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MNN. 22 Mar. 2015. The central bankers are working desperately to hold onto their debt based fiction. The rigged market of paper is coming apart. According to a  Plutocrat they are minimizing their dependency on the markets and putting their money into land. They are leaving the urban areas and trying to sell their overpriced hilltop mansions. The economic collapse will bring on war. The peasants are coming to their gates. They have to hide from the rioting, looting, violence and revolution.at the gate

We Ongwe’hon:weh cannot take their fiat currency for our land. They owe us over $900 trillion right now for breach of contract according to the Teio’ha:the [Two Row Wampum Treaty, June 25, 1701]. The land belongs to our Rotikonsa:tatie [children] who are still under the earth.

thought policeFascist Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is funding his war by stealing our land and resources. Canadian money is being made worthless. US and Canada have no industrial power and no economy to sustain itself. Cost of living is skyrocketing. Urban cities planned 100 years ago are unsustainable and cannot weather a catastrophe to the markets or to the earth.

INDIAN Chief: "I used to be a 'fat cat'!"

INDIAN Chief: “I used to be a ‘fat cat’!”

Canada is making deals with their incorporated INDIAN band councils, who are not Ongwe’hon:weh. They are pretending to buy our land with fiat paper through their fiat INDIANS. In 1923 one USD was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German Marks. The Weimar Republic was abolished. Harper is using his anti-terror bill to set up a new corporation to meet the emergency he created. People, follow the white roots. Stay on the path. Unity, strength, peace.

Johnny Cash reminds the oligarchs they might think everything is good as they dance, but we’ll be waiting for them after the ball is over. “I hear people laughing on the corner by the square. The neon flickers on my wall and I know you’re out there. I’ve been in here a listening for your footsteps down the hall. And I’ll be waiting for you after the ball”.

Johnny Cash, After the Ball.

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CBA denounces C-51 anti-terror bill.

Australian Aborigines land laws.

Crash of US Dollar.









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MNN. 6 Mar. 2015. Prime Minister Harper is having a Sado-Masochistic relationship with the Canadian people. What happens when Harper’s Nazi plans fail? We Ongwe’hon:weh will redress the genocide, theft and desecration of our lands? In 1940 a British-French-Polish declaration was issued to raise the conscience of the world against the crimes against humanity. We Ongwe’hon:weh will declare the same of the colonial settlers and their corporate overlords. The Corporation of Canada is collapsing. Their owners will have no shelter anywhere in the world.

We are a mirror image, Adolph!

We are a mirror image, Adolph!

After World War II all allies agreed the Germans must pay for their crimes. We will try the war criminals here under the law of the land, Kaia’nereh:kowa/Great Peace. The extent of greed and destruction of Ono’ware:geh/Great Turtle Island by the invaders is well-known. If the people don’t help us, it’s because they acquiesced, or allowed it to happen.

Henh! Mother says they're moving on.

“Mother says these ia onkwe teh are moving on.”

Canada will be de-Nazified. Fascism and all other forms of pyramidal hierarchies goes against the Great Law.  The judges will be the natural people of the land who survived the biggest holocaust in all humanity. The Great Law will decide their fate.

Many of the rats have already deserted the ship. Harper and his co-conspirators are soon heading for their bunkers at the end of the trail hoping to fade off into the sunset and be forgotten with their stolen booty. Those left behind will have to live by the Great Peace or leave.

Harper stated in 2009, “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it”. What will you do? Will you acquiesce like the German people did in 1933 or will you put an end to it right now?

Dancing til we die.

Politicians: “I’m dancing as fast as I can!”

Can Canadians overcome their Sado-Harperism relationship?  Ongw’hon:weh as natural people are able to resist such depravity.

As Bo Diddley sings, “You can’t judge an apple by looking at a tree. You can’t judge honey by looking at the bee. You can’t judge a daughter by looking at the mother. You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover”.


Read: Hitler escape.

Read: Nurenberg executions.

Ukranian woman on kids killed:

hitler wisdom

Nazi deception!






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MNN. Feb. 18, 2015. The invaders to our land were Radicalized Christians. They were sent here under Papal Bulls to murder the Ongwe’hon:weh and steal everything we have in the name of Jesus Christ. How radical is that? Harper is part of the radicalized Christians who are still running Ono’ware:geh. He is following Hitler’s fascist playbook. First he did his Reichstag fire [Ottawa shoot-out], then he announced C-51 [Hitler’s Enabling Act]. All political parties became one. Opposition became illegal. Hitler had an economic miracle. Harper just signed an arms supply deal with Saudi Arabia. Is his economic miracle going to be pipelines and tanks? perils of paulinHarper already set up a Gestapo targeting Ongwe’hon:we [A.R.T.]. Like Germany, anyone going against the corporate business plan or marketing strategy is targeted for death, suspension of all civil rights and long term imprisonment in the private slave labor death camps being built now.

The opposition parties in the Canadian system are not opposing this Act. It begs the question, are they in on it? History will judge them and all Canadians for their apathy. The officials that Canadians vote for take an oath only to foreign autocrat, Queen Elizabeth, and her [CROWN] corporations. Brainwashed incorporated INDIANS unknowingly follow along. Ongwe’hon:weh resisters are labeled as terrorists or extremists. harper collaterial damage

In Harper’s new law he has criminalized religious beliefs. The new world order has stated for decades their goal to have a one world religion. He just announced the first North American law that criminalizes religion.

After WWII the German people were shamed and indebted for their apathy. The Canadian people are in the exact same position the German people were in 1933. They have been chemically and scientifically lobotomized. Can they pull themselves out of their psychosis and make a difference for good in this world?

As Frank Zappa sang in 1966 in “More Trouble Every day”: “I’m watching and waiting. And I’m hoping for the best. Even think I’ll go to praying. Everytime I hear them saying, there’s no way to delay that trouble coming every day”.

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Read: Anti Petroleum Extremists Targeted.

Read: Global war against all Ongwe’hon:weh.

Read: Mulcair on C-51.








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mnnlogo1MNN. Dec. 1, 2014. Canada is the first colony to register with the Vatican/CROWN in 1867 as a corporate state. The definition of Nazism is the merger of corporation and state. All those carrying Canadian identification are the new Nazis!

Harper's false flag was all about?

Harper is beefing up Bill C-44, the CSIS secret police act, using Hitler’s Enabling Act as the model. Harper calls it the protection of Canada from terrorists act. He will enhance surveillance powers “to more effectively investigate threats to the security of Canada” and disclosure of informants’ identities of those Canadians already on a watch list to combat radicalization.

On March 23, 1933, the newly elected members of the German Parliament (the Reichstag) passed Hitler’s Enabling Act, called the “Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich”. Democracy was ended in Germany and Hitler’s dictatorship was established.

Nazis had caused ‘distress’ to create a crisis atmosphere that made the law “necessary” to restore order. The Reichstag was burnt down to cause panic and outrage, blaming his enemies. An uprising began.  Harper introduced his act just as a gunman launched a false flag in Ottawa on October 22, 2014.

During the vote, the storm troopers stood in the hallways and aisles where the voting took place, chanting, “Full powers – or else!” Hitler spoke to the Reichstag pledging to use these powers only when essential to carry out vitally necessary measures. Harper said of his Act, ”We will not overreact. But it is also time that we stop under-reacting to the great threats against us.” Hitler promised to end unemployment and promote peace. He needed a two-thirds majority to alter the German constitution. Non-Nazis supported him after he promised to restore some basic rights he had taken away by decree.

"We have to take on those Nazis again?"

“Come into our forest, Nazis.”

One man opposed him. Otto Wells, leader of the Social Democrats. He stood up to Hitler pledging, “to solemnly protect the principles of humanity and justice, of freedom and socialism. No enabling act can give you power to destroy ideas which are eternal and indestructible.”

Hitler, enraged, screamed, “You are no longer needed! – The star of Germany will rise and yours will sink! Your death knell has sounded!”

The vote was 441 for, 84, against. The Nazis leapt to their feet clapping, stamping and shouting, then broke into the Nazi anthem. Hitler and his corporate financiers successfully tore down the German Democratic Republic legally and ended democracy, leading to a complete Nazi takeover. The Reichstag became merely a sounding board, a cheering section for Hitler’s pronouncements.

Currently the oligarchs are well advanced in their plan to control the globe through corporate “trade treaties”. President Obama is setting up panels of international corporations to override national laws and the rights and protections of workers, consumers and investors worldwide.

Those who accept the Great Peace are the new Indians and are required to help us Ongwehonwe spread the peace and protect Mother Earth, the only way to heal Nazism.

If apathy continues, we will all be singing:

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Bill C-44

Terrorism Bill.

Hitler’s Enabling Act 1933.

Intl. oligarchs to run the world.

Map of Nazi supporters.

Harper’s favorite book, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. http://www.google.ca/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=rise+and+fall+of+the+third+reich+book&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=TpB8VOeVO9CtwQHRzoCACw











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MNN. Oct. 28, 2014. The illegal and immoral purges started before the gunfight on Reichtag Hill in Ottawa. Harper’s role models are Hitler and Stalin. The cabal fantasizes the big lie that they own Onowaregeh, the Indigenous land of Great Turtle Island. Canadian true history is about atrocities against us. War, intimidation and murder promote the big lie. Harper is silencing any critics who don’t fall in line, by ridicule or death, whichever suits him best.

putin on harper

Money and sex are always used to control those in positions of power. CBC mega star, Jian Ghomeshi, the biggest voice in Canada, is going down! Ghomeshi who broke no laws made his sexual proclivities public and is suing for $50 million. The mainstream media cooperates with the “Long Knives” to silence accused critics of the regime.

Like Hitler and Stalin, Harper is removing anyone who stands in the way of his corporate reign of terror. Troubadours, artists, alternative media, politicians, scientists, academics and civil society are being purged. They are threatened to keep their mouths shut or else. Resentment and disgust is building up in some, while the media propaganda machine keeps the rest asleep.

Trudeau, Liz May, Mulcair & Harper in House of Commons echo chamber: "What does the boss want us to say?

Trudeau, Ambrose, Mulcair & Harper in the Commons echo chamber: “Do as you’re told?”

Canada, a military corporation, run the police state. They guard the stolen treasury of the Queen taken from us. Harper got 30% of the vote. Stalin said, in an election, ”It matters not who wins the vote, only who counts the vote”. Harper, the terrorist, is calling himself the unifier of Canada. Yes, he is unifying the people against him.

Now all the white people are the new Indians, being scrutinized by the Nazi tribunal. Their tactics are same old, same old. Will Harper shoot and kill them with guns and diseases, as was done to us? He will hide in the bathroom and order contract killers like the RCMP and the Canadian military to murder his critics and dissenters.

Soldiers swear allegiance to a foreign Queen in England and her heirs. The men with arms and guns that Canadians are trusting to take care of them don’t owe them or the land they live on any allegiance.

Harper is guarded night and day by the Canadian military. They are unaware that his true role as PMO is to tighten the screws on the 100-year plan to be rid of the “Indian problem” written by Duncan Campbell Scott in 1924.

spy v lieHarper is like the fool described by the Beatles: : “Nobody wants to know him. They can see he’s just a fool. And he never gives an answer.” Beatles. Fool on the Hill.

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See Notice: Fake ottawa gunfight was army drill.

Read: Toronto Star: Gunfight on the Hill.












Jan. 12, 2014: Unfortunately for Canada’s Prime Minister Harper and his corporate overlords’ plans to control the world, soon the old technology they use will become obsolete. Their tyranny of us and our mother will be as extinct as they will become. Bill C38 is Harper’s version of Hitler’s “enabling act” of 1933, to get money for his corporate overlords.  l933 Enabling Act of Germany.science fair

Harper wants the oil out now before the world is presented with the “free energy “ paradigm. poor indians

Canada provides the war material for the corporate legion known as the crown, which is in the Vatican. We are told, we will have a new world order under their control whether we like it or not.

In the past 5 years Prime Minister Harper has fired over 2,000 scientists and dismantled hundreds of programs and research facilities that monitor smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, ozone depletion, water quality, oil sands contamination of the Athabaska watershed and climate change. Scientists were forbidden to speak critically. The Museum of Civilization is now the Museum of Canadian History, concentrating on European propaganda, discounting Indigenous history.

New Museum of Rape & pillage: "What happened to all the Indians?"

New Museum: “We thought there were Indians here before?”

Multinational energy corporations have made major donations. CBC’s “Fifth Estate” [Silence of the Labs] criticizes politicians for making decisions without independent fact-based science.

Fossil fuels and the hierarchy are becoming obsolete. Harper boasts his agenda is dirty oil and more war. Canadians appear ready to salute him when the Americans officially take over Canada. We will pay the environmental price.

The ruling elite don’t pay attention to the advanced technology that will make free energy available to all human society. Suffering, hunger and wars will end. Everyone will have enough sustenance and shelter. Men of greed can produce all the gold and precious metals they want. Precious materials and sciences will be used to forge tools of lasting peace on this planet.

World leaders have no choice. No one will need to take up arms to fight. No one will be left hungry and homeless. Energy can be created by everyone for their own needs. Advance aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons will become irrelevant and obsolete.

paradigm shiftSoon technologies will be delivered which can provide sustenance for free. Every person can be balanced within nature without handouts. Free clean water will be available at any point on earth. Our mother is going to balance everything out. We’ll soon be singing with B.B. King: “Hey, everybody, let’s have some fun/You only live but once/And when you’re dead you’re done, so..”B.B. King. “Let the Good Times Roll”.

M.T. Keshe. Technology to clean up Fukushima.

Bankers created Motor City ruins!

Bankers created Motor City ruins!

The eagle warns us, there is a danger threatening your peace: CBC 5th Estate. “Silence of the Labs”.





Top Troubadour Neil Young:













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