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MNN. MAR. 10, 2019. On Mar. 7, 2019, this opening address was delivered to the BIOPC Mental Health Symposium at Concordia University by Kahentinetha, Bear Clan, kanionkehaka [Mohawk]: 

“Sego. Welcome. Someone who has been blacklisted for 40 years is your warm up act. I’ll do my best. 

PTSD is political trauma caused by psychological warfare to native people for 500 years. It comes from trying to convert us to your sick mind and us resisting your “obey our orders or else” system as part of genocide. Psychiatry and pills are big businesses. You need victims that you can classify as “head cases” rather than victims of settler colonialism.

Policy towards us has been “extinguishment” through military invasion, starvation, induced disease, control, destruction, always using health professionals. The political goal was and continues to be land and resource theft, through killing or assimilation. 

There was and is always an attempt to establish that we are inferior for your ‘mental health’ industry and sterilization programs. 

Psychotherapy is part of colonization. I was sent to psychiatrists and psychologists throughout my life, especially after the 1990 Mohawk Oka Crisis, in order to qualify for aid for me and my children. Every psychiatrist and psychologist I was sent to was white and I had to be creative to get the certification I needed. I was blacklisted for 40 years because I refused to fit in to their corrupt sick society. 

We are stressed out from continued efforts to protect ourselves from annihilation. We had no say in any of these genocide plans meant for our extinction such as: 1857 the act for our gradual civilization; 1867 BNA Act which is the letters patent for the private British Corporation called Canada to exploit us and our resources. The Queen is ONLY A a shareholder in the Crown/Vatican; 1876 the Indian Act assimilation policy; 1884 Indian advancement act; 1924 Indian Lands Acts to legalize the theft and genocide, when band councils were installed; 1928 the Persons Act that we were not human and our land, resources, children and trust funds were taken forcably; 1969 the Chretien “white paper” laid out the plan for our extinction; 1996 the framework agreement between the thieves – Canada and its Canadian band councils; and 2019 the framework agreement is another government directive to make a law that there is no such thing as an ‘Indian’. We are still not seen as being human beings.

The invaders keep making rules to wipe us out. We are in cages called reservations and put into all kinds of classifications. 

You colonial settlers interview us but you never ask us what we really think of you. I, for one, think the settler/colonialist psyche is sick, on high octane butane and going out of control. The murder, theft, coverups, kidnappings, residential schools, relocation, child scoops, missing and murdered women and girls, that still goes on, the rules and regulations to take everything away from us. How about the murder of over 100 million onkwehonweh and lying about it? You sickos did and do all that. 

MIssionize, Christianize, socialize, minimize, legislate, assimilate, economize, genocide. And through all that sadness we are still here. Now you want to study us to find out how a few of us survived. 

You are so sick you don’t even realize it. That you caused all our PTSD. Who are you? You are a settler colonial society that perpetuates atrocities while developing an artificial culture to benefit yourselves at the expense of all nature. 

You are not addressing your own sickness designed by the Crown corporation called “Canada”. We complain and you want to take us to the nut house. 

The current turmoil and resignations from your corrupt system have everything to do with what was done to us and our land. 

Academia, military and government don’t realize how sick they are. The mental health of the settler colonialists should be the focus of your profession. They don’t even have a culture. So they are inventing one. They speak foreign languages. Only a handful have learned a native language. They don’t have any land unless every last one of us is killed off or absorbed into the corporate body politic.

What is the root cause of your sickness? You spend a lot of time studying how you indoctrinated us into your fascist system. When we resist. It’s called sick. When we don’t do what we’re told we are sick. 

The main disease is Owista, a disease of the mind that transfers priority thought from we to me. 

We have diagnosed owista, the worship of money. This is probably the first time you heard of it. The economic hit man says don’t worry about people, think only about yourself. 

Your should collectively study the MKULTRA program developed by the military intelligentia that is behind all of the program running in the media and education that directs your colonial mind. This is your illness that no one talks about.

From your perspective we are all mental. We are retarded. Since I’m a perceived retard, my message to you is to get off our land, give us all our Indian Trust Funds. We’ll feel a whole lot better. It’s all ours. You came here with nothing. 

We will feel better when you show us how you think you got title to our land.

Canada has no constitution, which, according to international law, can only be created by referendum. Canada has no land, no culture, no language. After your referendum, you have to meet with the onkwehonweh of ononwarekeh, the original people placed here by creation. You can only stay here if you rightfully follow the kaianerekowa, the great peace, and teiohateh, two row agreement. 

Your mental health industry is designed, built and created in your society and now it’s infected every society. Thank you. I came here to stir the pot.”

There was total silence from the audience. A lawyer came forward and agreed with everthing. “You’re right. Canada has no constitution”. Another woman said, “We should have a seminar on everything you just said.”

Sarah Vaughn asks the same question we ask the mental health industry: You, you’re driving me crazy! What did I do? What did I do? My tears for you make everything hazy, clouding the skies of blue. How true, were the friends who were near me to cheer me. Believe, me they knew, but you Were the kind who would hurt me, desert me When I needed you. Yes you, you’re driving me crazy! What did I do to you?” 

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MNN. 16 FEB. 2019. The onkwehonweh, original people, of turtle island never wanted to be and are not Canadians or Americans to this day. Our kaianerekowa and teiohateh guided us for thousands of years. The theft, genocide and assimilation scheme enforced by the invaders and their military is aimed at total extinguishment of the true native people of turtle island. 

DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY – Colonial Summary. “The Doctrine of Discovery established a spiritual, political, and legal justification for colonization and seizure of land not inhabited by Christians!”   https://upstanderproject.org/firstlight/doctrine/ . 

The Papal Bulls of Discovery are the foundational documents of the genocide puzzle. The fictional story is that Roman Catholics went to “heathen lands’. Those non-believers in the myth of Jesus Christ can be owned by the Papacy, Crown. These usurpers imposed absolute title over us, all life on turtle island and created the US military/industrial complex, the republic of war. 

The Crown has no documents showing conveyance, the law to pass the title. The original title remains as it was before they arrived here. Justin Trudeau admits he has no title and acknowledges the horrible dark history.


After the Great Peace of 1702, Britain agreed to the terms of the teiohteh and affirmed their agreement by settling in Kingston Ontario. This is the only legal conveyance they have to be here. They agreed  to the kaianerekoteh through the teiohateh to survive and co-exist with all life as brothers and sisters on mother earth forever. As soon it was broken, they have no more legal conveyance. They are an occupying military force run from the 14th floor of Indian Affairs in Ottawa.

1857 ACT FOR THE GRADUAL CIVILIZATION OF THE INDIAN is the sugar coated Genocide Act of 1857. 


The Act is to Encourage the Gradual Civilization of Indian Tribes. The statute required the mandatory “enfranchisement” of male Indians over the age of 21. They would no longer be deemed an “Indian” but a regular British subject. He was branded a CORPORATE FIRST AND LAST NAME by the minister of Indian Affairs, with the last name following the father. His wife and descendants would also be enfranchised. They would no longer be members of their “former tribe”. He was given “a piece of land not exceeding fifty acres” out of the reserve lands set aside by the SuperIntendant of Indian Affairs and his share of the annuities of his tribe. “He has no voice in the proceedings thereof” 

1867 British North America Act https://prezi.com/uu5bt6jy9xjw/problems-with-the-bna-act/ 

To seize Canada the British Parliament wrote up the BNA Act, which was essentially a Letters Patent for the British corporations to exploit our resources.  The BNA Act was to kill, extinguish the onkwehonweh or assimilate us into the corprorate body politic. The Crown claimed our land, removed our identity, and incarcerated us in POW camps called “reserves” and then build death camps for our children called “residential schools”. BNA imposed jurisdiction over “Lands and lands reserved for the Indians” [Indian Act], taking everything from us without our knowledge or consent, declaring us non-human so we could not hire any legal advice to help us fight their paper genocide. Indian interests [humans, lands, funds] were controlled and managed by the Crown which had illegal fraudulent title to all our possessions. We could live on the POW camps until we became extinct or they needed the land for something else.  

1876 https://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca/the_indian_act/ . 

INDIAN ACT 1876 The Indian Act is administered by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is a part of a long history of assimilation policies that intended to terminate the cultural, social, economic, political and our physical existence.

1884  http://caid.ca/IndAdvAct1884.pdf INDIAN ADVANCEMENT ACT

“An Act for conferring certain privileges on the more advanced Bands of the Indians of Canada, with the view of training them for the exercise of municipal powers”. [Assented to 19th April, 1884.]

1924 The ten Indian Lands Acts for each province on October 25, 1924.   READ  https://mohawknationnews.com/blog/2019/01/28/rescind-indian-lands-acts-1924/   

“INDIAN LANDS ACTS OF OCTOBER 25, 1924.   MNN. Jan. 28, 2019. Canada usurped our lands and resources in 1924 through the Indian Lands Acts of each province and carried out the genocide program designed by Duncan Campbell Scott, Superintendent of Indian Affairs. The ten Indian Lands Acts were signed and put into effect on October 25, 1924 to try to legalize this theft and genocide by Canada. We were forced into military compounds called “reserves”. Our chiefs were shot and Band Councils were installed.

Canada imposed blood quantum [apartheid] legislation so they can decide who is and is not an “Indian”. It is a mathematical formula to ensure our extinction. Only dogs, horses and Indians are quantified in this way. No treaties in Canada  show conveyances therefore they are illegal. The “land claims” process is their effort to claim our land, while they pretend that we are claiming a portion of our own stolen land back from them. 

1928 PERSONS CASE https://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/9029/index.do  


1969 WHITE PAPER. Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy,  called “The 69 White Paper”. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the Minister of Indian Affairs Jean Chretien developed the Indian Policy for the continued program for the extinction of all native people. Opening statement in the Act is, “To be an Indian is to be a man”. 

 1996 Certain traitorous Indians and the colony of Canada entered into a Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management on February 12, 1996 (the “Framework Agreement”); original people do not want colonial settlers. The Act is being signed by Canada and its Canadian Indian band council agents [Assembly of First Nations.] Each of us is sovereign. Every onkwewonweh has to be consulted on everything that has to do with us, or it is invalid and illegal.  


https://pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2018/02/14/government-canada-create-recognition-and-implementation-rights-framework   Minister of Canada – Prime Minister of Canada / Premier ministre du Canada 

The onkwehonweh never had to prove our rights to exist to anyone. The colony of Canada must live by the kaianerekowa through the teiohateh, or they must leave. 

The invaders of Canada illegally occupy most of the land of the onkwehonweh men, women, children and the land of our mother. Canada has no land, no language and no culture. Government of Canada Create Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework is fraudulent. CANADA’S EXTINCTION PLAN, PART 2 CONTINUES . . .

These acts and others have the foundation document they rely upon, the Doctrine of Discovery. It is illegal. As the prophet Jimi Hendrix says: “if six turns out to be nine, I don’t mind. If the hippies cut off all their hair, I don’t care. Cause I got my own world to live through, and ain’t gonna copy you.” [if 6 was 9]


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