mnnlogo1MNN. Jan. 22, 2015. The Gus’wen:tha, Two Row Agreement, between the Ongwe’hon:weh of Ono’ware:geh, is the basis of our arrangement for the invaders to live among us. Everything they brought in their ship stays there. They agreed not to intrude into our canoe. They cannot enforce their Admiralty law of the seas on us. The scheme of the CROWN’s Privy Council through the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. violates the only true legal agreement allowing the visitors to co-exist with us in eternal peace. They breeched this agreement.

It's Mohawk Repo. They want 500 years of back rent!

It’s Mohawk Repo. They want 500 years of back rent!

The plan for the takeover of Ono’ware:geh. Money is debt. The bank lends $1000 for a truck. Through the fractional reserve banking laws, the bank now has $10,000 available to lend to others. When the borrower for the truck is behind 3 payments, the bank issues an order to the repo man to seize the truck.

If incorporated INDIANS of MCK Inc. is successful in privatizing our property, apply the same scenario of the truck to our homes. Three months behind, in walks the repo man. Our family is out on the dirt road in the blowing freezing snow. So the bankers can hold onto Ongwehonwe land.

When the bank lends us some money to build our home or do repairs, MCK Inc. co-signs the loan because a lien cannot be put on us.

If we fall behind, the council seizes our property. With the proposed municipalization, like any other city on the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis, the bank can seize our home and land, even if we are almost finished paying for it.

New municipality rules to be illegally asserted by the incorporated INDIAN council allow the bankers to take everything, as they do everywhere else in on Onowaregeh. Illegal taxation will be enforced. Economic circumstances are deliberately created to cause us financial hardship. Most will resist the extortion. The sheriff comes in, confiscates our home, building, property and land. All based on a fake debt that is cashed in by the bank.

No lien can be put on Ongwehonwe because we own everything. The corporations of Canada and the US own nothing.

The Indian Trust Fund contains hundreds of trillions. The corporation of Canada stole and extorts it for their benefit. We have petitioned to remove these trustees. It’s not a loan or gift or welfare. It’s ours.

The Rage Against the Machine tells us in “Wake Up”: “Standing with the fury that they had in ’66, and like E-Double. I’m mad, still knee deep in the system’s shit… Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”


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Meet screenwriter and movie producer, David Crowley and his wife Komel, who were found dead in their home along with their 5 year old daughter. David was working on a movie exposing the dangers of an unaccountable police state.

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MNN. Oct. 28, 2014. The illegal and immoral purges started before the gunfight on Reichtag Hill in Ottawa. Harper’s role models are Hitler and Stalin. The cabal fantasizes the big lie that they own Onowaregeh, the Indigenous land of Great Turtle Island. Canadian true history is about atrocities against us. War, intimidation and murder promote the big lie. Harper is silencing any critics who don’t fall in line, by ridicule or death, whichever suits him best.

putin on harper

Money and sex are always used to control those in positions of power. CBC mega star, Jian Ghomeshi, the biggest voice in Canada, is going down! Ghomeshi who broke no laws made his sexual proclivities public and is suing for $50 million. The mainstream media cooperates with the “Long Knives” to silence accused critics of the regime.

Like Hitler and Stalin, Harper is removing anyone who stands in the way of his corporate reign of terror. Troubadours, artists, alternative media, politicians, scientists, academics and civil society are being purged. They are threatened to keep their mouths shut or else. Resentment and disgust is building up in some, while the media propaganda machine keeps the rest asleep.

Trudeau, Liz May, Mulcair & Harper in House of Commons echo chamber: "What does the boss want us to say?

Trudeau, Ambrose, Mulcair & Harper in the Commons echo chamber: “Do as you’re told?”

Canada, a military corporation, run the police state. They guard the stolen treasury of the Queen taken from us. Harper got 30% of the vote. Stalin said, in an election, ”It matters not who wins the vote, only who counts the vote”. Harper, the terrorist, is calling himself the unifier of Canada. Yes, he is unifying the people against him.

Now all the white people are the new Indians, being scrutinized by the Nazi tribunal. Their tactics are same old, same old. Will Harper shoot and kill them with guns and diseases, as was done to us? He will hide in the bathroom and order contract killers like the RCMP and the Canadian military to murder his critics and dissenters.

Soldiers swear allegiance to a foreign Queen in England and her heirs. The men with arms and guns that Canadians are trusting to take care of them don’t owe them or the land they live on any allegiance.

Harper is guarded night and day by the Canadian military. They are unaware that his true role as PMO is to tighten the screws on the 100-year plan to be rid of the “Indian problem” written by Duncan Campbell Scott in 1924.

spy v lieHarper is like the fool described by the Beatles: : “Nobody wants to know him. They can see he’s just a fool. And he never gives an answer.” Beatles. Fool on the Hill.

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See Notice: Fake ottawa gunfight was army drill.

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