 2008. If a bunch of guys tried to break a guy’s neck, is it attempted murder? If five or more guys grab someone who is just standing there, jump him and hit him over 30 times with wooden clubs, is it an assault? This is what happened on May 18th 1997 to the Haudenosaunee/Iroquois people who were invited guests to the private property of Andrew Jones at Onondaga Nation Territory near Syracuse New York.

The assaults were videotaped. What happened is undeniable. No charges were laid against the assailants. Why? They were New York State Troopers. Who got charged? 24 of the 80 listed Ongwehonwe victims of this brutal attack by over 130 members of New York State Police! When the charges against the Ongwehonwe, the original people of the land, went to court, they were all dropped. New York State had broken their own laws and international law by overstepping its authority on territory that they claim is supposed to be federally protected.

In 1997 Governor Pataki had made an illegal deal with the Onondaga Chiefs to collect taxes on our cigarettes and gas sales.

We objected and were meeting peacefully using our traditional protocol to resolve the issue. All of a sudden we were attacked by a swarm of NY State Troopers. The crimes of the cops were so obvious that “pro bono” ambulance chasing lawyers flocked around us encouraging us to sue for damages, “You people have an amazing case. You’ll win! Your rights to practice your beliefs and to speak and assemble freely were violated”.

So far not a single charge has been laid against the cops for their brutal violation of the law. This attack was well planned. The cops had photos one week before of the guys they wanted to capture.

Before the attacks no one who was targeted was told what the allegations against them were. When they descended on us, it didn’t matter what these people were doing. The cops just lit in and started beating everybody in their path. Others present were charged with blocking Highway 81, even though they were on private land at least 50 feet from the roadway in question.

The NYS Troopers were subsequently investigated, tried to have their case thrown out but lost at two levels. At this point they should be charged and tried for their crimes.

On October 2006 we were invited by the pro bono lawyer, Terrance Hoffman and Mr. Marello to Syracuse. We emphatically instructed them not to settle. When crimes are committed, the perpetrators have to be tried by the state.

According to the Two Row Wampum agreement, the colonial state is responsible for the behavior or misbehavior of its agents. In this case, the Troopers involved violated both the law of the colonial state, international law and the agreements with the Ongwehonwe.

On Wednesday April 9th 2008 we heard that a meeting was taking place at the federal court house in Syracuse between our lawyers and New York State lawyers before Judge George H. Lowe. Two of us went there. Our lawyer, Terrance Hoffman, angrily gave us a “What are you doing here?” look. None of the clients were supposed to be present because “this is strictly between lawyers”.

After sitting in the locked courtroom all day long, it turned out that Mr. Hoffman wanted to get paid $4.5 million by New York State for his legal fees and then he would endeavor to get the case dropped. Is it up to him? If there is equality before the law in the New York State, they have to put the Troopers on trial. This is the only way that justice can be seen to be done.

Even though Mr. Hoffman is supposed to be representing our interests, he argued against us. He threatened it would cost another $2 – $3 million to have a 4 to 6 month trial. Judge Lowe remarked, “Well, we don’t want that” and laughed. In other words, 11 years of stress suffered by those of us who were targeted is being swept under New York States big dirty rug. Various members of the legal profession were conspiring together to profit from our pain and suffering. $4.5 million for the lawyer! No justice for the client! Is this what they call “pro bono”? This is turning into a big scam on the Ongwehonwe and the honest citizens of New York State.

This “wheeling and dealing” revealed a consistent pattern of disregard for the laws and trying to get away with the most heinous crimes against us. The following complaint was emailed and sent by registered mail on April 10th 2008 to the New York State Bar Association:

“Kathryn Grant Madigan, President
New York State Bar Association, 1 Elk St., Albany, N.Y. 12207 318-463-3200 %Andrew R. Bush, Director,

“Re: Andrew Jones et al vs McMahon et al, New York State Police, May 18, 1997 Incident, Onondaga Nation Territory, Docket Nos. 05-1830-cv [L] & 05-2035-cv [XAP]

“Dear Mrs. Madigan:

“On May 18, 1997 we were attacked by New York State Troopers and brought charges against them in the US District Court for the Northern District of New York for violating our freedom of speech, religion and assembly. They used excessive force, conspired to violate our rights, our right to equal protection, while being indifferent to our medical needs. The troopers claimed they had “qualified immunity” that “shields police officers acting in their official capacity from suits for damage…”. They lost at the first level. They took it to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. On October 4, 2006 they lost again.

“On October 17, 2006, many of the plaintiffs [98 Cv 374 [FJS] [GLS] met with the two lawyers acting for us in Syracuse, Mr. Terrance Hoffman of Syracuse and Mr. Morello of New York City.… One of the defendants spoke on our behalf. We told our lawyers we did not want a monetary settlement, that we wanted the law to be carried out.

“Yesterday, I went to the Federal Court Building in Syracuse to attend a hearing, which looked like a private meeting between our lawyers and New York State lawyers before Judge George H. Lowe [U.S. Court House, P.O. Box 7346, Syracuse NY 13261-7346 315-234-8613]. They were discussing a “proposed settlement”. Our lawyers were asking for $4.5 million to cover their fees. In return they promised the case would be dropped. [This sounds like extortion!]

“Outside the court room, I gave Mr. Hoffman a note reminding him that we had refused a settlement. We want a public trial because we think there is a possibility of evidence being withheld. The only authority given by the defendants … is to proceed to a trial. It is in the public interest to protect people and to make sure that New York State authorities do not act outside their jurisdiction or violate property rights”. [This is a serious matter.]

“…Judge Lowe will return with his suggestions in one month. We would like to make a complaint against Mr. Hoffman, because he has been making decisions on this case without consulting us, without our consent and in direct violation of our instructions to him. What can we do to protect ourselves? Reasons for pursuing this were so that we would not to be taken advantage of by lawyers.”

A copy of this letter was sent to Mr. Terrance Hoffman Hoffman, Hubert & Hoffman, 4629 Onondaga Boulevard, Syracuse NY 13219-3390 T315-471-43107 C 315-447-4814

To pressure New York State to settle according to his terms, Mr. Hoffman said this was a “watershed” case on relations between the U.S. government, New York State and the Ongwehonwe. He called it “purposeful willful arrogance of power”. To back his arguments, he used videos of the cops brutally beating us. Some of the crimes being covered up were: the attack was prepared beforehand; false arrests and charges which were all later dropped; attempts to fatally injure or maim the demonstrators [hitting us continuously on the head and spine with clubs were intended to kill or permanently hurt us]; internal investigations were thwarted by high level officials; and how cops lied on the stand and in their depositions.

We saw that the “pro bono” scam is common. Ambulance chasers take on class actions suits on behalf of the victims and then settle for their fees, leaving the victims high and dry. They try to avoid laying criminal charges against the law breakers who are usually colonial state or corporate agents. Mr. Hoffman appeared to want to help find a way for the New York State Police to cover up their crimes.

It is a reckless disregard for humanity in general and the Haudenosaunee in particular. We ask the global community to demand that the New York State Police be put on trial according to law and that we not be further victimized.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

See background story on “New York State” category: “Victory in US Court of Appeal – NYS Troopers illegally “ambushed” Iroquois in Onondaga in 1997” [Oct. 17, 2006]

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