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MNN. 15, 2015. The government wants to pass laws to take control of the internet and of us. What better way than to inundate the net with porn, bullies, racism, gore and everything that upsets us, to make us demand government control! It’s like those people who call us trying to sell us vacations, or to take part in a survey, or give us $20 million dollars. We don’t have to look at any of it. We just have to hang up or delete email. They won’t stop. Just keep hanging up or delete it every time.

McGill Team rescues corporate matrix.

McGill Team’s rescue attempt of the  corporate matrix in Kahnawake.

Corporate controlled mass media is now trying to control the internet. The Great Peace Kaia’nere:kowa is based on an informed society. The corporation of McGill University is setting up a “Define the Line” forum on the ‘legal risks of social media use’ in Kahnawake, on Tuesday, April 21. The cyber agents coming to Kahnawake are Alyssa Wiseman “on cyber-bullying as it relates to our children’s ‘moral’ development?” Arzina Zaver will guide us on the “implications of bullying, social media” and on how to obey the governments “educational and legal” edicts. Nima Naimi is the supposed expert on “civil and criminal implications” around the world. They’re here to tell us how to monitor ourselves and keep our mouths shut, especially about criticizing the government, our real problem.

Who at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. was behind setting up this forum? This is the announcement of yet another proposed genocidal by-law to be imposed on us. They don’t want us to criticize or question them about their corporate agenda or are its directors.

The canoe will never sink!

The canoe will never sink!

Like Canada, Nazi Germany was a fascist, totalitarian state. A model of complete control over politics, society and culture was imposed on their citizens. The public could not speak freely. They had to submit totally to the corporate matrix. Private paramilitary organizations stifled dissent and terrorized the opposition. Media, television, radio, press, and education at all levels controlled all information and ideas.

How different is that from the work of Alyssa, Arzina and Naimi? They are here to help us conform to Canada’s corporate guidelines. Technology (especially the Internet) is used to harass, intimidate and frighten us. Our phones and Internet are monitored. Our computers are crashed or interfered with. We are targeted if the government decides it threatens their control grid, makes threats, falsely accuses us of anti-terrorism for standing in the way of corporatism, steals our personal and financial information and destroys our data or equipment. If we’ve left anything out, please add it here in your own mind.

Old Ongwe'hon:weh software works just fine!

Stop it! Our old Ongwe’hon:weh software works just fine!


A free internet is needed to attain the one mind, the basis of the Great Peace. The corporation wants to take over the internet to be in charge of our minds and keep us asleep. Creation gives us a mind to know what is real and not to be caught by fake reality. Satenakonnirahs, means strengthening our mind. Based on gathering relevant information, it’s our warning system.

Five Man Electrical Band sings about watching for signs: “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs? Sign says you got tohave a membership card to get inside!” 

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Canada bombs Syria.

Ontario pushes Agenda 21.

Venezuela ambassador visits 6 Nations.

Mystery US diplomatic mail flight.








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MNN. Feb. 20, 2015. Notice how the media panels of “experts of nothing” try to tell us what the government line is. They repeatedly call critics of government and corporate theft of resources and destruction of the environment as “extremists”! Genocide is an old on-going settler colonial strategy. expert opinion

Canada wants multinational energy corporations to continue extracting and burning tar sands and other fossil fuels, leading to extreme weather and food shortages. An RCMP initiative calls critics of climate change as “environmental extremist radicals”, “money-launderers” and “anti-petroleum extremists”. These same words describe terrorists and Jihadists in the new anti-terrorism Bill C-51. They are labeled as “criminals” to the oil and gas industry.

Ongwe’hon:weh [the natural people of Great Turtle Island] who peacefully legitimately object to toxic pipelines, fracking or oilsands in our communities and theft of our resources are “Aboriginal extremists”. [See link at end – Critical Infrastructure Intelligence Assessment report 2014]. We stand against true terrorism, which is the destruction of Mother Earth and her sacred blood, the waters.

P.M. Harper to Eva, John, Jason...

P.M. Harper to Eva, John, Jason…

The experts say there is a growing, highly organized and well-financed, anti-Canadian petroleum movement, that consists of peaceful activists, militants and violent extremists.

Experts say extremists engage in “criminal” activity to promote their anti-petroleum ideology. Prime Minister Harper labels any Ongwe’hon:weh resistance to anything as
“extremism”, which is another word for “terrorist”. He promises to protect his energy and resource extraction partners while pretending to protect the  Canadian public.

The RCMP, CSIS as well as Public Safety Canada are Critical Infrastructure Partners with their private industry security counterparts. 100 million

The responses to Ongwe’hon:weh blockades so far has been snipers, dogs and tasers. Harper is most worried about Canadians seeing the truth about his neo-Nazi radical business plan for the Corporation of Canada.

Aerosmith sings it like it is in “Eat the Rich”: “And I just can’t see no humor about your way of life. I think I can do more for you with this here fork and knife. Eat the rich! There’s only one thing they’re good for. Eat the rich! Take one bite now. Come back for more. Eat the rich! I gotta get this off my chest. Eat the rich! Take one bit now. Spit out the rest!”


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MNN. Oct. 28, 2014. The illegal and immoral purges started before the gunfight on Reichtag Hill in Ottawa. Harper’s role models are Hitler and Stalin. The cabal fantasizes the big lie that they own Onowaregeh, the Indigenous land of Great Turtle Island. Canadian true history is about atrocities against us. War, intimidation and murder promote the big lie. Harper is silencing any critics who don’t fall in line, by ridicule or death, whichever suits him best.

putin on harper

Money and sex are always used to control those in positions of power. CBC mega star, Jian Ghomeshi, the biggest voice in Canada, is going down! Ghomeshi who broke no laws made his sexual proclivities public and is suing for $50 million. The mainstream media cooperates with the “Long Knives” to silence accused critics of the regime.

Like Hitler and Stalin, Harper is removing anyone who stands in the way of his corporate reign of terror. Troubadours, artists, alternative media, politicians, scientists, academics and civil society are being purged. They are threatened to keep their mouths shut or else. Resentment and disgust is building up in some, while the media propaganda machine keeps the rest asleep.

Trudeau, Liz May, Mulcair & Harper in House of Commons echo chamber: "What does the boss want us to say?

Trudeau, Ambrose, Mulcair & Harper in the Commons echo chamber: “Do as you’re told?”

Canada, a military corporation, run the police state. They guard the stolen treasury of the Queen taken from us. Harper got 30% of the vote. Stalin said, in an election, ”It matters not who wins the vote, only who counts the vote”. Harper, the terrorist, is calling himself the unifier of Canada. Yes, he is unifying the people against him.

Now all the white people are the new Indians, being scrutinized by the Nazi tribunal. Their tactics are same old, same old. Will Harper shoot and kill them with guns and diseases, as was done to us? He will hide in the bathroom and order contract killers like the RCMP and the Canadian military to murder his critics and dissenters.

Soldiers swear allegiance to a foreign Queen in England and her heirs. The men with arms and guns that Canadians are trusting to take care of them don’t owe them or the land they live on any allegiance.

Harper is guarded night and day by the Canadian military. They are unaware that his true role as PMO is to tighten the screws on the 100-year plan to be rid of the “Indian problem” written by Duncan Campbell Scott in 1924.

spy v lieHarper is like the fool described by the Beatles: : “Nobody wants to know him. They can see he’s just a fool. And he never gives an answer.” Beatles. Fool on the Hill.

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Tom “Scalawag” Flanagan Indian expert?

THE MAN BEHIND PRIME MINISTER HARPER’S “BREW CREW” ON INDIAN ISSUESMNN. Nov. 22, 2006. Guess what? The Conservatives want us to “sell” our homeland to help us get out of the poverty they’ve put us into. That’s what would-be comedian Tom “who’s-a-scalawag-like-his-zero-hero-Sir-Walter-Raleigh” Flanagan, a University of Calgary professor, said recently on the CBC. Did he ask us? No. “Selling reserve land could help solve poverty”, he said. How? We own all the land and resources of Canada, so why is he calling us poor? It’s impossible to count how many times we’ve heard this story before.

“One of the “only” ways to address poverty on native reserves is to enhance property rights”, said Harper’s former adviser [no wonder Harper’s in trouble listening to deficients like this]. Obviously, he hasn’t taken Indigenous Studies 101. This guy doesn’t seem to be familiar with the historical material in the Indian Affairs archives of Canada and the U.S. that shows we are the full owners of every square inch of Turtle Island.

Tom said, “The system in place is stopping aboriginal “Canadians” from improving their economies”. Yeh! You know who’s in our way? A bunch of ignoramuses like you, Tom “who-doesn’t-know-his-history” Flanagan. You say you’ve taken a “hard” look at property rights on reserves. Take a good look at the colonial usurpation of property rights over Turtle Island that has impoverished us. People like Sir Walter Raleigh and Humphrey Gilbert were selling millions of acres of our land long before they even came over here with their disease-ridden crew.

Tom “Acts-like-Eichmann” Flanagan says, “Here’s my [“final solution”] plan for you Indians”. Tom, you’re just another genocidal maniac. Why don’t you go back where you belong and stop teaching your off-the-wall stuff to another generation of colonial opportunists?

Guys like you left Europe because you messed up everything over there, including property rights. Instead of cleaning up your own house, you came here and messed up ours. Tom, you’ve inherited that mental disease called “greed” [owistah] and maybe some stupidity and certainly a lot of ignorance about us.

“The value of property on native reserves has gone up significantly”, you told the Ottawa corporate press, otherwise known as the “liar’s club”. They were sitting there salivating and rubbing their sweaty hands and their eyes were blinking chi-ching. “Especially on the outskirts of cities like Calgary” [where you and your oil buddies live]. Oh, my goodness! Where have we heard this one before? Any natives living on territories near major cities have to constantly watch our backs. We have to always stand ready to resist wave after wave of expropriation by governments and appropriation by your real estate vulture friends.

“Yet people on reserves live in poverty and their homes are falling apart”, said you. Isn’t that part of your plan? At least we have a house. If your plan goes through, we won’t even have a house. We’ll be dying on the streets of the cities of Canada. This happened in the US in the 1950’s and 60’s through the “termination policy” that completely wiped out over 100 Indian communities. They wound up dead. We’re on to your plan, Tom “Draco” Flanagan Lord of the Flies!.

You called us “dysfunctional” although you admit you’ve never been to an Indian community. You’re admitting you don’t know anything. You don’t need to. You work for the corporations to get your sticky palms on our lands for your backers, the real estate developers and resource robbers.

Eeek! How did you manage to call yourself an instant Indian expert? You must have been hatched from the same viper’s nest as Sir Walter Raleigh. There’s no difference between selling land you’ve never seen and writing expert opinions about something you know nothing about. You Conservatives have no inhibitions about waving the flag of your ignorance for all the world to see. The people running Canada seem totally detached from reality. After making a fool of yourselves in China recently and elsewhere, you’ve come back to Turtle Island to insult everybody’s intelligence.

“Under Canadian law, many people on reserves face restrictions when it comes to selling or leasing land”. Yes, the restrictions are supposed to protect us from vultures like you and your friends, Tom “Hannibal-the-Cannibal” Flanagan. You think some of these rules should be lifted so there is no protection at all? Yes, we agree something should be lifted. You should lift yourselves out of our sight!

“Aboriginal people should have the right to sell some of their land to business developers, who would make better use of their property”. Then after you’ve all the reserves what next? Are you going to start selling off chunks of British Columbia and New Brunswick? 99% of our land that you’re already squatting on hasn’t even been paid for yet. It’s all wrecked and it will cost more to clean your mess than what you stole from it. We can’t sell our land as we hold it in trust for our future unborn children. Now you want the 1% we presently live on.

Last night Canadian Hydro Developers went to a Six Nations band meeting to offer money for the north end of the Haldimand Tract. They are trespassing by having built 50 of their windmills on it and 100 more soon. They want to pay us $50,000 over the next ten years. Not in funds, but in scholarships for our people to attend their corporate universities that they will chose for us and which will give them tax write offs! They’re from Calgary too! Making that offer was recognition that we own the land. We know a thief when we see one. Do they think we’re that stupid?

Tom-Tom, you said, “I don’t think native people have much choice in the matter because they are maybe three per cent of the Canadian population.” Are you telling us that someone only has rights if they are part of the majority? We own all the land. According to your twisted thinking we have no rights because we’re outnumbered. You guys have more political, social and economic control and you have the guns to back you up. According to you, we have nothing. We won’t go to colonial courts which are stacked against us.

You said that we are surrounded by western capitalism everywhere. What do you mean by that? Are you openly declaring war on us now? Are you pushing the genocide policy? Is western capitalism what you call the guns that the police are pointing at us? That’s what the King of England said in 1738, “We shall beat the Indians through economy” as he waged economic warfare on us, the Iroquois. We’re still here, Tom “remember-the-French-and-Indian-wars” Flanagan.

Your comment apparently angered Wayne Courchene, an adviser to the Assembly of First Nations, a colonial government lobby group of sell-outs. He said your views are “narrow-minded”. “Narrow minded” is a strange name for genocide. His salary comes from the federal government. What can you expect from a dog on a leash? You can’t expect him to bite the hand that feeds him.

Tom “who-lives-on-our-real-estate-without-paying-any-tax-to-us” Flanagan, you question why First Nations should live in a tax-free environment with free housing. We are the greatest taxpayers on earth. Our real estate has been put up for the biggest economy in the world. So, shut up! You said that you’re not advising the government on aboriginal issues. If it’s true, thank goodness. But you are the mouthpiece for the corporations who want our lands for nothing. You’re planning to bulldoze us, put pipelines and oil wells in, take our trees and minerals and destroy the environment. Before you run away to make your next mess, pay for the clean up here.

Explain to us why Canadians aren’t paying taxes to the U.S. The law is that Indians don’t pay taxes. You want to change it. When Indian lands were illegally taxed, we lost everything. You can’t seize our property, so we can’t pay taxes. You’re after the wholesale destruction of our society and all of Turtle Island. It’s not going to happen if we can help it, Tommy boy!

Stop trying to get rid of us because we’ve been blocking all your evil schemes, Tom “Dr. Evil” Flanagan. We have always and will continue to fight your greed all the way. We will never surrender our interests to our land. If it wasn’t for us, all of Turtle Island would have been destroyed long ago. We will resist your efforts to remove us so your friends can come in and rape our land.

Tom “the-unfortunate-scalawag” Flanagan, come and visit us. You’ll need more than your cape to keep all that filth off your dirty feet, mind and mouth.

Tom, we hereby eject you from our homeland for conspiracy, fraud and espionage. If you’re not careful, we might put you away in that “Tower of Power” [Indian Affairs] dungeon in Hull. Your ideas about us are some of the lowest points we have seen in the last week. Don’t mess around with us. The gig is up, Tom “the-cat-is-out-of-the-bag” Flanagan. Don’t end up like Sir Walter Raleigh who made it back to England just in time to be executed on the 29th October 1618. You’re already there, Tom “will-bomb” Flanagan. You could end up like your zero hero, Walter. He ended up unpopular due to his greed, arrogance and skepticism.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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