MNN:  19 Dec. 2011.  Because we aren’t like the colonial invaders, how many of us thought we were crazy?  They tried to make us imitate and look like them.  We’re not taking it anymore!  Look what’s happening.  

The US and European economies are falling like the WTC.     

European Union EU is a non-military empire, run by the IMF, EU and Central Bank.  Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland are staying in the EU prison, to help tear it down from inside.  

The US was never going to be an empire.  Their job was to create wars for the bankers. 

Millions of US rulers and their middle class agents are fleeing Great Turtle Island with the cashbox that contains the country’s resources and riches, to deposit into the City of London [central bank]. 

Political, financial and crime bosses will follow the money.  Those left behind will suffer without leaders to tell them what to do.  They will tear the US apart from within.   

Technology is creating fabricated information leading to decisions full of error.     

Government wages unending war on innocent foreigners and now there’s payback on their own people.  The masses are being threatened with austerity, fuel blockages, riot police, checkpoints, drones, limited mobility, an economic collapse, draconian controls, health emergencies, no political and legal order, starvation and death.  

Their moral compass is based on property, thrill seeking, addiction and kleptomania.  Their politicians and CEOs steal millions, so they emulate them.    

President Obama signed the Defense Authorization Act to bring in martial law.  Any US citizen can be arrested and detained without any criminal charges.  50 FEMA camps are ready to accept prisoners.  Millions of family-size plastic coffins await.  

The ex-pats are moving to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Czechoslavakia, Thailand, Buenos Aires and Argentina, where English is spoken.  Japan, France, Italy and UK are out.  Too expensive.   

Americans can’t easily learn other languages.  These unilingualists can’t see the perceptions of others.    

Their brain patterns are being technologically altered to numb the creative side.  Their culture short circuits their thinking, causing a bipolar like behavior.  They fantasize and blind themselves to reality.  

The Western mind has been conditioned to be weak, shallow, blood thirsty and guiltless.  They suffer from anxiety and depend on medications.  Pharmaceuticals create diseases and addictive poison cures.  

Their artists are like Indigenous whose intuition and intellect work together to see reality. Many scientists and artists are politically persecuted or murdered.  They could have been the voice of truth.  

Information at the top of the pyramid will always be incomplete.  Voices below are varied, as they should be, with more insights.  The rulers are confused and have lost control of the masses.   

The old Soviet Union locked away its critics.  The United States expels them. Blacklists and restricted employment often work as effectively as the Soviet gulag system.  

We indigenous are staying out of their way but won’t let them trample us.  

We don’t have technology.  Yet our way is infiltrating their system. 

In the song, London Bridge, “Take the key and lock them up, lock them up, lock them up.  Take the key and lock them up, my fair lady”.  Remember, nothing artificial can last.  Nature tears down all walls. 

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MNN: Youth Riots – Hunger for Freedom


MNN.  August 9, 2011.  People and animals don’t live or breed well in captivity, unless they think they are free.  Indigenous had mental, physical and spiritual freedoms.  Europeans were born into cages, conditioned to be obedient to their masters.  They can’t see the horror of their slavery because it is too painful to look at directly.  Europeans have tried to bring everybody else into the cage with them.  We can only be kept in cages we refuse to see.  To see the cage is to leave it.  

Indigenous could not be enslaved.  A man whose mind is free cannot be controlled.  The most that can be done is to kill them.    

There is a hunger for freedom.  Those aware are angry.   

Hunger is becoming more intense.  Alarms are ringing.   They are looking for sustenance.    

Failing states run by genocidal tyrants and a multi cultural society have become a violent mix.  They are lured as cheap labor.  But there are not enough jobs, food or decent living conditions, leading to conflict and competition.  

The Big Boys designed a free falling global economy based on greed and impunity.  The top 5% take one-third of the wealth and stir up financial turmoil.  They make 100 times more than the rest.  Income distribution, corporate corruption, a weak banking structure and an economic imbalance favors them.  

The public becomes discouraged.  The work force and the youth are underemployed.  

The government borrows and prints money to pay its debts.  The rich don’t pay taxes.  The people do.   Prices for food, oil and other necessities skyrocket.  

Markets fail.  Bankers thrive.  People become miserable, dangerous, violent and toxic.   

London rioters are betrayed youth who say “My riot is my voice”.  They are reacting to unbridled corruption and police brutality by banker-controlled governments.  Wars take half the state’s spending.  Benefits are cut.  Cutbacks and higher taxes reign down on the people.  They have no future.  

In societies where the gap between rich and poor is less, social problems are less.  State sponsored selfishness is created by individualism, incarceration, low health, mental problems, crushing unions and making dissent unlawful. 

Humans, their greatest resource, are being farmed by the elite, to be controlled, threatened, or killed.  When fear is gone, control is gone.  

Austerity intifada is sweeping Europe and the world.  The dictatorial rich set the example on how to sack and plunder the state. Desperate people watch and start looting.  

The battle is between real liberation of the Kaianerehkowa/Great Law of Peace and the evil of fascism.   Fear is near its end for Indigenous.  The Kaianerehkowa beckons us to demand real freedom from theft of our possessions, slavery, bondage, imprisonment or restraint.   

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